James Harden Traded to the Brooklyn Nets | Ringer NBA Show Live

13-Yan, 2021
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Kevin O’Connor, Jonathan Tjarks, and J. Kyle Mann discuss the Brooklyn Nets acquiring James Harden from the Houston Rockets, how much the Nets gave up to get Harden, as well as the Pacers trading Victor Oladipo to the Rockets for Caris LeVert.
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  • Have a question: for the pick swap years, if Houston's pick is still better than Brooklyn's, can the Rockets just elect to do the swap the following year?=).

    Cris RamosCris Ramos4 kun oldin
  • This just gives Lebron another roadblock to bust through, MJ never played a team even fucking close to the Nets. Maybe the 86 Celtics, maybe

    Super Mega Foxy Awesome HotSuper Mega Foxy Awesome Hot6 kun oldin
  • this team could be really good if they trade kyrie for some good pieces around KD and Harden. I always thought they should trade kyrie for him to begin with. Get a good bigman back and a few other pieces if you can for kyrie, thats if anyone would take a guy who works only when he wants to hahaha.

    Felipe ArevaloFelipe Arevalo7 kun oldin
  • I can’t even hear you over that echo

    John JJohn J7 kun oldin
  • That arbitrary clicking noise even the banner change happens is so annoying guys. I like listening to this without the video but damn that notification is just distracting.

    Wesley LangWesley Lang7 kun oldin
  • This move has failure written all over it! Harden has to have the ball in his hands, that's it. If you think Durant and Kyrie are going to roll with that for 80+ games, you're broken. Additionally, all three of these Cats have some real psychology s#*t going on with them. They have the skill potential to score mind blowing numbers, but the behavioral and selfishness is destructive. None of these guys have lead a team to a championship, none. They are great players, but not good leaders. You must have a leader to win the CHIP. Wait for the chaos to surface with these personalities...wait for it, wait for it.... When people show you who they are...believe them!

    Robbie BoydRobbie Boyd8 kun oldin
  • Everyone has to stop talking about pick swaps as picks. How many times have a pick swap mattered.?

    dullest penguindullest penguin8 kun oldin
  • Kevin O'Carbohydrates, KOC or KFC?

    Aaron MartinAaron Martin8 kun oldin
  • Regular season: James Harden In The Playoffs: James Soften

    R. M.R. M.8 kun oldin
  • All those first picks are overrated, if you have a super star you can got whatever you want by solely his presence or his trade.

    nazdalaannazdalaan9 kun oldin
  • BROOOO, Thinking basketball shout-out at 10:34!!! NICE

    Eman CollinsEman Collins9 kun oldin
  • Nets are not going anywhere they couldn’t do in OKC what makes you think they can do it now? They have no defense. KD will never win another championship outside of Golden state

    Brian LesterBrian Lester9 kun oldin
  • O’Connor is such a Harden fanboy. He will never change his approach to playing, that is a pipe dream. The dude is a toxic person who cant get along with anyone now going to team up with another one like him (Kyrie). It will crash and they have no D.

    Frozen 17Frozen 179 kun oldin
  • If Caris levart would have been with rockets instead of pacers. Just imagine ceiling of that team, it would have been higher with levart. 🤔🤔

    Patel ManthanPatel Manthan9 kun oldin
  • If the Rockets can draft well and somehow land another superstar in the next few years, they can shell out their picks in the mid 2020’s for another superstar when the Nets might stink and those picks may be pretty high.

    Steven ChaoSteven Chao9 kun oldin
  • The Pick SwAps are a wash , HOU virtually keeps those picks as theirs because they will have a worse record than BKLYN every year! The actual picks they will receive will be late late 1st rounders which could be beneficial but they aren’t e like they’re lottery picks ! This deal for HOU was simply to get Harden gone and save money for a Free Agent next year, Because otherwise this deal is way worse than everyone expected for HOU !

    Troy HinesTroy Hines9 kun oldin
  • lol you can hear their slack notifications and it is tweaking me out i keep thinking it's mine

    Jack SheridanJack Sheridan9 kun oldin
  • So the nets have three tremendously talented ballhogs who don't know how to share the ball. All three are terrible leaders, this has the making to be a disaster. It's either gonna work tremendously or it's going to fail spectacularly

    rafi sandersrafi sanders9 kun oldin
  • The heady turnip counterintuitively fry because bowling accidentally remind atop a hysterical aluminium. sparkling, efficacious word

    1 21 29 kun oldin
  • Where's the outrage and hate over this deal...Question, what would the reactions be if Harden went to Golden State....you F'ers would be losing your minds....talking about how unfair it is...Super Teams are accepted anywhere but Golden State....Hey now Lebron needs another All Start...Isn't the goal of the NBA to make sure Lebron wins?

    James RobinsonJames Robinson9 kun oldin
  • “Peak KD was one of the best defensive players of all time” WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? Man, I get it KD is good on defense but holy shit that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Justin LautzenheiserJustin Lautzenheiser9 kun oldin
  • I think Kyrie knows winning a chip with a loaded team like this does nothing for his legacy. He stated he didn't want to play with James Harden.

    Jason CrossJason Cross9 kun oldin
  • BK just needs 3 or 4 good bench players and its a wrap

    Iso JoeIso Joe9 kun oldin
  • Who tf is gay dude in the middle he is so anoying

    TheCro3TheCro39 kun oldin
  • Now more than 7 eleven , they can do 7 11 13 math trick in Brooklyn

    seven evenseven even9 kun oldin
  • "I'm just fighting for my life man." -Every stripper in Houston

    gd131gd1319 kun oldin
  • Team of outcasts...KD goes to Ws, everyone hates KD...Kyrie leaves Cavs and disses Bron, everyone hates Kyrie...Harden forces his way out of Houston, everyone hates Harden. Maybe it works, maybe not...but I'm gonna watch it all unfold, that's for damn sure!

    Ian PollardIan Pollard9 kun oldin
  • sometimes i hate the NBA. if harden was traded to the lakers for trash everybody and their mama would be crying conspiracy, cheating, whining, bellyaching, looting the capital, geeze. houston mgt couldnt find a better trade, geeze

    flyingbucketflyingbucket9 kun oldin
  • Jarret Allen and filler for Kuz and T h T

    Guess WhoGuess Who9 kun oldin
    • Man wtf, THT is better than Allen. Dude could be peak Oladipo

      Dimes UpDimes Up9 kun oldin
  • Harden has played the same style for at least 5 years and was unwilling to change a single damn thing for his BFF, Russ. Not sure what would make anyone think he's gonna do it differently now.

    allydeaallydea9 kun oldin
  • KOC showing love to Thinking basketball. Wholesome:)

    UZZIUZZI9 kun oldin
  • Simmons should've been on this show.

    DREVMDREVM9 kun oldin
  • Two words...shit show

    blacktopaz8blacktopaz89 kun oldin
  • As a Celtics fan I can't wait to watch this trainwreck.

  • they have nothing to guard the rim against the lakers... AD is laughing. Jared Allen was besides KD the only capable defender on that team.. losing lavert is bad, allen also.. Houston did great getting all those picks, including Cleveland's, that one is top 5 or top 3 for sure

    Matic HerzogMatic Herzog10 kun oldin
    • Clackson is better than Allen. Reggie Perry is a good looking rookie power forward who can shoot 3-pointers.

      Enevra MajestikahEnevra Majestikah9 kun oldin
  • If harden wins a ring it holds no weight.

    Cesar Martinez LeonCesar Martinez Leon10 kun oldin
  • Who's playing D for nets?

    Richard KennyRichard Kenny10 kun oldin
  • Props to them shouting out Thinking Basketball. Must watch videos fo sho

    Dwight Eldrich ManaolDwight Eldrich Manaol10 kun oldin
  • Three headed monster, fat man imposter, wheat grass detoxer, lakers in 6

    MarloweMarlowe10 kun oldin
  • I see KOC I like

    Daniel CDaniel C10 kun oldin
  • shoutout to slack for making this video unwatchable

    KyleKyle10 kun oldin
  • Harden and KD on the same team, we've really never seen anything like it before.....

    Erik TruedsonErik Truedson10 kun oldin
  • Be careful what you wish for 😏

    Romeo WilliamsRomeo Williams10 kun oldin
  • wait so do the nets have a bench now lol

    DarioOreo'sDarioOreo's10 kun oldin
    • @Dimes Up you're crazy if you think that bench is decent

      DarioOreo'sDarioOreo's9 kun oldin
    • They do and its pretty decent

      Dimes UpDimes Up9 kun oldin
  • Love the thinking basketball shoutout it’s the best content on UZworld right now

    BaNStaRBaNStaR10 kun oldin
  • There's a few free agent centers out there, but there's nothing in the way of defensive swing men. Demarre Carroll maybe?

    RevanRevan10 kun oldin
  • Winners: James Harden, Nets, Rockets (yes they did), Pacers Not so much losers here except the two players who go to Cavs and start shoveling s**t which is knee high. And we're fresh outta shovels...

    Sami VellamoSami Vellamo10 kun oldin
  • A bunch of white unathletic neckbeard hipsters "analyzing" basketball. How did media trick us into this?

    Late NoticeLate Notice10 kun oldin
  • Who's going to play defense on that team?

    Late NoticeLate Notice10 kun oldin
  • Bro working from home these months, did those slack sound effects give anyone else that fight-or-flight feeling?? Lol.

    KraulKraul10 kun oldin
  • Houston we have a problem...

    Khai NguyKhai Nguy10 kun oldin
  • K.O.C is a meaty J.E Skeets

    Sean SKCSean SKC10 kun oldin
  • Dude has absolutely no excuse now. Dwight, Capela, Chris Paul, Melo, Russ, Wall, Wood, Ariza, Gordon. Now he's got DJ, Kyrie and Durant. He has no excuses, if this guy can't win a title he will no doubt be known as one of the biggest losers in NBA history. I kind of hate that Durant wanted out of GS so badly and wanted his own team and wanted to show he didn't need them then immediately form another super-team. Houston got a ton of picks which is great, but they must be putting everything into Wood, because Wall is good but he's not a young piece and Oladipo is good, but he's not a young piece either, he's going to be looking for a big contract that I'm sure Houston isn't very interested in paying, they just did it with Harden and CP3, so they'll want as much cap-space as possible. I'm really surprised with didn't go after Allen or Lavert to help with there young core. Weird Cavs are going to be making a ton of moves after this. They have 5 Centers. So they basically have to try and move McGee, and Drummond now. It's a weird grouping of players in this deal. Pacers get better for sure. Lavert is a bucket, they got a pick and now have a core of Brogdon, Lavert, Sabonis and Warren. That's a great group to build around, also with Turner, the Holiday brothers and Mcdermott. They've built a really strong group of players without sacrificing a giant amount of cap space and without throwing away a ton of picks. Really impressed with them

    Blair WalkerBlair Walker10 kun oldin
  • Big ups to KOC for speaking the facts on Harden's legacy...

    smurfpisssmurfpiss10 kun oldin
  • Great podcast!!!!!!!!!

    Dev WoosDev Woos10 kun oldin
  • Couldn’t mute the slack notifications for 30 minutes?

    Justin ShivelyJustin Shively10 kun oldin
  • I don’t know, but I think your Slack is on.

    Paul WilliamsPaul Williams10 kun oldin
  • I would still take the Warriors (Big 3) from (2016-2108) Steph Curry, Klay Thompson & Kevin Durant over KD, Harden & Kyrie.

    Tony VincentTony Vincent10 kun oldin
  • So Brooklyn did a Brooklyn... again

    AustrianCitizenAustrianCitizen10 kun oldin
  • 2:32 You're welcome

    Holstorr SceadusHolstorr Sceadus10 kun oldin
  • Pacers came outta this best

    Ryan VIncenecRyan VIncenec10 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know why Cleveland has 5 centers on their roster plus Kevin Love? Are they playing a different sport?

    Peter HillPeter Hill10 kun oldin
    • Hilarious 🤣😂 kev love at the point lmaoo

      Joseph BrandonJoseph Brandon9 kun oldin
    • Centers playing 1 through 5 would be a hell of a defence... XD

      Some Tiger BassSome Tiger Bass9 kun oldin
    • Drummond is an expiring contract that they're probably gonna move before the deadline. Mcgee probably remains the backup behind allen as they establish him as their center of the future

      simple pure USAsimple pure USA10 kun oldin
    • Expect a firesale

      Tony MarajTony Maraj10 kun oldin
  • They got rid of their bench and don't have Spencer Dinwiddie to do what LeVert was doing, which was stabilizing their 2nd unit.

    Thomas Crown IIIThomas Crown III10 kun oldin
  • What? No in-depth analytics on Rodions Kurucs? 😢

    MrCallipygousMrCallipygous10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie has been faking everything to help make this trade happen. If you don’t see it, it’s because you’re not a genius like Kyrie.

    Patrick HoeyPatrick Hoey10 kun oldin
    • I'm running with you on this one

      Nicholas ChristodoulouNicholas Christodoulou10 kun oldin
  • Kevin o’CantStandYa

    Patrick HoeyPatrick Hoey10 kun oldin
  • Pick swaps are not picks ....how can they say 8 picks?

    son nguyenson nguyen10 kun oldin
    • It isn't extra picks, but in reality it can called 8- Houston will always have the better of the two in those years. Swaps matter

      Alex RoyerAlex Royer9 kun oldin
    • Fr

      Andrew CampbellAndrew Campbell9 kun oldin
  • If Kyrie messes up again, they gon ship him to DC for Russ. OKC 2.0

    DarsDars10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie Irving is Vice President of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) lol

    exitscreamingexitscreaming10 kun oldin
  • The real winner in this trade is 76ers fans! No Harden iso ball in Philly!

    Paulie MichioPaulie Michio10 kun oldin
  • Enjoy the honeymoon, Nets. Harden is a cancer. You'll find out soon enough.

    Quetzalc08LQuetzalc08L10 kun oldin
  • These guys definitely don’t blaze tree. because if they did the panic of looking in the collective mirror of why exactly they, this particular mix of nerds are talking hoop would result in panic attack, fetal position, and psychosis not necessarily in that order.😂 Sounds like you guys bought a woodpecker machine from a mega church too. This convo is as interesting as Bill Simmons & Ben Affleck’s botoxed man faces on his first hbo season talking boston sports. Not the guys... the botoxed faces.

    Campbell GilbertCampbell Gilbert10 kun oldin
    • I think this guy got a couple extra chromosomes

      Zach WallZach Wall10 kun oldin
    • What...?

      WaltzWaltz10 kun oldin
  • Kyrie will be gone next season. Build around Harden and KD

    Sean CushnieSean Cushnie10 kun oldin
  • They got to outscore everyone cause Kyrie plays little to no d, harden is “ok” on d, and KD just came back from an achilles injury....plus they lost J. Allen!! WTF

    Gbolabo OlukojuGbolabo Olukoju10 kun oldin
  • Thinking basketball S/O that channel and podcast is amazing

    Matt SteeleMatt Steele10 kun oldin
  • the nets give up way to much for james harden...basically they give away their whole future...smdh

    jon smithjon smith10 kun oldin
  • I think they will need another big, D. Jordan won't be nearly enough to guard Anthony Davis

    JustDriveMotorsportsJustDriveMotorsports10 kun oldin
    • They also don’t have the tools to stop Giannis.

      fenzelianfenzelian10 kun oldin
  • Sixers still got the best lineup and depth I ain’t worried, it’s going to be interesting in the playoffs though

    _Marky 215_Marky 21510 kun oldin
  • I want to start a conspiracy that James harden has been wearing a fat suit

    Riley KnealeRiley Kneale10 kun oldin
    • @Kevin Kettinger alcohol

      Josha OrobioJosha Orobio8 kun oldin
    • How does a guy who was in great shape just a few months ago grow tits though?

      Kevin KettingerKevin Kettinger9 kun oldin
    • James Hardees

      Enai DeaLukalEnai DeaLukal9 kun oldin
    • I’ll join this conspiracy,

      George PolychronopoulosGeorge Polychronopoulos9 kun oldin
    • He wears a weighted vest when he warms up

      NMZ HoopsNMZ Hoops9 kun oldin
  • Nets giving up all their picks for a old ass player sounds familiar 🤔

    George TorresGeorge Torres10 kun oldin
  • does anyone think tjaarks looks like zimmerman 🤨🤨🤨

    Tito RamirezTito Ramirez10 kun oldin
    • plot twist!

      Rob2380Rob23809 kun oldin
  • After the loss to the Lakers’, Harden’s postgame comments were the nail in the coffin

    Ikenna AmaechiIkenna Amaechi10 kun oldin
  • How long before he loses the 30 lb gut?

    A DA D10 kun oldin
    • Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      M RM R10 kun oldin
  • Philly just blew their chance at making the finals. James was either going Philly or Brooklyn & regardless how much they like Ben Simmons, they gotta know that it’s better to lose Simmons for harden than to let Harden to go to the nets

    Bdot 4Bdot 410 kun oldin
  • This all makes more sense if the Nets have already made the decision to move on from Kyrie. In my opinion they will need to in order to rebuild their depth and have some semblance of defense. If they really plan to just try and overwhelm people with talent then I'd put a title at under 50%. None of what I've seen from Kyrie or Harden tells me they are capable of making the necessary adjustments and sacrifices to win.

    Alasdair MacdonaldAlasdair Macdonald10 kun oldin
  • These are horrible picks they literally got a bucks 1st rd pick. The 60+ every year winning bucks!

    a coxa cox10 kun oldin
    • Did you listen? Those pick swaps in 21 23 25 27 are unprotected. Nets could very well be ass by 25 and 27. If they have a top 3 pick Houston can swap it. That's crazy. Along with the other 3 1sts

      Dimes UpDimes Up9 kun oldin

    Christopher WhitfieldChristopher Whitfield10 kun oldin
  • Jarrett Allen could be a big miss

    Andrew WatsonAndrew Watson10 kun oldin
  • I’m with Charles Barkley let’s sit back and watch this implode

    Andrew WatsonAndrew Watson10 kun oldin
    • How many teams would trade for Kyrie, with all the drama and baggage he comes with?

      Francis ChungFrancis Chung8 kun oldin
    • It let's the Nets have the flexibility to move on from Kyrie next year for a lesser package of guys to compliment KD and Harden.

      dullest penguindullest penguin8 kun oldin
    • I can see it working with James and KD but Kyrie is so unpredictable

      Shane RobinsonShane Robinson10 kun oldin
    • We're gonna sit back and watch anyways, we're not on the court. I'm optimistic for some good scoring and offense from this team should be insane!

      Adam Mares BurnerAdam Mares Burner10 kun oldin
    • I can't see it working, either. Kyrie Irving needs to go.

      Kermit T. FrogKermit T. Frog10 kun oldin
  • Who knows what these guys will do together in Brooklyn, but none of these guys is under contract to be here past 2023. Draft picks past that year could be interesting.

    75 aces75 aces10 kun oldin
  • Thanks for jumping on with a livestream this is awesome from the Ringer!

    Eytan LerbaEytan Lerba10 kun oldin
  • 球只有一顆R 哥

    天鵝爆彈天鵝爆彈10 kun oldin
  • Pacers’ GM pulled one over on the Rockets’ GM getting LeVert for Oladipo. Nets NEVER in a million years would’ve made that trade. LeVert is a better basketball player than Oladipo and doesn’t have the ego/locker room problems Oladipo has AND is on a much better deal. WTF were the Rockets thinking??? Surely the Pacers took advantage of the situation with the Harden trade/drama. WOW!

    Tommy2shoe811Tommy2shoe81110 kun oldin
    • @Dimes Up Levert is signed for 3 years

      porkchop8920porkchop89208 kun oldin
    • Oladipshit is on an expiring contract. He will either be flipped, or bought out. He won't play for Houston.

      R. M.R. M.8 kun oldin
    • Rockets owner wanted to go under the salary tax now that he is rebuilding. Oladipo's contract makes him able to do that.

      Pensando RPGPensando RPG9 kun oldin
    • Levert probably told Houston he won't resign so they found a 3rd team and Dipo was keen to extend there

      Dimes UpDimes Up9 kun oldin
    • Absolutely the pacers wanted to get off that contract and just used this head case to turn into levert... how nice this dude can flat out ball. I'm so glad I picked indiana to make the playoffs now

      Levi SchafferLevi Schaffer10 kun oldin
  • Two ego driven head cases on one team. Get the popcorn ready.

    jonz23mjonz23m10 kun oldin
    • two?

      Enai DeaLukalEnai DeaLukal9 kun oldin
  • He said KD is gonna have to guard Bron now... you think T Prince could guard him 😂

    Trevor Ellis-GuiceTrevor Ellis-Guice10 kun oldin
    • @Trevor Ellis-Guice sure, its not like anyone can EFFECTIVELY guard Lebron, but if Prince was on the roster he definitely would have spent some time guarding Lebron.. now its mostly all on KD

      Enai DeaLukalEnai DeaLukal9 kun oldin
    • @Enai DeaLukal I’m saying who was guarding him in the first place 🤣 KD was gonna have to guard him before the trade too

      Trevor Ellis-GuiceTrevor Ellis-Guice9 kun oldin
    • T Prince can't guard power Forwards.

      Enevra MajestikahEnevra Majestikah9 kun oldin
    • @Enai DeaLukal yeah, Prince went to the Cavs with Allen

      Mentok 302Mentok 3029 kun oldin
    • I think prince was included in the trade

      Enai DeaLukalEnai DeaLukal9 kun oldin
  • They can “play” for 4 or 5 more years but it will be required to play defense and their’s will get much worse as time goes by. Imagine them chasing guys around screens in their mid-30’s. Now that’s great tv.

    Glenn VastineGlenn Vastine10 kun oldin
  • All my homies hate the nets

    Matt SteeleMatt Steele10 kun oldin
  • The pacers and rockets robbed the shit out of Brooklyn

    jared Earlejared Earle10 kun oldin
  • Lol at you holding out hope Harden with play off ball

    Gabriel MunosGabriel Munos10 kun oldin
  • Shame, I was really looking fwd to having a team completely tailored to KD, it won't work like that now with a player like Harden that literally doesn't move if the ball isn't in his hands. They would've made the finals as they were

    Consumo PersonalConsumo Personal10 kun oldin
    • Not sure it was a lock, but they certainly had a shot. Their ceiling might be higher now but I see them imploding much more easily now

      lnd1998lnd199810 kun oldin