Kanye West Allegedly Owes Big Sean $3 Million

30-Sen, 2020
414 735 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • 2:56 2 people were lacking 😂😭😅😂😭😅😂😭😅😂⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰

    Keyboard CripKeyboard Crip12 kun oldin
  • Roc nation manages Sean this sound more of a Jay problem than a Ye problem but charlemagne dic taking ass ain’t gone speak ill on Jay

    Fg FazoFg Fazo12 kun oldin
  • Its nasty to date your girlfriend or wife relatives its violate the code

    rmankingchannelrmankingchannel13 kun oldin
  • Be careful what you ask for...

    Macky MacoiMacky Macoi13 kun oldin
  • When Detroit make the rumor report stand up Sada baby 💯

    San Juan Gonzalez-RichardsonSan Juan Gonzalez-Richardson13 kun oldin
  • I can’t even throw on a big sean song after Kendrick bitched him out. The cornball is all the way outta here bruh🙅‍♂️

    Dem 1Dem 114 kun oldin
  • 50/50 AND THE MASTERS!! 3 Million? Kanye should be glad that he's not dealing with Durk or Von

    Midwest KandiMidwest Kandi15 kun oldin
  • Big Sean will never marry JHENE and will be black balled in Hollywood

    DYnasty TreeDYnasty Tree16 kun oldin
  • I wonder whose toes Kanye stepped on that caused the whole breakfast crew to dog him like that(" Aint he supposed to be a billionaire"?).... or is it just jealousy....not saying they don't have a point with the "masters" point, but Big Sean might have signed directly with the big boys-Def Jam, with Kanye's GOOD being the agent in the deal- he may not have any say in Sean's publishing.... that's more on the lawyers than Yeezy; when you are at the money level of a Kanye, your lawyers will hear you say one thing, but go to the extreme to make sure you get the most out of the deal....but the breakfast club knows shit ain't that cut and dried....sounds like personal beef to mae!!

  • $charrison31

    Christy HarrisonChristy Harrison16 kun oldin
  • I've been saying Kanye West is not a billionaire not even close

    Jeremy kJeremy k17 kun oldin
  • Wow kayne west is scrumbag. Smh

    Tjbeast GamerTjbeast Gamer18 kun oldin
  • U can be a parental figure without living in the house 🥴

    RastaSlimeyyRastaSlimeyy18 kun oldin
  • Crazy how Kayne owes Big Seam $3 Million, but Drake called him out during his mixtape beef with Pusha T. Kayne ain't s**t.

    LaToya ClarkLaToya Clark18 kun oldin
  • Kanye would be yelling ok man let's go to the bank so I can keep my life!

    BusinessBusiness18 kun oldin
  • Damn

    Tra MillerTra Miller18 kun oldin
  • Big Sean and Kanye West bought have 💰 . They both need to calm down and go back to reality. Enjoy life and be happy stop fighting with one another. 😁

    rose Jonesrose Jones19 kun oldin
  • But without Kanye there would be no Big Sean 🤔

    Jermaine WilkersonJermaine Wilkerson19 kun oldin
  • Why do you need a masters to make money off of music ?

    Compton 187Compton 18719 kun oldin
  • How tF ain’t Ye a BILLY?

    Neshaun WalkerNeshaun Walker19 kun oldin
  • sister squad

    Alberto GutiérrezAlberto Gutiérrez20 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/ga-ppdSPkq2uo4g

    Cash Rebel EntertainmentCash Rebel Entertainment20 kun oldin
  • y'all gotta be one of the worst black PLATFORMS

    alexander collinsalexander collins20 kun oldin
  • Wow.. 55 seconds in and here come the waterworks 😭😭😭 so sad what he said and so true. It's no one's business and how heartbreaking that he had to explain such a sad story

    Cely RubioCely Rubio21 kun oldin
  • Kanye a clown

    Video It NowVideo It Now21 kun oldin
  • Yee is chinese not black what ever your father is you are this is why the black community doesn't connect with her

    Zakai Prince of PowerZakai Prince of Power21 kun oldin
  • I'm lost on why everyone speaks so highly and expects so much of Kanye dude is a straight lame....STR8 LAME

    Honcho H.Honcho H.21 kun oldin
  • Better than News rumor

    hip hop Daily news IND they were not famouship hop Daily news IND they were not famous22 kun oldin
  • That man been tapping zaaaat ass!

    Gmaster 17Gmaster 1722 kun oldin
  • Man I just lost so much respect for Kanye after hearing this. He’s a billionaire who can’t p

    NickNick22 kun oldin
  • Messy queen Charlatan the goddess.

    Vikeysha MurrayVikeysha Murray22 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne is a hater that always was jealous of Ye don't believe the hype.

    Joq BloqJoq Bloq22 kun oldin
  • You can not date your ex sister idk what the hell envy talking about that’s disgusting!!

    At Ya Mammy HouseAt Ya Mammy House22 kun oldin
  • Tee Grizzley way better than SadaBaby. Grizzley be spitting punchlines foreal.

    Sik Edition PerformanceSik Edition Performance22 kun oldin
  • “How do I get their “ kills me

    charlotte20144charlotte2014422 kun oldin
  • Thought he was signed to Tee Grizzly

    Loch121Loch12122 kun oldin
  • The way people are judging Naya's family is disgusting ☹

    Zimi NGubsyZimi NGubsy22 kun oldin
  • J Cole been called it False prophets

    Silas SilasSilas Silas22 kun oldin
  • If I owed someone 3million they would never see that 3 million

    Daveed da sickDaveed da sick22 kun oldin
  • So Ye is a billionaire but wont give Big Seam 3mil😯

    Ruthie GilleyRuthie Gilley22 kun oldin
  • Why y’all In ppl pocket

    stan Leestan Lee22 kun oldin
  • 5:07 is the time stamp for big sean

    CDK on the MicCDK on the Mic22 kun oldin
  • ...maybe Kanye is aware of the many decades-long beef between Detroit & Chicago...I'm FULLY aware of it, BUT, all I'm gonna say is this.."...Kanye, clear it up!!!!!! Not that It'll restart it, but, just do the right thing by Big Sean Bruh...we don't need this "seed", turning into a petrified Redwood tree." 🎓

    Steven TilmonSteven Tilmon22 kun oldin
  • Y’all listen to big Sean 😂😂😂

    Rager PRager P23 kun oldin
  • Does charlamagne think that Sada doesn’t have Tee Grizzleys #?

    Royal RussellRoyal Russell23 kun oldin
  • Sada> Tee

    Royal RussellRoyal Russell23 kun oldin
  • Um them even possibly dating is still debatable... I mean if they wouldn't be dating if Nya was still alive then I just find it.. Odd.

    CA$hleyWELOVEYOUCA$hleyWELOVEYOU23 kun oldin
  • See thats that BS- I can over look all of Kanye mis-steps but not this. How dare he oppress his own and then come out like he trying to be a superhero to the industry. If this is TRUE....shame on Kanye for doing your brother dirty!!! Kanye is forever on MUTE for me.

    Grace WigginsGrace Wiggins23 kun oldin
  • Dude is a walking contradiction

    troy ltroy l23 kun oldin
  • Yall always in someone bizness

    The Chosen OneThe Chosen One23 kun oldin
  • Wouldn't Pusha be the one signing off on Big Sean deal not Ye?

    K KK K23 kun oldin
  • If you noticed they haven’t been rocking with each other lately

    Michael CarterMichael Carter23 kun oldin
  • Kim married kanye was broke remember? He wasted his money on his campaign and im surprised Kim isn't paying up since that family is known for paying people off.

    skorpia gskorpia g23 kun oldin
  • well that’s ctg’s word, no one else has said that. big sean and kanye have always been brothers, and sean’s reinstated on his last album how much he loves and respects ye. Kanye said just last week he’s giving everyone their masters at good music. If i don’t hear it from sean directly i aint buying anything ctg says. man’s a clout chaser.

    Woody NassifWoody Nassif23 kun oldin
  • Y’all mad at Ye but Sean the one signed the contract!! You can’t sign a contract than 10 years later start crying about what’s on it! Shoulda did better business 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Isaac QuinonesIsaac Quinones23 kun oldin
  • There's literally pictures of them holding hands! STOP PLAYING!

    hnljojoilbvtgfyvgubhnljojoilbvtgfyvgub23 kun oldin
  • And big seans untalented azz owes Kanye LIFE

    בוקה - הערוץ הרשמיבוקה - הערוץ הרשמי23 kun oldin
  • Damn she was sexy

    situationofchaossituationofchaos23 kun oldin
  • All that Jesus songs and he's running around owes people money

    onion peelingonion peeling23 kun oldin
  • About the guy stay with the sister of his wife after the wife passed away It could be great romance movie story .. its a great decision to stay in within the family 👪 ❤ 👌 😊 🙂

    onion peelingonion peeling23 kun oldin
  • house nyugga shit

    The Shaolin SixThe Shaolin Six23 kun oldin
  • Charla is still chatty patty smh

    iambey9iambey923 kun oldin
  • I thought west was a billionaire 🤔Mr west pay em in yeezys 😂😂😂😂😂for life

    Isaac SmithfieldIsaac Smithfield23 kun oldin
  • Will y’all shut up? Y’all literally all over my phone on all social media sites talkin bout ye owes Sean 3 million. RUMOR report. Fake news. Chill, just cuz charlamagne said that don’t mean nothing.

    Donnie DoloDonnie Dolo23 kun oldin
  • How much Money did Kanye give Big Sean?

  • Nba

    DJ KoolBreezeDJ KoolBreeze23 kun oldin
  • Kanye is doing big Sean more dirty than Baby did Lim wayne. Kanye is a woman bro.

    Brian FortuneBrian Fortune23 kun oldin
  • Charla always snitchin

    Savage Brothers BallpythonsSavage Brothers Ballpythons23 kun oldin
  • Kanye is broke. Ain’t no one buying his sneakers right now and no touring. A billionaire that can’t pay $3mil

    Afro BeatAfro Beat23 kun oldin
    • wilder cerrate he’s a $100 million in debt

      Afro BeatAfro Beat18 kun oldin
    • KING SAW dlisted.com/2020/10/07/kanye-west-has-filed-documents-that-indicate-he-doesnt-actually-have-billions/?fbclid=IwAR38Pgcyt128j8xigDzRI52LtZaeD-Un2mXuXNya9tPRSV8Wk1TFtjDLCT8

      Afro BeatAfro Beat18 kun oldin
    • Nneena A his shoes are trash even LL cool J said it

      Afro BeatAfro Beat19 kun oldin
    • You wish

      KING SAWKING SAW21 kun oldin
    • benja303 if the royalties were so great why all the crying about the masters lol

      Afro BeatAfro Beat22 kun oldin
  • Can we talk about NBAYB? I never realized how modelesque his straight face is...? Yes that's what I took from this today.

    Philicty JonesPhilicty Jones23 kun oldin
  • CTG talking about unifying black ppl but talk down on Joe Budden for tryna own his platform 🤦🏽‍♂️

    IAMTONY1991IAMTONY199123 kun oldin
  • IfThatsPossible

    YoungEightyYoungEighty23 kun oldin
  • Ye said slavery was a choice then he’s crying about not owning his masters while taking BS masters 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Seldom SeenSeldom Seen23 kun oldin
    • Kanye is a false prophet. Great artist but not someone to be trusted

      benja303benja30322 kun oldin
  • Facts Matter!

    The ConfidantThe Confidant23 kun oldin
  • CTHGOD is a drama queen.

    MakavellyMakavelly23 kun oldin
  • It’s 3 mil it’s fine he has 1.3 billion

    ISSA QUEENISSA QUEEN23 kun oldin
  • Kanye just need his ass whoop one good time, I bet you he won't play crazy anymore!

    Willie RobertsWillie Roberts23 kun oldin

    Tony NormanTony Norman23 kun oldin
  • Well, sure they will get together but why is that anyone’s business? They are grown people consoling one another during a hard time.

    Nathan JonesNathan Jones23 kun oldin
  • Envy and Charla.. if you past away I hope your wives let your brother or friend move in your place for the sale of the kids smfh

    Loyalty 77Loyalty 7724 kun oldin
  • These people r millionaires and still owing people money!!!!.. I’m convinced these celebrities r broke or not as rich as they portray....... anyway this whole world is a lie including celebrities

    Chrissy N.Chrissy N.24 kun oldin
  • Envy saying he doesn’t have any problem with buddy dating his widows sister 🥴🥴... this era is anything goes FOH that’s some sick shit

    Marcell MillerMarcell Miller24 kun oldin
  • “I mean listen it’s the rumor report...it’s a rumor” 😂😂😂

    Nate GaskinsNate Gaskins24 kun oldin
  • $3 million... Peanuts.

    Ashley SAshley S24 kun oldin
  • Ye jumps from one plantation from the other. Ye owns NOTHING!

    Day WalkerDay Walker24 kun oldin
  • Kanye Owe Big Sean more than$ 3 millon than.

    LennyLove63LennyLove6324 kun oldin
  • 5:05 Kayne-Big Sean

    Frida yFrida y24 kun oldin
  • That’s quite hypocritical of “Kanye “ if it’s true .dammm you don’t need any help tearing down black ppl don’t you ?because they will help tear down their own .

    Tommy LikesTommy Likes24 kun oldin
  • Kanyeeee! U got some splainin to do

    Ill will Ill willIll will Ill will24 kun oldin
  • I am comfusd about this narrative. Stop going back and about Kanye West. He is just as crazy as Trump

    Rhonda BraxtonRhonda Braxton24 kun oldin
  • Ryan Dorsey look like Trae Young

    Damian BalfourDamian Balfour24 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne if it’s not facts why talk about it 🤦🏽‍♂️

    GRIZZLY 559GRIZZLY 55924 kun oldin
  • Did Kanye not say he was giving up his 50% ownership of his artist’s masters like 2 weeks ago?

    Corey ReidCorey Reid24 kun oldin
    • He said they already have 50% of there master and he’s giving them the other 50%

      Jay JayJay Jay22 kun oldin
    • Yeah but was that before or after big Sean's situation..no one knows but them... just saying

      Tiffany rTiffany r23 kun oldin
  • It’s funny how most of y’all mad or care “too” much about this making $9.50 an hour 😂😂😂 It’s only entertainment 🍾🍿

    Randy WallaceRandy Wallace24 kun oldin
  • Claiming you a billionaire but wont pay your friend 3m? Sorry that ain't your friend

    billy bishopbilly bishop24 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/tost/vHC285qRn0qmn98B7zOeOw

    C4CANNABISC4CANNABIS24 kun oldin
  • Let the baby have his aunty. His mother's sister is the closest thing. That white man can't really and don't really want to be single father of a child. A brown child at that. Let the baby have his second mommy.

    DeeDeePolishton TVDeeDeePolishton TV24 kun oldin
  • Lol

    DeeDeePolishton TVDeeDeePolishton TV24 kun oldin
  • About Rivera’s ex; y’all are ready to think of things from all angle but y’all didn’t do the same for Tory lanez. We know Tory and Meg ain’t telling everything we need to hear for their story to make sense, but y’all are too quick to cancel Tory. This is biased media reporting for real.

    Daniel AdumekweDaniel Adumekwe24 kun oldin
  • pray big sean get what he deserves! he geniune has respect for kanye... but damn to do that with big sean is messed up

    QUiNTiN BANKSQUiNTiN BANKS24 kun oldin