It's Here! The HEROES Act 2.0 | What you MUST Know!

29-Sen, 2020
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Second Stimulus Check & Package Update. Enjoy! - Add me on Instagram: Irv.Official
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The Heroes Act was passed by the U.S. House on May 15th and the U.S. Senate is finally in session. However they may wait until mid to late June to take up debting and passing more stimulus payments for the American people. New ideas and proposals are taking shape. We discuss the stimulus check, the second stimulus check, stimulus unemployment, the SBA PPP Loan, the EIDL loan, the forgivable loan, and the upcoming stimulus package.
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Phases we've had:
Phase 1: Test Funding
Phase 2: Health and Hospitals Funding
Phase 3: CARES Act ($1,200 Stimulus Checks, PPP, EIDL)
Phase 3.5: More PPP, EIDL Money for Small Biz
Phase 4: Heroes Act (Pending extra $1,200)
IRS (Try calling before 11am for less hold time): 1-800-919-9835
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  • I'm curious to hear your thoughts on whether The Heroes Act 2.0 passes or not. Second Channel & Podcast:

    Irv OfficialIrv Official22 kun oldin
    • I do not think someone who owes back child support should collect money in a stimulus ahead of his children. They don't care that their children go without. I do not care if he goes without. And it's doubtful the republicans will allow that.

      Michelle EaveyMichelle Eavey19 kun oldin
    • What Nancy Pelosi has her eye on is a slimmed down HEROS Act. It will be rejected I think and the Problem Solvers bill is better for the people due to the fact it isnt full of raises for Goverment officials. Let Fancy Nancy eat her Icecream in a mask free hair salon...

      W. R.W. R.21 kun oldin
    • I think it's unfair that there's Nothing in this package for ESSENTIAL workers!! This is very disappointing!! We have been out here risking Our Life's for Others. Not knowing from day to day if we have contracted this Virus or Not!! Some of Us barely make enough Money to make Ends meet!! Help me Understand this!!! 😥 😥 😥

      Katrina ClaytonKatrina Clayton21 kun oldin
    • I also think that any economist " that's worth his or her salt, would take the time to show how that can work. But that it would infaticly Work. And much,much faster than bailing out airlines or any other large traveling business. Since the Dems and Reps have purposely dragged their feet so long. That there just won't be a HERO'S act Of any kind. Not even it's a foney one.

      Victoria NelsonVictoria Nelson21 kun oldin
    • Businesses disagree with the hero's act. The first one. The real one. And you can be very sure that they maid themselves known. But you can be equally sure that they won't stand up and show their face to you and me. So what ever happened to "Make America Strong" It got shot down. By no other than big and greedy business. Just as usual. So! If the real hero's don't get that money. You know the real Americans that I am talking about. The poor , the middle class, or just the ones that are so, very hurt by all of this. You see, its just this simple. If we get it, we'll spread it around. Since that there is no place to go We would take "advantage of this time to pay bills off. Put some twards the future", but no!

      Victoria NelsonVictoria Nelson21 kun oldin
  • I don’t want to hear all the song and dance from them anymore. Show me the money!!! That’s the thing that will help the American people.

    Sally HowellSally Howell2 kun oldin
  • We all don’t know if we going to get another stimulus check after November 4 election time

    Kimberly WojciechowskiKimberly Wojciechowski9 kun oldin
  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  • What i find funny is that we are watching a movie. All of this government crap has been prerecorded and full of body doubles. Nobody us who they seem. Plenty of content providers have compared prerecorded Trump pictures with present day pictures and not the same. Close but no cigar

    A VaporA Vapor16 kun oldin
  • Way do we keep hearing of this .i have my trust in God as we slowly lose food and house.

    Rhonda MalleckRhonda Malleck17 kun oldin
  • I'm new to your page Hello! Liked and subscribed!!!!

    Brittney TaylorBrittney Taylor17 kun oldin
  • How do I get more info on mortgage forbearance?

    a pereza perez17 kun oldin
  • I have not receive the first one

    Arlene AllenArlene Allen17 kun oldin
  • Can your please report new when everything pass

    Barbara JohnsonBarbara Johnson18 kun oldin
    • I will. Many have messaged me to keep them updated along the way as well so that’s why you see these weekly updates. 👌

      Irv OfficialIrv Official18 kun oldin
  • Are we going to get our money or not quit beating around the bush let us know yes or no we're going hungry I don't have money to pay our bills so let us know the truth now

    Patricia LeatherwoodPatricia Leatherwood18 kun oldin
  • God Bless Trump and wife pray for Trump and his wife God take care of them and please let me get well so we can have him for our president so he can do his job we all hoping and praying for y'all amen

    Patricia LeatherwoodPatricia Leatherwood18 kun oldin
  • I dont believe it until i see it on my account

    Miriam RuizMiriam Ruiz18 kun oldin
  • I am on disability and i am now homeless because i was evicted. Is ther any help for me to get a home asap

    Tracy KoeppenTracy Koeppen18 kun oldin
  • What about our Bill's. Water/ electric We had a loss of income when this pandemic started It's hard to pay these bills and be on time with rent...all the American people need help

    Salvatore GaglianoSalvatore Gagliano19 kun oldin
  • Is never going to pass anymore congress do give a 💩 if people hungry loosing homes, children hungry. Remember them when voting how they cared for us all.

    Maria ReyesMaria Reyes19 kun oldin
  • Won’t pass they added a bunch of stuff into it. No use in watching. I watch another guy that doesn’t beat around the bush. He said it won’t pass senate 😢

    sheryl morrellsheryl morrell19 kun oldin
  • Talk, talk , but no date for sure , The clowns r still juggling and slapping each other .

    Jesus LozanoJesus Lozano19 kun oldin
  • Disgraceful

    Rae WrightRae Wright19 kun oldin
  • How about giving the ones that havent got the first ck a check now! I could sure use it

    Sheila LesterSheila Lester19 kun oldin

    Sun ShineSun Shine19 kun oldin
  • Thank you

    Kalia VangKalia Vang19 kun oldin
    • You're welcome

      Irv OfficialIrv Official16 kun oldin
  • Are we getting a second stilmus check or what every one i ask they said it. Pass is it a lie

    mike Arledgemike Arledge19 kun oldin
  • When will the set stemlus check be sent out

    Brenda ForgusonBrenda Forguson19 kun oldin
  • Hazard pay for us essential workers?

    Jordan MerrittJordan Merritt19 kun oldin
  • I don't believe that it will pass and I don't think we will see anything till next year!

    Frank GrimesFrank Grimes19 kun oldin
  • If adult dependents can't get 1200 unemployment shouldn't get 600 cause they also get 1200! Treat all as equals!

    Barbara ComeauxBarbara Comeaux20 kun oldin
  • No hazard pay is unacceptable, vote them all out!

    Brian PeckBrian Peck20 kun oldin
  • I am on SSDI and survivors benefits and was claimed as a dependent on first stimulus ck so in this second stimulus package our saying we dependents will only get $500 not $1200?? And if so who will it get sent to??

    Patricia MarquezPatricia Marquez20 kun oldin
  • Sorry but the Senate will not be passing this bill. It's dead on arrival!!

    Kathie KoreskoKathie Koresko20 kun oldin
  • Irv you are the only one I watch on a regular basis in reference to the stimulus checks information. You are very articulate and your presentations are excellent. Great job! my fellow Hispanic brother 😊👍

    Melinda TMelinda T20 kun oldin
  • You're absolutely right we've been through this crap before! STAY OFF THE INTERNET UNTIL YOU HAVE THE MONEY IN YOUR HAND!

    Michael EllisMichael Ellis20 kun oldin

    Brain FartBrain Fart20 kun oldin
  • Dang still no agreement is pelosi and schumer. Their way or the highway. Evil demons.😡😈

    Maria ReyesMaria Reyes20 kun oldin
  • Lol. Noone is getting anything at this rate

    gaming timegaming time20 kun oldin
  • Well they already Crushed Voting & Passing on that 1....even though Trump wrote a Big Ole Check to keep the Gov Open & Running so they can do that done this Week. But everything’s a Fight between Politicians now. Grow The Frick Up‼️🤨

    Lisa. Marie WilliamsLisa. Marie Williams20 kun oldin
    • Excuse me..”So they can ‘get’ that done this Week.” 😬 Oopsy‼️😳 My Bad! 🙄

      Lisa. Marie WilliamsLisa. Marie Williams20 kun oldin
  • Thank you for keeping us all updated on the money because we sure can use it and god bless you and your family

    Deanna HarlessDeanna Harless21 kun oldin
  • 1200 crumbs they have leftover $$$ from the first stimulus give those $$$ to the American People along with the.other crumbs stimulate America Do The Right Thing for a change

    Shirron KnoxShirron Knox21 kun oldin
  • Yes I feel some kind of way about me working hard through this Corona Virus and I see they ain’t nothing for I and Americans going through I still hanging there staying strong and safe I hope I can get a check thank you for being there for us Americans

    Jeanette MarreroJeanette Marrero21 kun oldin
  • I don’t think this bill is going to pass the Senate,Trump’s going to have to do And Executive Order in order for us to get Stimulus money!

    FUBAR 2020FUBAR 202021 kun oldin
  • We the Essential Workers gets Nothing out of this Package!! I feel this is unacceptable!! If we all decided not to go to Work All Essential Workers... The World would be at a Stand Still. Some of Us Risk Our Life's Everyday for Less than 20,000 dollar a Year this is Sad... We can barely put food on the table.. Some business only gave Us a .25 cent to 1.00 hazard pay increase.. Yet the price's have double on Food, Cleaning Supplies, Clothing Shoes... You Name It!! This is Very Disappointing 😥 😥

    Katrina ClaytonKatrina Clayton21 kun oldin
  • And my whole team , even the actual employees the entire warehouse worried , scared we be next!! Yes I very much!! Agree essential workers should be noticed big risks we all took do our human right part

    douglas martindouglas martin21 kun oldin
  • IAM , was essential personnel biggest food supply in maryland !! Smithfield foods md.

    douglas martindouglas martin21 kun oldin
  • I agree.. as one of the people that has been on the frontline threw this whole pandemic, there should be something , anything for all of us. They are funding everyone but the people who have helped keep the world running. I mean let's be honest , without the frontline workers noone would be making any money for them to be funding everyone else..... It is really sad! I'm truelly offended at the complete disregard of our efforts by the government !!!

    beau copplebeau copple21 kun oldin
  • As a respiratory therapist in the LITERAL line of fire we get nothing and that’s disheartening. Hazard pay hasn’t even been mentioned and in some research we don’t even qualify as essential workers. Make that make sense!😩😞😠

    CC SmithCC Smith21 kun oldin
  • Everybody should get the same amount.

    rhonda mitchellrhonda mitchell21 kun oldin
  • If it hasn't been approved yet stop talking about it until it do

    Robert BrownRobert Brown21 kun oldin
  • When

    Lucy SerranoLucy Serrano21 kun oldin
  • Definitely would like more info on heros act.

    Wanda HastyWanda Hasty21 kun oldin
  • Once they actually pass something then I will be ok I pay mire taxes than trump and we can’t even get a damn stimulus check that’s bs of you ask me. Trust me you don’t want to see my paychecks all the tax deductions are insane

    claudia duarteclaudia duarte21 kun oldin
  • Folks keep asking why this is taking so long to pass. Think about who's making the decisions on it, people who don't need the help. That's why they can go on vacation and breaks while we work our asses off trying to keep the country's head above water. They all need to be fired Republicans, Democrats and all those in between. Ask any of them how much a gallon of milk is, most wont be able to tell you. The kicker is that a lot of these Senators and Congressmen have been businessmen and lawyers, professions that have to be able to come to agreements as fast as possible for the best outcomes, yet these folks are waffling for jockeying for position.

    NEWYORKNIGHT1974NEWYORKNIGHT197421 kun oldin
  • Just asking how could you applyfor them grant to get your roof done the Milwaukee wisconsin area and who to call

    James HerremanJames Herreman21 kun oldin
  • I really wish all these UZworldrs that do the channel like this that has to do with the stimulus package would stop until the bill is voted on I mean it's ridiculous everyday I get five different UZworld videos at least and it's the same thing on everyone yeah one might be funnier than the other bring it to life more than the other but it's still the same thing being said it's aggravating to America I'm not sure if you UZworldrs know this or not but this actually makes you lose subscribers and likes

    Jolene FischerJolene Fischer21 kun oldin
  • Thank you @irvofficial !!!!! I appreciate you staying with this. Your dedication will make you be a friend of mine till the end. I secured a credit card with my last Stimulous. $250. I also studied my score and how to improve it. I pay bills on time. The only thing holding me back is I have never bought a car or home. I am newly divorced well 6 years ago. It took that long for my credit to become "workable". I couldn't buy a home right away. Thank goodness for my Mom. She's an agent. I'm looking for a home and I may be able to purchase under the first time buyers program. I've written 1 earnest check but lost that house to a higher offer. My credit was in the low 5??, just 2 years ago. I now sit at an 8 FICO and my scores are 711, 743, 722. It's amazing! And I also got an ULTA card understanding I needed to establish more credit. I noticed it hada $1,000.00 limit. It's not just for Ulta, IT'S ALSO a Master Card. So THANK YOU SIR, PROPS FOR ALL THE GOOD INFO. And my Mom came home from getting her taxes and curiously informed me I WOULD NOT BE GETTING A STIMULUS CHECK. I know She Wants To Claim Me ( as I live with her after my home burned down) I KNEW BETTER THANKS TO YOU BUDDY!!!!! THANK YOU!! MUCH LOVE TO YOUR FAMILY. SPREADING GOOD VIBES AND WISHING GREAT THINGS!

    Jusdoinme StaceJusdoinme Stace21 kun oldin
  • Yes the essential workers need to be paid something for working from the beginning of this pandemic and still haven’t gotten anything. I have worked since this whole pandemic began. The reason the essential workers haven’t been included in the package is because they think we aren’t that important but what they forget is that if it wasn’t for us essential workers there wouldn’t be anything or businesses opened so how are we not that important? Can someone answer that for me?

    Veda Pauline DavisVeda Pauline Davis22 kun oldin
    • I know right.

      Renee LaplanteRenee Laplante19 kun oldin
  • Good morning Irv sounds better but they could have helped us sooner. I think it might pass but lost hope on positive it will.

    Tracy SnyderTracy Snyder22 kun oldin
  • Ok. So my husband worked the entire time through this on a farm. He has not received any money from the hero's fund. Who qualifies for the hero money from the first act? Is there really a way to get help with a roof for a homeowner through this new bill? Can you qualify if your house is paid off or do you have to still have a mortgage?

    wanita breedlovewanita breedlove22 kun oldin
  • I need a check or my hand won't be able to vote😅

    Margarita PerezMargarita Perez22 kun oldin

    Alberta FranklinAlberta Franklin22 kun oldin
  • If they don't have a social security card did they don't need a stimulus check this is America it were supposed to help Americans so if they want help they need to get it from their country thank you !!!

    Michael SchislerMichael Schisler22 kun oldin
  • Thank u for letting me kno that a Heroes Act 2 is finally passing. Has been really hard for us here at home. So need the $. ♡♡♡

    Marlene RigalMarlene Rigal22 kun oldin
  • I work for Uber how & what do I need to do to get a business loan

    Andrea FryAndrea Fry22 kun oldin
  • I like you man you get to the point

  • Okay it's nice to hear they are looking out for the home owners what about the ones who worked through the pandemic and still is working through it. The front line needs something as well we put our lives on the line.

    Shantele PetersShantele Peters22 kun oldin
  • I agree essential workers should get something

    Shantele PetersShantele Peters22 kun oldin
  • Still No Hazard pay!!😤

    Angelina TagliarinoAngelina Tagliarino22 kun oldin
  • wont be passed.

    Minnadesu99Minnadesu9922 kun oldin
  • I so agree us essential workers should get some hazard pay. Been working since the pandemic and never once missed a day.

    Monica BishopMonica Bishop22 kun oldin
  • Good evening you sir what about hazards pay for the front line workers that worked from Jan February March to now of the month September I hope government talk about this money for the front workers like my self and many many other workers that still working now thank you sir for channel keep the good work IAM out

    vance Bennettivance Bennetti22 kun oldin
  • Good evening you sir what about hazards pay for the front line workers that worked from Jan February March to now of the month September I hope government talk about this money for the front workers like my self and many many other workers that still working now thank you sir for channel keep the good work IAM out

    vance Bennettivance Bennetti22 kun oldin
  • 129 long pine way dalton Georgia 30721

    william Ridleywilliam Ridley22 kun oldin
  • william clifford Ridley jr social security number 256 33 3492

    william Ridleywilliam Ridley22 kun oldin
  • Okay you know what is this the fourth bill because it's ridiculous and redundant a downright stupid I'm starting to feel that the American people which is me ain't going to get no money they've been talking about this since May I'm the first stimulus check and they still talking about it I know a lot of people feel like I do I'm starting to believe that we ain't going to get it I repeat we ain't going to get it

    Nina PaulNina Paul22 kun oldin
  • Ty Irv for the info you are the best God Bless

    Terri GreerTerri Greer22 kun oldin
  • I’m a school bus driver/custodian and we worked through the whole pandemic since March we even delivered food door to door for students cleaned the schools. Now the virus is in are area

    Aaron ArsenaultAaron Arsenault22 kun oldin
  • Are you for real the presidential debates going on man

    FaithfulFaithful22 kun oldin
  • I don't understand why there's so many people trying to tell us Americans about the stimulus check but they don't know as we do ...stop wasting our time with this... SMH

    Ruby LewisRuby Lewis22 kun oldin
  • People really need to pay attention the republican senate will be denying that on site but will pray because voting already started got to get out they make me sick . Crooked self don't even really pay taxes some american !!!2021 change !

    Ashley RamosAshley Ramos22 kun oldin
  • Still waiting for the date. Tired of this could pass.....voted them out of office

    Diane HawthorneDiane Hawthorne22 kun oldin

    Della ReidDella Reid22 kun oldin
  • You probably won’t read this comment because you get so many followers but I really appreciate your videos because you give needed information and you don’t post every single day unless you have new info

    J MitchJ Mitch22 kun oldin
    • Irv Official Whenever you speak you sound very genuine and real that’s why I watch you and you provide information and your help inspire. I like to inspire you with one of my songs listen to the lyrics and it will bless you. It’s Titled “Follow Your Dreams” note I don’t have as many followers as u! 95k I have about 5 but I do have great music to Inspire people

      J MitchJ Mitch22 kun oldin
    • I write all of my messages man 😃

      Irv OfficialIrv Official22 kun oldin
    • Is this really you responding or a Team Reading your messages for you

      J MitchJ Mitch22 kun oldin
    • Glad I’m able to provide you value 👍

      Irv OfficialIrv Official22 kun oldin
  • How does essential worker go about getting help? Can anybody point me in the right direction please.

    james mcloughlinjames mcloughlin22 kun oldin
  • Bring it on

    Latonjia RenteriaLatonjia Renteria22 kun oldin
  • Thank you for your info I look forward to your videos.❤️👍 Need to find out about renters help for the seniors can you direct me? If it passes I need to find out about it Thank you for all you do.

    Sandy RaymondSandy Raymond22 kun oldin
  • I agree!

    Peggy McKennyPeggy McKenny22 kun oldin
  • Carol Morgan. Agree with you 100%. Nothing for the senior citizens. Hope is not 12hundred we have backup bills .

    Bora JulienBora Julien22 kun oldin
  • Thanks bro!! Good to hear!! A little disappointed tho with nothing extra going to the essential workers that has worked extreme overtime thru this whole deal.....

    Eric BucklesEric Buckles22 kun oldin
  • I think everyone with has worked through this should get something

    Jackie LloydJackie Lloyd22 kun oldin
  • They should have had this done

    Jackie LloydJackie Lloyd22 kun oldin
  • Thanks so much for the update! Will be 🙏 sounds like something of substance but we have heard it before. Bless you have a great evening!

    Angel SpaldingAngel Spalding22 kun oldin
  • Does it help with property taxes of home owners?

    Debbie CorriherDebbie Corriher22 kun oldin
  • Ok damn they got the who lets get the when were starving to death out here!

    Constance McGarrhConstance McGarrh22 kun oldin
  • Thank you, wow..... so much and lets hope it all definitely passes!!!!

    Jeanne BautistaJeanne Bautista22 kun oldin
  • Just a thought when did the unemployment now get 300.00 . I had to sign a paper to get this several weeks ago. Nothing yet where is this money???

    Lori SeatonLori Seaton22 kun oldin

    Joyce HughesJoyce Hughes22 kun oldin
    • It’s Nancy!

      FUBAR 2020FUBAR 202021 kun oldin
  • Chrystalblack42mail 5916piper ave lansing michigan

    Chrystal BlackChrystal Black22 kun oldin
  • Definitely agree it sucks that some of us are still struggling and been struggling to maintain even with a job constantly working through this pandemic trying to avoid risk every second we are on the clock on top of not wanting to risk losing our job being denied for unemployment even with a tremendous drop in hour's at work on top of taking away the hazards pay even with a increase with cases in our state , essential workers definitely deserve a large compensation of some sort , seems like it's a freaking curse being a essential worker if that's the case i would rather sit home and quarantine while getting paid triple for being at home collecting instead of risking myself and family everyday for minimum wage struggling to make ends meet 😷🤦😢🤒😠

    short roc 215short roc 21522 kun oldin
  • grandparents with custody of grandchildren how would we recieve the 500.00child depended funds ?

    Corinthian WhiteCorinthian White22 kun oldin
  • I agree I'm putting my life at risk right now I'm a house keeper in a nursing home they don't care

    Jessica HamletJessica Hamlet22 kun oldin