Jimmy Fallon Lost Against Prince In A Game of Ping-Pong | The Graham Norton Show

8-Yan, 2021
208 519 Ko‘rishlar soni

Jimmy Fallon remembers his insane story of losing to Prince in a game of ping-pong.
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  • so what? fallon would lost at anything anyway

    tahna danatahna dana6 kun oldin
  • Who's been sent here from Smith and Sniff?

    Ronnie WhelanRonnie Whelan9 kun oldin
  • Best story ever! Hilarious!

    Beanie BotsBeanie Bots9 kun oldin
  • That's the best story Jimmy's ever told!!! Wtf! How come we're only hearing it now!???!??!? Oh how I miss Prince ❤️

    Charu ThammavaramCharu Thammavaram11 kun oldin
  • Prince was the real covfefe

    Joydeep SinghaJoydeep Singha12 kun oldin
  • I met Prince. Twice. The second time, he handed me the plectrum he played his guitar with after the concert as he was walking off stage. My most prised possession. Purple love 💜

    Dava RoopchandDava Roopchand12 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/h6WphtublNSWgYw

    Music TvMusic Tv14 kun oldin
  • Jimmy must have felt weird to see a chat show host who doesn't constantly interrupt the guest

    Bored StrangerBored Stranger14 kun oldin
  • By far the best prince story

    Emma GoodwinEmma Goodwin14 kun oldin
  • I love Jimmy's storytelling 😊 I could listen to him all day long.

    EruvieBruinenEruvieBruinen14 kun oldin
  • That's the most prince story iv ever heard

    raoua ben amorraoua ben amor15 kun oldin
  • 💜💜💜💜 Miss Prince. Rest in Heaven

    Sole GonzSole Gonz15 kun oldin
  • Dang I wish Charlie Murphy would have met him

    Terry JonesTerry Jones15 kun oldin
  • Fallon, this is “How to be a good host” 101

    wctrqnwctrqn15 kun oldin
  • remember when he played ping pong on New Girl with Jess and Cece

    Jada ShoemakerJada Shoemaker16 kun oldin
  • I can listen to this story forever. He has said it on his show.

    Elizabeth HolisElizabeth Holis16 kun oldin
  • How dare you compare Prince or his name to a Dog... Graham and Norton sounds more like a Dog's name... Doesn't sound nice being compared to a dog now does it? Have more respect for the deceased... as far as I am concern Fallons story is fraudulent

    The Alchemist AustinThe Alchemist Austin16 kun oldin
  • Fallon take some notes on how to be a host of a show!

    MultiPizzapizzaMultiPizzapizza16 kun oldin
  • It takes Prince to make JimmyF funny. He is he worst comedian last night host. Well maybe tied with Kimmel.

    Joanne LodgeJoanne Lodge16 kun oldin
  • What did we all learn from this? Jimmy is perfect for late night chat shows.. when he’s not the host.

    georgeheatongeorgeheaton16 kun oldin
  • Graham Norton and Jimmy Fallon are my favorite talk show hosts

    Xinyuan MiaoXinyuan Miao16 kun oldin
  • I love Jimmy fallon

    Amy LobbAmy Lobb17 kun oldin
  • Jimmy Fallon is a prat.

    Mark GloverMark Glover17 kun oldin
  • Further proof that Graham brings out the best in people.

    VikotnickVikotnick17 kun oldin
  • i think prince does these things for a joke.. lolll

    quben Alexquben Alex17 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/jqbGo9CffMmmmng

    Андрей ПушкарьАндрей Пушкарь17 kun oldin
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    Jesus Is KingJesus Is King17 kun oldin
  • "You ready for this?" 😄💜

    Indy21Indy2117 kun oldin
  • Better guest than host

    Johnny CottonJohnny Cotton17 kun oldin
  • Sounds exactly like Kevin Smith's Prince story.

    Missy ReyMissy Rey17 kun oldin
  • Why is this such an instantly believable story? Prince was something else man.

    Jason PattersonJason Patterson17 kun oldin
  • From the way Jimmy told the story and considering it was Prince, I imagined Prince was already holding the pose when Jimmy opened the curtain to his room 😂😂

    Calvin LimuelCalvin Limuel17 kun oldin
  • Seriously, is this the only story Jimmy Fallon has? He has said it over and over! He is an overrated entertainer! And steals skits from You Tubers!!!

    John KoldanJohn Koldan17 kun oldin
  • Why was Fallon a guest?

    Shadow HeartShadow Heart17 kun oldin
  • Is Jimmy taking a Zoom class?

    John BarJohn Bar17 kun oldin
  • what a weirdo that guy was

    Mark CallaghanMark Callaghan17 kun oldin
  • Hey Jimmy.. See how Graham didn't say a word while you were telling your story ? Take notes. --'

    RedaDoodlesRedaDoodles17 kun oldin
  • Id sure love to have been able to pick Prince's brain.

    JonnyJonny17 kun oldin
  • Graham Norton/ Michael Rockefeller/ Tom Hanks.

    Maria GeeMaria Gee17 kun oldin
  • that is 100% a charlie murphy-style prince story.

    Impulse ThoughtsImpulse Thoughts17 kun oldin
  • Prince wasn't dead, he's just hiding somewhere, finding a worthy opponent that he can challenge next in a random sport

    Laxus GreyLaxus Grey17 kun oldin
    • @Sasuke Sarutobi Thats only if plebs like you ask. Prince ain't no pleb.

      Not TodayNot Today15 kun oldin
    • @Not Today Your name says otherwise

      Sasuke SarutobiSasuke Sarutobi16 kun oldin
    • Prince, if you're reading this, I'm available for a game of darts anytime!

      Not TodayNot Today17 kun oldin
  • Jimmy Fallon would be great as a regular panel show guest (WILTY, Big Fat Quiz, QI, etc). Not always my favorite host, but funny and engaging.

    whatevswhatevs17 kun oldin
    • Anyone would be better than the same 15 or so people who do those shows on a loop.

      Not TodayNot Today17 kun oldin
  • Anytime there's a convo or interview about Prince in private, he would be like this. Just calling people randomly to play ping-pong or basketball in a purple velvet suit, like what an icon! Rest in peace (or if he's even passed away, it could be a prank)

    EternalNyappyEternalNyappy17 kun oldin
  • I don't understand why you haven't got Dave Chappele on your show yet ...

    doposuddoposud17 kun oldin
  • Jimmy Fallon has never even MET The Symbol, never mind played and lost to him at whiff-whaff. He’s just trying to do a Charlie Murphy without the skill, humour or truth behind it all.

    Harman P JohnsonHarman P Johnson18 kun oldin
  • Then Prince made him pancakes

    daniel defensedaniel defense18 kun oldin
  • Prince Wayne.

    Marcio CoutoMarcio Couto18 kun oldin
  • Nice to see Jimmy on British TV.

    Jon BurrowsJon Burrows18 kun oldin
  • This is just like Charlie Murphy's basket ball story. (Spoiler: Prince won that one too.)

    Disk0Disk018 kun oldin

      Jann Elaine EleodinmuoJann Elaine Eleodinmuo14 kun oldin
  • Sounds like Prince was a cool guy.

    Aitor TillaAitor Tilla18 kun oldin
  • "Are you guys down for a game of basketball?"

    The Emperor Of The WorldThe Emperor Of The World18 kun oldin
    • Shirts vs Blouses

      Kevin IscoaKevin Iscoa15 kun oldin
  • It amazes me how much they look alike in the side by side lead in photo.

    Cackalack CowboyCackalack Cowboy18 kun oldin
  • Jimmy and Graham are my favourite talk show hosts!!!😘

    Michelle BoodooMichelle Boodoo18 kun oldin
  • at one time dixons a camera store... around the time they made freeserve they had a service named prinz... the association did not wok... but heay

    Peter HarrisPeter Harris18 kun oldin
  • I get an uneasy feeling seeing Graham Norton with the rest of his guests together with him. Fallon was wise to stay put in his studio.

    usc trojans1987usc trojans198718 kun oldin
    • Well, he wouldn't get into the country atm, would he?

      Linda CLinda C18 kun oldin
  • “Ask your boy!” Prince sounded like a Virgo.

    La Femme FutileLa Femme Futile18 kun oldin
  • He tells awesome stories. LOVE Jimmy Fallon. It’s too surreal to not be true. ✌️😁

    Val’s PTSDVal’s PTSD18 kun oldin
  • David Mitchell's eyes must have lit up hearing this story after his 'underground ping-pong' tale from WILTY! Not quite the same level of story though haha.

    Jay KafeiJay Kafei18 kun oldin
  • This is talk show inception

    Piyush VermaPiyush Verma18 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/r32wf8KNdq23m2c

    Андрей ПушкарьАндрей Пушкарь18 kun oldin
  • The best talk show host interviewing the worst talk show host.

    sweiland75sweiland7518 kun oldin
  • This is a great moment. Very wholesome.

    Robbie LouieRobbie Louie18 kun oldin
  • I thought this was the red chair story segment, so I was half expecting Jimmy to be flipped back if the story wasn't good.😅

    FabulousmyriadFabulousmyriad18 kun oldin
  • He told this story better on his show

    Wesley DemasWesley Demas18 kun oldin
    • Yes

      Dj for The presentDj for The present14 kun oldin
    • Agreed! 5 times better

      Linda CLinda C18 kun oldin
  • I thought I was on the wrong channel.

    A common manA common man18 kun oldin
  • Game... Blouses.... If ya know ya know! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    RickyboyHRickyboyH18 kun oldin
  • Very cool guy, Prince

    mylene bensleymylene bensley18 kun oldin
  • The worst talk show host on the show of the best talk show host.

    Bruce KarausBruce Karaus18 kun oldin
  • “That’s a great story Jimmy, you can walk”

    mconnaughtontcsmconnaughtontcs18 kun oldin
    • best comment!

      MiloMilo17 kun oldin
    • Yes I was waiting for Norton to pull the lever but fortunately for Fallon the story was interesting

      Tony32023Tony3202317 kun oldin
    • Hahaa clever

      Jonathan FrancisJonathan Francis18 kun oldin
  • Prince has now entered beyond Legendary with these stories.

    Mark CerboMark Cerbo18 kun oldin
  • Game blouses.

    stratmadstratmad18 kun oldin
  • Prince was mysterious in the most badass way

    Gabriel SGabriel S18 kun oldin
  • Game: Blouses

    SimBol1216SimBol121618 kun oldin
  • 👍

    the tristan graythe tristan gray18 kun oldin
  • Hahaha that was hilarious!!🤣

    shanice yeloshanice yelo18 kun oldin
  • Reminds me of the Prince basketball skit from the Dave Chappelle show lol

    JPJP18 kun oldin
  • Love Jimmy Fallon, love his stories!!!

    GinnyGinny18 kun oldin
  • The version of this story Fallon told on his own show right after Prince died is good also...

    Muse RediscoveredMuse Rediscovered18 kun oldin
    • Way better, imo. He got the facial expressions, the eyes, the voice, everything down pat

      Linda CLinda C18 kun oldin
  • This is the SECOND time Jimmy Fallon missed his chance to say, “Purple flames were coming off of it.”

    Trevor CiongoliTrevor Ciongoli18 kun oldin
  • Way to copy a skit from chappelle show and doing a trash "remake"

    john STEPPjohn STEPP18 kun oldin
  • I just saw this live on my mum and dad’s TV. This means it was first aired on UZworld 4 hours earlier. So glad I cancelled my TV license !

    cosmogal.ashella.cosmogal.ashella.18 kun oldin
  • Never in a million years did I ever think I would see Graham Norton and Jimmy Fallon together in the same roo... Oh wait a minute.

    Thomas BaileyThomas Bailey18 kun oldin
  • Jimmy is so great at telling stories !!

    Jimmy Fallon MoviesJimmy Fallon Movies18 kun oldin
  • Everybody is talking about Fallon vs. Graham style of conversation. For me its about nations. Americans want bla bla bla ha ha ha bla bla bla. British people want a meaningful conversation with occasional burst of polite laugh.

    meme GODmeme GOD18 kun oldin
  • Fallon isn't a great interviewer at all, but the way he told this story on his show was gold. He's a funny dude with great stories, makes a much better guest than host

    Euan HamiltonEuan Hamilton18 kun oldin
    • Fallon is awful as a host... his fake laugh and interruptions. That’s why he has those games. Even then in the games he can be annoying. Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien and Seth Meyers are much better. And definitely Graham.

      wctrqnwctrqn15 kun oldin
    • He's a better story teller and comedian than he is interviewer for sure. He's popular more because of the games and sketches he does than the interviews. Connan and Colbert are far better interviewers.

      AltmetalpunkAltmetalpunk17 kun oldin
    • It was funnier when he told it on his show, when Prince died

      Linda CLinda C18 kun oldin
    • @sweiland75 As Bee Gees interviewer on snl he was the best, great skit

      V BV B18 kun oldin
    • @Gursimran Singh He sucked in both roles.

      sweiland75sweiland7518 kun oldin
  • Graham is the greatest host

    DominantCub 72DominantCub 7218 kun oldin
    • Agreed

      Ella L.Ella L.18 kun oldin
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    • Nobody needs this garbage on a chat show!

      Mary Rose KentMary Rose Kent18 kun oldin
  • This is a wonderful story.

    Ben's Brick DesignsBen's Brick Designs18 kun oldin
  • Charlie Murphy and Dave Chappelle needed to tell this story. Bill Burr could have played Jimmy

    J.C.J.C.18 kun oldin
    • Jimmy td it better on his own show when Prince died

      Linda CLinda C18 kun oldin
  • Not the biggest fan of Jimmy Fallon but that was so good.

    Penny JonesPenny Jones18 kun oldin
    • Go see when he told it on his show when Prince died. Way funnier

      Linda CLinda C18 kun oldin
    • @sweiland75 he has had a successful comedy career. it was a good story because of the delivery by jimmy, not because graham 'actually knows that the guest should be allowed to speak'. you can't credit the person listening for how great a story was told

      Lin /Lin /18 kun oldin
    • @Lin / LOL No.

      sweiland75sweiland7518 kun oldin
    • @Mary Rose Kent graham didn't tell the story. it was good because fallon is actually a genuinely funny guy

      Lin /Lin /18 kun oldin
    • Because Graham actually knows that the guest should be allowed to speak...

      Mary Rose KentMary Rose Kent18 kun oldin
  • Omg that one episode from two broke girls, max and prince played table tennis

    Dede HoranDede Horan18 kun oldin
  • Prince is really a goat at everything

    Dean ForehandDean Forehand18 kun oldin
    • Mary has completely missed out what the AT part of GOAT stands for

      Not TodayNot Today17 kun oldin
    • Was...

      Mary Rose KentMary Rose Kent18 kun oldin
  • Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀

    S1L3NT G4M3RS1L3NT G4M3R18 kun oldin
    • Yeah I am but I balance the very good Graham Norton with the very bad Trump Presidency.

      Tony32023Tony3202317 kun oldin
    • @ejsbxbeia skd it's always the same comment as of about 1 year now 🙄

      Linda CLinda C18 kun oldin
    • Haha I just saw ur comment in another video

      ejsbxbeia skdejsbxbeia skd18 kun oldin
    • It happens to be really easy to have that happen. Haha

      DRGH DRGHDRGH DRGH18 kun oldin
  • You see Jimmy Fallon? That’s an interview. The interviewee gets to talk without interruption. See? Learn something. Thanks Graham! 🙏🏻

    Martha SeresMartha Seres18 kun oldin
    • Hope Fallon has learnt something... he’s annoying with his interruptions and fake laugh.

      wctrqnwctrqn15 kun oldin
  • love Jimmy...and Prince of course!!!😍

    Emilie BaudinEmilie Baudin18 kun oldin
  • I would love to play against Prince in Table-Tennis.

    Ashish BishtAshish Bisht18 kun oldin
  • Jimmy Fallon and Dave Chappelle should recreate that

    J.S MooreJ.S Moore18 kun oldin
  • Jimmy needs to purify himself in Lake Minnetonka

    Joe JuanJoe Juan18 kun oldin
    • Why did you have to write this? Now I have to go watch it.... again.... and now I have a taste for pancakes.

      MKFDMKFD18 kun oldin
    • Game.... Blouses

      Y PY P18 kun oldin
  • ❤ Graham Norton! 🌟 👏

    [Neo-Space Dragon] ![Neo-Space Dragon] !18 kun oldin
  • Prince was the original batman..

    kaxitaksikaxitaksi18 kun oldin
    • @Harman P Johnson what the heck

      AriaAria17 kun oldin
    • With that level of joke, you must be a father. Even if you’re female.

      Harman P JohnsonHarman P Johnson18 kun oldin