Jeff Saturday shocked Pittsburgh Steelers loss to Cleveland Browns

10-Yan, 2021
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Jeff Saturday shocked Pittsburgh Steelers loss to Cleveland Browns

  • Against the "best defense" in 2020

  • Awww. How cute.. Brown are still the dam browns.. They haven't won shit

    Blitzburgh let's goBlitzburgh let's go2 kun oldin
  • After starting 11-0, the Steelers lost 5 of their next 6.

    Howard CitizenHoward Citizen2 kun oldin
  • TOMLIN PLEASE RESIGN - I dont care he has not had a loosing season ..means NOTHING if you cant progress as you go - loosing 5 of 6 - TOMLIN PLEASE RESIGN - IF NOT FOR THE ROONEY RULE YOU WOULDNT BE COACHING IN PITTSBURG the only Super Bowl you WON was because it was a COWHER built team

    William CurryWilliam Curry3 kun oldin
  • I'm not shocked. Think about it Cleveland last win 1994. Cleveland been bad long time. Pittsburgh been good long time. Cleveland finally got it right. First time long time.

    Ed venutoEd venuto4 kun oldin
  • Saturday is a cliwn, trying to be all hop and shit, using words and phrases no one uses, trying to get black cred. Dispicable. Choose a race, white man, and stay with it

    Fred WrightFred Wright4 kun oldin
  • As a long time Steelers fan ... it broke my heart to see Big Ben cry

    Jane MacEachernJane MacEachern4 kun oldin
  • Final: Nameless Grey Faces 48 Pittsburgh Steelers 37 Corvette Corvette!

    EOS RelatedEOS Related4 kun oldin
  • "Gonna show you what happened in the 45 minutes of garbage time." This win was insane. Long time coming. Very tasty. Go Browns!

    Theresa DeLeonTheresa DeLeon4 kun oldin
  • JuJu is a fricking moron.

    Nathan HansonNathan Hanson4 kun oldin
  • I'm a Bills fan who also likes hopefully one of these two teams wins

    Cappy 22Cappy 224 kun oldin
  • Kind of curious that no one is blasting Big Ben for NOT diving for that fumble.... 🤔

    Marlon EstrellaMarlon Estrella4 kun oldin
  • I’m not a browns fan but..... this may be their year....... then there is Myhomeboy and Kelce

    S DONALDS DONALD4 kun oldin
  • The primary blame on this goes to HC and staff for benching players. They had the bye, blew it and defied the football gods never thinking the consequences for playing a team 3 times let alone back to back.

    No internetNo internet4 kun oldin
  • Finally football with no politics and the Browns win. At least I heard no politics in the highlights. We need more entertainment to take our minds off everything else.

    David NoakerDavid Noaker4 kun oldin
  • One thing nobody has brought up yet: one of the reasons the Browns won is the great tackling by the defense. The first man that gets to you made the tackle for the most part. Critical.

    Jason DelvauxJason Delvaux4 kun oldin
  • 5:55 Garrett is a DAWG!

    shizzyg53shizzyg534 kun oldin
  • Why didn't Ben jump on the ball. When Cam didn't you shamed him.

    Robert and Doreen HarrisonRobert and Doreen Harrison4 kun oldin
  • Always root for the Under Dog💯💯!!! It's Any Given Sunday in the Play -OFFs

    Lisa MuchiLisa Muchi4 kun oldin
  • Steelers lose is on Ben. We would have had a chance if we put Mason Rudolph in.

    Physicalgamerz ChairPhysicalgamerz Chair4 kun oldin
  • I'm from Ohio but I'm in South Carolina. As a Pats Fan I have nothing but respect for the Browns even when the Pats don't play I still cheer on Cleveland even when they had Tim Couch, Jeff Garcia and etc. I always said Cleveland would take off when they get a Qb, Rb and a good coach. Brownies y'all have a bright future and please beat The Chiefs

    Alan ShawAlan Shaw4 kun oldin
  • DuDu Smith-Shitster will be at home, corvetting in his living room. Steelers been bitches, fake ass season record and they are who we thought they are. lol

    Playa from the HimalayasPlaya from the Himalayas4 kun oldin
  • And this was a team that jumped out 11 and 0 at the beginning of the season 😭😭😭 "who dat say they gonna beat them Saints" who dat, who dat.. Nation 👍😁💯

    Timothy AsberryTimothy Asberry4 kun oldin
  • How u shocked?? Steelers been garbage since their first loss. Peaked to soon and crumbled. #Gobrowns

    Fightobserver 1903Fightobserver 19034 kun oldin
  • Every since the players thru L Bell under the bus this team has been cursed

    stevostevo4 kun oldin
  • Nice job browns good for you boys keep it going

    Keith AndersenKeith Andersen4 kun oldin
  • there’s a new sheriff in town in the AFC North

    Y2o 2r1kY2o 2r1k4 kun oldin
  • And Jeff Saturday stop saying you played for Greenbay you played one season and you were trash. Thank God they cut your ass

    Michael EdwardsMichael Edwards4 kun oldin
  • 3:54 Juju: Ben do you think we can run a route so I can score and bring us back? Ben: I think you can run a route off the field to the locker room and grab your phone to record another TikTok video

    Mark SmithMark Smith4 kun oldin
  • Baker has proven me wrong. He is the franchise. Will the season end next week probably? Yes. But they have proven they are not the Browns of the past and that in the next maybe year or so they very well could be a true SB contender.

    Big Daddy RikkaBig Daddy Rikka4 kun oldin
  • that 4th & 1 punt was the dumbest decision Tomlin ever made in a playoff game.

    Hamoen AkhHamoen Akh4 kun oldin
  • Oh hell yeah ! Everybody GET DOWN WITH THE ORANGE, & BROWN ! from a Browns fan since 1977 GO BROWNIES ! ! ! Bob. G

    Gregory GourleyGregory Gourley4 kun oldin
  • On behalf of Steeler Nation: The Browns will not win next week adding another year to the organization’s Super Bowl drought.👀. Kick rocks Browns fans!

    Sacko2008Sacko20084 kun oldin
  • The Steelers looked like a Juco squad.

    Steven rSteven r4 kun oldin
  • First play of the game thats what pouncy gets for kicking Garrett in the head lmao

    KDoeBeatzKDoeBeatz4 kun oldin
  • Here 's a question What did Ben Harrass a Burger do after the game? A) Go to the first Burger King he saw B) Beat his wife when he got home C) All of the above The answer is C

    Wali AhmadWali Ahmad4 kun oldin
  • El tiempo de Mike Tomlin y BB termino, gracias por tantas alegrías, vengan los crecimientos de nuestros queridos Acerero.

    Pime RoboticsPime Robotics4 kun oldin
  • Good job Browns in the win against the Still Trash team. They so trash that your coach and best corner back took a week off. They so trash that you didn't even have to practice for them really. Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    Wali AhmadWali Ahmad4 kun oldin
  • The Steelers need to hire Jeff Saturday as their line coach and bring in a new assistant line coach. Also draft two new linemen.

    Dmeads 56Dmeads 564 kun oldin
  • As a Bengal fan all of Ohio should rally behind Browns.

    Gregory KosinsGregory Kosins4 kun oldin
    • @BROK I've never really heard a Bengal fan say anything about the Browns now that I think about it lol

      Maurandis BergerMaurandis Berger3 kun oldin
    • Do Bengals and Browns fans even hate each other? Just curious because it honestly never seemed like it to me.

      BROKBROK3 kun oldin
    • I agree

      Maurandis BergerMaurandis Berger4 kun oldin
  • The browns win with their backups

    Stomping PeakStomping Peak4 kun oldin
  • today's performance shows Big Ben is not a premier QB. he is a good QB but not a great QB.

    Victor ChanVictor Chan4 kun oldin
    • Honestly he was the worst QB in the AFC North this year

      BROKBROK3 kun oldin
  • turnover chain like the u??

    Dakota MartinezDakota Martinez4 kun oldin
    • @Otávio Ferreira the u has swag that can never be replicated.anywhere. Celebration penalties were made because of them haha

      Dakota MartinezDakota Martinez3 kun oldin
    • A piece like that (chain, belt, etc) became a trend after the U started doing it

      Otávio FerreiraOtávio Ferreira3 kun oldin
  • Ben needs to retire hes trash!!!

    Deshawn BitneyDeshawn Bitney4 kun oldin
  • 💜🔥💜

    Mike MufflerMike Muffler4 kun oldin
  • Joe Haden punchin the air rn

    Kaleb FerachiKaleb Ferachi4 kun oldin
  • 45 minutes of garbage time. wow lol

    HiiDEHiiDE4 kun oldin
  • Whats up with Conner not falling on the ball?

    SinSin4 kun oldin
  • Raiders fan here..... thank you browns for beating the Steelers... now go beat the chiefs!!!!

    RosePig CookingRosePig Cooking4 kun oldin
  • Why are people shocked? The Browns were favored to win in my book. Steelers have what, a 43 year old QB and were last in the NFL in rushing? Plus lost 4 of their last 5 games? Why would anyone pick them to win?

    Billy Ray ValentineBilly Ray Valentine4 kun oldin

    Junior GongJunior Gong4 kun oldin
  • What an emabarassment for the Steelers and Little Ben!! Well done, Browns!

    Mary JoMary Jo5 kun oldin
  • Baker the QB Hunt and Chubb the RBs Landry and co the receivers Oh, and the Defense??? TOPS!!!!!! AND a coach in his basement? The laughing tag has been removed from the Browns!!!!

    Jay BeeJay Bee5 kun oldin
  • gotta love the steelers receivers flexing on a touchdown down 20points in the 4th. you can really see who's about winning and who's about their numbers 🤷🏻‍♂️

    _ Certified_ Certified5 kun oldin
    • Selfish

      Maurandis BergerMaurandis Berger4 kun oldin
  • Juu Juu = Poo Poo. How many times does it happen that when you (Juu Juu) disrespect your opponenets? Well, maybe not that often, but WOW!!!! Go the Browns!!! Here in Australia, I've waited for this moment in the playoffs......ESPECIALLY AGAINST THE STEELERS............Bring on the Chiefs........going to enjoy this mate, win, lose or draw. TOPS!!!!!!!!!

    Jay BeeJay Bee5 kun oldin
  • Myles is the MAN!!!!

    Timmy TimTimmy Tim5 kun oldin
  • Congrats from a Packers fan. The league is better when historic franchises- with the generational fanbases that implies- are competitive. I think Cleveland has turned a page. Well deserved.

    Will DeaverWill Deaver5 kun oldin
    • detroit winning the north next year... imagine lol

      pablo riospablo rios4 kun oldin
  • @3:11. The Raiders -Oilers game was NOT an NFL game. It was the AFL which had nothing to do with the nfl except a ceremonial after season contest which was not even called the super bowl at the time. You might as well quote CFL records.

    Kerry FitchKerry Fitch5 kun oldin
  • Why are you shocked. They were exposed in week 12 loss and weren’t really deserving of the 11 n 0 start. They were 5 plays away from being 6 n 5. They weren’t that good.

    John PeverillJohn Peverill5 kun oldin
    • 🤦‍♂️

      Dmeads 56Dmeads 564 kun oldin
  • Cleveland has a TOUGH TASK with Kansas City and that's The Truth, but this is for The Detroit Lions. Did you SEE what The Browns did in this game? How long will it take for The Lions Organization to get to AND past a first round playoff game? My mother always said next year too! She lived 93 years and never saw it! I'm 60 and I don't believe I will ever see it either. Good Luck, Cleveland!!! I'm happy that you beat Pittsburgh 😊😊😊!!!

    Derrick LoganDerrick Logan5 kun oldin
  • Is this video intended for the sightless? Might as well be. Totally fucking useless, can't see shit. Thanks asshole.

    Bill FieldBill Field5 kun oldin
  • Imagine chiefs WITH kareem hunt. Mind blown

    Martin ManMartin Man5 kun oldin
  • The Browns came into this game with something to prove, and the Steelers didn’t see that. Good luck for the future Cleveland!👍

    Robert HeinzRobert Heinz5 kun oldin
  • JuJu f@%ked it for them

    Diamond DDiamond D5 kun oldin
  • Browns are dope

    Anthony CroakerAnthony Croaker5 kun oldin
  • Well done Browns. I'm a Chiefs fan but am happy that the Browns' fans finally can celebrate after winning a playoff game.

    cprtraincprtrain5 kun oldin
    • Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing how our guys do against y'all. It's gonna be a huge challenge but I can't wait. I'm always rooting for y'all and I love Mahomes. Just can't love them next week lol.

      TheJenesis BTheJenesis B4 kun oldin
  • GO BROWNS!!!!

    Sam CookSam Cook5 kun oldin
  • If the browns can find a way to beat the chiefs watch out cause they riding that shit all the way to the superbowl

    WaDu HaXWaDu HaX5 kun oldin
  • That's what ju-ju shoestring or whatever the morons name is gets for talking shit on the browns. Eat ur heart out shitsburg fuckin bums

    WaDu HaXWaDu HaX5 kun oldin
  • Woof! Woof! Great to see the Browns and Bills win playoff games this weekend. A nice change.

    NewWaveFan1NewWaveFan15 kun oldin
  • Myles seems like a class act.

    Becca BunxhBecca Bunxh5 kun oldin
  • Freakish..why exactly i Don't bet on ringers!!

    greg lamangreg laman5 kun oldin
  • Baker,baker the touch down maker let's go browns!!!!Fuck juju smith-shitsher.You talk all that shit boyeeee,the same old browns huh???Well mayfield and company shut yall up.LMAO!!!😆😆😆😆😆

    TheUnknown Soldier 1971TheUnknown Soldier 19715 kun oldin
  • After so many years of suffering, this has to feel good for the Browns and their fans.

    NanyaNanya5 kun oldin
  • From a Saints fan y'all deserve this I mean you work your asses off for this

    starsmoonightstarsmoonight5 kun oldin
  • coughing is great.

    that guythat guy5 kun oldin
  • Only reason Steelers got back in this game was Browns DC Joe Woods went prevent in the 2nd Qtr (wtf!)! Awful defensive coach.

    Anthony Dodge The Model Train OutsiderAnthony Dodge The Model Train Outsider5 kun oldin
  • One hit wonders. It'll take another 22 years to win another. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Joe NunezJoe Nunez5 kun oldin
  • I would pay any price for browns super bowl tickets

    Brett HruskaBrett Hruska5 kun oldin
  • How is it that Ben and Conner are both unable to fall on the ball when it's barely moving

    Quarentino BrownQuarentino Brown5 kun oldin
  • My 3 takeaways as a Steelers fan 1 the the base needed to be put in its place along with the players 2 the browns deserve respect for the long years of hardships 3 I am worried the browns are gonna turn into the Jaguars, one year of success goes to their head and everything falls apart

    Jason OchoaJason Ochoa5 kun oldin
  • Browns will win the SB! Baker is the goat!

    epi piepi pi5 kun oldin
  • This means Alex Van Pelt will go down in history as the only undefeated head coach in the NFL playoffs.

    Dan LivniDan Livni5 kun oldin
    • Head coach was Mike Priefer today.

      Neil WeaklandNeil Weakland5 kun oldin
  • ben is needing a cheeseburger and shake to get over this.

    tony nelligantony nelligan5 kun oldin
  • if i was a steeler fan which im not or a steeler player i would be totally embarras you just gift wrapped this playoff game to a underdog team that had no business trouncing you!

    J. CruzJ. Cruz5 kun oldin
  • Down 28-0 in the 2nd quarter with 3 min left, on 4th and 3 FROM THE BROWNS 38, Mike Tomlin punts! The worst coaching decision I have ever seen in my life. He punts and nets 28 yards. That’s a firable offense. He gets a pass from being on the chopping block because, well it’s 2021 we all know why he gets a pass. 4th and 3. Driving down 28-0 you got the ball at your opponents 38 fucking yardline and you punt!!! What in the actual fuck are you doing Tomlin? I don’t know if a any situation in football where on 4th and 3 you punt the ball from the 38. Any score scenario. Any clock scenario. Any team record or any must win scenario. Whatever. Why would you ever punt the ball there down 28-0? Someone make me understand. He should be fired for that. Honestly. Down 28-0 I don’t know if I punt it on my own 38 on 4th and 3. Tomlin is a total clown. The game has gotten too big for him.

    William BookingWilliam Booking5 kun oldin
  • This is what happens when you have no fans and no crowd reaction its basically Even no homefield Advantage nothing to be proud about!

    DeviateDeviate5 kun oldin
    • Hahahahahaha what a bitch

      Shady C.Shady C.21 soat oldin
    • Less salt in your diet is good for you... To be fair Steelers had their 2nd strings in tonight... oh wait last week!!

      Nelson LeeNelson Lee4 kun oldin
    • @Denise Seman 100% if it was a packed stadium this would be a different game and im not a fan of either teams!

      DeviateDeviate5 kun oldin
    • Pretty sure the fans wouldn’t have been in it. Non factor when your team is playing poor enough to get boos

      Denise SemanDenise Seman5 kun oldin
  • Myles said it best. I respect the Steelers and the organization but the arrogance of some of you guys are the reason you all lost. Pride comes before a fall. Go Browns!

    Sbrabson04Sbrabson045 kun oldin
    • Pride cometh before DESTRUCTION!

      Nicholas TurnageNicholas Turnage4 kun oldin
  • EAT CROW stupid analysis

    abdul smithabdul smith5 kun oldin
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    Cody LiCody Li5 kun oldin
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      ChrisChris5 kun oldin
  • Baker shut everyone up and handed them a bigger L than Biden handed Trump 😂😂😂😂😂

    Chris The CommentatorChris The Commentator5 kun oldin
    • @tocororo How did "cheat".

      Hey y'allHey y'all3 kun oldin
    • You mean he cheated? 🤔😅😂🤣

      tocororotocororo5 kun oldin
  • This was are superbowl bro no lie! Lets go brownies!

    Infected MonkeyInfected Monkey5 kun oldin
    • Sont sell yourself short. Keep this up and y'all could make the real Super Bowl

  • Ironic Big Ben last game is a loss in the playoffs to a team he barely ever lost too. Should of Ben retired.

    Lo 1XLo 1X5 kun oldin
    • I think is time for Ben to retire..

      Jorge GaytanJorge Gaytan5 kun oldin
  • We missed two of our best offensive linemen this entire game and we still dominated the line of scrimmage

    Nick ButterNick Butter5 kun oldin
    • Browns should put up 40 at KC. Wonder if they can keep the chiefs sub 35.

      Taylor DuncanTaylor Duncan4 kun oldin
    • Baker moved the ball quickly. He made that line look good,

      Rob SchroederRob Schroeder5 kun oldin
  • Dude I thought we we’re gonna a blow the lead in the second half. My mentality has been weakened by the old browns losing every game in a heartbreaking fashion. They proved me wrong and I am so glad they did. This is a huge step for this franchise. Here we go brownies here we go!

    ChubyDukSkruberChubyDukSkruber5 kun oldin
    • They did it 3 times this year where they got out to huge leads and then played a style of prevent defense to protect it. Every time the game came down the wire but wasn't really close. The old Browns would have lost all 3 games. That's how I know this team is different, they haven't lost in dumb ways.

      ace999lb1ace999lb14 kun oldin
    • Dude. I turned the game off in the 3rd because my heart couldn't take a possible come back

      adam lewisadam lewis4 kun oldin
    • Same. Regardless of what happens in this post season, I already excited for next year. 🔥🔥

      Jason JuhaszJason Juhasz5 kun oldin
    • @jonwar83 I know right. The ballhawking was a plus though,and tackling was good today for the most part. The turnovers were huge though. The defense was ready to play.

      ChrisChris5 kun oldin
    • I totally understand you. Prevent defense, and conservative offense while sitting on a lead. The Cowboys, and Titans almost came back the same way against the Browns. The main thing is just win, but my heart is gonna give out

      ChrisChris5 kun oldin
  • Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Koen CristianKoen Cristian5 kun oldin
  • It's crazy you played the game forever and still don't know the game smh

    Lo 1XLo 1X5 kun oldin
  • Is someone dying of Covid-19 off screen???

    colton stringercolton stringer5 kun oldin
  • 45 minutes of garbage time. Perfect line

    Noble VagabondNoble Vagabond5 kun oldin
    • 45 minutes of a$$ kickin'

      Demynnga ShepherdDemynnga Shepherd5 kun oldin
  • 11-0 then they lose last 4 of 5 then they start off terrible (Ben roethlisberger) he lost them this game first round of playoffs crazy hats off too the Brown gotta tip your hat too them I know Pittsburgh fans and players are hurting

    Rc FlyRc Fly5 kun oldin