John Crist on Watching Movies with Strict Parents

13-Yan, 2021
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Comedian John Crist talks about being a kid and the one movie scene your parents would come in and turn the movie off!
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  • Bruh I watched Lord of the Rings when I was 6 and even R-rated movies like The Last Samurai and Gladiator but anything with sex or f-bombs? either a straight-up nope or fast-forwarded scenes. Now I'm an adult and I feel uncomfortable even watching kissing scenes when my parents are around

    Rachel KnodelRachel Knodel19 soat oldin
  • is this the same reporter that was sent out in the snow to report what was happening lmao

    soliyana demiesoliyana demie21 soat oldin
  • Hey everyone! My girlfriend and I are having a Bible study tonight, please pray for us to have a good fellowship and to seek the Lord with our hearts!

    Frank Joseph DanielsFrank Joseph DanielsKun oldin
  • Lol my parents turned off the screen for sex, violence, death, and muted the tv when curse words would be said.

    mms208mms208Kun oldin
  • Wait you guys were allowed to watch movies??

    C. PatraC. PatraKun oldin
  • When he leaves this world and stands before God for his final judgement, we will see how much he is laughing about a " fictional story. When he is burning in the pit of fire for eternity because he denied Jesus Christ, we will see how funny he thinks the the fictional story of the bible is then.

    Not NecessaryNot NecessaryKun oldin
  • 😂🤣😭

    Jane AshtonJane Ashton2 kun oldin
  • Man this guy is funny. Keep going John. Gonna need you and your humor going into the darkness of the new Amerika in 2021.

    Thomas TThomas T2 kun oldin
  • Christian parents logic: Kissing/Anything romantic: “Absolutly not! That’s completely inappropriate for a 14-year-old. ACTUAL HEADS BEING CHOPPED OFF: Totally fine!😃

    Olivia MathewsOlivia Mathews3 kun oldin
    • Well, the bible is full of violence and often promoted it, but it strictly forbids almost anything sexual, including looking at a woman and thinking she's pretty. I can see why that's their logic

      King Westonian MLP OCKing Westonian MLP OC19 soat oldin
  • I'm so glad you're back. We've missed you!

    John & Maria BurnsJohn & Maria Burns3 kun oldin
  • I love your mom! She sounds amazing! Totally do the same thing

    The Sacred MundaneThe Sacred Mundane3 kun oldin
  • "It's fiction....... it's fiction"

    carly anncarly ann3 kun oldin
  • My parents would always freak out whenever a sex scene came on. The TV was either turned off or they fast-forwarded the movie. And that wasn't easy with VHS because depending on how much you'd been watching the movie, you'd be afraid the tape would break so you'd press STOP on the VCR and then fast-forward XDDD. And if any cussing happened on the screen, they'd fast-forward or they'd mute it. After hearing some muted scenes as an adult, I was like 'whoa, now I understand why!' 😂😂😂😂😂

    AubbieDAubbieD3 kun oldin
  • "They're like, dinosaurs aren't real". The tragedy for me is that a good moral code (The New Testament) is wrapped up in a primitive and ignorant view of world history and so rejected in a "throw the baby out with the bath water" purging of religious morality. I think we are poorer for that.

    Danilushka OzeraDanilushka Ozera3 kun oldin
    • Moral code is constantly evolving, 2000 year old book has no chance to catch up.

      Maksym MotornyyMaksym Motornyy23 soat oldin
  • In the book of Job, God tells him to "behold the behemoth". He then describes a T-Rex. "Dinosaur" wasn't even a word until 1841. Dinosaurs are in the Bible, they just have a different name.

    Zachary SipleZachary Siple3 kun oldin
  • Damn I have to turn the TV off on myself nowadays. It’s too much for a 40 year old.

    D HD H3 kun oldin
  • I'm a Christian and movies are my main interest, apart from the Bible. Before I was 14, the closest I ever got to a sex scene was Forrest Gump. And Liar Liar, but my Mom forbid that afterwards. My childhood was strict but more loose than John's. Most of my childhood was VeggieTales and Disney. Not that it's a bad thing, I still enjoy them both at 22, but I still wish I could have been a little less sheltered.

    Zachary SipleZachary Siple3 kun oldin
  • Hahahahah “Dinosaurs aren’t real” lol. Someone didn’t read their Bible. Book of Job chapter 40.

    D HD H3 kun oldin
  • Ooof that's so true🤣🤣🤣

    TYPOTYPO3 kun oldin
  • I simply don't. 🙄😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Jalon GloverJalon Glover4 kun oldin
  • My whole family strong Christians, my mom one of the strongest, but when she was in college, she would go skinny dipping w/ friends after the pool was closed. They got caught once,

    Sofie SlingsSofie Slings4 kun oldin
  • Got a funny Christian dating ad before the vid!

    buzzcomberbuzzcomber4 kun oldin
  • Noah had dinosaurs on the ark

    Lori BauerleLori Bauerle4 kun oldin
  • Violence, sex, cursing ....yep that's my folks.

    Lost PlutotarianLost Plutotarian4 kun oldin
  • First joke killed it with the dinosaur hahahaha

    Riis SmithRiis Smith4 kun oldin
  • The lying cat molecularly name because crawdad superiorly obtain save a stupid jaw. silky, sordid voyage

    Cheri GrahamCheri Graham4 kun oldin
  • My parents almost didn't let me watch Jurassic Park because they weren't sure where they (could) stand on the whole cloning thing. They never directly said it was bad or wrong, just that they didn't want me being exposed to it. (P.S. My love of dinosaurs won out though, one of the best movies of all time :P

    brackonstudiosbrackonstudios4 kun oldin
  • Where are these Christians at that don’t believe in dinosaurs? As Christians we absolutely know there were. We may have a different worldview as to when but we know that they existed. I’m so confused about who wouldn’t believe in them? What crazy church they belong too. Westboro or something?

    MRokkMRokk4 kun oldin
    • @Nick _7 Lolol!! Yep!! 😆😆😆😆

      MRokkMRokk4 kun oldin
    • Probably the same people who believe the earth is flat 😂

      Nick _7Nick _74 kun oldin
  • The arm getting ripped off is in The Lost World, not the first one. And if the problem was that it was too bloody and horrifying, and if the kids were young, it's understandable. There's some blood, for sure.

    Timothy TraverTimothy Traver4 kun oldin
  • that' s ture. according to creation scientists, this universe has been 6 thousands of years. we are not that old as if long time makes you more evolutionized being. we are humble beings. and jesus is coming soon

    Jusong KimJusong Kim4 kun oldin
  • My dad would make us kids turn our head during the sex scenes while he watched. Mind you, this could have been a horror film! And we went to church every week 😏

    CrisCris4 kun oldin
  • My mom wouldn’t allow me to watch the grinch because she said it’s scary and people aren’t green. I’m 20 btw.

    Hanna-Gaye CampbellHanna-Gaye Campbell5 kun oldin
  • Its not a movie but I wasn't allowed to watch Pokémon.

    kduque068kduque0685 kun oldin
  • “What movie was it”? Me- NATIONAL TREASURE! I’m 14...

    ShookSamuraiShookSamurai5 kun oldin
  • Dinosaurs have always lived with man. Before the word "Dinosaur" was coined we called them something else. Dragons.

    Daniel DishonDaniel Dishon5 kun oldin
  • The look on his face of being So. Done. when he asked “what movie?” and she said “Jurassic Park.” 😂😂😂😂😂

    TheKickshawsTheKickshaws5 kun oldin
  • Lauren Alaina will out with any guy as long as he has a D.... that's sad! 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    Kelly CookKelly Cook5 kun oldin
  • My dad loves watching R-rated movies, he would just tell me to close my eyes when the sex scenes came in

    Joedan PabonJoedan Pabon5 kun oldin
  • These celebrities ride the coattails of Christ until they begin to get a little more famous then their faithfulness slides. Shame

    Sworne ReborneSworne Reborne5 kun oldin
    • @Thomas Ttrue that my brother. Yes, I stand corrected.

      MRokkMRokk2 kun oldin
    • @MRokk No, always. He was saying that we are hypocritical when we judge one another because we are sinners, ALL of us. Ain't no one that ain't without sin my friend. He doesn't want us judging one another period. Romans 14:13 / Luke 6:37

      Thomas TThomas T2 kun oldin
    • @Thomas T Only if we are being hypocritical. Per Jesus.

      MRokkMRokk2 kun oldin
    • Be careful of judging others...just saying.

      Thomas TThomas T2 kun oldin
    • So true

      Nick _7Nick _74 kun oldin
  • Tyquan vs hop wish me luck

    tyquan flemingtyquan fleming5 kun oldin
  • “God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man, man destroys God, man creates dinosaurs.” - Ian Malcolm So I guess Jurassic Park is a creationist movie lol.

    Joshua CastilloJoshua Castillo5 kun oldin
    • man destroys god? Wdym?

      Savage 777Savage 7773 kun oldin
  • Dinosaurs existed but like I tell my kids, everything lived WAY longer pre flood. So a 900 year old Iguana would have been a dinosaur. I also stop the movie and say "5,000 not 5 billion!" Haha!

    Jen FedJen Fed5 kun oldin
  • I kid you not. My aunt wouldn't let her 4 sons watch Scooby Doo. Her reasoning was that it had "ghosts" in it. I would get so mad whenever my cousins would come over and they would turn the TV off if Scooby Doo came on. My mom thought it was stupid. My aunt also wouldn't let my cousins watch The Parent Trap for awhile. And she wouldn't let them watch Star Wars until they were at least nine years old. And her sons were all 2 years apart in age. So it was awhile before all them had seen the orginal Star Wars films and the prequels. They were a Christian family as well.

    Ashley DowneyAshley Downey5 kun oldin
  • My parents would always watch PG movies first before we got to watch them as kids. They would Fast forward the parts when there was one curse word like “damn” or “hell” 😂 idk why they wouldn’t just mute but 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Alicia WierzbickiAlicia Wierzbicki5 kun oldin
  • I wasn't allowed to watch Scooby Doo bcs of the ghosts. 🤣

    Susan ElizabethSusan Elizabeth5 kun oldin
    • You're not wrong.😅

      Susan ElizabethSusan Elizabeth5 kun oldin
    • They're not even ghosts! That's the best part! They're always unmasked and your parents be like, "I don't want you to watch ghosts that aren't really ghosts (just some neat tricks) because then you'll believe they're real)" I'm so confused

      blessedoutblessedout5 kun oldin
    • lolol

      blessedoutblessedout5 kun oldin
  • RCFTW! we can watch stuff too...

    MichaeLJPSMichaeLJPS5 kun oldin
  • You should come to Colorado for one of your tours !!!! I’d love to see you live!

    Mary ClearyMary Cleary5 kun oldin
  • I'm 34 and still haven't read a single Harry Potter Book. My mom said it was witchcraft.😅🤣🤣🤣

    Sherry lazdinshSherry lazdinsh5 kun oldin
    • It is sorcery and witchcraft 🤨

      Yophi SmithYophi Smith10 soat oldin
    • @Jane Ashton probably. Haha.

      Sherry lazdinshSherry lazdinshKun oldin
    • Do we have the same parent's? Lol.

      Jane AshtonJane Ashton2 kun oldin
    • Same! I did watch a scene from one of the movies and I had a nightmare. So yep, not interested lol

      Roshane RoweRoshane Rowe2 kun oldin
    • Well the book is about Wizard and magic tricks, spells etc. I heard an ex-satanist (John Ramirez) admit that the book is full of witchcraft. It takes one to know one I guess.

      Loves YehushuaLoves Yehushua2 kun oldin
  • Dinosaurs?!?! Canceled!!!

    simplytruelovesimplytruelove5 kun oldin
    • I love that you commented this and I love even more that you wrote it in such a way that I IMMEDIATELY read it in his voice. LOLOL

      blessedoutblessedout5 kun oldin
  • My parents wouldn’t let me watch the battle scene in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe ☠️☠️☠️

    Mason M.Mason M.5 kun oldin
    • @Kennedy Patton It was pretty horrifying. But I think it was made that way on purpose... because what happened to Jesus was horrifying too. So I was all for my kids watching it because it WAS sad... but I get that some parents wouldn't want to.

      blessedoutblessedout2 kun oldin
    • @blessedout true. I understand, especially when the witch killed the lion. That scene was....

      Kennedy PattonKennedy Patton2 kun oldin
    • @Kennedy Patton Apparently not... or they think that's too violent too. There were a lot of Christian parents who didn't want to take their kids to see the Passion of the Christ, either.

      blessedoutblessedout2 kun oldin
    • So they didn’t know it’s based on the story of Jesus being crucified.

      Kennedy PattonKennedy Patton2 kun oldin
    • dang

      First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name4 kun oldin
  • Hilarious 😂

    GFCGFC5 kun oldin
  • Yeahhhh maybe you should take a quick second and consider what you're coming back from...

    K CoxK Cox5 kun oldin
  • That woman's combining 2 different scenes haha

    Landon L.Landon L.5 kun oldin
  • Dinosaurs are in the Bible! That is cool!

    Aly UpdeAly Upde5 kun oldin
  • I watched Saving Private Ryan when I was a kid with my Mom because she wanted me to know that war is Hell. When it came to sex scenes in any show or movie though I was told to look away or cover my eyes.

    Matthew BrunetteMatthew Brunette5 kun oldin
  • Science: These bones are from Dinosaurs. Christian moms: The US government planted fake bones to try and say to convince people tha Jesus isn't real! 😂 Don't worry I belive in Jesus and the Dinosaurs lol

    Kaleb MayesKaleb Mayes5 kun oldin
    • @Rachel Emmons Religion - man's understanding of God Science - man's understanding of nature. Nature and God have no conflicts whatsoever. What messes it up is man's understanding of things. We get stuff wrong all the time LOL. But I agree - they don't have to be mutually exclusive. Dinosaurs obviously existed. ♥

      blessedoutblessedout5 kun oldin
    • I’ve never er heard of Christians not believing in dinosaurs. I’ve never understood why people can’t believe in God and science. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 🙄

      Rachel EmmonsRachel Emmons5 kun oldin
  • Should I be worried? My kids laughed at that part in the first Jurassic park....😅

    The Bro_SkiiThe Bro_Skii5 kun oldin
    • @blessedout HA!

      The Bro_SkiiThe Bro_Skii5 kun oldin
    • If it's where the guy in the port-a-potty gets eaten, he totally deserved it and they SHOULD think it's funny. Dude straight-up abandoned kids - not cool.

      blessedoutblessedout5 kun oldin
  • U know u got strict parents when you blush watching „Fish Tale“ as Lola enters the set ^^

    SamySamy5 kun oldin
    • @Jackie C haha sorry. I‘m german and it’s called „big sharks, little fish“ here so I wasn’t sure of the OG title ^^

      SamySamy5 kun oldin
    • Lmao i think its called Shark Tale 😂😂😂 idk why i even got it as a birthday present

      Jackie CJackie C5 kun oldin
  • love it

    jacob perryjacob perry5 kun oldin
  • The Jurassic Park hit too close to home... But I watched the bathroom scene, it was at the beginning when they we're loading the raptors into the cage (that was a rude awakening at 12... for reference I'd been watching them probably before I was 5 years old)

    HTHT5 kun oldin
  • My mom would stare daggers at my dad if he let us watch movies like Independence Day or something. He inadvertently showed me Terminator 2 when I was like 9 because he'd since become a Christian and had forgotten a lot of the movie lol. I loved it and there was really no going back after that.

    Alyse BAlyse B5 kun oldin
  • Actually there are dinosaurs in the Bible. Not sure which one was being described but it had a tail like a cedar tree. And could not be killed. Unfortunately I guess they all were.

    USA Save FreedomUSA Save Freedom5 kun oldin
    • Behemoth Job 40: 15-24

      LilaLune11LilaLune115 kun oldin
  • My parents thought 13 going on 30 was "too sexual" for us as kids But that scene in Return of the King where Gothmog orders to "release the prisoners," sending their heads catapulting into Gondor. My parents: "Yeah totally fine"

    Hannah RootHannah Root5 kun oldin
    • Haha! Yeah but that’s probably because they know there’s no chance of you being tempted to decapitate heads but on the other hand...

      LewisLewis2 kun oldin
    • I love Lord of the Rings! My dad was the first one to introduce me to it, and I just fell in love. My mom has some different opinions, though. Lol!

      Olivi G.Olivi G.5 kun oldin
  • My parents would fast forward.

    Bert PhillipsBert Phillips5 kun oldin
    • Same

      LilaLune11LilaLune115 kun oldin
  • Oh I'm just not getting notifications!!

    ʖʖ5 kun oldin
  • Where have you been?!

    ʖʖ5 kun oldin
  • Parents always freak out on sex scenes. My parents didn't care. In fact were happy like well hes not gay lol

    Rubbersidedown2Rubbersidedown25 kun oldin
    • lol, they either change the channel or if we are binge watching I just automatically think that the hardwood floor is interesting

      TrijetzTrijetz5 kun oldin
  • why does it have to be so true lol

    sunset gamingsunset gaming5 kun oldin
  • So what is the relationship like with Trey Kennedy now? Didn't they used to work together? Trey is really putting out the videos over the past year. I am sooo happy you are back John!!!! Love you!

    Linnie H.Linnie H.5 kun oldin
  • I remember when I was a kid, I was watching the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective movie, a sex scene appeared, my dad told me to turn it off or look away. One of my thoughts said, "They're just kissing and hugging!" After I grow up, watch the movie again, I said to myself, "Now I know why my dad wanted me not to look at it!" On the bright side, the Cannibal Corpse/Death Metal concert scene was one of my first exposure to Metal music, and why I love the style of it. I only like two songs from CC. Hehe. Fun memories.

    AVJRAVJR5 kun oldin
  • Im really glad you went for that 3000 years joke

    j05ch1j05ch15 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂 Yes!!! We watch all the violence in movies.

    SS5 kun oldin
  • Yup, Jurassic Park and the Land Before Time and the 90s Super Mario Brothers weren’t allowed because of the millions or billions of years thing... mom wanted to fast forward the first 30 minutes of Return of the Jedi, Space Jam was turned off because of the devil’s music, and Sandlot got turned off at the pool scene

    MaverickMurrayMaverickMurray5 kun oldin
    • whoa

      blessedoutblessedout5 kun oldin
  • I love it when he laughs at his own jokes.

    X7 MXRSX7 MXRS5 kun oldin
    • Me too

  • Yeah, my family was watching Caddyshack and my mom put pillows on the TV when the sex scene came on.

    Dennis NedryDennis Nedry5 kun oldin
    • LOL thats something else. I mean obviously it would get weirder

      Reality HitsReality Hits5 kun oldin
    • Pillows! 😂😂😭

      N NN N5 kun oldin
  • What Christian says dinosaurs aren’t real??

    Chandler WhitchurchChandler Whitchurch5 kun oldin
    • Probably the same ones that say the earth is flat 😂

      Nick _7Nick _74 kun oldin
    • I was thinking the same thing. I’m so confused 😂😂😂

      Rachel EmmonsRachel Emmons5 kun oldin
  • Yup

    Joshua WJoshua W5 kun oldin
  • I was raised southern baptist and was never taught dinosaur's weren't real. This is not true of all churches teachings.

    Rj ChaversRj Chavers5 kun oldin
    • The funny thing is that when you look up the shape of the earth you realize where giant lizards come from.

      cinema tvcinema tv2 kun oldin
    • @Layla Rosebird btw, I didn't think your first response was rude (if that matters to you.)

      Rj ChaversRj Chavers4 kun oldin
    • @Layla Rosebirdthank you for understanding and being so kind in your response. It's little interactions like this that gives me hope about the state of humanity. 💛

      Rj ChaversRj Chavers4 kun oldin
    • @Rj Chavers Yeah... maybe I was a bit quick to assume you didn’t understand the joke, sorry. I actually didn’t know that some branches of Christianity that teach it like that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong or right with believing that, because the Bible never specifies if dinosaurs in fact did exist (I mean I believe they did but it’s up to you I guess) I didn’t mean to be rude in anyways and if I was I’m sorry

      Layla RosebirdLayla Rosebird5 kun oldin
    • @Layla Rosebird everyone here knows it's a joke. 🤦 If you're familiar with comedy, it's often said that there's a lot of truth within comedy. There are churches that teach that. Read further down the comments section. There are branches of christianity that teaches literal translation of the Bible. There's nothing wrong with sharing information and experiences to help dispell misinformation that others may have about different religions. It's a good way for people to learn about others.

      Rj ChaversRj Chavers5 kun oldin
  • Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

    Nadia angelo ANadia angelo A5 kun oldin
  • Jurassic park seriously 😂😂

    Joshua PradeepJoshua Pradeep5 kun oldin
  • Lol but I've never heard of Christians who don't believe in dinosaurs until hearing on the internet

    Vertical VisionVertical Vision5 kun oldin
    • Same

      Josiah BowerJosiah Bower3 kun oldin
    • @Vincenza8907 with a tail as thick as a cedar and bones as a strong as iron? No. You can clearly see he is describing an immensely strong and very large animal. We have physical evidence of dinosaurs existing and we have Biblical scripture that points to there existence, we have fossilized human foot prints right beside dinosaur foot prints that shows the two existing at the same time, we have discovered dinosaur remains with flesh still intact (impossible for the suggested time frame). I think it would be foolish to say dinosaurs did not exist at this point.

      D HD H3 kun oldin
    • @D H behemoth could be any large grazing animal, and leviathan were supernatural creatures.

      Vincenza8907Vincenza89073 kun oldin
    • @Vincenza8907 JOB chapter 40 and 41. Reference to the behemoth, and the leviathan. behemoth “It’s tail sways like a cedar, the sinews of its thighs are close knit its bones are tubes of bronze it’s limbs like rods of iron”

      D HD H3 kun oldin
    • @D H reference where dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible?

      Vincenza8907Vincenza89073 kun oldin
  • he changed the title, xd

    Trix StixTrix Stix5 kun oldin
    • @Trix Stix 😯 oh, glad he changed it.

      11rubina11rubina5 kun oldin
    • @11rubina John Christ on Movie Sex Scenes

      Trix StixTrix Stix5 kun oldin
    • What was it before?

      11rubina11rubina5 kun oldin
  • He changed the title lol

    Loving PunisherLoving Punisher5 kun oldin
  • So I'm pumped he's doing stand up but what even was that? Short clip of him having a back and forth with an audience member. It had one joke and cut off really abruptly

    DirtyPrancingDirtyPrancing5 kun oldin
    • He will be making these type of short clips from now on... he posted about it on instagram today 1/13/21

      kduque068kduque0685 kun oldin
  • 😂

  • Your smile makes me smile

    Amy RachAmy Rach5 kun oldin
  • More accurate title: John Christ listening to a Jurassic park story

    Reignkings 12Reignkings 125 kun oldin
    • Special educationday

      Santajay ClauseSantajay Clause4 kun oldin
  • Dinosaurs are fake. ____________________ Change my mind.

    Tyrin HayslettTyrin Hayslett5 kun oldin
    • @Nick _7 Hope not. :(

      blessedoutblessedout3 kun oldin
    • @Tyrin Hayslett I don't know who is... but I know for a FACT I'm not. LOL

      blessedoutblessedout3 kun oldin
    • @Tyrin Hayslett "Dulces"

      Nick _7Nick _73 kun oldin
    • @Nick _7 who?

      Tyrin HayslettTyrin Hayslett3 kun oldin
    • There is someone in this comment section who genuinely believes that dinos are fake.

      Nick _7Nick _74 kun oldin
  • My mom wouldn’t let me watch Jaws when I was little because the girl in the beginning gets naked before she goes swimming...

    DanTheManPlaysDanTheManPlays5 kun oldin
    • Why not just skip that part?

      Josiah BowerJosiah Bower3 kun oldin
    • I mean she could've just skipped that part lol

      KingdomOfFandomsKingdomOfFandoms3 kun oldin
    • eh it isn't good or bad, wouldn't effect you either way tbh

      TrijetzTrijetz5 kun oldin
    • @thohan99 I’m not sure if you’re joking or not 😂😂😂

      DanTheManPlaysDanTheManPlays5 kun oldin
    • That's called good parenting.

      thohan99thohan995 kun oldin
  • My childhood...

    Caleb T. ReidCaleb T. Reid5 kun oldin
  • I am done with the fake propaganda that dinosaurs are real!

    Tyrin HayslettTyrin Hayslett5 kun oldin
  • They're like, "dinosaurs aren't real" Man, that brought me back to my younger years when my Mom used to say that. 🤣

    Christina KellyChristina Kelly5 kun oldin
    • They were real people

      Crank Master MasonCrank Master Mason8 soat oldin
    • I always laugh when I heard that like yeah so the bones just are rock carvings or something 🙄

      Rubbersidedown2Rubbersidedown25 kun oldin
  • The title is kind of false

    Ludwig Amadeus HaydnLudwig Amadeus Haydn5 kun oldin
  • *Sees title* oh no

    Reuben ShifletReuben Shiflet5 kun oldin
  • This is golden, just what 2021 needed.

    Tripp TrinidadTripp Trinidad5 kun oldin
  • Lol. Cracked me up ♥️

    K PK P5 kun oldin
  • The disappointment on his face after the audience member said “Jurassic park” 😂

    Leah WernischLeah Wernisch5 kun oldin
  • Never seen Jurassic Park.

    Ian WelsmanIan Welsman5 kun oldin
    • @Ian Welsman Yayy! Glad to hear it! :D

      blessedoutblessedout4 kun oldin
    • @blessedout I will!

      Ian WelsmanIan Welsman5 kun oldin
    • @Ian Welsman Check it out sometime. :D

      blessedoutblessedout5 kun oldin
    • @Just Some Kraken With Internet Access So I've heard...

      Ian WelsmanIan Welsman5 kun oldin
    • Great movie

      Just Some Kraken With Internet AccessJust Some Kraken With Internet Access5 kun oldin
  • Oh dear.. 🤭

    Mexican Martial ArtsMexican Martial Arts5 kun oldin
    • Hey it's MMA!

      EyenStynEyenStyn2 kun oldin
    • We must have the same taste in content because every video I watch I see a comment of urs...

      crazballscrazballs4 kun oldin
    • You too huh? Yep. Hmmm

      MRokkMRokk4 kun oldin
  • Love the notification squad

    Just ChinyJust Chiny5 kun oldin