Killer Mike Launches Black-Owned Bank, Talks Loan Programs, Competition, Home Ownership + More

8-Okt, 2020
356 040 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Keep playing on that Super Bowl Team Mike. Look forward to raising the Lombardi with ya Bruh!!!

    Craig WilliamsCraig Williams7 soat oldin
  • Was I the only one when he said Pinky that,... U know what never mind

    Greens Hustle JourneyGreens Hustle Journey13 soat oldin
  • Thank you!

    Jean GUERRIERJean GUERRIER14 soat oldin
  • It’s it ironic how all this talk is taking place on a white owned platform. This radio station is owned by whites. When are we going to start our own. I rather support a black podcast.

    Shannon JohnsonShannon Johnson15 soat oldin

    Will C.Will C.15 soat oldin
  • The platinum plan has already been presented many times by the democrats

    Mr. Fandell WalkerMr. Fandell Walker16 soat oldin
  • Love you Killer Mike

    Ellen HolmanEllen Holman17 soat oldin
  • Capitalism is Capitalism banking black is like a speck in Obsidian! Financial counseling is what black people need. Not a black bank.

    Chondra PChondra PKun oldin
  • African people in USA need to start own political party now

    Hunter HunterHunter HunterKun oldin
  • But there are already black owned banks in the U.S, we just don't put our money in them..

    The Righteous TeacherThe Righteous TeacherKun oldin
  • Truth

    Hunter HunterHunter HunterKun oldin
  • Respect to Killer Mike, he thinks it and goes and do it. 124 black owned banks from 1888-1932. After the great depression, from 1935-2020 only 21 black owned banks. The power is in economics. Black banking, all of us can contribute to this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rodrick BradleyRodrick BradleyKun oldin
  • Someone drop that link to the bank

    QQKun oldin
  • This was dope but I can't believe Mike asked why the Biden didn't counter the damn Platinum Plan... Bruh Biden's plan is 22 pages long. Trump's is 2 pages and is literally nonspecific. C'mon bruh get the facts right

    WinduWinduKun oldin
  • Solid

    BrothaBrothaKun oldin
  • Shout out to Mike for believing that Institutions is the Solution

    Stan AfrikaStan AfrikaKun oldin
  • Black banks need to get their inches up and market to the customers that they want. Honestly, I don't respect lazy business.

    Aleta HortonAleta HortonKun oldin
  • Killer Mike is a race hustling clown. Smfh

    St kingSt kingKun oldin
  • Envy out here looking like Joe Budden Lite

    Guerrilla GorillaGuerrilla GorillaKun oldin
  • Killer Mike PREACH BROTHER!!!!!!!!! You've got to have a seat at the table to be in the game. I love this Killer Mike, Ice Cube, brothers are showing that you have to keep a open mind. No more voting just to vote, you have to an AGENDA FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!

    Terry KilpatrickTerry KilpatrickKun oldin
  • A great movie that goes to what Envy has talked about and Killer Mike is doing is the titled "The Banker". I'm proud of you brothers and what you are doing (not just talking).

    Terry KilpatrickTerry KilpatrickKun oldin
  • Killer Mike is absolutely correct, I never go into a brick and mortar Bank and haven't been in one in the last at least 5 years. I do all my banking online. Keep up the great work brother, you are speaking the Gospel.

    Terry KilpatrickTerry KilpatrickKun oldin
  • I don't see how voting for a RNC candidate helps when they are the author of your pain

    Kuumba Concepts, LLCKuumba Concepts, LLCKun oldin
  • #WARSTORIEZ 🌐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Killer Mike for a President! Real leadership qualities here.

    mrsnatadairmrsnatadairKun oldin

    L2thaL2thaKun oldin
  • Cash mob us👆👆👆black biz

    Magnetdrip.comMagnetdrip.comKun oldin
  • I worked for wells fargo for 8 years. Teller yo Branch Manger. Top performing my entire career, completely ethical, made them a ton of money. Wells Fargo doesn't give a shit about black people. They have zero representation of black people at the top. I was never going to become what they kept dangling in front me. Left and started my Entertainment Company! Also created our show Call In America. Check us out. Our next show is on the debates this week!

    Call In America!Call In America!Kun oldin
  • eff cube this is a real activist. hope he works with biden to get the black agenda pushed.

    Great Juan KenobiGreat Juan KenobiKun oldin
  • When did Carlos Boozer start working on the Breakfast Club?

    Justin CuevasJustin CuevasKun oldin
  • There is a new trade school in Metro Atlanta owned by a black man now.

    Andre KnightAndre KnightKun oldin
  • Is it Greenwood Credit Union?...that's what the link you stated goes too

    Tomi PriceTomi PriceKun oldin
  • Envy lookin like Carlos Boozer wit that dye kit

    Hollywood ColeHollywood ColeKun oldin
  • I love it! We rising up ✊🏾

    Johnathan BanksJohnathan Banks2 kun oldin
  • Is this bank Traded public? Or have plans to?

    Lawrence HarrisLawrence Harris2 kun oldin
  • This is tight just signed up. Is there any plans to integrate Bitcoin and Ethereum with this? It would be dope if I can use and store my crypto on it.

    Maxwell HarrisMaxwell Harris2 kun oldin
  • I am not black, but think it is shows excellent initiative,

    AnnieAnnie2 kun oldin
  • News flash, everyone on this panel is voting for Trump

    Troy RichardsonTroy Richardson2 kun oldin
  • My boy named Jim Crow thinks this is a great idea!!!!

    wall mobwall mob2 kun oldin
  • Wow...this is great for Black people 🥰

    Tee TeeTee Tee2 kun oldin
  • Is there training for those people the need money training

    Kimberly GeorgeKimberly George2 kun oldin
  • With just a small amount of research I was able to find out that this bank doesn't have a C.O.O. or a C.F.O. and uses other banks insurance to insure your money up to 100k. They appear to be more like middle players. Ijs.

    Roe Ski LoveRoe Ski Love2 kun oldin
  • To me the Republican Party is starting to realize they need to find more voters, cause white men cant win national elections. they are willing to deal with us cause they know they gonna need us to win soon

    Clark TownsendClark Townsend2 kun oldin
  • He should enlist his rich black famous friends like IceCube, 50Cents, Denzel Washington, etc. to invest in this Financial Venture.

    Bingie FraserBingie Fraser2 kun oldin
  • I need you to run for office. You got my vote.

    Dee BROWNDee BROWN2 kun oldin
  • That'S what Ice Cube was talking about. We do not give a shit, who looks at the Platinum Plan. Long as it help US (BLACK PEOPLE).

    Candie CaneCandie Cane2 kun oldin
  • There is an online only Bank in Canada for over 15 years, The original name was ING, new name now is Tangerine.

    Debbie DouglasDebbie Douglas2 kun oldin
  • I hope these Black banks have competitive rates. I’m gonna check them out

    Don HarrisDon Harris2 kun oldin
  • I'm good on this....Y'all quick to run behind a celebrity when they say jump. I ain't giving NONE of my money to this... it's always some MESS when Black celebrities are involved...however, I know most of you are blind sheep and look at Killa Mike like a damn Diety .....I don't! There are existing Black-owned banks around the country that eh could've directed Black people to...but to give my hard earn money to some celebrity BS....not happening!

    Jyoung SpinsJyoung Spins2 kun oldin
  • We do not fight with swords and shields no more, we fight with money, fund your community, your family your people. Stop giving your money to the same white people who took your last name

    viterboviterbo2 kun oldin
  • I don't trust Trump bc he never keep his promises. He could have put that plan together for black ppl in his 4 years he served. We do understand that we should vote on a local level. But, it's alot at stake with the Supreme Court nominee. We would be going backwards. Him geeking his base up with tht racism effects us everyday. People are dying from racist cops, KKK and corvid 19.We need a Leader

    Pretty Purse GurlPretty Purse Gurl2 kun oldin
  • I love Killer Mike. He is Educated and is trying to help his community. He don't talk negative about Black people or the system. He is working with it. You should get a trade it cost less but make as much or more. The knowledge is real.

    Pretty Purse GurlPretty Purse Gurl2 kun oldin
  • What about our elders who don't use the phone? Trust, they have money too!!!

    Janette DickensJanette Dickens2 kun oldin
  • Just went to the website and got on the waitlist. Balck people, open an account with this bank, and be a part of the solution. Let's support brothers and sisters that are working to improve our communities.

    sherriew36sherriew362 kun oldin
  • The site is

    Dub KDub K2 kun oldin
  • Interesting when you type in the website pulls another website clearly not what Killer Mike mentioned 3:53 I’m not a skeptic but after searching in Google seem to be the best reference...smh fact check

    Ti NeeTi Nee2 kun oldin
  • all them racist hackers will be targeting it. "A DIFFERENT TYPE OF TULSA IN PLAY"...THE HATE IS REAL... I PRAY THEY HAVE A """TIGHT""" SECURITY SYSTEM.

    אלחנן of JUDAHאלחנן of JUDAH2 kun oldin
  • I’m already in line

    Kevin MillerKevin Miller2 kun oldin
  • 36:50

    Chris LChris L2 kun oldin
  • what we should be doing is organizing every black community for education and economic development setting up community governing bodies across the country every black organization should transform themselves into a wealth building and development organization building wealth then share the wealth becoming the biggest owners of properties and businesses in the hood and the biggest employer of black folks in the hood offering black folks opportunities to invest in the purchase and rehab of abandoned buildings and vacant lots and a chance to invest in community businesses and franchises started by the organizations i have a whole plan on how black folks can get this done contact me 😁😁❤ check out my vision plan

    kbnice23kbnice233 kun oldin


  • My folks (that used to come to “ The Walk “ in that black impala) used the word enclave in a sentence! KM u a Giant!

    igotouhere ciigotouhere ci3 kun oldin

    Pressure LoPressure Lo3 kun oldin

    Pressure LoPressure Lo3 kun oldin
  • What are the Democrats going to do for the black vote? That is to be considered before voting for them.

    WL MWL M3 kun oldin
  • Been signed up for greenwood . Let’s go !!

    Maurice HMaurice H3 kun oldin
  • Dj paaaa ain’t !!!!

    Maurice HMaurice H3 kun oldin
  • When do I sign up is the question

    BIG COVBIG COV3 kun oldin
  • This is so monumental. Good looking Killer Mike!!!

    Mrs McMrs Mc3 kun oldin
  • Powerful statement ... "It's time that we have our own table!"

    Tampa Property GirlTampa Property Girl3 kun oldin
  • @23:00

    Natasha ShereeNatasha Sheree3 kun oldin
  • All this talk where is the link for the bank

    james staplesjames staples3 kun oldin
  • Envy look like carlos boozer

    jermaine jonesjermaine jones3 kun oldin
  • Good day Brothers and Sisters. It good to hear how we are attempting to be sufficient and sustainable, as an advocate for sufficiency, sustainability, and preparedness, as we know from "history" attempting to accomplish such tasks are always met with opposing forces and think it best to include under ground bunkers under homes, schools, businesses and under ground safehouses to keep our families and employees safe from those who are willing to tear down everything positive that we do. Why lose any thing or anyone if we don't have to, depending on the number of persons these bunker cost $50,000, 100,000 to 10 million dollars just make sure the air is filtered against smoke and chemicals plants will help as well for clean air. If Harriet Tubman can accomplish this task then so can we for the trouble times a head of us. Peace.

    Askia Khama Nzingha TiyeAskia Khama Nzingha Tiye3 kun oldin

    Marc MatthieMarc Matthie3 kun oldin
  • Black people's priorities

    Bee DeeBee Dee3 kun oldin
  • I just love listening to him. You can understand his points and he is fact based. He does not waver in his viewpoints and he puts action behind his message.

    Tanna MoorerTanna Moorer3 kun oldin
  • God bless y'all

    Shelley SheriShelley Sheri3 kun oldin
  • How many Jordan trainers has he got in the background. Too much talking, no action.

    starbwoi 1starbwoi 13 kun oldin
  • I'm sure someone's posted it already but here's the link,

    Arek BoloyanArek Boloyan3 kun oldin
  • Umar's actions have taught me not trust another black scholar (I say black scholar since they're both educated) so I'm going to make sure to learn more about Killer Mike and banking with him before I just jump. It's exciting to know he owns it and I hope for more and more success for him.

    A JA J3 kun oldin
  • Good conversation! I'm never disappointed with Killer Mike and get good information! Thank you!

    Safishia McClendonSafishia McClendon3 kun oldin
  • Killer Mike is a rapper and have not sold his soul out, malcolm x would be proud

    ten pinten pin3 kun oldin
  • I support GREENWOOD

  • Every time he talks : Mic Render

    SUPRASUPRA3 kun oldin
  • That's legit Mike

    littlewingmyoholittlewingmyoho3 kun oldin
  • You just jumped all over Ice Cube, for doing the same kind of think that Killer Mike did with Gov. Kemp. Cube been down and doing for US for 30+ years! Why won’t you trust Cube to put us first like you trust Killer Mike?

    Kevin GoodwinKevin Goodwin3 kun oldin
  • No way I’m watching a 30 min radio interview with 8 commercial breaks. I love what mike is doing but screw these guys for the commercials

    splickasplicka3 kun oldin
  • Takes $5million to open a bank. Yes that simple.

    NeldawgNeldawg3 kun oldin
  • I bank with One United Bank, it a black own and I agree with Killer Mike have your money spread around in several places.

    Athena JohnsonAthena Johnson3 kun oldin
  • Great job mike because there banks don’t lend to black people.

    MacdaddyMacdaddy4 kun oldin
  • I'm going to open up me an account

    JrealJreal4 kun oldin
  • So, if he had a Black owned bank account, why open another bank, if a Black owned online bank already exist? This is a scam! Pure scam. Black folk please stop listening to rappers; Killa Mike, Diddy, Ice Cube, etc. The are scavengers. Wells Fargo had a specific loan programs for Hispanics better than Blacks. So, this guy sis speaking against Wells Fargo in reference to offering a program specifically for Blacks yet he is introducing an online bank for Blacks and others. LOL. Can someone please ask him to identify the study that says how many times money circulate in the Black community please? Is there a black bank that don't have online access? Read Mehrsa Baradaran "Color of Wealth." So if you go to a black bank to get a home loan, the bank takes black money and gives it to a white family so that you can get a loan. This in no way build black wealth. How is giving a white person 300K cash and a black person 300K debt building wealth? Killa Mike family's endured slavery and he's talking about 33 acres of land that he must split profits between 33 family members. Killa Mike's son works at Walmart on the night shift. His entire family are broke. This is yet another scam for entertainers to scam poor black folk.

    Culture FreedomCulture Freedom4 kun oldin
  • But look at FUBU...brotha got wealthy off of black people and took that wealth and married Becky....her white family will inherit all his funds when he dies...

    Chica RobertsonChica Robertson4 kun oldin
  • You don’t have to care if someone’s racist or not until they start making decisions based on the color of skin. What he said on that subject is completely irrelevant. It isn’t nonsense but it’s definitely a unicorn. Don’t act like it isn’t. It’s about how people make decisions. You won’t speak like that if they start discriminating n it’s really easy for a racist. So we need to care.

    mlfgcmlfgc4 kun oldin
  • where is the link for the bank ? so we could subscribe and share.

    Mimi SoleilMimi Soleil4 kun oldin
  • Wow you hit hammer on the head thank you sooooo very much

    Herlegacy Precious OneHerlegacy Precious One4 kun oldin
  • MIKE is the FACE of this bank to INFLUENCE us to support it! I want to know WHO put up the MONEY !!! That is who OWNS this bank! WE CAN NO LONGER BE FOOLED BY A BLACK FACE ... OBAMA TAUGHT US THAT FOR 8 YEARS!

    makeit happenmakeit happen4 kun oldin
  • MIKE is the FACE of this bank to INFLUENCE us to support it! I want to know WHO put up the MONEY !!! That is who OWNS this bank! WE CAN NO LONGER BE FOOLED BY A BLACK FACE ... OBAMA TAUGHT US THAT FOR 8 YEARS!

    makeit happenmakeit happen4 kun oldin