Jelani Anglin Discusses Wrongful Arrests, Fair Representation Through ‘Good Call NYC’

24-Sen, 2020
12 710 Ko‘rishlar soni


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  • Normally I don't care to point out the little stuff but this time the little stuff was big! So disrespectful from the BFC and this is the reason why the real work is not being done to scale! Being overlooked are the real leaders and changers of the community for entertainers who get shown more respect!

    CarringDevilCarringDevil16 soat oldin
  • y'all are the breakfast club this is the time y'all are most impactful for the African American community, this interview wasn't given the time it ended to effect the people fully. Didn't even ask if the company would expand to other states in the future....... Shout out to Envy for the only good question. After the time mark 9:44 , it seemed as if nobody had interest in something so important and for another African American male to be presenting this across such a huge UZworld page as Breakfast Club Power 105.1 y'all failed him smh. Also this video is only 14 Minutes and 37 seconds ... but y'all will give a rapper that all he talks about is drugs and sex a hour long interview............ this is what UZworld has come to?

    RC4L ZACRC4L ZAC26 kun oldin
  • y'all could of gave him more time hella disrespectful and just bad vibes across the board

    RC4L ZACRC4L ZAC26 kun oldin

    Edward GreeneEdward Greene26 kun oldin
  • Please mute the typing

    carl minottcarl minott27 kun oldin
  • Not less than 15 whole minutes

    IAMBlakButtafli.IAMBlakButtafli.29 kun oldin
  • Put on mute if you're going to type why someone is talking

    lillybenslist 1lillybenslist 129 kun oldin
  • GT in da house

    lillybenslist 1lillybenslist 129 kun oldin
  • Great Job! You have worked so hard to bring this service to the community!!!

    Miss OlitheaMiss Olithea29 kun oldin
  • This is a great thing. It's needed to find a way to make this a national program.

    Watch It HappenWatch It Happen29 kun oldin
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    • Last MooRoccan Republic • Help 10k Subscribers• Last MooRoccan Republic • Help 10k Subscribers29 kun oldin
  • Sadly most ppl would hear this wisdom and still go left.

    Da chop up hourDa chop up hour29 kun oldin
  • I’m a fire marshal....change your smoke alarm! It saves lives, don’t let it beep. Change smoke alarm batteries twice a year and smoke alarms replace every 10 years from the date of manufacture.

    MrMLGMrMLG29 kun oldin
  • It just really wasn't focused on this interview and in fact you can hear somebody typing on the keyboard at the whole interview

    meka1614meka161429 kun oldin
    • I think it was Charlamagne. The typing stopped as soon as Charlamagne started talking.

      Alyssa GillespieAlyssa Gillespie28 kun oldin
  • I heard the words Guyanese mother 🇬🇾 man say less

    ÃL †H†ÃL †H†Oy oldin
    • Exclusive 🔥 never heard b4 artist 👌 #georgetown

      Bre LittyBre LittyOy oldin
  • She was guilty. Of so much shit.

    Rachel ClarkRachel ClarkOy oldin
  • Poet from Gary Indiana creates this Video Message' So many Children an Youth dieing by Gun Violence:" Somebody had to say it Somebody from the real Streets:

    StreetSmartStreetSmartOy oldin
  • Y’all better get back in the studio this lame af

    StudioStudioOy oldin
  • Damn they couldve muted themselves if they were gonna be typing during son’s talking..... 😒

    TopShotta10904TopShotta10904Oy oldin
    • Agreed!

      Natashya HugginsNatashya HugginsOy oldin
  • They not talking about DJ Vlad vs Godfrey & Jamar pay attention.

    Disciple of The WayDisciple of The WayOy oldin
  • This is why I'm going to law school

    ConnieConnieOy oldin
  • Chile... not Charlemagne walking off before it was completely over 😣 this young man was not given enough energy during this interview for his AMAZING cause.

    K RK ROy oldin
  • ANGELA YOU KNO WE CAN HEAR YOU u but tht shit is annoying...I kno u multitasking

    PESSI TopstrikerPESSI TopstrikerOy oldin
    • This not the only vid I hear it

      PESSI TopstrikerPESSI TopstrikerOy oldin
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    Elizabeth JeffreyElizabeth JeffreyOy oldin
  • Why do think the breakfast doesn’t invite, Candice, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson or Sam Harris on the show? Because they would get destroyed and have to confront the reality of all the propaganda they put on out the show pandering to their audience

    pat spat sOy oldin
    • They had Rush Limbaugh on.

      Alyssa GillespieAlyssa Gillespie28 kun oldin
  • Revolt tv is the best

    Milton ScottMilton ScottOy oldin


  • more life to jelani, he is dope came so far. Wish you nothing but the best.

    TheGadeckaTheGadeckaOy oldin
  • Jelani and the team he works with are all amazing. We are working this on all levels. Way to go! #UntilJusticeIsReal

    Sonja DaraiSonja DaraiOy oldin
  • Damn bro look like Orlando Brown🎯🎯

    Billy OceanBilly OceanOy oldin
    • But shoutout to bro, he's got a great program. I hope their outcomes are good

      Billy OceanBilly OceanOy oldin
  • Breakfast club y’all ain’t focused no more huh lol cl

    Jamal BellJamal BellOy oldin
  • "False arrest" does not exist in a law dictionary. Use that term in a court of law and you going down the pipe. Google "unlawful detainment" now you have a fighting chance. Breakfast club, do better!

    David RobinsonDavid RobinsonOy oldin
  • That's a really very good 👍 call,I always ask myself if something like that happened to me what to do

    Rommel BelizaireRommel BelizaireOy oldin

    Aaron DublinAaron DublinOy oldin
  • Why I thought this was a Royce da 59 interview at first 😂😂😂

    Typical DaysTypical DaysOy oldin
  • What the heck is that noise??? distracting from the message, and who's typing?

    Ricky GrahamRicky GrahamOy oldin
    • I think it was Yee!

      CarringDevilCarringDevil16 soat oldin
    • It’s the dang fire alarm. Sigh. He needs to change the battery.

      Anthony ThomasAnthony ThomasOy oldin
    • Ricky Graham fire alarm needs battery

      TopShotta10904TopShotta10904Oy oldin
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    Sabina FrancaSabina FrancaOy oldin
  • Someone’s smoke alarm tho. This system needs to change. People need to start Protesting the INSURES of the police. Also the police unions is the sole factor that protects the police activities

    Frank ESMFrank ESMOy oldin
  • Talking about wrongful arrest when crime is sky rocketing in nyc n this is all they care to talk about all paid puppets nothing else to see here.

    FightMang36FightMang36Oy oldin
  • U can tell this was a throw away interview. Someone keeps typing.

    TherealNTherealNOy oldin
    • They did that during the Chris Rock interview. Unprofessional.

      Alyssa GillespieAlyssa Gillespie28 kun oldin
    • Yeah, that was what I thought. Jelani's doing freakin awesome work so appreciate him taking the time to share. Followed him on Twitter, shared video, and will keep his info on rotation for boosting.

      Sonja DaraiSonja DaraiOy oldin

      Aaron DublinAaron DublinOy oldin
  • Is this dude lgbt?

    N.W.A.N.W.A.Oy oldin

      Chi NguyenChi NguyenOy oldin
    • N.W.A. If you didn’t see me comment on Andrew I don’t see how you can see fit to include ME with “y’all”. Furthermore, he is trying to help US ALL. I would understand your point if he said specifically only people of the LGBT community could call but he didn’t so why does his sexuality matter?

      Sigh SighSigh SighOy oldin
    • @Sigh Sigh I want to know what his politics are, obviously. It's funny hot blacks will go hard for lgbt but they won't for you lol

      N.W.A.N.W.A.Oy oldin
    • @Sigh Sigh So now you want to respect him just based on him being a black man? Just a couple video back y'all were calling the black male Kentucky AG everything under the sun,. but now it's respect him because he's a black man????

      N.W.A.N.W.A.Oy oldin
    • @Connie because it tells us about his politics. No different than asking if someone is a democrat or republican or police officer, etc. So, is he lgbt?

      N.W.A.N.W.A.Oy oldin
  • Salute to Jelani , I went to highschool with bro , Keep up the good work my guy

    Keith BalbosaKeith BalbosaOy oldin
    • 03 shit exit13

      Noah BakongoNoah Bakongo29 kun oldin
    • Thanks for sharing that. Peace to you too.

      Sonja DaraiSonja DaraiOy oldin

      Aaron DublinAaron DublinOy oldin
  • Try not to mail anything 2-3 weeks before the election to allow all our votes to get through.

    Mountain MamaMountain MamaOy oldin
  • 100... keep doing the work of the people.

    Cedrick HoustonCedrick HoustonOy oldin
  • Thumbnail looks like Royce Da 5'9 and Lil Romeo had a love child.

    Alrighty Then!Alrighty Then!Oy oldin
  • Firing bullets into the wrong house is what he was charged for... No one was charged for her death....

    Black Film GuildBlack Film GuildOy oldin
  • One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them🎈

    STILLSTILLOy oldin

      Aaron DublinAaron DublinOy oldin
  • Shoutout to Jelani for staying strong 💪 salute bro 👊

    Battlefield Tampa TVBattlefield Tampa TVOy oldin
  • -___-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 PzychotikOy oldin
  • For everbody who is listen 🗣🗣 dont giv up we in this together🤜🏾🤛🏾 i pray if yall wanna be UZworldrs like or Great dont give up💛

    KevinTooturnt ReactsKevinTooturnt ReactsOy oldin