Kid thinks he's playing GTA 6.. (STEALS CAR!)

21-Noy, 2020
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Today we'll be counting down Top 5 kids who think they are in GTA 6 stealing cars, evading the police, and doing some bad things you should never try. Seriously, don't try anything in this video, educational to show you 5 times what NOT to do in real life. Inspired by gta 5 and gta 6 gameplay, grand theft auto games, kids rage and probably playing fortnite or the new gta. Watch TILL THE END FOR A SURPRISE!
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    • Yeah the hidden word is car

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  • GTA 6 isn't out yet

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  • Car

    Jack McBlaneJack McBlane6 soat oldin
  • hey the hidden word is car i win

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  • I have seen number 1 before!

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  • 20

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  • the hidden word: Car

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  • description: dont try anything in this video. me: i cant like the video now?

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  • GTA is the best game ever I played it they're doing this a lot 🤬🤬🤬🤬

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  • GTA 6 isnt even out yet-

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  • C R I N G E

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  • The hidden word is car

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  • GTA 6 isn’t a thing and GOOD LUCK isn’t a thing and the thumbnail is photoshopped bc the kid has a white outline around him and he’s practically sideways

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  • That's the secret bird word for this video car

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  • Hidden word car

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  • The one that the kids call 911 for fun I found the secret word but the comments are off that's why I picked this video The Hidden word is cops

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  • I think the guy will go to like 100 years so he could get punished

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  • These are not kids

    kids tabletkids tabletKun oldin
  • 1000 years he’s understand you

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  • Why this guy always do fake stuff if you watch the first one theres no thing but hes really so fas and hes just show and fas thats it so dislike on this guy videos so dont watch just dislike ok

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  • picture of video: *shows a edit of a kid driving a small car* me: who knew that

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  • You could do epic stuff that it makes me want to do that stuff I know it’s dangerous but it’s looks very cool

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  • Car Carr

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  • Hidden word car

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  • Next video: kid falls of building and gets caught by bird XD

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  • gta6 aint out yet bro

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  • What the fuck is this guy with kids and gta 6?

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  • the thumbnail was so bad.

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  • Don’t mess with the moto gang

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  • Gta6?

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  • Maybe 523427252656252624152524 years

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  • can u guys just think how much trouble those kids r in

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  • Mane 8 or 9 years in jail

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  • 2:09 i cant even reach the pedals so i cant do it lol

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  • Perplexity is the best youtuber no seriously he is.

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    • And also, what's up with these fire effects? They make no sense at all.

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  • What is vbucks

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  • I love fijado por perplexify

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