JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stone Ocean Trailer

2-Fev, 2020
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Incredible art by,, go give them a follow
Amazing song by
made in 1 hour on Sony Vegas hope it doesn't look too shit


    "Punished" Venom Cake"Punished" Venom CakeYil oldin
    • Let’s make the like into one thousand

      No idea For a nameNo idea For a name5 oy oldin
    • bro araki should use his lmao

      LemonesenceLemonesence7 oy oldin
    • Love how the mouth is rapidly moving

      Bryan RamirezBryan Ramirez9 oy oldin
    • K

      Saywhaa?Saywhaa?10 oy oldin
    • i

      arianaariana11 oy oldin
  • Vienes del futuro eh?

    Sebastian Lazo MoranSebastian Lazo Moran2 soat oldin
  • yo stonce ocean confirmed lol

    Alexander -kunAlexander -kun2 soat oldin
  • And it actually happened

    Nikos KatsikasNikos Katsikas3 soat oldin
  • I just hope it is not gonna be another slide show which are so popular right now. Jojo animes always had great animation. Also what is with the lip movement in this "trailer" is it even official or fan made?

    ShinukotononaiShinukotononai6 soat oldin
    • i made this trailer this isn't official

      "Punished" Venom Cake5 soat oldin
  • This has aged like fine wine.

    StanStan12 soat oldin
  • Kanbaru isnt taht you?

    Fatemeh EntezaryFatemeh Entezary18 soat oldin
  • I totally expected this to be a rickroll

    Malik AnasMalik Anas19 soat oldin
  • why spoilers tho

    DeathenDeathen20 soat oldin
  • Already so much meme potential

    Cypher KoroCypher Koro20 soat oldin
  • I know that I am a bit late but in the last episode of golden wind they should have put the main character in front and her jail mates next to her and they are dark figures and then they cut to a dark room and then the room will echo saying “ will suffer” then it cuts they should have done that

  • it.. become real.

  • he he bot

    GoshosGoshosKun oldin
  • Part 6 is now announced. this could be cannon

    Fusion Gamer213Fusion Gamer213Kun oldin
  • Me wondering what is gonna be the OST

    Xyndrx OrayeXyndrx OrayeKun oldin

    WickWickKun oldin
  • yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssss finaly👏👏👏👏👏

    wolfgurlwolfgurlKun oldin
  • Anyone else got this recommended when it was revealed

    Desi GonzalezDesi GonzalezKun oldin
  • Almost to steel ball run. SBR is life.

    Billy J. Causey, Video GuyBilly J. Causey, Video GuyKun oldin
  • When tf did jotaro start having green eyes

  • Now THIS is truly bizarre.

    Bro AnnoyingBro AnnoyingKun oldin
  • and now, here we are. Stone Ocean's true announcement.

    999 forEver999 forEverKun oldin
  • one year later they announced it thank you bro

    Krish MishraKrish Mishra2 kun oldin
  • It cant be jotaro has a daughter

    ismail achmedismail achmed2 kun oldin
  • se me hace "fan animation" mira los labios y los movimientos de los personajes

    CASTILLO LEON Erick JairCASTILLO LEON Erick Jair2 kun oldin
  • Let's go boys stone ocean confirmed

    payal guptapayal gupta3 kun oldin
  • ay yo fam sick fan made trailer u did good looks fire

    Fusion GamerFusion Gamer3 kun oldin
  • Мы Жади этот момент (☉。☉)!

    Мистер ДомаседМистер Домасед3 kun oldin
  • Ahora es real

    Danitza FloresDanitza Flores3 kun oldin
  • Me: Japan, Can I get some Stone Ocean? Japan: You have stone ocean at home Stone Ocean at home: 0:52

    David HansonDavid Hanson3 kun oldin
  • えっ何これ

    。ゴーヤはにがい。ゴーヤはにがい3 kun oldin
  • Bam, we have the anime coming out now folks.

    Diablo The seventhDiablo The seventh4 kun oldin
  • Here after it was finally announced

    Bheema ReddyBheema Reddy4 kun oldin
  • Now I can’t wait for the official one

    Requiem StarRequiem Star5 kun oldin
  • this guy a prophet

    HAO ZE TANHAO ZE TAN5 kun oldin
  • 1:21 wtf?

    james smitsjames smits5 kun oldin
  • I come back to this video to proudly say its been confirmed for those who dont know

    Moona's LagoonMoona's Lagoon5 kun oldin
  • We all know a Jojo is op where they are found behind the bars XD

    WarmMafuraWarmMafura5 kun oldin
    • Well jolyne isnt really op

      frog standing on beetlefrog standing on beetle4 kun oldin
  • Me gusto el sonido de piano de Jolyne

    el pepe ete sechel pepe ete sech7 kun oldin

    esmeralda gianneschiesmeralda gianneschi7 kun oldin
  • Wait what that guy who always talk from background his voice is still same I think he ain't getting old cause he have stand

    Pratima TiwariPratima Tiwari7 kun oldin
  • The first volume is very questionable😅...just saying XD.

    HD 04HD 047 kun oldin
  • Bro, it’s not fan trailer anymore

    Юсиф АлыевЮсиф Алыев8 kun oldin
  • これほんと好きなんだけど言語の壁が立ち塞がって誰とも共感できない

    k wk w11 kun oldin
  • that's awesome

    Fabrizio NAPOLIFabrizio NAPOLI13 kun oldin
  • 真不戳

    。。。。。。15 kun oldin
  • Yare Yare *Takansh* Dawa

    DuDeZDuDeZ15 kun oldin
  • Every body till KARS waiting this **AWAKEN STONY MAN**

    tembok :vtembok :v15 kun oldin
  • Ничего не понял, но очень интересно

    Dan SevilDan Sevil16 kun oldin
  • I don't want to see Jotaro dead T T

    FatCottonFatCotton16 kun oldin
  • this is bad

    Hugo - RustHugo - Rust17 kun oldin
  • Why you changed jotaros badass looks 😢bty trailer is 🔥

    Keshav SharmaKeshav Sharma17 kun oldin
  • bruh you cant put spoilers in trailers smh

    BlockheadHaydBlockheadHayd18 kun oldin
  • well boiz we did it stone ocean is now confirmed

    Rock LeeRock Lee18 kun oldin
  • Part 6 is coming LESS GOOOOO

    Ahmet Said YILMAZAhmet Said YILMAZ18 kun oldin
  • he made it better than the original

    Aggeliki KapetaneaAggeliki Kapetanea18 kun oldin
  • Yare yare daze

    Emilis PargauskasEmilis Pargauskas18 kun oldin
  • Anasui bring back my memories to Abacchio

    Saitadoge :3Saitadoge :319 kun oldin
  • Me : pog

    Neelima BaraNeelima Bara19 kun oldin
  • In the end- does anyone else hear a bit of giorno theme?

    robinplaya13 Playa14robinplaya13 Playa1420 kun oldin
  • fake

    Đăng Khoa HồĐăng Khoa Hồ21 kun oldin
    • :V

      Denis I. Irimia Constantin.Denis I. Irimia Constantin.13 kun oldin
  • ついに

    内定内定21 kun oldin
  • is fake

    miller rafael pinto francomiller rafael pinto franco22 kun oldin
    • @മാധവ് സായ് -വി- നായർ OK

      Denis I. Irimia Constantin.Denis I. Irimia Constantin.13 kun oldin
    • :V

      Denis I. Irimia Constantin.Denis I. Irimia Constantin.13 kun oldin
    • Don't call it fake, call it fan made❤️

      മാധവ് സായ് -വി- നായർമാധവ് സായ് -വി- നായർ15 kun oldin
  • It looks like the art style of part 5

    Tobi UchihaTobi Uchiha23 kun oldin
  • Ohhhhhh

    Shun NamikiShun Namiki23 kun oldin
  • このBGM好きすぎる。どこの曲だったっけ…5部のアレンジ?

    鈴木グランマニエ鈴木グランマニエ23 kun oldin
  • This is considerably better from the official reveal trailer in which we don't get any new animation, not even lip syncing - all we get is a png of anime Jolynne and her voice - less than in any reveal trailer so far.

    Epic VoiceEpic Voice24 kun oldin
    • That's enough to hype up fans like us🥳🥳 soo exc8ted!! Hype Hype HYPE hype

      മാധവ് സായ് -വി- നായർമാധവ് സായ് -വി- നായർ15 kun oldin
    • :!

      ঔু͜͡HuGoツঔু͜͡HuGoツ18 kun oldin
  • It’s just colored manga chapters

    justnobodyjustnobody24 kun oldin
  • いやもうネタバレ言ってるし絶対ファンメイド

    サベージサベージ25 kun oldin
  • low budged video

    brevil 123brevil 12326 kun oldin
  • 沢城みゆき版

    ねこまみれねこまみれ26 kun oldin
  • Their mouths be like: 😃😐😃😐😃😐😃😐😃😐😃😐

    TodiornoTodiorno27 kun oldin
    • They are all edge-lords

      മാധവ് സായ് -വി- നായർമാധവ് സായ് -വി- നായർ15 kun oldin
  • It's wonderful... 😭

    Monica CornerMonica Corner28 kun oldin
  • Good work my man Stone ocean is confirmed

    Akhisa YoshiAkhisa Yoshi29 kun oldin
  • プッチ神父の声をききたい!! ヴェルサスッ!おまえごときうすっぺらな藁の家が深淵なる目的地のわたしとDIOの砦に踏み込んでくるんじゃあない、とか!!

    大関ユウヤ大関ユウヤ29 kun oldin
  • 6部アニメ化やったね

    なかい同好会〜正直キビくね?〜なかい同好会〜正直キビくね?〜29 kun oldin
  • Finally I thought it would arrive in 2022 but thank God it will arrive in 2021 I'm very happy

    Shiro InoueShiro InoueOy oldin
  • Bad fan trailer

    Nazar BilenkyNazar BilenkyOy oldin
    • no

      Nicolas MoralesNicolas MoralesOy oldin
  • アニメ化決定!

    男チタタプ男チタタプOy oldin
  • ah yes, stonk ocean :V

    Miguna_IDMiguna_IDOy oldin
  • Prison break!

    佐藤明佐藤明Oy oldin
  • だってそもそも声がみゆきちだし

    サイコロステーキ先輩サイコロステーキ先輩Oy oldin
  • Kumenunggu jojo di taun 2020

    Mama Bruno BucciaratiMama Bruno BucciaratiOy oldin
  • Yare yare dawa

    JotaveJotaveOy oldin
  • 0:08 どう見ても日本の風景ダルルォ!?

    【公式】トマトまとめ【公式】トマトまとめOy oldin
  • Right then, now might be the perfect time to watch jojo as I haven't started before.

    LuciferLuciferOy oldin
  • I already got the spoilers so no use watching these

    Awansis SarkarAwansis SarkarOy oldin
  • Araki: Stone ocean anime Will come if there is an audience The fans: makes the whole show themselves soon

    jun Animejun AnimeOy oldin
  • this guy now: they called me a madman

    Franco SquilloFranco SquilloOy oldin
  • This is better then the actual trailer.

    Ventus iOSVentus iOSOy oldin
  • Aaaah es hermosaaaaa 😭😭

    Gaby :3Gaby :3Oy oldin
  • JOJbutterfly

    Pedro MatosPedro MatosOy oldin
  • Stone Ocean is confirmed !!!!!!

    Wong MayWong MayOy oldin
  • 最高にハイッてやつだァァァァァ!!!!!!

    たかさんたかさんOy oldin
  • Here after Stone Ocean got confirmed.

    RinsoRinsoOy oldin
  • Who is Joj butterfly?

    One-Winged FutanaristOne-Winged FutanaristOy oldin
  • A year and 2 months later: Official Official Release

    Gabriel HenryGabriel HenryOy oldin
  • well i like more this than the original :/

    Saim_ 280Saim_ 280Oy oldin
  • I like hot they’re mouths move

    Owen HardingOwen HardingOy oldin
  • welp a year later it’s here guys

    Raphael PosenRaphael PosenOy oldin