Kevin Hart Goes Off On Critics Over New Special, Katt Williams Chimes In | CH News Show

24-Noy, 2020
695 405 Ko‘rishlar soni - On Nov. 17, Kevin Hart would release his latest special with Netflix, called 'Zero Fucks Given'. Some critics including Katt Williams have responded giving Hart mixed reviews about his new special while others suggested it wasn't funny. Pierre, Capone, and Rita Brent speak with Symphony Thompson on how Hart responds to critics over his latest body of work. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

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    Comedy HypeComedy Hype2 oy oldin
    • @Edward Coulson right. blood n boogers

      African GirlAfrican GirlOy oldin
    • I saw the special. I was not influenced by Twitter, but it was not all that funny. I figured that it was the jokes had not been worked on enough. It was nice seeing Kevin Hart’s house, though.

      Miss LoMiss LoOy oldin
    • @Jason Williams Yes, it is.

      Tyrone BellTyrone BellOy oldin
    • @Tyrone Bell Wow that was crazy looking!

      Jason WilliamsJason WilliamsOy oldin
    • Did anyone notice that Kevin’s nose had a reddish substance coming out of it ? What’s really going on ?

      Tyrone BellTyrone BellOy oldin
  • The chick wit the hat cappin cause she got a check with him...I knew her energy was off. You still got be honest with your people and yourself

    Tracy fordTracy ford16 soat oldin
  • Why was Kevin Hart bleeding.

    Gregory WilliamsGregory Williams23 soat oldin
  • ever since mister hart put on the dress he hasn't been the same

    Joesh CrowJoesh Crow2 kun oldin
  • Let me Explain and Real Husband’s of Hollywood was the last time/era that he was funny fell off after that show and stand up

    Marcuis GoreeMarcuis Goree2 kun oldin
  • Ok.. Lets look at the greats... Richard Pryor, Redd Fox, Eddie Freakin Murphy (is old) Bernie mac was old..but they respect there fans.. They are the ones that made them great.. Kevin Hart was never funny and its showing.. Now run tell that...

    massive mediamassive media2 kun oldin
  • Why is he on live w/ a bloody nose..🧐 1:31

    Stix10Stix102 kun oldin
  • I turned it off also!!!!

    Al MooreAl Moore4 kun oldin
  • I like Kevin hart and ever stand up is not going to be great but he still accomplished a lot more then most

    RealLife RealGamesRealLife RealGames6 kun oldin
  • I click cuz I saw Katt Williams name also

    Wollete MiriamWollete Miriam6 kun oldin
  • Duck! Lol!! Fuck

    howard lomaxhoward lomax6 kun oldin
  • It didn't make me laugh much like I would expect from who I consider a top tier comedian. Give a duck about being funny like we know you are. C'mon man..damn..

    howard lomaxhoward lomax6 kun oldin
  • That shit was kinda wack though...just hate. God bless you Kevin

    howard lomaxhoward lomax6 kun oldin
  • Patrice O'neal would trash Kevin he he was still alive. Kevin was an entirely different comedian when patrice and him were friends

    Sega GentlemanSega Gentleman7 kun oldin
  • I loved the husbands of Hollywood series he did.

    anita hargreavesanita hargreaves7 kun oldin
  • Kevin been talking about the same stuff in his stand ups since laugh at my pain 🤷🏽‍♂️

    ExcavationExcavation8 kun oldin
  • I think the dude wearing the 300 dollar sunglasses is right...Coming against each other is not helping us black folk.................

    Douglas RowlandDouglas Rowland8 kun oldin
  • From what I can gather...there are people who think Kevin is like Obama !!!!

    Douglas RowlandDouglas Rowland8 kun oldin
  • All MAGA's are NOT racist....that's ''group-think'' !!!!!!

    Douglas RowlandDouglas Rowland8 kun oldin
  • Why did they bleep all the fuxx and schitts?????? Everybody cusses nowadays...ES-SPECIALLY at these cops and politicians....EVEN THE uk uk....lolol !!!!!

    Douglas RowlandDouglas Rowland8 kun oldin
  • THE BLOODY NOSE IS AN OMEN......A SIGN..........................

    Douglas RowlandDouglas Rowland8 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart better start giving a fuck before everyone else doesn’t and then he finds himself with no work and no money.

    hr1meghr1meg8 kun oldin
  • He is just not funny.

    Cavige NewsonCavige Newson9 kun oldin
  • I only clicked to see the host. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Blake Franklin 88Blake Franklin 889 kun oldin
  • He needs to unleash the beast to shut katt and everyone else up with a nes comedy

    Alfonso GordonAlfonso Gordon9 kun oldin
  • You said Katt Williams so I clicked.

    RoseGold JonesRoseGold Jones9 kun oldin
  • Kevin never bin funny to me at all

    Andrew HolguinAndrew Holguin10 kun oldin
  • No one said you should changed they just said that shit was not funny.

    GilbertGilbert12 kun oldin
  • Who punched Kevin in the nose and on the side of his head? No one is gonna mention the fact Kevin has blood coming out of his nose.

    Marvin TindleMarvin Tindle12 kun oldin
  • Katts the Goat.💯

    Willie MendozaWillie Mendoza13 kun oldin
  • I had to end this crap when she mentioned trump staying true 👎

    Richard GibsonRichard Gibson14 kun oldin
  • Sooner or later his name gonna be dragged through the mud by the same people who put him up there.

    GrazzDaHoppaGrazzDaHoppa15 kun oldin
  • bro wtf iz that under kevin hart nose? Is that left over blood from a nose drain???????

    Bubble N Champagne StudiosBubble N Champagne Studios16 kun oldin

    Lolcomedy MagLolcomedy Mag16 kun oldin
  • I think when you first start out as a comedian it's hit or miss. I believe some comedians get lazy and their routine becomes repetitive. You gotta take criticism and learn from it because it will knock that laziness right out of you and give you the inspiration to become better at what you do.

    Mike FlynnMike Flynn16 kun oldin
  • Poor kevin.. lot of blacks people really wanted him fall. Kat william jelous succes of kevin, he didnt possess kevin hart skills and success. Last kevin show not as good as before but still enjoy to watch. People have up and down, nobody can consistent all the time.

    EjamovicEjamovic17 kun oldin
  • Rita Brent is a homophile, we don't take council from those things because whatever they engage in it can NEVER go against the homophile code which is, manhood and womanhood is optional and that the purpose of human sperm and eggs is subjective

    M NiteM Nite17 kun oldin
  • Shit was trash

    Jordan LeeJordan Lee18 kun oldin
  • Tariq was absolutely factual when it came to Kevin

    Parker aka Name FamilyParker aka Name Family19 kun oldin
  • If fans are complaining he should say sorry and get back on his game. True colors show.

    Asia AnneAsia Anne19 kun oldin
  • When people analyze every little thing you say and do, make it a spectacle, because you are #1, it has to be difficult. Who else has specials other comedians are critiquing?

    Lurn WellLurn Well19 kun oldin
  • And 7 specials aren’t easy... However, No1 is putting a gun to your head to do these specials, so if you’re going to do them then put your all into it..

    Hookah AnonymousHookah Anonymous19 kun oldin
  • grown man or not he just wasn’t funny lol that ain’t no excuse .. The fact that he has “zero fucks” to gives, that’s exactly what showed in the segment and that’s the problem... Ppl are trying to say that it wasn’t funny it’s not about the “old Kev”. So if you don’t “give a fuck” then what are u really doing this for then?🤔

    Hookah AnonymousHookah Anonymous19 kun oldin
  • The chick with the hat is clearly biased and my point was proven

    Mars Supreme AlmightyMars Supreme Almighty20 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart was pissed at Tariq Nasheeds comment.

    Mars Supreme AlmightyMars Supreme Almighty20 kun oldin
  • They shouldve kept her off this one I dont wanna hear about what he's done outside comedy. Yea its cool he doin for the community but she act like she mad we don't find dude funny

    Hendric TurnerHendric Turner20 kun oldin
  • I watched it and didn't really laugh at all. The setting was relax and I respect his hustle and openness. And I understand you can't make everybody laugh all the time. People will always have their opinions, some will be good and some just pure evil. Let the man do him and try. Peace

    Deirdra VinsonDeirdra Vinson20 kun oldin
  • Wassup with celebrities getting on camera with bloody noses and bruises?

    Jin Bambino-DiGeronimoJin Bambino-DiGeronimo20 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart been hanging around The Rock mow he thinks his little ass can be an action star and calls it growth. Stay in your lane.

    M. SimpsonM. Simpson20 kun oldin
  • He’s just better off saying he’s done with comedy! That’s usually what happens when you get tired of something!! You don’t give af

    clifd91clifd9121 kun oldin
  • Comedy Hype was full shit in this video too, I understood what Pierre was sayin .. But Capone was right too & they should've let him continue, Pierre full of shit though " Talkin bout bout that aint what sale" So u be willing to destroy your brother's career jus for money ? He the type that would sell out to white people QUICK! & probably half the reason he not on top now. & Katt was in the Dark too 😳 nigga light bill probably aint even paid .. They comedians that beef aint selling shit. The girl with the hat had valid points too.. I dont wanna sound Bias so with that being said Personally, every joke kevin say might not be 🤮 😭 funny but u gone find something in his set u gone laugh too, u gotta give him that at very least 🤷🏿‍♂️ Mfs jus get tired of hearing blacks put blacks down jus to be on top, Especially when u once shined before (Nothing last forever) who comes up with this shit?! Katt fucked his own situation up, Let that man be.. maybe even Make money together. Cause its sounding like jealousy to me and jealousy get u nowhere & u never gone please evvvverybody at one time no matter what u do.. OH...& P.S U Starting to be an embarrassment with that last name too Katt, straighten that shit up for me one time pimp 😉

    Demon WilliamsDemon Williams22 kun oldin
  • Dave is a god of comedy... He's effortlessly funny like Sheldon Copper on the other hand Kevin is trying so hard still love him though

    Emmanuel GrasmereEmmanuel Grasmere22 kun oldin
  • I think Kevin Hart is a funny guy who did a special that wasn't his best. I also think when you have haters like Katt Williams pushing this narrative that Kevin's a sellout and that he's a Hollywood gate keeper, and Mike Epps (who's not funny AT ALL) saying he not a funny comedian he's a good marketer, it opens up the door for fans to begin turning against you which is what Kevin is now experiencing.

    Craig ThomasCraig Thomas22 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kevin hart Robots tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 " We love you Kevin, everything you do is fantastic " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm rolling on the floor

    Deandrae HughesDeandrae Hughes22 kun oldin
  • Kevin was bleeding, who kicked his ass?

    Deandrae HughesDeandrae Hughes22 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart has evolved. No explanation needed. You can’t please everyone.

    Darryl MooreDarryl Moore23 kun oldin
  • If you dont like something then dont watch it point blank...everyone a expert now days and think cause they not feeling something No one should...GTFOH. And im sick of black people claiming RACISM when you try and say for black men to only target black audience...GTFOH..we a human race and should be for everyone....i see ALOT of black millionaires but still complain. Yes there are racist people but so are you with your comments to focus on black only this/ that...again GTFOH😎

    Ricky TrilogyRicky Trilogy23 kun oldin
  • 1:21 Aint nobody gone talk about how Kevin look like he just got his ass whooped? Bleeding on his head and from his nose blood on his shirt TF?????

    Savoia BakerSavoia Baker23 kun oldin
  • Kevin heart specials was dumbs up every time he delivers it’s something new and fresh most haspens always got something to complain when they not at the top of the peddle stole he has evolved it’s like if he started telling momma jokes do he pouse to still say them at the new height of his career it’s sad how in the culture everybody is praying on your downfall instead of applauding the success can’t wait to see what KH got coming out next jokes always fresh and new bop was a funny joke plus more I think his next special is going to be good to keep evolving kh

    NasirNasir23 kun oldin
  • I have nothing against Mr. Hart. I just dont think he is funny. Sorry!

    Sarita SamplesSarita Samples24 kun oldin
  • Comedians are not funny anymore because liberals are too sensitive so no one can't make jokes because you guys might cry or something

    rebecca yonkorebecca yonko24 kun oldin
  • Sigh, I was never that big of a Kevin Hart fan, just wasn’t my thing, but I love comedy and so I watched his newest special, got about halfway through it and just stopped it, it wasn’t funny, I mean just not funnyI’m not sure what he’s “evolving into” but it’s clearly not comedy. You would think out of all the fucks he doesn’t give, the one fuck he’d give is to be funny, I mean, that is your job Kevin. He should give Chappelle a call and have him explain what funny is because Dave is the goat. I’m sorry, he was just not funny in my opinion, I’ve found him funny in the past, just not in this special

    Veiled RecalcitranceVeiled Recalcitrance25 kun oldin
  • Kevin been buck broken

    Charles ThompsonCharles Thompson25 kun oldin
  • Dj Envy dad with the jean jacket

    eeeeeeee25 kun oldin
  • Sooo...nobody saw the blood on Kevin Hart's shirt , under his nose and on his temple?.....what's really going on

    flamesekeenaflamesekeena26 kun oldin
  • Kevin is a actor not a comedian his wife said most of his material came from her though this is why you dont burn your bridges. He was better off clowning 2020 basically talking bout who was in office. Katt talks about whats relivant in the world.

    Butterfli PrincessButterfli Princess26 kun oldin
  • Katt said im sitting on the same damn living room. The fact he was caught in a scandal cheating on his wife is what was his downfall being that he was a public figure. Kevin didnt have any punch lines in the latest comedy show but then again look at what 2020 was about. 2020 was horrible.

    Butterfli PrincessButterfli Princess26 kun oldin
  • Y'all mad at Kevin because he don't want to talk n***a ish anymore. TF outta here

    Aston RudeAston Rude26 kun oldin
  • If Kevin didn't give a fuck he wouldn't post a response

    Sam SammySam Sammy27 kun oldin
  • I reken kevins skits are pretty much the same so are his movies .there real funny but nothing different really. Kat over kevin Chapple over kat..

    Chch pool bombersChch pool bombers27 kun oldin
  • 1. Chapelle 2. Katt Williams, and that’s it. Kevin seems to fake.

    Eva AEva A28 kun oldin
  • I'm a diehard Keven Hart fan...I stay true to KHart

    Raymond JohnsonRaymond Johnson29 kun oldin
  • With all the chaos going on in the entertainment industry...its clear what going on and its VERY clear why no fucks are givin. Drip from a storm.

    King AzizKing Aziz29 kun oldin
  • Katt Williams is the king of comedy special's

    illusive_nezzy88illusive_nezzy8829 kun oldin
  • Exactly!! I liked your old shit and now you and I are both evolved and I loved the new shit too. Guess we will age together bro💜

    Crystal MastersCrystal MastersOy oldin
  • Kevin isn’t on any grown man ish. That is Dave, he never sold out and tells socially and politically conscience stories in his specials. He also never disrespects his kids in his specials.

    SelemawitSelemawitOy oldin
  • Bop bop bop.....BOO BOO BOO...being KH aint enough. You wanna be known for "more"....and that more is brick oven pizza😳.......💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 Katt and Dave would NEVER!

    Mr Hombre GordoMr Hombre GordoOy oldin
  • 14:40 “He’s considering retiring if people keep making it not fun to be an entertainer” Wth?! Isn’t it about HIM making it fun? If he’s this damn sensitive he needs to retire 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Val RVal ROy oldin
  • Somebody tell Kevin he is the same he is the old Kevin

  • "Mixed" reviews or poor reviews?

    Darrick BrownDarrick BrownOy oldin
  • Kevin Hart = Donald Trump 🧐🥴

    Mdautkreix -Mdautkreix -Oy oldin
  • I'm really liking this CH News Show. This definitely breathed new life into Comedy Hype. I think Pierre is missing the issue here. There has really been no "back and forth" from the 2 comedians. There has really only been Katt throwing jabs and insults and Kevin passive-aggresively responding to the insults. Katt is obviously just butthurt that his career hasn't taken off the way Kevin's did. I feel like I'm the only one that points this out. Katts fans are just bullies that want to see Kevin lose everything he has. Katt obviously wants that because he and his fans feel like he should be where Kevin is. Katt didn't play the game right and y'all know he didn't. He didn't help people the way Kevin did. Kevin brought a host of other comedians up from nothing and made them stars. Katt was busy making racist Mexican jokes and getting his ass whooped by 7th graders! And all jokes aside, y'all forget that that it was Katt's very same fans who protect all his nonsense now that dissed the shit out of him when he was running around looking like a crackhead and getting arrested. People today have very short memories and attention spans. Shout out to Rita on there. She seems very logical and intelligent. Yes, he really did give back. Katt didn't. Hood ppl like Katt. His appeal doesn't reach that universal audience like Kevin's does. And she's 1000% correct. Had Tariq said the opposite thing on Twitter, the majority of his fans would've had positive things to say about Kevin. Unfortunately, we live in a society today where popularity makes people seem infallible and people follow popular people like zombies. No wonder Jim Jones and Hitler were so successful smh. I think that's why Kevin went off on Tariq. I really don't know their whole back story (if there is one), but I think he knows how powerful an "opinion" from someone of Tariq's caliber can be, and he's just tired of it. But I do agree with Pierre on the point where if you're gonna say something like "zero fucks given", then actually take on the motto and don't speak like you're in your feelings. Going forward, I think Kevin should try to go back to the essence of what made him famous. I think he has his hands in too many on screen things. He needs to get into maybe directing and writing where he can make the same money and not have to have his face on the screen all of the time. Then, he should still come out with the occasional special, but go out of his way to NOT mention his kids (since they claim that's all he talks about). In doing all of that, I think it'll leave his haters with nothing to talk about. Peace.

    King Vlad2000King Vlad2000Oy oldin
  • Two thing's it won't funny but I respect keV grind I find Katt funny but I don't respect his need to shit on other brothers.

    A.P.E. Fitness MovementA.P.E. Fitness MovementOy oldin
  • Brothers in comedy who both make us laugh.. Fuck that negative shyt

    Jay GatJay GatOy oldin
  • Wipe your nose Kev!

    Blaq diamondBlaq diamondOy oldin
  • Counitue to not give a fuck Kev!!! Philly riding wit ya!!

    Michael YellordyMichael YellordyOy oldin
  • Chapelle and kat are more real then kevin is to Hollywood

    Freddie CortinezFreddie CortinezOy oldin

    Chase DubChase DubOy oldin
  • What was coming out of Kev’s nose 👃🏿

    joceyrocks !joceyrocks !Oy oldin
  • Huge Tariq Nasheed follower, he never said that Kevin Hart needed to be a woke comedian...and it's clear to me that someone on that panel dosen't understand white Supremacy & the influence it has on economics.

    Fox on FlixFox on FlixOy oldin
  • Kevin, this show was good. Not as good as previous ones. That dude is mad because he doesn’t have the clout you have. Don’t stoop to his/their level

    Jules VarnadoJules VarnadoOy oldin
  • Damn, we sure know how to get on group thinking when it’s about something emotional ... but try to talk group economics or something 😂😂 jk jokes! Lol

    Desmond BishopDesmond BishopOy oldin
  • Sorry K Hart, but your stand up time has come and gone. Do movies! It seems like you were trying to be funny and deep and introspective at the same time, like the goat Chappelle!

    Daniel GrajedaDaniel GrajedaOy oldin
  • Has anybody noticed that hes bleeding from his nose while saying he dont give a fuck....traces of cocaine addiction

    Carraway LaneCarraway LaneOy oldin
  • Kevin Hart messed up marring that chick that disrespected his children's mother on social media with no repercussions. I'm done with him!

    J. RenaeJ. RenaeOy oldin
  • Yes I just hear what Katt had to say...😁

    Dee SmithDee SmithOy oldin
  • Why is Kevin’s nose bleeding?

    Ben SonaBen SonaOy oldin
  • Kevin’s stand up is terrible. Why people pay good money to see this egomaniac is BS. I’m tired of Kevin’s constant talking about himself and his growth as a person

    Ben SonaBen SonaOy oldin
  • We need Katt Williams and Mike Epps to drop another special, especially Katt.

    Devin NunnDevin NunnOy oldin
  • yeah im over Kevin Hart...

    The Bossy1The Bossy1Oy oldin