James Harden Traded to Nets! Big 3 Durant and Kyrie! 2020-21 NBA Season

13-Yan, 2021
458 403 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • 1 of the 3 should be traded

    Angelo Jose TrinidadAngelo Jose Trinidad5 soat oldin
  • Nets ain't winning nothing

    Layyloo ArellanoLayyloo Arellano5 soat oldin
  • Strippers on brooklyn probably choking harden's meat now

    miti jacobmiti jacob6 soat oldin
  • That dumb

    Justin VelezJustin Velez8 soat oldin
  • Kd- Batman Kyrie- Nightwing Harden- Red hood

    Tyler ThompsonTyler Thompson12 soat oldin
  • Getting victor oladipo was trash but those 8 picks was nice

    Jdav952Jdav95212 soat oldin
  • I can’t believe we traded Levert and Allen

    Questo2fyeQuesto2fye12 soat oldin
  • kyrie to lakers soon 👀

    CalphrycCalphryc12 soat oldin
  • The Nets really don’t need Harden tbh. Allen and LeVert were already solid enough.

    SATX CoastersSATX Coasters15 soat oldin
  • But KD didn’t ask for the trade tho? He signed with Kyrie and then the Nets traded for Harden

    SATX CoastersSATX Coasters15 soat oldin
  • The Nets Dynasty has just begun...

    YaDa BeastYaDa Beast15 soat oldin
  • You know what it is what it is. KD & Kyrie and Nets are trash for picking up Harden. And F**k Harden Ringless bum.

    Obi-wanObi-wan16 soat oldin
  • cheese

    B BB B16 soat oldin
  • Still Lakers in 5😂🤷‍♂️

    Dan Tha ManDan Tha Man17 soat oldin
    • Facts bro 😂😂😂

      BJ TBJ T10 soat oldin
  • Lol Still no Defense

    SÇŪFTSÇŪFT17 soat oldin
  • ball hog alert!!

    Pampa Good VibesPampa Good Vibes20 soat oldin
  • KD to the splash brothers Now his in the dribble brothers 🤣

    tHE KD5tHE KD521 soat oldin
  • Aye it doesn't matter if the opposing team has 50, 100, shit 200 points.. it doesn't matter because The Nets will always have a bigger score now that it is almost a full on offensive team.

    hoodrich ybhoodrich yb22 soat oldin
  • Kyrie🔄Westbrook

    Alperen BiniciAlperen Binici22 soat oldin
  • HARDEN: dribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribble passes to KYRIE: dribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribble passes to KD: dribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribble

    Ki ParkKi Park23 soat oldin
  • I’m not f@$#ing happy oladipo is leaving the pacers

    Tane BarclayTane BarclayKun oldin
  • Trade kyrie to the knicks

    MCM JakkeMCM JakkeKun oldin
  • jarret allen should stay instead of deandre jordan.

  • I wonder who’s taking the last shot 🤔

    MJMJKun oldin
    • Kyrie, KD, And Harden : ME!

      Alyx HamadoAlyx Hamado18 soat oldin
  • so harden really want that ring ? hahaha. its is not easy tho^_^

    KeconTV 77KeconTV 77Kun oldin
  • And kyrie probably going to Lakers

    Brandon GutierrezBrandon GutierrezKun oldin
  • The dynamic trio Cryrie ivring Kevin do rant James Hardee’s

    j spij spiKun oldin
  • "Kd went from the Splash Brothers to the dribble brothers" Charles Barkley

    Sam GreathuSam GreathuKun oldin
  • Lakers rigged to three peat, Kobe sacrifice, learn GEMATRIA

    Will ClementsWill ClementsKun oldin
  • But but but......... I am the chosen one.........

    I am witnessI am witnessKun oldin
  • Bro I just bought I a Houston harden jersey

    Devanshu DwivediDevanshu DwivediKun oldin
  • Go Suns Go

    Suns GeekSuns GeekKun oldin
  • Basket case feel sorry for the nets

    Jess VasquezJess VasquezKun oldin
  • Clippers vs Nets in the Finals!

    Frank CadillacFrank CadillacKun oldin
  • We all knew when Chris Smoove say CHEESE, its legit :)

    Sports BulletinSports BulletinKun oldin
  • Kyrie gonna retire before the year is over hahah

    Denver BassheadDenver BassheadKun oldin
  • Crazy game

    Martavious TisbyMartavious TisbyKun oldin
  • Never thought I’d see the day Harden would leave the Rockets

    Lame KnightLame KnightKun oldin
  • Should have kept *Allen* and trade *Jordan* instead. ( ̄~ ̄;)

    CosmicStormCamperCosmicStormCamperKun oldin
  • Why would they trade Jarrett Allen for Dante Exum?

    Victor PadillaVictor PadillaKun oldin
  • I had to rewind during the outro just to see who Caucasian Shaq is

    Pat NeedhamPat NeedhamKun oldin
  • Steve Nash: Nets Management: AND THEN WE’RE GONNA CLAP HIM

    Uncle DUncle DKun oldin
  • I cant believe they kept Spencer Joe DeAndre and Shamet. That shit was crazy

    Jefferson MejiaJefferson MejiaKun oldin
  • Superstars are taking their talents to the east because the beast was on the west #AkidFromAkron

  • Victor Oladipo on the rockets Harden should've stayed they had wall cousins now they got oladipo they probably would've gotten a ring if he wasn't to leave

    Hekima MartinaHekima MartinaKun oldin
  • Super teams depressing

    SkylarkSkylarkKun oldin
  • Let’s go🥳

    209BikeLife209BikeLifeKun oldin
  • Did the Nets trade for more balls, because 1 aint gonna be enough for that team

    Nic FordNic FordKun oldin
  • Cavs now wanna make moves but when lebron was young they can’t do shit for him that some cheese

    Wallo2Godly rNWallo2Godly rNKun oldin
  • Bruhh

  • Lakers in 5

    LeGiT PeNGuINLeGiT PeNGuINKun oldin
  • nets never learn

    Kevin ChouKevin ChouKun oldin
  • can't wait

    Sweater BoySweater BoyKun oldin
  • If they had kept LaVert it would have been a little better

    knell chillinknell chillinKun oldin
  • 1ssssssssssssssst

    Daniel BerriDaniel BerriKun oldin
  • That’s some cheeeseee

    Penny HardawayPenny HardawayKun oldin
  • Biggest losers. The Houston strip clubs

    Henry HunterHenry HunterKun oldin
  • it might not work because of the chemistry

    Future GreatnessFuture GreatnessKun oldin
  • The Nets are going to be the new Warriors

    DarienDarienKun oldin
  • WOW

    Gabriel JacksonGabriel JacksonKun oldin
  • Trade kyrie for westbrook Deandre Jordan for Ibaka Then Re-sign kendrick perkins And rebuild the Brooklohoma 😂😂

    elyk amzukelyk amzukKun oldin
  • Soo hardens a problem cuz he’s be unstable after going to the club, Kds a problem because of his burners account ?ig lol and kyrie a problem cuz of a little incidents. Wowwww what a toxic team lol

    Tehh VoxieTehh VoxieKun oldin
  • Nets turned off trade realism

    Hayden SigurdsonHayden SigurdsonKun oldin
  • House Slytherin, what are you doing in the NBA.

    Yi Sheng TanYi Sheng TanKun oldin
  • I would have tried to keep Levert

    Cxlvin CapalotzCxlvin CapalotzKun oldin
  • Deandre

    Anthony DorandoAnthony DorandoKun oldin
  • Cheat code. But still lakers in 5 😤😤😤😤

    djmeechymeechdjmeechymeechKun oldin
  • Houston starting 5 looking 🔥🔥🔥

    MalRulesAllMalRulesAllKun oldin
  • If the nets under preform, and the rockets go farther they are gonna be looking bad (the nets)

    MalRulesAllMalRulesAllKun oldin
  • Getting crazy

    Clutch God tvClutch God tvKun oldin
  • rockets now in cade sweepstakes with toronto pistons wizards

    Gang timeGang timeKun oldin
  • kd cant control where harden goes plus harden has no leverage

    Gang timeGang timeKun oldin
  • Isn’t spencer injured?

    Saleem BatemonSaleem BatemonKun oldin
  • rockets had no choice

    2k Baby2k BabyKun oldin
  • John Wall on suicide watch

    Jachai MooreJachai MooreKun oldin
  • I’m a Harden fan but Harden, Kyrie and Durant have got to be some of the most hated players in the NBA now all on the same team.

    omgitsmattsutubeomgitsmattsutubeKun oldin
  • Brooo u don't know how happy I am for getting harden out of the west and a championship team. I'm hyped coming from a harden fan

    Ahmad MaatoukAhmad MaatoukKun oldin
  • Spencer Dinwiddie sadly getting hurt helped him Not getting traded

    JabronyJabronyKun oldin
  • Travis Scott’s diss track is coming soon

    Cloud 9Cloud 9Kun oldin
  • waiting for my 2k roster to update

    Sjors PoppelierSjors PoppelierKun oldin
  • Cavs gonna have an all Center lineup. That’s some cheese. 😂

    Moto RoninMoto RoninKun oldin
  • I probably would have got rid of DeAndre Jordan not Jarret Allan

    rob stonerob stoneKun oldin
    • dont nobody want jordan

      greg howardgreg howardKun oldin
  • Raps r done...

    HuskyyHuskyyKun oldin
  • Rockets should have just keep lavert rather than oladipo though

    Jeremy AlagaoJeremy AlagaoKun oldin
  • Lakers 2021 Champs.

    D ZoneD ZoneKun oldin
  • All these to beat the goat🐐👴 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alex Caruso smh

    JramJramJramJramKun oldin
  • Warriors are still winning it

    YOURBAD 3YOURBAD 3Kun oldin
  • Now they got a bunch of ball hoggers

    Melvin MakorMelvin MakorKun oldin
  • Crazy how they wanna team up on bron lakers in 6

    JojoBoardsUpJojoBoardsUpKun oldin
  • Rockets got fleced. No blue chip prospects, 4 late first round picks and same amount of late fr pick swaps. What a dumb trade for Houston. 🤣

    M AndradeM AndradeKun oldin
  • why levert tho

    Samuel Schwarzkralle IISamuel Schwarzkralle IIKun oldin
  • 2 days later: LeBron and Steph on the 76ers

    YoufuleiYoufuleiKun oldin
  • If LBJ beats them in the finals you cant say he isn't the GOAT

    Ognjen CurcicOgnjen CurcicKun oldin
  • Finally

  • 3 extremely talented guys but also 3 of the most delicate ego's.

    D BizzD BizzKun oldin
  • Should’ve gotten Caucasian shaq

    RamboyantRamboyantKun oldin
  • Attack on Cavaliers

    Ian HeiqelIan HeiqelKun oldin
  • I dont want to hear the west is weak

    Pik4chuPik4chuKun oldin
  • Iso nets 🔥💯😂😂

    6 Feet-Tall6 Feet-TallKun oldin
  • What is the 76ers thinking embiid and harden would have been more dangerous than embiid and can’t shoot Simmons

    Reggie HarrisReggie HarrisKun oldin