It Tastes Better Than You Think

27-Mar, 2021
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We don't recommend adding lawn clippings to your Coke, but you'll be pleasantly surprised at how tasty Grass Soda actually is! The perfect drink to wash down your ants...
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00:00 - Edible Black Ants
02:03 - Build Your Own Ukulele Kit
03:24 - Nam's Bits Cookies
04:20 - Pie Soda
05:39 - 7-in-1 Pen
06:48 - Avocado Squishable
08:35 - Cool Circuits
10:10 - Grass Soda & Dirt Soda

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  • You can also use the 7 in 1 pen for an Apple Pen

    Kate The GreatKate The Great2 soat oldin
  • This happened Just now irl. Us: goes to McDonald’s Mama: can I get an unsweet tea extra ice with that? Worker: sure One we get home: NO ICE AT ALL IN THE DRINK

    Kate The GreatKate The Great2 soat oldin
  • What is ukalele doing

    asima irshadasima irshad10 soat oldin
  • "It tastes better than you think" uhhh yeah plushies and circuits taste awesome...

    Ella Z.Ella Z.17 soat oldin
  • Bruuuh imagine eating A N T S at the school cafeteria

    Mask or ViMask or ViKun oldin
  • is vat19 good?

    Vincent 2021FanVincent 2021FanKun oldin
  • Melba is vat 19 version of Pennywise

    MI gachaMI gachaKun oldin
  • Where is the skip button?

    Therese HeiskanenTherese HeiskanenKun oldin
  • Super Mario XD 3:14

    Dilan McMilanDilan McMilanKun oldin
  • Eating ants Wow ants ate Dead humans and worms WTF

    Adrien AgresteAdrien AgresteKun oldin
  • staff: we have mealworms and crickets. vat19: WE NEED MORE INSECTS!

    muhammad Amsyar Irfan bin udinmuhammad Amsyar Irfan bin udinKun oldin
  • Is it halal?

  • I find it hilarious that old Vat19 ads looked like funny versions of “AS SEEN ON TV” commercials.

    Kim JiminoKim JiminoKun oldin
  • 0:30 and 2:00 are so dumb the ants

  • Swss

    Netero_xdNetero_xdKun oldin
  • Its merciless to eat live ants. Who cares they are still good

    CloudSev125CloudSev1252 kun oldin
  • in the cookie bit people in the uk are probably thinking of maryland cookies like me

    exotic_sunsetsexotic_sunsets2 kun oldin
  • Dirt + Grass soda?

    Roblox FanboyRoblox Fanboy2 kun oldin
  • how squishable is that avocado

    AtemoyaAtemoya2 kun oldin
  • It tastes better than you think? I'll show you infante times infinte 1203029934948373747575757

    Bingbing HuBingbing Hu2 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Enderman Mc ConvilleEnderman Mc Conville2 kun oldin
  • But why?

    PendraPendra2 kun oldin
  • DONT EAT wild ants spiders flies ect

    Leigh Ellen BarnettLeigh Ellen Barnett2 kun oldin
  • The black ant part yeah I HATE IT

    makinun owaesmakinun owaes2 kun oldin
  • Sorry to break the news, but ukeleles are a couple decades out dated

    DeanuhcDeanuhc2 kun oldin
  • dude the title is "It Tastes Better Than You Think" but there is the diy guitar kit the avacado squisible and the cool circuits lol it TASTES better than you think

    OpalotixcOpalotixc3 kun oldin
  • I guess ukeleles are delicious...but how many calories.

    Hat KidHat Kid3 kun oldin
  • I got live ants with the edible ants

    YoMaYoYoMaYo3 kun oldin
  • the avocado squishable add. i can feel it.

    ShiroShiro3 kun oldin
  • im not eating a single ant

    Susel IparraguirreSusel Iparraguirre3 kun oldin
  • Viet-nam's bits nice

    王老师宝妈有约王老师宝妈有约3 kun oldin
  • I hate ants and all bugs except butterflies, snails,and centipedes

    Maram SafiMaram Safi3 kun oldin
  • I am an Indian and eating ants feels disgusting no offence to Americans

    Shlok KulshresthaShlok Kulshrestha3 kun oldin
  • It's yummy i love it

    Euan roi Dela cruzEuan roi Dela cruz3 kun oldin
  • Ah yes, a new hero, *"Melba the pie soda lady"*

    Elite MetrocopElite Metrocop3 kun oldin
  • I wanted to die after the pie soda one

    Shea KellyShea Kelly3 kun oldin
  • If this was a movie I'd watch it all day and night

    goodieboi23goodieboi233 kun oldin
  • Title: It tastes better than you think Video: shows diy ukulele *hol up*

    DanneloDannelo3 kun oldin
  • 3:40 *holup*

    M4J0R3XM4J0R3X3 kun oldin
  • Im scared of grandma she keeps appearing out of no where and giving me sodas

    XxMikasa_uchihaXxMikasa_uchiha4 kun oldin
  • I ate an alive ant

    Sudhrit SarkarSudhrit Sarkar4 kun oldin
  • 4:46 this is in my nightmares now

    Brett ChungBrett Chung4 kun oldin
  • Mmm dirt and grass soda

    Pcox 2Pcox 24 kun oldin
  • 0:46. The vegan teacher:&@$#&@&#$&#&##$#&#

    Alex Plays AlotAlex Plays Alot4 kun oldin
  • them there room mate he he *put real ants in him eating it oh god are these real

    Colin WaddellColin Waddell5 kun oldin
  • Who would even eat the ants?

    Hello hiHello hi5 kun oldin
  • Dude now I wanna drink the drinks at the beginning they look so tasty

    Iron GameplayIron Gameplay5 kun oldin
  • I never got my order from vat19.

    Triston LowryTriston Lowry5 kun oldin
  • Are the ants real?

    Jayla LuisJayla Luis5 kun oldin
  • Wait-the ants are not actually real ants but dead right? If feel bad for the ants if that was true

    Piano Master222Piano Master2225 kun oldin
  • The editable ants are disturbing

    offoff5 kun oldin
  • A N T S

    Bill cipherBill cipher5 kun oldin
  • Ants

    Gentry SpicerGentry Spicer5 kun oldin
  • But no

    Katie SatieKatie Satie5 kun oldin
  • Umm sorry Butno thanks

    Katie SatieKatie Satie5 kun oldin
  • If world has no food anymore, you can eat ants.

    admiXadmiX5 kun oldin
  • No tanks 🐜

    Charlotte TodorokiCharlotte Todoroki5 kun oldin
  • Mobile game ads that are unskipable: 🤮 People who makes ads like this: 🔥

    Panda PlayerYTPanda PlayerYT5 kun oldin
  • I don't think I'll ever eat bugs.

    Nightflight The ArtistNightflight The Artist6 kun oldin
  • mix it

    Andrew RiveraAndrew Rivera6 kun oldin
  • You can not eat ants if you are elegiac to rhem

    Keke BirdKeke Bird6 kun oldin
  • These skits never fail to amaze me

    Sean The _NoobSean The _Noob6 kun oldin
  • OK! I would like to inform you that Jamie was indeed correct when he called it an ukulele (oo-koo-le-le). IT TRIGERS ME HOW EVERYONE ELSE SAID IT!

    Eve AugustainEve Augustain6 kun oldin
  • My cat loves grass soda

    May am i an idiotMay am i an idiot6 kun oldin
  • 👋 👨 its me let's 🥳

    Jacob primo Brawl stars ClJacob primo Brawl stars Cl6 kun oldin
  • 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜

    Jacob primo Brawl stars ClJacob primo Brawl stars Cl6 kun oldin
  • Why can't you make a diy populala I will definitely buy it

    DinaDreamerDinaDreamer6 kun oldin
  • Title: it tastes better than you think Vat 19: *ukulele*

    Gacha _roses2009Gacha _roses20096 kun oldin
  • Before smashing the ukulele of jamies mario ukulele theme

    Lim jing Xuan with barneyLim jing Xuan with barney6 kun oldin
  • asparagus

  • Wait are they actual ants?

    Gand ozzGand ozz6 kun oldin
  • **snorts ants**

    Get Garbage LOLGet Garbage LOL6 kun oldin
  • ;-----;

    •b̤̮ ṳ̮ n̤̮ p̤̮ l̤̮ a̤̮ y̤̮ s̤̮ •̤̮•b̤̮ ṳ̮ n̤̮ p̤̮ l̤̮ a̤̮ y̤̮ s̤̮ •̤̮6 kun oldin
  • Yep, I do like eating 7-in-1 pens. How did you know?

    B TubeB Tube7 kun oldin
  • Ukulele is tasty

    Cleon Ze Cyan Stick figureCleon Ze Cyan Stick figure7 kun oldin
  • Imagine going to the guest and liek you want soem dirt soda

    Irene Chim Ai LingIrene Chim Ai Ling7 kun oldin
  • Do you mean very real as in buyable or real ants?

    Inked The demonInked The demon7 kun oldin
  • I kind of want that 7-in-1 pen ngl

    Irish Thai EliveraIrish Thai Elivera7 kun oldin
  • Ahh yes my favorite food: stuffed toys

    The Dreamer everyone sees for some reasonThe Dreamer everyone sees for some reason7 kun oldin
  • I would like to make a complaint. I bought the ukulele and it tasted DISGUSTING.

    Bee TeeBee Tee7 kun oldin
  • I WANT sOME:(

    Monineath SokMonineath Sok7 kun oldin
  • Cambodia don’t eat ants _ why......

    Monineath SokMonineath Sok7 kun oldin
  • That laugh 😆

    Logan LeLogan Le7 kun oldin
  • Please tell me the ants arent real ants

    fhjjjftfhjjjft8 kun oldin

    Javaria FarooqiJavaria Farooqi8 kun oldin
  • Eat a ants 🤒

    Dazlyn WoeDazlyn Woe8 kun oldin
  • Ants? In Malaysia we hate ants-

    •Itz_Rin ••Itz_Rin •8 kun oldin
  • 10:29

    Adrian Asher ReyesAdrian Asher Reyes8 kun oldin
  • You are the best

    kiran Kakeskiran Kakes8 kun oldin
  • Imagine if the black ants were discontinued....

    PanaramicsPanaramics8 kun oldin
  • Just just why would you want to eat ants just why?

    Saee KhadseSaee Khadse8 kun oldin
  • The 7 in 1 pen was very delicious more delicious than I thought thanks vat19 but how do I un- turn my tongue black

    dummy pg3ddummy pg3d8 kun oldin
  • Quickly we need to find a way to sell our pie sodas wait I know what we need a creepy nanny who can fit in any spot has multiple arms and can stretch them people are not going to get nightmares they are going to want to buy our sodas

    Tammy EricksonTammy Erickson8 kun oldin
  • Yes

    amandalee1009amandalee10098 kun oldin
  • "it tastes better than you think!" *Shows a ukulele*

    squishalish YTsquishalish YT8 kun oldin
  • What if real ants get into the fake ant packet and then u realise ur eating fake ants and real ants

    Dylan SmithDylan Smith8 kun oldin
  • I really want to buy them but if I wan not poor student I would have buy all of them

    Wenyue CuiWenyue Cui9 kun oldin
  • My ask me for what

    Ivan RDZ storiesIvan RDZ stories9 kun oldin
  • They actually good

    Ivan RDZ storiesIvan RDZ stories9 kun oldin
  • Satan: 'I fear no man. But that thing...' Points at people who dislike Vat19 videos 'It scares me'

    Minecraft BasicsMinecraft Basics9 kun oldin