John Wall Responds to James Harden Calling Out Houston Rockets & State of Rockets With James

12-Yan, 2021
116 971 Ko‘rishlar soni

Watch as John Wall Responds to James Harden Calling Out Houston Rockets & State of Rockets With James (HOUSTON ROCKETS vs. LA LAKERS, POST-GAME)
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  • I feel bad for John & the Rockets having to answer all these Harden questions. Thankfully that’s over with & wishing the Nets a merry 2nd round exit

    Dwight YawgDwight Yawg6 kun oldin

    popie infinitypopie infinity7 kun oldin
  • I don't watch NBA or buy their merch nor have I in many years......with Harden and James and all the other multi-millionaire crybabies and SJW crap it was a wise choice, if I don't say so myself. That said, all respect to John Wall.

    10aurum4810aurum487 kun oldin
  • Harden isn't winning in Brooklyn. That team needs the right role players... they need to keep adding.

    Straight RealStraight Real7 kun oldin
  • Harden threw his teammates under the bus talent don't always win championship.but a group of players playing together as a team.miam heat is a great example of that.

    Darryl RobertsonDarryl Robertson7 kun oldin
  • Beal going to want to join Wall and Cud in HOU

    Eric YoungEric Young8 kun oldin
  • I see why James Harden left.... and wanted out.

    Brian CottonBrian Cotton8 kun oldin
  • Definitely respect John Wall. He is the leader. I just wanna see him and Boogie be killing opponents!

    SaraChanEigoSaraChanEigo8 kun oldin
  • This is what you call no one give a fuck about NBA . Wake up people Trump period

    Pedro NunezPedro Nunez8 kun oldin
  • I love the Rockets..from back in the days when Olajuwon was playing...what harden did is the norm this days...but he did Carrie himself not to good..I really think Houston will be better off now...they still have some good talent and can make some noise...I wouldn’t sleep on them...hopefully it’s gonna be a good season for everyone..

    Joshi JoshiJoshi Joshi8 kun oldin
  • If Wall does not want to say it, I will say it Harden did not give this team a chance and he did not give his all. Harden has embarrassed the Rockets organization and the city of Houston.

    George FoleyGeorge Foley8 kun oldin
  • good to see John Wall back out on the court again it's just so weird not seeing him in the Washington wizards uniform alongside Bradley Beal but definitely rounded back to form

    Allen BlaineAllen Blaine8 kun oldin
  • Respect

    ZT BaseballZT Baseball8 kun oldin
  • So basically, James Harden is a bitch.

    Post TramatiqPost Tramatiq8 kun oldin
  • They act like they 0 and 9. But they isn't. They is won some

    Walking TaiwanWalking Taiwan8 kun oldin
  • Dope intro

  • 4:15 I remember him at rookie team scrimmage, avg 16pt 8ast 4rb that rookie season. And that was with Gilbert ball hogging. Look at wall now. He sounds like a future Head coach!!!

    Joseph HJoseph H9 kun oldin
  • Being a Houston fan since 2011 I can promise you Harden is tired of trying to carry this franchise. I understand his frustration.

    JexanRPJexanRP9 kun oldin
  • Harden is a guy who scored for himself no defense Hardens defense is a joke 😂

    German RiosGerman Rios9 kun oldin
  • Needs Big Adjustment

    Sunday VenomSunday Venom9 kun oldin
  • I like how that reporter just lied and made it seem like harden just singled him out

    Tytus MackTytus Mack9 kun oldin
  • I’m a lakers fan but always loved watching rockets games with Yao and mcgrady. Now that the unbelievably hard to like harden is gone, I’ll be rooting for the rockets again

    Jesus GonzJesus Gonz9 kun oldin
  • Players come and go..good bye harden... welcome Wall... I'm not going to knock harden ..he was a scoring monster...but he wants out so fuk him..end of the day I'm a Rockets fan...

    Rod VzzzRod Vzzz9 kun oldin
  • How many "reporters" asked about chemistry? Asking the same question I thought this shit was on repeat. LOL

    Mark SloanMark Sloan9 kun oldin
  • So we are definitely calling a Championship a "chip" now? Well me accepting my middle aged crisis at 42 years of age... I feel some type away bout a dam chip. Should it not be shortened to ship? ...and yes! If that be the case with chip, the I can say some type away stead of, some type of way. The end of my ranting of my newly found old man ways.

    7LAMPS of FIRE7LAMPS of FIRE9 kun oldin
  • John wall should of went to the clippers

    Victor ValentineVictor Valentine9 kun oldin
  • Ok now with Harden gone, can you start playing better Wall?

    Ben LamBen Lam9 kun oldin
  • Lol the rockets suck! Full of B level players.

    ChopshopChopshop9 kun oldin
  • Now we have James I will never win a championship harden Kevin mama's boy Durant and Kyrie the world is flat Irving on one team.lets see if they can play together

    dalic24dalic249 kun oldin
  • What game was this after?

    Matt WrightMatt Wright9 kun oldin
  • John handled this very well.

    AD MediaAD Media9 kun oldin
  • Hey James Harden, the team just got fixed by getting rid of your slow down, eat up the shot clock, terrible passing, ball hoggin azz! Best move the Rockets have ever made!!!

    Terry FreemanTerry Freeman9 kun oldin
  • James Harden a good player but he will not win the championship ring when it comes to individual game mentality. Harden doesn't fully understand what does I take to win a ring .

    thinh nguyenthinh nguyen9 kun oldin
  • I like wall going forward for the rockets he is positive harden is selfish and he threw shad and stones on his way out rockets nation stand up we will be fine an better now drama queen give me the ball all the time is gone

    James GreenJames Green9 kun oldin
  • Now more than 7 eleven , they can do 7 11 13 math trick in Brooklyn

    seven evenseven even9 kun oldin
  • They not making the playoffs but they'll have some a great glimpse here and there

    Brew SpittaBrew Spitta9 kun oldin
  • If I was James Harden I’d be upset and wouldn’t wanna play if I had to play with John Wall

    Kevin ShellKevin Shell10 kun oldin
    • He got traded.

      Fanatics ViewFanatics View9 kun oldin
  • Like the Mamba said Harden will never win a Chip!!

    stone coldstone cold10 kun oldin
    • @75 aces here's a link where Kobe talks about harden

      stone coldstone cold9 kun oldin
    • He said that?

      75 aces75 aces9 kun oldin
  • Watch wall being the next franchise player in h-town

    MJ GOATMJ GOAT10 kun oldin
  • Who's here after knowing about the trade

    Christian PenaflorChristian Penaflor10 kun oldin
  • What’s in John wall mouth he talking like something wrong in his mouth

    Romaine TuckerRomaine Tucker10 kun oldin
  • Sad to think couple of years ago wall, cousins and harden would’ve been a 3 headed monster and now no expectations and James just got traded 🏀

    GarciaVGarciaV10 kun oldin
  • Golden State needs to go after Boogie and Wall

    Terry StatonTerry Staton10 kun oldin
  • mans got that goat mentality

    Edward VargasEdward Vargas10 kun oldin
  • Great answer for wall

    Alexander DonatoAlexander Donato10 kun oldin
  • Lol they mad cause they didn’t get the response they wanted

    Lck DongLck Dong10 kun oldin
  • I would LOVE to see John wall in a Boston jersey.

    PethaPetha10 kun oldin
    • Don’t give Wall a coach and a defensive system 😭 it’s over

      KickStart CleanKickStart Clean8 kun oldin
    • @Gamebred - wall for Walker

      PethaPetha8 kun oldin
    • Trade for taytum

      Gamebred -Gamebred -9 kun oldin
  • I really wanna see wall win especially now

    Wulfisthegang LittlesWulfisthegang Littles10 kun oldin
  • I respect John Wall for how he handled this press conference. I feel Demarcus was out of line for giving this toxic media something to talk about. He should have spoke to Harden privately and kept locker room issues IN THE LOCKER ROOM.. was surprise with how transparent he was about what was going on in the locker room

    JAYLOVE47JAYLOVE4710 kun oldin
    • People also rip athletes all the time for cliché answers and not being honest with the media. We can't as fans have it both ways.

      Fanatics ViewFanatics View10 kun oldin
  • 4 1st rounders and 4 1st round swaps for 1 cancer not bad not bad at all

    Juan ZJuan Z10 kun oldin
  • Hey 2k You should use music like this opening I get crazy when I listen to the top 40 songs all the time

    nunndrick kennunndrick ken10 kun oldin
  • Now that James Harden has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets I say the Houston Rockets are now John Wall’s team.

    Trey DonovanTrey Donovan10 kun oldin
    • I say you should definitely be correct ..Wall has more leadership in his pinky than Harden has in his whole body.

      Muzik FiendMuzik Fiend8 kun oldin
  • New leader in the H 🤘🏽🤟🏽 🚀

    Big DawgBig Dawg10 kun oldin
  • John wall looks high as hell

    Manuel TrigoManuel Trigo10 kun oldin
  • I see why Westbrook and harden didn't work. NBA needs to go back to few all star players on 1 team. All this teaming up bs is junk. Glad dame time stayed in portland

    just some ugly black dudejust some ugly black dude10 kun oldin
  • Wall I believe this is your team now

    just some ugly black dudejust some ugly black dude10 kun oldin
    • Russ: Noooooooo

      jnmc2011jnmc201110 kun oldin
  • Dem herpes headaches

  • This Nets season will make a GREAT documentary some day..... 😆💯

  • Wall and Boogie showed how they some real ones. No sneak dissing, just kept it 100 and kept it moving

    Benny No Bull _Benny No Bull _10 kun oldin
  • John Wall.....CLASS.

    Scott SteelScott Steel10 kun oldin
  • this dude high af lmaoo

    Benny No Bull _Benny No Bull _10 kun oldin
  • And also to cousins wall will bring rockets to playoffs

    Miller CorreaMiller Correa10 kun oldin
  • I think john wall is the next james harden in rockets wall will be the key inriockets rockets will be strong again

    Miller CorreaMiller Correa10 kun oldin
  • James Harden will never win a chip as a star player. He lacks the intangibles of a winner.

    Beede BawngBeede Bawng10 kun oldin
    • I think it's all about relationships Harden and Durant are good friends but more important their styles compliment each other now if kyrie and Harden can just to each other is the question and the answer to if the Nets with Harden can go all the way and win a chip.

      Ronald JacksonRonald Jackson6 kun oldin
  • John look high dab

    Kid ChampagneKid Champagne10 kun oldin
  • Y’all trash for acting like Dwight, Paul, Westbrick were good enough for Harden to win a chip. Kobe couldn’t win with Dwight. Chris couldn’t win with Blake and Jordan. KD couldn’t win with Westbrick. Stop hating and wait until it happens. And Boogie Cousins is trash. And Wall and Woods still wasn’t enough. Just watch . 😂Where Brooklyn At!!!😂😂🤪

    Cino LifeCino Life10 kun oldin
  • Rockets just need time, they have talent. Btw i got a lil sumdin for those migraines.

    RicocheteRicochete10 kun oldin
    • Same here. Smoking some now

      Rogue ComedianRogue Comedian10 kun oldin
  • True vet

    Maji Krstophir E'elMaji Krstophir E'el10 kun oldin

    Martin HernandezMartin Hernandez10 kun oldin
  • Lavert will be a plus

    Vernon JohnsonVernon Johnson10 kun oldin
    • They flipped him for Oladipo

      Fanatics ViewFanatics View10 kun oldin
  • Now that Harden is gone team chemistry wont be a problem we needed to get rid of that cancer

    MagicMagic10 kun oldin
  • John wall is such a role model

    Jordan FielderJordan Fielder10 kun oldin
  • It's pure shiesty the way harden has been acting but he's a actor jus like kyrie&kd and can't wait for the nets to IMPLODE&EXPLODE it's gonna be an amazing train wreck

    Deric RomeroDeric Romero10 kun oldin
    • 😂

      Todd PaceTodd Pace9 kun oldin
  • Adam needs to get this circus in order because these players are starting to get girly and out of hand

    3MT Records3MT Records10 kun oldin
  • He lowkey sound like Michael jordan when he talk😂😂

    Malik AdamsMalik Adams10 kun oldin
    • Not at all

      Elijah JamesElijah James9 kun oldin
    • He does ! Both from North Carolina too

      JohnnyjukaJohnnyjuka10 kun oldin
  • They had to lock harden out of the facilities cause his teammates was going to whip his fat ass, so long loser!

    Cavity CreepCavity Creep10 kun oldin
  • God damn lol I understand why athletes snap at reporters sometimes. Asking the same question 4 different ways to get a more headline worthy response lmao

    Will WillWill Will10 kun oldin

    Franco AnthonyFranco Anthony10 kun oldin
  • Harden needs to star in the next episode in Bridezilla

    Mister BigalsworthMister Bigalsworth10 kun oldin
  • Fuck Harden. John Wall is the truth

    Fun TimesFun Times10 kun oldin
  • I like 👍🏼 the way he handle himself answering the questions.

    Theodore PullinsTheodore Pullins10 kun oldin
  • poor John, without Gortat has nobody to blame now

    Mat JMat J10 kun oldin
  • John Wall looks high as hell. 😤💨

    erica2002userica2002us10 kun oldin
  • Such a class act. He’s too nice to bash Harden. If Harden doesn’t want to lead this team, Wall should step in and be the leader.

    john agoljohn agol10 kun oldin
  • James is a POS. Selfish and headed downtown the wrong path.

    Philly CheesePhilly Cheese10 kun oldin
  • I was waiting for the comments quoted on social media about the mcdoubles. Was that all just a lie?

    That1kid68That1kid6810 kun oldin
  • You gotta ask the whole team. Whoever want to follow John on this side, harden followers on this side , ship out Hardens side of the room effectively immediately.

    Sircarlos 7Sircarlos 710 kun oldin
  • 1:40 we tryna find what our identity ARE.... ?? 😶

    Victor DominguezVictor Dominguez10 kun oldin
  • I know John wall and Bradly Beal miss each other now 😔

    Michael GoldingMichael Golding10 kun oldin
  • John wall a boss

    r2 d2r2 d210 kun oldin
  • Major respect for John Wall! Answered the Harden questions with class.. man if I had an Instagram I’d go and hit the follow right now!

    Henry GutierrezHenry Gutierrez10 kun oldin
  • STOP ASKING HIM QUESTIONS ABOUT JAMES HARDEN. DAMN, he’s his own player. I feel bad for him they just flooding him with JH questions

    J TJ T10 kun oldin
  • Tell john wall the reason he is getting headaches is that his vitamin D levels are very low he needs tenthousesand milligrams every day if he wants to get ride of the headaches.

    Mr oldschool fitnessMr oldschool fitness10 kun oldin
    • Of what? Vitamin d? Where can you buy good ones at?

      Rogue ComedianRogue Comedian10 kun oldin
  • Trade James asap idc if we don't get what's his worth! At the end of day his not worth nothing!

    Jose torresJose torres10 kun oldin
  • Them reporters smh they like lawyers..they ask the same question five times in a row to get u to talk about the next man n they go chop this up good to

    Jonathan ScottJonathan Scott10 kun oldin
    • @MrLoutee yea he did hes a good player

      Jonathan ScottJonathan Scott10 kun oldin
    • Kept his composure

      MrLouteeMrLoutee10 kun oldin
  • James Harden didn't say that about John wall ....the 'reporter' straight lied about what Harden said ...

    Jackson WestJackson West10 kun oldin
    • @Todd Pace Einstein

      Jackson WestJackson West8 kun oldin
  • He missed a WIDE OPEN DUNK...What’s to talk about!

    Mr GunnMr Gunn10 kun oldin
  • Who would want James harden after him basically acting like a child cause he wants a trade...

    PrfctPlyrPrfctPlyr10 kun oldin
    • @jericholic83 this will be better than a movie with those three let the drama begin

      PrfctPlyrPrfctPlyr10 kun oldin
    • @jericholic83 good riddance. I'll be mad if this asshole goes to the nets and starts eurostepping.

      Mahavir BhaktaMahavir Bhakta10 kun oldin
    • The Nets got him

      jericholic83jericholic8310 kun oldin
    • Honestly every major star who wanted to be traded acted childish and was still wanted because they played good

      Jake La ScalaJake La Scala10 kun oldin
  • No comment...a real Baller.

    Opinionated AzzholeOpinionated Azzhole10 kun oldin
  • Time for rockets to play physical basketball

    Daniel NaridoDaniel Narido10 kun oldin