'Kyrie is worth the drama' - Max Kellerman's thoughts on Irving's absence from the Nets | First Take

13-Yan, 2021
78 828 Ko‘rishlar soni

Max Kellerman weighs in on the off-court drama surrounding Kyrie Irving's absence from the Brooklyn Nets.
#FirstTake #NBA
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  • Kyrie messed up in Cleveland. He messed in Boss and now he's messing up in Bklyn. He is a selfish cancer. BUYER BEWARE !

    Roger JohnsonRoger Johnson6 kun oldin
  • stop this Batman and Robin bs thing if they're both all stars it's like Avengers there's no sidekick all hero.

    ReyRey7 kun oldin
  • Max 🎙 + Basketball 🏀 = Michael Gary Scott commentator

    Someone Call911Someone Call9118 kun oldin
  • Nine seasons entering this season. Only two All-NBA selections. In four of those seasons, he missed at least 25 percent of his team's games. I don't think he's worth the trouble.

    brewer921brewer9219 kun oldin
  • Max kyrie contact ain't coming out your pocket

    Darrell HansonDarrell Hanson9 kun oldin
  • I think Kyrie will release a Gospel Rap Album

    walter hankwalter hank9 kun oldin
  • Keep Charlie Carsuso and fire Molly please

    Serious AleksSerious Aleks9 kun oldin
  • Hey Max, you might want to ask his present and former team mates, LOL.

    liz lebenshungerliz lebenshunger9 kun oldin
  • If Stephen A says No you better believe max kellerman there with the Yes!😂

    Jihan KulazekaraJihan Kulazekara9 kun oldin
  • Now ask max this question, James harden and Durant will win a ring without Kyrie

    Wanless MilamWanless Milam9 kun oldin
  • Somebody snitching on Kyrie at a family party? He needs cut some people out of his life smh

    Wanless MilamWanless Milam9 kun oldin
  • mn we dont even know wht his reasons are why u gotta do mans like that this some bs

    Djibril MutagomaDjibril Mutagoma10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie is a team cancer. Congrats Nets. You have 2 of the most cancerous players on your team in Kyrie and now James Harden. Have fun with that.

    SuperNASCARrocksSuperNASCARrocks10 kun oldin
  • As a Celtics fan I can say Kyrie is NOT worth the drama. A guy with his mentality is clearly not up to chasing championships.

    YouCanCallMeReTroYouCanCallMeReTro10 kun oldin
  • KaNyE IrViNg be like: "I'm supposed to be the franchise player, and we in here talking about a game?. I mean, listen, we're talking about a game man, not practice, not practice, not practice, we talking about a game. Not practice."

    gd131gd13110 kun oldin
  • 0:43 you can see Max expression of "I'm forced to say Yes if only to provide some kind of debate" ...

    MadSnake123MadSnake12310 kun oldin

    Izzy TwoTimesIzzy TwoTimes10 kun oldin
  • Antonio brown esque

    Branden ChongBranden Chong10 kun oldin
  • I think they should be worried about kyrie thats all.

    Martin Joseph SalvadorMartin Joseph Salvador10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie is a drama queen ... yes I mean queen.

    Lunar LoveLunar Love10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie only acting like this cause the harden trade is confirmed. He don’t want to play with harden because their game is similar. Dribble dribble penetrate or shoot

    Rocket BoyRocket Boy10 kun oldin
  • No idea where Kyrie got CTE from but he’s definitely showing some signs

    Kai HamasakiKai Hamasaki10 kun oldin
  • 🤣

    C GravelyC Gravely10 kun oldin
  • So you want to reward bad behavior just because he's skilled? Nah man, that's why celebrities and people in general are so entitled these days.

    Nicholas LewisNicholas Lewis10 kun oldin
  • kyrie irving sign a contract in nets. means that nets should get what they want :)

    YnnoYnno10 kun oldin
  • Man, can't. See..? There's so much smoke up in here?? 😆

    Andrew AlexanderAndrew Alexander10 kun oldin
  • Max are you serious?? Smh!

    MizMiz10 kun oldin
  • Bruh is max on something? He just said "yes Kyrie worth the drama.

    c jc j10 kun oldin
  • I know you have to disagree to have a show but this is one of the instances where both parties should agree. You just look stupid trying to make an argument for him.

    Marcello WheelerMarcello Wheeler10 kun oldin
  • 4:13, they cut him off to end this vid cuz they know max aint right for this lol

    DJ 9oneDJ 9one10 kun oldin
  • Kanye Irving sounds much better than Kylie Irving I'm not even gonna lie lol

    BigBody GamingBigBody Gaming10 kun oldin
  • can someone tell me who the female host is? doesnt look like molly

    RaveRave10 kun oldin
  • This situation is fucked up for KD

    Neil Armstrong : Minutes Before Landing ColorizedNeil Armstrong : Minutes Before Landing Colorized10 kun oldin
  • What a joke, I get it if he has something going on off the court, but I do not get him not contacting his organization about it? The same organization that has a contract with you worth MILLIONS! I myself make around $140k-$150k and I would never do what he's doing, its madness..

    Michael ArriolaMichael Arriola10 kun oldin
  • Question is, is Max worth listening to after spitting this garbage? No

    Funked UpFunked Up10 kun oldin
  • Other players in the league are gang related, drug related, alleged abuse , media doesn't focus on those issues rather bash a misunderstood good guy hanging with his family or guy who trolls people on twitter sad

    PardcorePardcore10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie needs to visit god like Kanye did to come back to his senses

    ArvisArvis10 kun oldin
  • 100% confirmed! Max Kellerman has tested positive for being on crack!

    nukiepienukiepie10 kun oldin
  • In the 90s, it was all about BASKETBALL. What is this nonsense content around drama and off court situations etc. |Talk about the game. If you're a player, play the game.

    Keyz SKeyz S10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie is a basketball player. The way you spread your voice is by playing basketball, you are a professional. You don’t go get on zoom sessions & dancing in a crowd with family to address your voice. YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL PLAYER.

    Puxuan ZhouPuxuan Zhou10 kun oldin
  • Ah yet again we have Max Kellerman proving he shouldn’t step out of boxing commentary, bravo to you sir

    Jake SchwabJake Schwab10 kun oldin
  • Max is right AGAIN 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Chad CaldwellChad Caldwell10 kun oldin
  • Came for Charli stayed for Max's take!

    Dr PhotDr Phot10 kun oldin
  • Let's remind ourselves that Kyrie thinks the earth is flat... it's not a surprise that he doesn't take safety precautions in a pandemic

    cmdtriguncmdtrigun10 kun oldin
  • Kevin Durant is Knight Wing

    mphilmphil10 kun oldin
  • As soon as he comes back, everybody will ONCE AGAIN shut up and praise him 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Filip MarkovicFilip Markovic10 kun oldin
    • You just said exactly what he needs to do.

      Vincent SimbolVincent Simbol10 kun oldin
  • This bihhh lips is 🔥 she sexy af

    No CapNo Cap10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie turning into Antonio Brown of the NBA

    Gage HodgsonGage Hodgson10 kun oldin
  • for once, I agree with Max literally completely. y'all overreacting, like bro still a human with free will & a walking bucket lol Max knows sun too talking bout KD looks surprisingly back to normal lol fake injuries happen all the time in scripted sports

    Prince ReiserPrince Reiser10 kun oldin
  • I almost thought Max would agree with Stephen A. on this for reasons I don't even know.

    Godwin Awere DamoahGodwin Awere Damoah10 kun oldin
  • This is probably one of the most selfish situations I have seen in a long time

    seena96seena9610 kun oldin
  • Kyrie needs to date a Kardashian at this point...

    michael omulayimichael omulayi10 kun oldin
  • She is beautiful

    Caviar SocietyCaviar Society10 kun oldin
  • I think Kyrie is gonna take a year off. Lebron probably planted some kind of mental doubt in his mind. Lebron was litterally the boss of the cavalires. He was the coach more than Tyrone lue. Kyrie wasnt good beong bossed arounnd.

    Rayan BoutrigRayan Boutrig10 kun oldin
  • We seen what happens when you take breaks off with Clippers

    GenieKidGenieKid10 kun oldin
  • The Ricky Williams of the NBA minus the trees 😁

    Just JackJust Jack10 kun oldin

    Joel BeatonJoel Beaton10 kun oldin

    Joel BeatonJoel Beaton10 kun oldin

    Joel BeatonJoel Beaton10 kun oldin
  • James Doland made the right choice not signing this fool!

    Martin BrankovMartin Brankov10 kun oldin
  • Max face at 0:00 🤣 Stephen A said he should retire, Max say he worth every penny

    BrayBray10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie us the real drama queen of the league

    Samarjeet BhonsleSamarjeet Bhonsle10 kun oldin
  • he's extremely overrated. His legacy is built on ONE big shot and that is it. Couldnt do anything without lebron, made the celtics worse, ball hog just terrible.

    Kevin SarKevin Sar10 kun oldin
  • Does Anyone else cringe when he says second banana ?... doesn’t feel right

    YonaPopsYonaPops10 kun oldin
  • Maskless at a family birthday party is nothing! But skipping out on his team is a big issue. Stay tuned! Lol

    Urban GlobetrotterUrban Globetrotter10 kun oldin
  • We all know KD is regretting leaving the warriors

    Somto KidSomto Kid10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie want to get hooping checks and perks but not hoop 🤣😭

    Courtney HallcyCourtney Hallcy10 kun oldin
  • He’s not worth it. Y’all talking about this dude like he’s won multiple rings and MVPs. He will wreck a team. He’s shown that.

    Courtney HallcyCourtney Hallcy10 kun oldin
  • I can't focus, she's too gorgeous

    J JJ J10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie sniffed too much sage

    angeldust7777angeldust777710 kun oldin
  • Kyrie is an insanely good basketball player. The problem is he knows it and abuses it. Trade him to the Pistons in a deal for Derrick Rose. He might get injured a lot but you know he wants to play every second of basketball he can before his body completely breaks.

    H SH S10 kun oldin
  • She’s FINE

    88ntil88ntil10 kun oldin
  • Max with the Joe Clark word deleterious. I see you boy boy!

    D WiLLD WiLL10 kun oldin
  • Ok Max in order for Kyrie to be worth the drama he needs to be on the court. He ain't helping his team by being off the court.

    Aaisha BowenAaisha Bowen10 kun oldin
  • Max will only have problems if Kyrie miss playoffs.....😒

    Aniket BagaleAniket Bagale10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie is the activist version of D-Rod

    Olona LupaluleOlona Lupalule10 kun oldin
  • I don't see the problem except maybe the mask him being at a family gathering doesnt seem bad and political thing isnt a issue hes trying to fix society while putting up 30

    Eric CollinsEric Collins10 kun oldin
  • Weirdo js

    tc cattc cat10 kun oldin
  • shut up max

    Bill GatesBill Gates10 kun oldin
  • Lol... Kyrie Irving has become the NBA Version of AB (Antonio Brown).

    SHS BaseballSHS Baseball10 kun oldin
    • Who? Adrian Bronner? The man who fight for the hood?

      eleazar changateleazar changat9 kun oldin
    • *NOTHING BUT 100% FACTS!*

      Lord BelielLord Beliel9 kun oldin
  • KD is NOT LeBron. Kyrie is only a viable 2nd option on a championship team if the 1st option is Lebron. LeBron makes a lotta 2nd 3rd option cats look good. But Kyrie on any other team THATS TRYING TO WIN, he might be a 5th 6th man like Lou Williams or Jamal Crawford. That’s not a bad thing but Kyrie despite his skill set has been overpriced. If you’re trying to win a Chip Kyrie can’t be your 1st or 2nd option.

    Frantz FullerFrantz Fuller10 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂

      Abiye ClementAbiye Clement10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie is making LeBron's 2016 championship even more impressive. This guy is pathetic.

    EpilepticRabbitEpilepticRabbit10 kun oldin
  • i feel like he’s gonna retire to cause more drama and attention to himself

    Tim BartonTim Barton10 kun oldin
  • Max, you think Kyrie is practicing right now? You think he is watching game film? You think he's staying in game shape?

    DDDD10 kun oldin
  • this makes me admire LBJ more.

    Klaudio KwanKlaudio Kwan10 kun oldin
  • Lol y’all act like y’all dnt take days off

    Moe JonesMoe Jones10 kun oldin

    Ryan NicholsRyan Nichols10 kun oldin
  • just one question...how do we know his locker rooms were a mess? lol every time they play the celtics its nothing but love and the nets as well! He despises the media for his own reasons but narrative gotta die fr about the locker room thing.

    Jaylen JonesJaylen Jones10 kun oldin

    HoodyFrogHoodyFrog10 kun oldin
    • *hello darkness my old friend*

      Benny HathBenny Hath10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie is just ignorant!

    The Rebel OneThe Rebel One10 kun oldin
  • Nets will be clippers 2.0

    Ernie TsenjiErnie Tsenji10 kun oldin
  • 2:15 (Max, on KD already being fully healthy) "...which is shocking to me." Wow. So because you're shocked, it couldn't be true? Max's hoop takes are terrible.

    Bryan RefuerzoBryan Refuerzo10 kun oldin
    • you seem confused

      lepidopterylepidoptery10 kun oldin
  • Would not be shocked if kyrie come back drops 50 with a game winner.

    C LC L10 kun oldin
    • ok and? He actually has to do that when it matters to be worth the drama.

      Gregory HayesGregory Hayes10 kun oldin
  • I always stick up for Kyrie but you dirty for doing this to KD.

    C AndersonC Anderson10 kun oldin
  • Trade that man for a bacon egg and cheese with an Arizona ice tea. Kd carrying off an Achilles and the emotional Kylie Irving missing games healthy

    TTVGodOfRage 809TTVGodOfRage 80910 kun oldin
  • I applaud Max for trying to find a way to defend Kyrie.

    Nandan RaghavanNandan Raghavan10 kun oldin
  • Iverson that never won a title, but did win an mvp is worth the drama. Unlikely KI will win an mvp, has never been worth the drama with the wrong attitude.

    Hasade OHasade O10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie: "lm playing with KD, wow! I'm not a distraction. I'm all about the team" Also Kyrie: "I have to change that"

    Hasade OHasade O10 kun oldin
  • I never thought Kyrie was that good

    Joe JohnsonJoe Johnson10 kun oldin
  • Wheres the fbi? All these terrorists MAGA SCUM should be in prison today with their leader. 1/6/2021 should have thousands of arrest for treason and insurrection.

    Obi WanObi Wan10 kun oldin
    • How about the leftist trash holding up Portland and Seattle? The trashed that attacked local government and federal buildings? Oh that's right the left only views things through their own biased views.

      Yngwie MalmsteenYngwie Malmsteen10 kun oldin