JH Diesel mud truck first start!!! It's Alive!!! And yes we finally have a youtube!!!

26-Noy, 2020
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our first real video for the channel. Getting the mega truck fired up after rolling into a pond!!

  • Thank you for all the support everybody!!! You guys are awesome!! More vids coming soon

    JH Diesel and 4X4JH Diesel and 4X4Oy oldin
    • Man I just found these videos and love the truck 6.0 hard to beat. 7.3 was amazing just lacked on power the 6.0 turbo sound is always amazing. Also what tune would you recommend for the 6.7 powerstroke. I have a delete tow tune rite now but still wish it would black smoke like my 7.3!

      Blake TerryBlake Terry25 kun oldin
    • My wife said i looked like a dog hearing a high pitch sound watching this, turning my head back and forth. 🤣🤣 Glad to see you made a youtube! Cant wait to see more!

      MoRbiD SikNeSSMoRbiD SikNeSSOy oldin
    • How many subs did u gain over this last week or two?

      David BrammerDavid BrammerOy oldin
    • Love and support from New Hampshire.

      Charlie MoyeCharlie MoyeOy oldin
    • Good luck brother!

      RedHabour79 XBLRedHabour79 XBLOy oldin
  • I'm going to enjoy your channel because I LOVE 6.OH's!!! In the video that the other dude made, I kept asking the TV: I wonder if the FICM is putting out 48 Volts. I don't care what anyone says, a 6.0 Powerstroke is pretty hard to kill once you address the few issues that they have. I've had my 04 since 2010 and still love it. Good work JH, you da man!!!

    Ole DudeOle Dude14 kun oldin
  • Awesome video

    Doug AckermanDoug Ackerman19 kun oldin
  • Good luck with the new channel endevour. Lots of work but you got some pretty cool and interesting stuff. Pro tip for that camera, grab a hat/chest go pro mount and go hands free. Also you can rotate footage pretty easily in video editing if you hit record in portrait mode.

    FastRedPonyCarFastRedPonyCar25 kun oldin
  • Congrats on your double win tonight at tgw live

    Brian CovelBrian CovelOy oldin
  • Glad your on the tube! Yes im a cleeter fan and also 1 of yours! Glad it still runs! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Mike ArmstrongMike ArmstrongOy oldin
  • Also, you have already done the #1 No-No on UZworld, no more portrait mode video!!!!!! We will give you a pass this time!!!!

    aj200415aj200415Oy oldin
  • JH Who? Lol dude your meant for UZworld, you got this! Iv watched you on ole Cleetus’s channel and always thought why don’t this guy have a UZworld, he’s a natural!! You’ve got this dude, we got your back and we will be following closely!!!

    aj200415aj200415Oy oldin
  • Fixing the cab on that truck would not be that hard, cut the roof off and weld another roof on it and replace the doors.

    Longliner 205ALongliner 205AOy oldin
  • Fords have the absolute slowest diagnostic interface of any vehicle I have ever worked on.

    Whitey PowersWhitey PowersOy oldin
  • So it's just not bulletproof it's almost waterproof as well :-)

    Alexander WingeskogAlexander WingeskogOy oldin
  • Awesome video thanks, please keep it up, as a life student of all things mechanical other ideas are always welcome.

    kiwidieselkiwidieselOy oldin
  • This is your first video JH you’re a damn natural much love ❤️

    Oscar mikeOscar mikeOy oldin
  • 9:11 they know you were gonna start the mud truck lol what a crazy thing you mentions it around 9 11 your getting ready to start the the mud truck an it was a fire truck going by hmmm

    DrewStillPlaysDrewStillPlaysOy oldin
  • JH is all around a good dude and I don’t even know him.

    Mike LearyMike LearyOy oldin
  • Howdee. Wish this channel all the best.

    Gary LaaksGary LaaksOy oldin
  • I mean for being underwater for over a day.. it could be worse. haha

    Nick TwaddellNick TwaddellOy oldin
  • Keep the videos coming well done brother

    jake caversjake caversOy oldin
  • I've been really looking forward to any sign of a YT channel after this truck came out of the pond. I love this thing!

    AvelosAvelosOy oldin
  • lmao. Shoot in horizontal. Load in vertical. HOW?

    arcanaskarcanaskOy oldin
  • Dude talk to Garrett about tripods and camera mounts and maybe look into some magnets....

    Wildturkey10121Wildturkey10121Oy oldin
  • JH WHO?

    gcKukiegcKukieOy oldin
  • I am doing this because one of my closest dearest friends Tim who does exactly what you guys do with limited resources and time. Like you he is passionate about cars and knows his Sh!t lets say. I strongly urge everyone to help him out like we would these guys at the drop of a hat. Lets give some love to the mechanics from the north batteling more than just car issues. We fight the cold! I have sent money bought merch because I believe in people who believe in themselves. Please believe :) Heres his stuff hope you enjoy! uzworld.info/tost/S52cXhGuVJkw3eOOi1b4jA facebook.com/253industries Show some love!!

    Jeffrey BoisvertJeffrey BoisvertOy oldin
  • Toys, Toys, and more toys I love it I am glad you got a channel now.

    Charles BrayCharles BrayOy oldin
  • I’m here bc nick sous says you’re a good dude 😂

    Kyle LanoueKyle LanoueOy oldin
  • Turnin a turnin to positive!

    Rand BaldwinRand BaldwinOy oldin
  • Hell yeah brother, JH Diesel putting out an awesome we’ll put together first video. Looking forward to the future

    Isaac SchneiderIsaac SchneiderOy oldin
  • go all out you will make it as a UZworldr we need some diesel

    bobby witcherbobby witcherOy oldin
  • just a heads up. Your windshield has a crack in it. Love the channel. subbed.

    Steven JamesSteven JamesOy oldin
  • SHE ALIVE!!!!!

    Jason VittoJason VittoOy oldin
  • Great video JH, love the fact ur making more!!! Keep it up buddy

    Jason VittoJason VittoOy oldin
  • JH who? Hell yeah brother!

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  • New sub,preciate your efforts for the content.

    Mr PitterMr PitterOy oldin
  • Frankenstein should be the new name

    cameron coxcameron coxOy oldin
  • Finally 🎊🎉👍🏻

    Kurt KnasKurt KnasOy oldin
  • Heck yeah this is awesome 👍🏻

    VikingVikingOy oldin
  • It's only fitting that after all the love Justin n that truck have gotten on everyone else's channels since the rollover that he has the honor of the first start. Great job going out there n sending it 110%

    Ben MillerBen MillerOy oldin
  • Justin your a hard working man. Definitely deserved a like and sub from me. Keep it up buddy

    Andrew FlemingAndrew FlemingOy oldin
  • Could simply plug in an ebay diagnostic cord from ecu to laptop and see every single sensors voltage inputs ect upon cranking and see whats exactly going on or NOT going on... they're like 40$ only , I use one and inpa for my r53

    adam sadam sOy oldin
  • Dude, TOTALLY DRY every connector and fuse box before restarting . Your gonna fry stuff again unless its dry... thats the biggest mistake people make is not getting all the water out and that water if not taken out can stay for mooooonths

    adam sadam sOy oldin
  • Nothing like having to work on a fricken ladder to get under your hood . I know FOR SURE id fall atleeeeeeast once

    adam sadam sOy oldin
  • Could I film for you? And edit your videos?? I could move to Florida within a week if possible to link and get into contact with you my email is jacobbuckeyefan1991@gmail.com

    Stinki UndiesStinki UndiesOy oldin
  • I saw the video of your truck from Indiana Diesel's channel glad you got it fixed up and all the water out!

    Eric HEric HOy oldin
  • Way to go Justin. Follow me on UZworld if you want to see more Muddy Motorsport videos also.

    Penny Martin PhotographyPenny Martin PhotographyOy oldin
  • Yeah just a little moisture still in it

    Dudeman 90Dudeman 90Oy oldin
  • You love to see it.

    danbourne11danbourne11Oy oldin
  • That poor starter! 😭🤷🏻‍♂️👍

    Harry BaseHarry BaseOy oldin
  • There are 3 things that make YT channels successful. 1) Personality - people that have an over the top personality draw a lot of followers. 2) Openness - sharing your personal experiences, letting viewers see the real you. 3) Content - Doing thing others would like to do or would never do, life to the extreme. Good luck brother!

    Stevie GenoskiStevie GenoskiOy oldin
  • Sweet vid

    Jason 0Jason 0Oy oldin
  • I paused the video thinking the police were at my house 😅

    Dundrial BuelsDundrial BuelsOy oldin
  • What's the toughest thing on the planet? A 6.0 starter.

    Kyle MillerKyle MillerOy oldin
  • Haha, "idiot!" says the guy who sees it PUMPING water straight into the intake without saying anything...

    lucas ekmanlucas ekmanOy oldin
  • he should have said see what it is like to live in Florida and be JH who ?

    Bartismo EllisBartismo EllisOy oldin
  • Awesome 👍 can't wait to support your channel!!!!!

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  • awsome content bro will be wating for more to come

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  • Would love to see more content!! Wicked channel

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  • Yes do UZworld. You got me brother! Best of luck.

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  • Was shouting wow wow when water was coming out intercooler lmao you must not of heard me

    Mark NewellMark NewellOy oldin
  • I'd love to see a diesel airboat that would be sick not sure there is too many of them about. Hi from UK liked and subbed too mate

    Mark NewellMark NewellOy oldin
  • Dont try to impress Clitus next time..

    justin watchjustin watchOy oldin
  • **ahem** JH who?

    The Car GuyThe Car GuyOy oldin
  • Nice. Good to see it runnin.

    Scag NagliScag NagliOy oldin
  • i have the same exact mac 3/8 swivel and same 10mm on my same snapon impact rn lmao

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  • i've been waiting for you dog as soon as i saw the vid- insta THUMBS UP SUBSCRIBE ANDCOMMENT

    KowalskithegreatKowalskithegreatOy oldin
  • Bro, get yourself a GoPro with a headband. Or a chest rig to keep your hands free. You just need to remember to keep your head still and not bob and weave. Makes it easy. Liked and subbed

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  • Keep the channel

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  • Good for you

  • Subbed bud 👍👌🤘🤙

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  • This is honestly more my speed than some of the channels I currently watch, get into more regular uploads this channel will grow hella,

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  • Be sure to Smash the like and subscribe buttons!👍

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  • Hell yeah brother here’s to a new and soon to be huge channel can’t wait dude

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  • Just my two cents, JH Diesel and 4X4, I suggest you find out what your presence is. I hardly know you but I like what I see. So my opinion would be to keep this original and don't be stale (not that you are now just some youtubers get that way) I like to see you hoon' all the stuff you got cause they look amazing. You could become one of the craziest offroading, hooning, youtube channels out there or whatever you have in mind. You just gotta have a game plan my dude. I watch a lot of youtube and I've seen a lot of channels die because they don't know who they're suppose to be on youtube. Anyways good luck! I'm excited to see what you become

    Mr. JettMr. JettOy oldin
  • what I learned FICIM

    Leeyum_exeLeeyum_exeOy oldin
  • Lmao just as you said "you guys are probably gettin dizzy watchin this" i was literally just noticing i was gettin dizzy as shit had to look away lol use a tripod or somethin

    FranksGarageFranksGarageOy oldin
  • Dope been waiting to see dope shit from you , you're a fuckin wild man on the wheel let see you do wild man shit in things you know how to do it in

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  • Dang you had to roll your truck into a pond before you decided to start your channel back up! Wow! Well here to support so keep it up.👍👍👍

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  • Pick up a couple of cans of QD Electronic Cleaner at your local Wal Mart, and every time you pull one of those plugs, spray it out good, then put the dielectric grease in it again. That stuff is great. Glad you're doing a channel. Good luck.

    lfilsonlfilsonOy oldin
  • Okay, stupid question. I have a 6.0. What is the “puff” sound after the injectors cycle?

    Michael BennettMichael BennettOy oldin
  • Woo Hoo :)

    C JC JOy oldin
  • Is that a vcm3? You got better stuff than I do and I’m a ford tech, lol. I’ve been trying to get the shop to get the vcmm. So far not so much luck. Keep up the videos! Really enjoy them.

    jcnpresserjcnpresserOy oldin
  • Hill Manufacturing makes a spray called Hilco Lube its great forwater displacement in electrical components. I have been using it for 20 years i can spray it directly into a live 480v panel box. Aweome to water proof your tools as well.

    Flyguy83 #*Flyguy83 #*Oy oldin
  • Welcome to my personal UZworld feed! Love the channel and ur a cool dude!!

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  • Shop tour!!

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  • 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  • Much love bro😂🙏💯

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  • Hell yeah man, love the trucks love the work, you got a subscriber

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  • 103 people that dislike this video drive a prius and buy milk and bread every time they hear "storm"

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  • Hire a camera man! Your ready for the JH Diesel show!! JH Diesel tho

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  • SUB'D and locked in! Yeah, came from that Floridian drag Cooter ;)

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  • pro tip: you can rotate videoclips in your editing software :D

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  • Awesome Channel My Man! Can't wait for more and more videos. As far as #SHOPDOG....you are correct. A MUST HAVE!! I have a boxer as my shop dog for my auto repair center in Pittsburgh PA. He comes to work with me every day and everywhere else I go. My logo colors are Orange Black and White so he has a Orange collar with black lettering that says JOHNSONS AUTO in bigger letters and then SHOPDOG in smaller letters which is repeated a few times around the collar. I just searched custom dog collars on amazon. Its was like $14 and I had it in 4 or 5 days. Your boy needs a green one my friend. Can't tell you how many people love it and comment on it. Keep the videos coming. And glad no one got hurt in the pond incident!!! BTW: I'll be looking for that new collar on that great looking shop dog!!

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  • Love the upside down and sideways "Pond Views" 😁

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  • Hype on this !!! Can’t wait to see more great content 🤟

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  • JH WHO?!

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  • Is it the first time its got its deep clean. Looks good 😆

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  • Youre hooked up with Garret, You'll get crazy views. Try linking up with as many UZworldrs as possible for more exposure.

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  • Yo JH Diesel, good stuff, I’m a big supporter of the channel and keep doing what you’re doing🤘🤘😁😉

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  • Let’s go Florida Man!!

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  • Hell ya! I hope the channels helps with all the costs!

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