Joe Biden thinks cameras are off, talks with people without a mask

24-Okt, 2020
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Joe Biden thought he wasn't on camera. He walked up close to a crowd of people and talked to them -- without wearing a mask.

  • Is there a defense of this? Not asking in a “let’s crucify him!” Way. Just curious if this is like how it is on the other side where they only show us part of the story.

    Mister TambourineMister Tambourine4 kun oldin
  • Just their usual double standard

    Brenda BradleyBrenda Bradley9 kun oldin
  • And here are a few other times Biden was talking to people without wearing a mask. Share it!!

    Michael MorbiusMichael Morbius15 kun oldin
  • President Trump - he're a video on how easy it is to hack voting machines

    Harry GaulHarry Gaul16 kun oldin
  • First you wear mask

    Sairam KumarSairam Kumar18 kun oldin
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    Eagle brownEagle brown18 kun oldin
  • It’s funny that this clip ends when it does cause Joe is reaching into his folder and putting his mask on 😂

    Joshua BarnesJoshua Barnes21 kun oldin
  • Es una rata 👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Olga De La CruzOlga De La Cruz22 kun oldin
  • Where the hell is his mask???

    G. C.G. C.22 kun oldin
  • Beijing Biden will be overturned in this election

    agua managua man22 kun oldin
  • I love that you try throwing shade for him not wearing a mask when your dumb selfish ass wore no mask to the debate and didn't let any of the people in the room know that you were getting tested.

    Stephanie BurnsworthStephanie Burnsworth24 kun oldin
    • Yess, I am so glad we have this evil monster out of office for good!

      Cineramic-МурманскCineramic-Мурманск24 kun oldin

    ale :]ale :]25 kun oldin
  • No, he just forgot to put it on after he left the podium. He does it every time. He is old. He is forgetful. He is a crook, BTW.

    gottabighit1gottabighit128 kun oldin
  • I dont get this. All i see is joe biden walking and talking like a normal person. also he is 6 ft so he should still be safe. also there was a fucking dude with a camera right next to him so i still think he knows that the cameras are on

    Deez nutsDeez nuts29 kun oldin
  • It's all for a show. Now we know it.

    Gökhan TozanGökhan TozanOy oldin
  • The camera is ALWAYS on.

    SuperReallyNiceSuperReallyNiceOy oldin
  • HYPOCRITES! And it’s become SO obvious that Joe is suffering from dementia and elder abuse. Jill is his caretaker, handler and puppeteer - guiding him around. And she’s reveling in it! This election is a sham. Democrats are trying so hard to fool the people into voting for some fictitious “Joe” who isn’t struggling to maintain his thoughts and angry outbursts. I hear the same rehearsed schtik coming out of his mouth. A bunch of political promises that will remain unfulfilled. He stayed hidden in his basement so long in order give limited exposure regarding his true mental condition. The less he speaks, the less opportunity to notice these signs. And why is Kamala Harris his running mate? From ALL the potential candidates, he limited choices from a small portion of them who met 2 criteria: 1) Female (sexual discrimination) and 2) dark skin (racist). How can people accept this hypocrisy? I may not especially love Pres.Trump, but I admire him for his strength in facing the barrage of hate being spewed from the left. There is no question that I am pro-life, pro-America as a Republic! Not as Socialism, because we’ve seen how it fails. I pray for this election’s conclusion in a victory for Americans.

    Rhonda SmithRhonda SmithOy oldin
  • Poor Trump he is few days away from losing his big megaphone.

    Demolition DemocrateDemolition DemocrateOy oldin
  • The mask has been used as another political weapon of the left. It's become the universal symbol of virtue signaling to others and submission to the left's cult-like ideology. Most doctors and other medical professionals have said that masks do very little to nothing to actually prevent a virus from spreading. Just another scam.

    Matt CareyMatt CareyOy oldin
  • Look at all the stooges in his entourage terrified the old man gets out of hand.

    Rab McRab McOy oldin
  • He can barely walk

    NospixNospixOy oldin
  • Will let see Biden wears a mask for about every second and didn't got coronavirus and that's good but trump did got coronavirus and was making fun of Biden of how he looks funny wearing a mask so that's what trump get 😂

    AvaAvaOy oldin
  • He can barely walk

    ZedZedOy oldin
  • He’s a Fool and an Idiot!!!

    Steve RossSteve RossOy oldin
  • #Vote Trump out 2020.

    Ethio RichEthio RichOy oldin
  • Does anyone see the beavis and butthead strut that Biden has? Watch an old episode of them walking lol.

    J WagJ WagOy oldin
  • At least it's better than a sitting President walking into the Whitehouse while still contagious, putting the life's of everyone who works there at risk, just like risking the life's of secret service men by having a drive round just to have a photo Opp, these men would die for the President and he's risking their life's it's disgusting, try telling the truth for once and not lie to us, should of told us months ago that this virus was airborne, plus holding rally's with thousands of people shoulder to shoulder hardly any of them wearing a mask, is it a surprise there is a spike in cases after every single rally

    helen daveyhelen daveyOy oldin
  • Jill forgot to keep an eye on him.

    Pedro VasquezPedro VasquezOy oldin
  • How is he supposed to sniff kids with those pesky masks on .

    Schitzy FitzySchitzy FitzyOy oldin
  • Notice how he is walking, he is deteriorating daily in his health

    lissa barneslissa barnesOy oldin
  • What a phony

    Marcus O'ConnerMarcus O'ConnerOy oldin
  • He just walks like he's brain dead

    Justin 1515Justin 1515Oy oldin
  • The way Biden walks showed his old old age.

    XYZ XYZXYZ XYZOy oldin
  • What a fraud

    Jack AttackJack AttackOy oldin
  • If it was Trump CNN headline would be Trump holds Superspreader event.

    GalloparGalloparOy oldin
  • Oklahoma for Trump must win

    Jason WilkinsJason WilkinsOy oldin
  • It's all bullshit and we are all being played folks

    Steffen AdairSteffen AdairOy oldin
  • Oh! Dont have a better discussion?

    ferris zanferris zanOy oldin
  • Phoney Joe

    Jake ErdosJake ErdosOy oldin
  • 😂

    Clifford ChengClifford ChengOy oldin
  • He also has that shuffled gait that is a sign of Dementia. If he wins he won't last the 4 years. He will either decompensate or have a stroke. Then its Harris to the rescue. Please God let Trump win

    LoveapplesLoveapplesOy oldin
  • Just wait until he pulls the mask down to cough. The guy is a literal moron.

    bertramincbertramincOy oldin
  • Why did trump post this. He doesn’t wear a mask ever and now he’s trying to expose Biden for not wearing a mask once. And it says he thinks cameras are off but you can see him being filmed

    rajapayurajapayuOy oldin
  • Look at that woman in the back...loving the experience of being near to that criminal: creepy/sleepy joe. 0:14

    Anglo SaxonAnglo SaxonOy oldin
  • He probably "just forgot" there is still Covid-19 LOL He's thinking : Why're all these silly folks wearing masks ?

    George V ProchazkaGeorge V ProchazkaOy oldin
  • Face it-. trump can only get re-elected by cheating and using the courts. The entire world knows this!

    Eric PetersenEric PetersenOy oldin
  • Hi everone I'm joe biden joe bidens wife, this clown is a joke and embarrassment. Trump train will win again

    Pugs are AwesomePugs are AwesomeOy oldin
  • I have never not worn my mask I have never known anyone's personal dealings especially my son's. I have never said I'll stop fracking

    mr Treemr TreeOy oldin
  • So the left know they cannot fault trump on Covid, he is not responsible, they also know they cannot rag him on closing the borders because he was right, they try and state what they would do different but its all things trump has already done, so the last nugget they have, the only thing they can really go in is him not wearing a mask, and then trying to state that if trump had worn a mask, mandated mask wearing then not a single person would have died from covid, in fact when ACB was sworn in the left went nuts over the ceremony again crying out that masks were not being used. so all they have is masks (and even that is questionable) and here is the biggest liar, hypocrite piece of Garbage in history without a mask, and what will be said? nothing, the left leaning media will not say a word. This is disguising, i hope God has a special place for these pieces of human garbage.

    Eugene VersterEugene VersterOy oldin
  • He's stumbling around like the zombie he is - TRUMP 2020 !!

    Daron YoungDaron YoungOy oldin
  • Maybe he forgot to put it on.

    Terri PebsworthTerri PebsworthOy oldin
  • People should never forget all the children and young women he sexually assaulted in front of the WH cameras during swearing in ceremonies. Joe made women the world over crawl everytime we witnessed his gropping. So if he wins, he gets another four years to grope more women and children. Will be put Hunter on staff so he can continue his did fetishes?

    Lyn RLyn ROy oldin
    • Makes ya wonder how many were diddled with OFF CAMERA...on second thought, after seeing some of the pics his son had on his laptop looks like the apples (HUNTER & NEICE) don't fall far from the "Old Crooked Tree."

      Mystik MaMystik MaOy oldin
  • As one of the most tested people in the country, Joe wearing a mask is to set an example. Not wearing one doesn't endanger people if you are confirmed negative.

    Timothy LewisTimothy LewisOy oldin
  • Mostly security and no people, not like when Trump appears..

    Pjer DolinskiPjer DolinskiOy oldin
  • THE MERCENARY 2020 NOW ON DVD AND FREE ON AMAZON PRIME .......................

    D LegionnaireD LegionnaireOy oldin
  • Ive never seen Trump where a mask tho

    Shay GormanShay GormanOy oldin
  • Jill trying to tell Joe the cameras are on

    BobbyBeRadBobbyBeRadOy oldin
  • Come on man!! Walk AND wear a mask? You ask a lot of a man.

    Rob AlstonRob AlstonOy oldin
  • Good morning Presidente. The Biden is simply a puppet of the Democrats, it has no will of its own.

    Marcelo da Costa HonoratoMarcelo da Costa HonoratoOy oldin
  • Someone please explain to me what this 16 second clip proves??? Literally every single person around him has a mask on. His response to the pandemic speaks for itself. Unlike trump who encourages his supporters to stand in a large crowd, should to shoulder, without wearing a mask during a pandemic.

    John DoeJohn DoeOy oldin
  • What a bull shitter

    goff faulksgoff faulksOy oldin
  • He’s struggling to walk

    Land Rover VideosLand Rover VideosOy oldin
  • He didn’t wear mask 😷 !!! Com on man !!!!🥱🥱🥱 Biden lies lies lies !!!

    Miriam M.MMiriam M.MOy oldin
  • This reminds me of the movie"Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

    C JC JOy oldin
  • Biden = career LIAR

    The Only MonkolThe Only MonkolOy oldin

    Chuan LiChuan LiOy oldin
  • Biden should just give up - now.

    leash dogleash dogOy oldin
  • C’mon man!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    HairRevengeHairRevengeOy oldin
  • This virus is just like getting the flu.When will you people learn to use your own brain and your common sense instead of being led around on leashes. This was all created by, and look it up, DEEP STATE. George Soros paid and pays everyone for any and all actions that will separate and break down and gain control over the citizens of the United States. See everybody, George Soreass hates, hates, hates the United States and will stop at nothing, from the caravans, to the riots and destruction of our beautiful cities. He has employed people from Hillary Pelosi Obama to more people than you know to do his biding. What a world, huh,folks?

    Duane ArnoldDuane ArnoldOy oldin
  • Hypocrite Biden. Don't believe a word this career politician says!

    buddybahamabuddybahamaOy oldin
  • Go Trump, huge support and expectations from Europe.

    C.G.CC.G.COy oldin
  • He tried to go in for a grope and a sniff...

    30years2late30years2lateOy oldin
  • auld prick i hate him !!

    Canu GizabitCanu GizabitOy oldin
  • His mommie didn't tell him to put it on.

    toledo144toledo144Oy oldin
  • Hypocrite. Who didn't wear a mask during the first presidential debate? You and your buddies. You were the one who ended up in the hospital with the virus. Because you didn't follow the rules.

    Mister UnknownMister UnknownOy oldin
  • Look It was nothing to do with the cameras being off, it was pretty obvious he was being filmed. Even he could see that.

    Elwood Blues MorrisElwood Blues MorrisOy oldin
  • We're rooting for you here in Canada President Trump. Godspeed!

    Slosh MaGeeSlosh MaGeeOy oldin
  • Biden: masks for thee, not for me He bashes president Trump like there’s no tomorrow and here he is not wearing mask. Apparently COVID doesn’t discriminate against corrupt, sleepy creepy Joe Biden! LOL

    Lisa BanksLisa BanksOy oldin
  • His bitch for a wife made sure he didn’t turn towards the camera as she waved her paws at them.

    Timothy HardcastleTimothy HardcastleOy oldin
  • BLM (Biden’s Laptop matter)!

    Jupistar1Jupistar1Oy oldin
  • Immerhin noch ohne Rollator .

    Jörg GäblerJörg GäblerOy oldin
  • Are there crimes in what they did to you for over three years? Where are the charges?

    Rebecca HendersenRebecca HendersenOy oldin
  • President Trump, can you find out why no one is acting on the proof that Biden has been getting bribes? Pay for play.

    Rebecca HendersenRebecca HendersenOy oldin
  • Everything Biden does is the opposite of what he says.

    Rebecca HendersenRebecca HendersenOy oldin
  • joe biden is a liar

    toucastoucastoucastoucasOy oldin
  • He knows it's not as bad as they try to make people think. It was his side that paid China to create and distribute it.

    JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot comJesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot comOy oldin
  • Walking like he’s broken down

    DonDonOy oldin
  • Somewhere, there is a missing husband or wife at a dinner table tonight because of Joe.

    Hiep PhamHiep PhamOy oldin

    ken bken bOy oldin
  • ok, you have done that so many times Trump. But you find 1 time biden does it and think it makes all the times you did it ok.

    Scott BynumScott BynumOy oldin
  • I wish and pray for your success Mr President Trump sir From.Albert.India

    Jesus Christ's BlessingsJesus Christ's BlessingsOy oldin
  • Oceans 11.... ‘there is always someone watching.’

    david manndavid mannOy oldin
  • Nancy Pelosi Dr. Fauci Chris Cuomo Joe Biden All lecture us about masks, all are caught in public not wearing them. Democrats and the MSM are masters at hypocrisy.

    JJ MongerJJ MongerOy oldin

    LellaLellaOy oldin
  • "dead man walking" - Unknown

    Reality NotFictionReality NotFictionOy oldin
  • And just like that, Trump cares about people wearing masks...

    Jim KyleJim KyleOy oldin
  • Hypocrisy

    christina delos santoschristina delos santosOy oldin
  • He looks like Beevis with a bad case of arthritis.

    Wes McGeeWes McGeeOy oldin
  • HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JackieJackieOy oldin
  • Come on man! Put a @#$%ing mask on!

    Richard WisniewskiRichard WisniewskiOy oldin