Joji - Nectar ALBUM REVIEW

28-Sen, 2020
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Nectar offers Joji's highest highlights to date, though all in all it could've benefited from some more editing.
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Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

  • tio que pesado eres

    LauxLxLauxLx9 soat oldin
  • shame on you.

    Horrendous Gamer!Horrendous Gamer!15 soat oldin
  • Please review Mori Calliope’s debut EP Dead Beats 🥺

    Andres ToscanoAndres Toscano21 soat oldin
  • Remember? Me too

    Leo FenderLeo FenderKun oldin
  • Request: review stuff from artist "Stephen" like latest album "Akrasia" or 2016 album "Sincerely" please... Like this comment if you already heard stuff from him or if I made you discover a new artist!

    NicKKmarsNicKKmarsKun oldin
  • Damn I can't believe Joji's Nectar is equivalent to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Jordan CantrellJordan CantrellKun oldin
  • Ok melon how bout you make a damn album since you think every fucking album in the world is trash.

    Thomas HulseyThomas HulseyKun oldin
  • Bruh he called “like you do”, “like I do” 💀

    Chanel ArmaniosChanel ArmaniosKun oldin
  • Joji is the new Bieber.

    tothejazztothejazzKun oldin
  • I'm a big Joji fan, at first I didn't like the album, but it's grown on me. Although, I still hate daylight.

    AustinAustinKun oldin
  • i voted yesterday anthony thanks for introducing me to indie music even though i don't watch you as much as i used to anymore i appreciate the role you played in my high school life

    Hans DadoHans Dado2 kun oldin
  • Joji

    Dank JohnDank John2 kun oldin
  • I hate this community

    malkavianmalkavian2 kun oldin
    • On god bro...

  • toenails

    JuliJuli2 kun oldin
  • I would give it a 7-8, but I see where you're coming from with the six

    Sam K.Sam K.3 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry melon but i have to disagree with you, i think that the album is atleast a light 7 to a strong 8

    Mdude10Mdude103 kun oldin
    • He just wants Joji to eat his toenails again.

      Jack Talia SteinbergJack Talia Steinberg2 kun oldin
  • This album is definitely a 7+ wth

    kalani Valentinekalani Valentine3 kun oldin
    • i really believe most music can be a 8+ when striving for purity in your heart

      Hans DadoHans Dado2 kun oldin
  • I miss FilthyFrank

    Douglas DigginsDouglas Diggins4 kun oldin
  • Thought the album was really good. I agree with the fact that it did seem a little unfocused and the singles he released all slap, but definitely stand out as high production pieces. However, disagree with some of the criticisms e.g. 777. Say what you want about the quality of the production, but I really liked it. It is catchy and up beat. Ew is amazing, Your man, Mr. Holloywood, Like you do, normal people, etc. I think this album is mostly good and a great addition to his discography, I think he has room for growth for sure, but overall solid entry. I think medium or weak 7 would've been more my take, but to each their own.

    SuperGamerYoBrosSuperGamerYoBros4 kun oldin
  • Melon is just bitter that Frank won't eat his toenails again, but the album is trash ngl id give it a 1

    Mind BlastMind Blast4 kun oldin
  • Idk why I just don’t like you lol. Not even a big Joji fan.

    Rob FloresRob Flores4 kun oldin
    • be nice to nerds man it's a culture we got our bad habits

      Hans DadoHans Dado2 kun oldin
  • anthony my mom has an extra ticket to the baseball game you can come if your mom can pick us up

    J 4J 44 kun oldin
  • I'm voting for trump

    The MagnanimousThe Magnanimous5 kun oldin
  • Fandorko you don't know music dude. You probably gave Brittany Spears a 10 & Radiohead OK Computer a -1. Stop reviewing used to be descent but reviewing and not truly listening to an LP is a disservice to music and the artists.

    Jesse ReidJesse Reid5 kun oldin
  • Everything that he complains about is just a part of Joji's overall style. Like jeez, give him some more respect.

    Boneless ChildBoneless Child5 kun oldin
    • artists really have to finesse positivity out of people outside their audience

      Hans DadoHans Dado2 kun oldin
  • I give this interview a 1

    DojodomoDojodomo5 kun oldin
  • Felt it was a really strong grouping of his chill older stuff and his new lofi rockstar vibe

    ashton parrishashton parrish6 kun oldin
  • modus is THE best track on this record period

    Phoenix HarrisPhoenix Harris6 kun oldin
  • This just his opinion guys

    Victor ChandVictor Chand7 kun oldin
    • @Hans Dado imagine being vegan. Smh my head

      Fried TurkeyFried TurkeyKun oldin
    • @Fried Turkey toenails aren't vegan he has some mixed feelings about that

      Hans DadoHans Dado2 kun oldin
    • No it’s not. It’s just Anthony Fantano being an idiot. He should’ve gave it a 10 because Joji has eaten his toenails.

      Fried TurkeyFried Turkey6 kun oldin
  • The only song I didn’t like that I agree with is high hopes. Every other song is killer.

    Alistair McMurtrieAlistair McMurtrie7 kun oldin
  • You better respect the man that ate your toenails.

    Jack Talia SteinbergJack Talia Steinberg7 kun oldin
  • bruh Melons hair practicing social distancing bruh peach hair bruh

    OldschoolOldschool7 kun oldin
  • I really enjoyed "Normal People" and "Afterthought" from the album.

    EriksBlueEriksBlue7 kun oldin
    • like you do , ew , modus , nitrous is so good

      Yare DazeYare Daze5 kun oldin
  • Fans of joji that don’t know about filthy frank are fake fans

    Bingo BangoBingo Bango7 kun oldin
  • ok

    Mekile HamidMekile Hamid8 kun oldin
  • Strong 8 for me tbh.

    ExistentialRapExistentialRap8 kun oldin
  • LEAST FAV TRACK: NITROUS ok whatever bro i don't care i promise

    WhyDoUWannaKnowWhyDoUWannaKnow8 kun oldin
  • Idk why people are so butthurt, Melon's making really good points. I don't *hate* Joji, I've been supporting the guy ever since but honestly his music plummeted into half-assedness after he signed himself up with 88rising. I really think 88rising has something to do with the lack of authenticity we used to hear from his older tracks.

    Martina EspanyaMartina Espanya8 kun oldin
  • “Awww shit whaddup cuck boiiiii-“ If you know, you know 😆

    That Dang Seagull who bothers the neighboursThat Dang Seagull who bothers the neighbours8 kun oldin
  • This dude ate hair cake and you doing him like that! No!

    LordZeusLordZeus8 kun oldin
  • reanimater’s slow and droned sound helps me draw very mellow and creepy art, i’ll have it play on repeat while i bust out spooktober art

    Evil GrimaceEvil Grimace8 kun oldin
  • I think High Hopes is pretty good. One of my favorite tracks outside of the initial singles, which are still my favorites. Pretty Boy reminds me of a slightly more serious Pink Guy song. I agree with most of what Anthony said, though.

    Kaya MokiKaya Moki9 kun oldin
  • Y'all know this is just my opinion, right? -

    No GateNo Gate9 kun oldin
  • Perfect thumbnail... encapsulates my soul atm

    It's AcademicIt's Academic9 kun oldin
  • Pink Season still remains George's best work

    ShitpostingsanvichShitpostingsanvich9 kun oldin
  • When nitrous is your favorite song on the album...

    Ben PagliucaBen Pagliuca9 kun oldin
  • Mr. Hollywood is the best song

    rojichristianrojichristian10 kun oldin
  • i like kayne

    Kayne westKayne west10 kun oldin
  • don't vote

    geremachekgeremachek10 kun oldin
  • Its a 10/10 for me. Bangers.

    Quinn LayaQuinn Laya10 kun oldin
  • For once I gotta say u off melon 🍉

    Brend4n OfficialBrend4n Official10 kun oldin
  • new joji stans malding rn lmao

    blipblip10 kun oldin
  • I remember being in my teens/early 20s, and not getting the subjective nature of art and art criticism/critique. If you love it, the god bless. U do u, bb. But also realize that, um, it’s just like, your opinion, dude. Doesn’t mean you won’t be disappointed with reviews you disagree with, but it’ll keep you thinking more clearly about what a critique is (for) and what it isn’t. I still have moments where I’m like, “you think X, about Y?!?! Are you insane!!!”, then go back to realizing it’s an opinion, and I’m just being immature if I get butthurt over a score, or bit of criticism I don’t jive with. ✌️

    Nikola DemitriNikola Demitri10 kun oldin
    • I mean theres that but this man has been inconsistent with his way of reviewing. Flip flop andy.

      Zhenyu CaiZhenyu CaiKun oldin
  • I spoke to a dragon yesterday and he told me that the only way I will live the life I wanna live is if I just cut the bullshit and stop pretending I'm someone I'm not working in a job that belongs to someone else's life in school for someone else's degree I just need to cut it all out and follow my dreams so all of yall it is for this reason I will start a Melon cult where we will all die together - not by poison-laced punch or by run-on sentences that severely lack punctuation - no something far worse we shall die by having Anthony Fantano (not the one you see in this video as that is just a 5G Tower-induced hologram, no, I'm talking about the REAL Anthony Fantano, the one with eighteen counts of premeditated murder seven counts of fruit-related theft and one count of forcing a metal-plated ridge wallet down a child's throat after having been mocked for his Pizza Hut-styled moustache which by the way are also suing The Needle Drop Foundation but that's another story for another day) anyway the point is Anthony Fantano will tickle us to death with a long black 42 inch feather while wearing a dark, blood-stained flannel that reads "BLACK VEIL BRIDES :3"

    I'm drowning in a waterless poolI'm drowning in a waterless pool10 kun oldin
  • This album was a 8 but my depression puts it at a solid 9.5

    Eli GonzalezEli Gonzalez11 kun oldin
  • I think this might be revenge for Joji not liking the taste of his toenails🤔? Could be wrong tho.

    YoYoNoGoYoYoNoGo11 kun oldin
  • Hey Anthony, didn’t hear a mention on “Ew” probably one of the highlights of the album. Forgot about it??

  • *"The dramatic Like I Do"*

    TyTy11 kun oldin
  • Guys in pretty boy there is a sample from meme machine

    PlanetPlanet11 kun oldin
  • "like you do" is the most dramatic and stunning song I've ever heard. i can't help but feel like I'd heard it before i ever had. it is the tragic, bittersweet ending captured perfectly in musical form.

    Alex GeeAlex Gee11 kun oldin
  • Bro you didn't mention Ew

    DaveDave11 kun oldin
  • Can we vote on whether or not that shirt is traaaaaaaash?

    Apu NahasapeemapetilonApu Nahasapeemapetilon11 kun oldin
  • This album is fantastic in my opinion. I really can't stop listening to it. I love all of the songs.

    Jonathan PJonathan P11 kun oldin
  • Why he going after omars throat like that 😭

    Raul AlcantaraRaul Alcantara11 kun oldin
  • This album was released on my birthday :)

    Seppu SesuSeppu Sesu11 kun oldin
  • Joji seems to have a far more solid body of works when it comes as singles. When Ballad 1 was released, I listened to it but I could only love half of the album. This time with Nectar the borderline seems to be more visible. Lots of the songs sound too similar and bland.

    julia astarinajulia astarina11 kun oldin
  • american idol

    Janet HogarthJanet Hogarth11 kun oldin
  • is anthony sitting or standing

    Slater FreytagSlater Freytag11 kun oldin
  • Honestly I think this release was not meant to be taken very seriously. It almost sounds like all the tracks are an ironical depicition of common vibes we all experience over time, with throwbacks similar to a youthful reminiscence to our rebellious adolescent moments. Honestly 8/10 for me, was mixed and produced mainly on headphones so best experienced with cans.

    MrDrProfessorScienceMrDrProfessorScience11 kun oldin
  • This guy literally knows nothing about music. Just stfu and enjoy music. Joji is goat mode

    Matthew TelescoMatthew Telesco11 kun oldin
    • You're dumb, aren't you?

      Jerome WhiteJerome White7 kun oldin
  • I agree w bits of this but I think you missed the mark with afterthought. I agree it is one of the best written songs on the album, but in the case of afterthought less is really more. The beat is simple and catchy and gives the vocals space to be the star of the track. Also the mix on 777 was great. How you could call that song thin is really confusing to me. There is so damn much going on.

    Eggfibsh DeluxeEggfibsh Deluxe11 kun oldin
  • 1/10 Anthony? For real? Wtf

    Daniel RazaDaniel Raza12 kun oldin
  • This is a dope album, really impressed with Joji, a solid 7.5 imo

    Sean BaronSean Baron12 kun oldin
  • Melanie's After School EP!!!

    Alexia AranaAlexia Arana12 kun oldin
  • 6:59 “like I do” LMAO

    JakeyJakey12 kun oldin
  • How is he gonna not mention Ew or Like You Do

    mattyvtherealgmattyvtherealg13 kun oldin
  • Take melon with a pinch of salt, he gave MBDTF a 6

    Sean BaronSean Baron13 kun oldin
  • Vote trump 2020

    HelamanHelaman13 kun oldin
  • Don't tell EJM

    Jeffrey CaytonJeffrey Cayton13 kun oldin
  • Niki - switchblade (5/10) Joji - Nectar (6/10) Rich Brian - The Sailor (6/10) Wow....🗿

    AesthMVAesthMV13 kun oldin
  • Disappointed in this album, the only tracks I really liked were the previously released singles and Normal People (Feat. Rei Brown), Which Melon didn't even mention. I found this one track to be the best to come out of this LP, the rest was just so inconsistent and unusual. Rei's vocals just pair with Joji's so well, and the heavy based lo-fi beat brought it all together. overall, the LP was a 3.5/10 for me, a real disappointment for me, overhyped in the end. I maybe am being to harsh though so ill leave it at a 4.5/10. Soz Joji.

    Finn HFinn H13 kun oldin
  • I loved Nitrous though

    Dreaming WolvesDreaming Wolves13 kun oldin
  • it's at least a 7 for me. ew is the best track, by far.

    skelethorbaeskelethorbae13 kun oldin
  • while there are definitely a few weaker tracks on the album, i've enjoyed it enough to basically have it on repeat for the last 4 days as background music lol. i'd say its a solid 8 in my book

    triton199triton19913 kun oldin
  • Turn the 6 upside down it’s a 9 now

    atomicbrain9401atomicbrain940113 kun oldin

    ChillMyNinjaChillMyNinja13 kun oldin
  • Y'all be saying please vote like Trump isn't doing everything he can to make sure our votes don't matter 😂

    crasyman101crasyman10114 kun oldin
  • do Matt Watson's "Ouch!"

    Johnny BravoJohnny Bravo14 kun oldin
  • I mean, he's definitely fair to say that the second half was spotty, maybe that's on purpose for the theme of the album. Idk, I didn't make the thing. But like the production points I suppose were fair as well

    Omega_RonanOmega_Ronan14 kun oldin
  • it really makes you feel like joji

    Aidan RiceAidan Rice14 kun oldin
  • Oh no! Not another UZworldr turned musician album!

    Elliot KiviElliot Kivi14 kun oldin
  • wait this isnt TVfilthyfrank2

    TswissieTswissie14 kun oldin
  • Pleasethony Votetano has shown up a bit lately 😅

    chrizbiechrizbie14 kun oldin
  • For me it's like a 6, it has like 2-3 good songs and the rest feel meh.

    Reinis LazersReinis Lazers14 kun oldin
  • I thought this album was average bordering into Commerical pop songs. I got my hopes up with Run and Sanctuary etc. Best new song for me was Ew and even then I don’t listen to is as much as Run

    Bela HBela H14 kun oldin
  • review everywhere at the end of time

    Wes CooperWes Cooper14 kun oldin
  • Bruh ballads was so much better

    ItzPyroItzPyro14 kun oldin
  • Hey is there a chance you are gonna review music for dolphins by action bronson? I would love to hear your opinion

    Chase FaulknorChase Faulknor15 kun oldin
  • I agree, Fantano

    The RichterThe Richter15 kun oldin
  • Nitrous is literally my favorite song off the album beside your man and like you do lol

    Captain daxCaptain dax15 kun oldin