JJBA Golden Wind - King of Kings - EP37 Animation Highlights 1080p BD.

27-Noy, 2019
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Compilation of what i consider are good animated scenes from Episode 37.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind episode 37.
Golden Experience Requiem Blu-ray.
Giorno vs Diavolo Blu-ray.
GER jojo
-- this is not a BD vs TV comparison so dont ask for those things if you want that go check the jojo comparisons github --

  • Giorno is like other shonen protagonists because his mother, Bruno, died to motivate him.

    GioGioGioGio8 soat oldin
  • んーやっぱりGERはほぼピカチュウ

    一騎当千一騎当千8 soat oldin
  • 1:44

    Raquel CruzRaquel CruzKun oldin
  • NANI

    Ignatiusnoob PlayzIgnatiusnoob PlayzKun oldin
  • Giorno had worthiness 4 Now he’s buddy Made him worthiness 5

    AMBslenderAMBslenderKun oldin
  • 1:13 did that copies naruto the beyond kyubi mode?

    Prussia Ball [NOS] [LESSL] [WEHRMACHT]Prussia Ball [NOS] [LESSL] [WEHRMACHT]Kun oldin
  • GER's Beatdown still hunts me till' this day

    EpitaphEpitaphKun oldin
  • Bucciarati : *Ight imma head out*

    beansbeans2 kun oldin
  • 4:55 I like the fact that the requiem can also use regular golden experience powers

    Adi MAdi M2 kun oldin
  • So cool

    F7775 The secondF7775 The second2 kun oldin
  • 外人しかコメントしてない笑

    伊藤元伊藤元2 kun oldin
  • MASAKA!!

    AeronProbablyAeronProbably3 kun oldin
  • 3:41 bald GIORNO

    Дашков АлександрДашков Александр3 kun oldin
  • 15 year old teenager>boss of a city

    Angel DominguezAngel Dominguez3 kun oldin
  • 6:23

    Z&F GamingZ&F Gaming4 kun oldin

    Kak Kogda750Kak Kogda7505 kun oldin
  • alternate ending:king crimson stab himself the arrow little did he know spice lady is still in mista's body, spice lady got the requiem too and defeat diavolo

    Dam DCDam DC5 kun oldin
  • 1:46 when a YBA kc user uses r

    WRYYY YYYWRYYY YYY5 kun oldin
  • 著作権を無視し過ぎだろ……流石にこれはやり過ぎ 海外ってなんでこんなに日本の文化を違法に利用するんだ? こんなんじゃ日本文化が広まってもちっとも嬉しくねえよ 日本のアニメーターたちは大変な思いをして作ってるっていうのにさ

    tamatama shiranganatamatama shirangana6 kun oldin
    • 著作権侵害は海外どころか日本人でも大勢やってるからな それだけネットに蔓延ってしまってる

      湿地湿地2 kun oldin
  • He probably didn't get the worthiness 5 upgrade

    TheGuardedGuyTheGuardedGuy6 kun oldin
  • 6:28 *me when They took my chickien*

    CryptixCryptix6 kun oldin

    ZAFARthelegend YouTubeZAFARthelegend YouTube7 kun oldin
  • (プッチ神父)いいなぁ

    青木崇青木崇7 kun oldin
  • im glad i didnt got jjba spoilers, when i first saw ger, i got confused, but on the second watch i understood more, this was actually very cool

    Иван / IvanИван / Ivan8 kun oldin
  • 早すぎるぜブチャラティ…

    まるまるもってぃまるまるもってぃ8 kun oldin
  • 6:23

    Hamit Gamer trHamit Gamer tr9 kun oldin
  • This voice acting is legendary

    ChapterChapter9 kun oldin
  • The whole class when your name gets mentioned on a story or test: 6:09

    Oreo CookieOreo Cookie9 kun oldin
  • 3:45 in this video: Gold Experience getting stabbed by Requiem arrow 3:45 in il vento d'oro: Best part of the song Coincidence?

    『Za Cat』『Za Cat』10 kun oldin
  • アニメビデオを見るために私のチャンネルにアクセスするすべての方法

    Uchiha ItachiUchiha Itachi11 kun oldin
  • Kono DIO da Kono DIAVOLO da Yo Coincidencia no lo creo

    Leonardo Asael Olvera MenesesLeonardo Asael Olvera Meneses11 kun oldin
  • N word 0:00

    Kosaku kowajiriKosaku kowajiri12 kun oldin
  • 4:32 where i can find this clip in extreme quality ?

    FïroxFïrox12 kun oldin
  • Y'all may not understand me but, KC is the delete button, and GER is the undo button. In this manga/anime, instead of instant, has an animation. Both manipulates time in 1 way. The other undoes everything. Which fate automatically reverts back in time and automatically gives another outcome, just like you undoing a mistake doing something. And the other, deletes time. For this 1, can be an eyewitness and plan an counter attack while watching *nothing*

    Johnny Jace GonzalezJohnny Jace Gonzalez13 kun oldin
  • I like how GER's and KC's eyes differ from each other, resembling the fact their abilities work completely different from each other. (I meant the arrow on the eyes)

    Johnny Jace GonzalezJohnny Jace Gonzalez13 kun oldin
  • Diavolo but he knew nothing would change his mind, so he throws the requiem at his body at the last second

    Johnny Jace GonzalezJohnny Jace Gonzalez13 kun oldin
  • King crimson: visibly worried Epitaph: 😬

    drbanditdrbandit13 kun oldin
  • 4:40 ここら辺の効果音好き

    ジョゼじょへジョゼじょへ13 kun oldin
  • 2021, this man is still dying up till this day.

    Extremely PixilatedExtremely Pixilated13 kun oldin
  • 6:39 GOOD NIGHT

    miregalmiregal13 kun oldin
  • 1:28 me after part 6 is announced Turn on caption to understand the joke better actually this not even a joke this is true facts

    Raptor GamingRaptor Gaming13 kun oldin
    • *Yare Yare Dawa*

      Oreo CookieOreo Cookie9 kun oldin
    • I have a dream cuts to the music

      road houseroad house9 kun oldin

    Tesfaye WayessaTesfaye Wayessa13 kun oldin
  • Aaaaaaaaaa AAAAAAAAAA

    Daniel MuñozDaniel Muñoz14 kun oldin
  • how did bucciarati even make it to heaven, wasn't he a drug dealer

    Angel DominguezAngel Dominguez14 kun oldin
  • How many jojo fans can there be thousand trillion million billion zillion?

    Suslone DreamSuslone Dream14 kun oldin
  • Who watch this just for seeing Diavolo??

    Usui TakumiUsui Takumi14 kun oldin
  • Fun fact, at 4:32 you can hear ethitah’s little scream

    FanrezFanrez14 kun oldin
  • !

    jarred capistranojarred capistrano15 kun oldin
  • Is it possible that giorno is still alive? Even after what pucci did?

    Satoru GojouSatoru Gojou15 kun oldin
    • reset ≠ killing, just every peoples know their fates

      PERFECT 735PERFECT 73512 kun oldin
    • @Kira Yoshikage but didn't it reset the universe

      Satoru GojouSatoru Gojou12 kun oldin
    • Made in heaven dont kill my friend, everyone is alive

      Kira YoshikageKira Yoshikage12 kun oldin

    BuqoBuqo15 kun oldin
  • 6:00 when you open gum in class then you see everyone starting to stare at you

    Goldie AsuquoGoldie Asuquo15 kun oldin
  • How gamers understood Bucciarati's death story: Giorno tried to revive but there was a bug that made Bucciarati glitch death, it's fine now, someone already reported the glitch. Thanks

    Mohamed MjaidMohamed Mjaid15 kun oldin
  • Bejean 6:30 subtitles funni

    Juana ZarcoJuana Zarco15 kun oldin
  • No one Number 1 : YEAGER !

    Kun ZatKun Zat16 kun oldin
  • 黄金の風はブチャラティやったんや

    han cha-han cha-16 kun oldin
  • It's so badly chopped up, almost no dialogue wtf dude I hate this...

    akashootsakashoots16 kun oldin
  • ディアボロは相手が悪かったとしか言いようがない

    ぼくそんぼくそん17 kun oldin
  • If giorno only skinned his GE he could have got GER earlier bruh

    BruhManBruhMan17 kun oldin
  • Ah yes the beat down is the best part

    so loraineso loraine18 kun oldin
  • 5:16

    Shiang YunShiang Yun18 kun oldin
  • よく言う黄金の精神って、本当に黄金の精神なんだな

    おぎやはぎのおはぎおぎやはぎのおはぎ19 kun oldin
  • crazy how it took me 4 minutes to notice theres no subtitle

    JulosuJulosu19 kun oldin
  • Do anyone know what thats theme song name? At 3:01

    ysgg hokiysgg hoki19 kun oldin
    • Thx

      ysgg hokiysgg hoki8 kun oldin
    • Bruno Buccilatti's theme

      PERFECT 735PERFECT 73518 kun oldin
  • I hate main movies when the protagonists mom dies

    king_crimsonking_crimson20 kun oldin
  • he upgraded from bending materials to his will with his touch to bending the dimensional universe

    HayonflameHayonflame20 kun oldin
  • 相手の攻撃をなかったことにする。 無駄無駄無駄無駄の連打と合うよね? 何やっても無駄。

    REN FIOREN FIO20 kun oldin
  • ジョジョ好きだけどこの作品は好きになりきれなかったなどう考えても致命傷で助からない傷食らってんのに相打ちにすらならないし脈止まってるのに動いてる死体居るし、メタリカとドッピオの戦いの時に1度見るのを辞めた口内が大量に出血して息できないはず長時間動いたりして血も足りないしDioじゃないんだからさ口は出血止めることできない絞れないから

    煽りイカ煽りイカ20 kun oldin
  • 5:42このキングクリムゾンはレクイエムに感染しました

    蟻蟻蟻蟻20 kun oldin
  • 冒頭芋焼酎かと思った

    蟻蟻蟻蟻20 kun oldin
  • bruh chariot req was gonna give the arrow to jotaro but these dumbasses killed chariot

    「 vinnn 」「 vinnn 」20 kun oldin
  • And some people still think GER cant beat goku lmao

    Itz MeeItz Mee22 kun oldin
  • 6:20 spot the difference

    Just Some Guy With EyesJust Some Guy With Eyes23 kun oldin
  • 6:04 a is a song!

    Yistking_ytYistking_yt23 kun oldin
  • What did that little dude say at the beginning.

    Among UsAmong Us23 kun oldin
  • 無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄無駄ァァァァァァァァァァ!

    mama sayamama saya24 kun oldin
  • 4:50 "Raw Spaghetti Lazer Beam... Oregano"

    Crish_TinaCrish_Tina24 kun oldin
  • 6:24

    Alvarojp 2021Alvarojp 202125 kun oldin
  • Pause 1:02

    GreenPeasGreenPeas25 kun oldin
  • Almost all the japanese commenters have the same jokes we do Half of them are also talking about the animation and moments they like Yet language divides us We all have been touched by Paper moon king (ほとんどすべての日本人コメンテーターは私たちと同じジョークを持っています 彼らの半分はまた彼らが好きなアニメーションと瞬間について話している しかし、言語は私たちを分割します 私たちは皆、紙の月の王に感動しました) Edit: Google translate botched my translation... グーグル翻訳は私の翻訳をめちゃくちゃ

    DuckingDucking25 kun oldin
  • This is so satisfying after everybody diavolo killed.

    Mr. SnoopMr. Snoop25 kun oldin
  • 0:52 Look I did a little oopsie and killed abbachio, So Let me have the arrow My hand slipped.

    Discord ModDiscord Mod26 kun oldin
  • 0:55 This scene made me laugh

    Ph0eN1XPh0eN1X26 kun oldin
  • 6:22 the hype fest for me ngl

    Jake #0mortalsplanJake #0mortalsplan26 kun oldin
  • 3:54〜4:18あれ? GATEのゾルザル皇帝が  防振りのペインに、致命傷を浴びせた?         ⇩ しかし 4:45〜6:24は、ペイン様のターン

    渡部忠明渡部忠明26 kun oldin
    • 3:54 - 4:18 That? Emperor Zorzal of GATE Did you give a fatal injury to the anti-swing pane? ⇩ But from 4:45 to 6:24, Pain-sama's turn (Google Translate sucks ladies and gentlemen)

      DuckingDucking25 kun oldin
  • Ok now gold experiemce requiem is good. He is very good and very strong. But I think they could give him normal gold experience eyes because humanic eyes dont look so good

    scorpo 2007scorpo 200726 kun oldin
  • I love how the final beatdown doesn’t let the song end with the finishing chord! It really hits hard when you know that Diavolo never reaches the truth, just like how the audience never reaches the end of the song.

    Z-BeanZ-Bean26 kun oldin
  • I love how king crimson can make something already happen, while GER makes something never happen

    i hate almost everything equallyi hate almost everything equally27 kun oldin
    • listen... the think about king crimson is that, it had erase, negate, and skip it (no time stop though), but the reason why GER we literally do not know and will probably never know thats why he says "You will never reach the truth" to diavolo when countering him.

      Jesus ChristJesus Christ21 kun oldin
    • I love how you hate everything equally yet you love these details

      wassim samehwassim sameh25 kun oldin
  • "imagine dying"

    KoramukiKoramuki27 kun oldin
  • I always wonder, why Diavolo always call Giorno by his full name?

    Assassin WolfAssassin Wolf27 kun oldin
  • 語彙力皆無で申し訳ないが、やっぱり第5部が一番好きだ リアルタイムで観たいと思えたくらい毎週楽しみだった

    avanceavance27 kun oldin
  • Stone Ocean its gonna be Amazing!

    Cristian CabralCristian Cabral27 kun oldin
  • Muda. Mudamudamuda

    Rally RailgunRally Railgun27 kun oldin
  • 1:44 this part is what I love to listen

    [*-verified-*]GHOST[*-verified-*]GHOST28 kun oldin
    • @Real Gamer yes

      [*-verified-*]GHOST[*-verified-*]GHOST10 kun oldin

      Real GamerReal Gamer10 kun oldin
  • GER is so badass bro

    TITAN #SaveRalphTITAN #SaveRalph28 kun oldin
  • But for real though, they have genuinely angered me.

    DiavoloDiavolo29 kun oldin
  • r.i.p bruno {c

    brendelbrendel29 kun oldin
  • Murió de la forma mas gei posible infinitamente

    JojoPoca #JojoPoca #29 kun oldin
  • 00:24

    투루투루Oy oldin
  • Wha--Wha--Wha--Wha--

    elementalelementalOy oldin
  • 6:23 one of the best sounds

    Kaustubh mKaustubh mOy oldin