It's So ON: Ram TRX vs. Shelby F-150 Super Snake vs. Raptor Drag Race Surprise!

9-Yan, 2021
583 336 Ko‘rishlar soni

( ) It's a drag race of epic proportions! In this video, our brand new Ram TRX has to fend off not one, not two but three differently tuned versions of the Ford F-150. Will the 702 horsepower supercharged super-truck prevail, or will one of the Fords send it (and the other trucks) home packing? The results are surprising, to say the least!
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  • That was awesome guys. Thanks again for the great content.

    Anthony SourdiffAnthony Sourdiff17 kun oldin
    • a!!!!!!

      Bryan JamisolaBryan Jamisola8 kun oldin
    • @Cummins12valve !!! aaaaa

      Bryan JamisolaBryan Jamisola8 kun oldin
    • the Ram TRX was unbelievebly faster than the Shelby Super Snake lol

      ItzTheVoidItzTheVoid11 kun oldin
    • The Shelby was a dog.

      Cummins12valve !!!Cummins12valve !!!17 kun oldin
  • Does 5 star have a tune for the Raptor?

    Larry FordLarry Ford3 soat oldin
  • The lighter 5 star truck is impressive! I love this segment!

    James ES44AC -2James ES44AC -24 soat oldin
  • Lol that tune must have taken 300hp off the Shelby 😂

    Austin JessupAustin Jessup4 soat oldin
  • Well now that was a interesting video and if you don't want to get the horn don't mess with the ram

    David AbdrnathyDavid Abdrnathy9 soat oldin
  • These trucks are beating sports car and super car 0-60 times from the 90s and early 00s. That’s insane.

    brettwrbbrettwrb9 soat oldin
  • What is in the blue truck. I can’t here the video at work.

    Brandon daneBrandon dane10 soat oldin
  • I feel like these guys are just trying to sell a tune

    Asahel SegoviaAsahel Segovia14 soat oldin
  • Horrible tuning on that Shelby 😂

    AlexisAlexis20 soat oldin
  • The Ram is sooo powerful!!!!! I want one now lol

    Joshua DornblaserJoshua Dornblaser21 soat oldin
  • only 3 guys on UZworld who can take 4 of the baddest trucks and ruin it your "drag races" are pathetic none of you have a reaction time worth a damn and somehow even with the coolest vehicles you make the most boring videos

    mike Peterson'smike Peterson'sKun oldin
  • Something ain’t right here with the Shelby

    Rohit PaddaRohit PaddaKun oldin
  • In a longer drag race the Shelby could possibly beat the TRX. But I'd still choose the TRX. Great video guys!

    David DickersonDavid DickersonKun oldin
  • Maybe 5 star can tune that TRX back to a base model like it did for the Shelby

    SherbySherbyKun oldin
  • I raced a Shelby truck in my twin turbo 3.0 Bmw and he was right there with me. -5 star tune 🤣

    Kenny PowersKenny PowersKun oldin
  • Embrace it while you got it RAM TRX... As soon as Ford releases the Raptor GT with the 5.2 Predator it will once again be the fastest and baddest truck! So Dodge will only have 7 or 8 months on top of the hill before they get man handled by the brand they copied in every way shape and Form

    Colten GillColten GillKun oldin

      Colten GillColten GillKun oldin
  • I want to see the Raptor vs TRX in OFF ROAD ACTIVITIES. Good God its like people forget that sports cars *are small for a reason*

    DonJigglyDonJigglyKun oldin
  • Ew Ford

    Nick nickNick nickKun oldin
  • Trx is nice but after being behind the wheel of both, I find it hilarious that you would put super Snake that's running on half power against the trx . I have a friend with a stock super Snake that will outrun all 3 of these other pu

    Texas Rebel Country CowboyTexas Rebel Country CowboyKun oldin
  • Toyota Tundra supercharged vs RAM rebel Trx do it both sub 5sec trucks

    C0ldyloxProductionsC0ldyloxProductionsKun oldin
  • I suspect sabotage

    Chris EdwardsChris Edwards2 kun oldin
  • Mopar all day

    nothing nothingnothing nothing2 kun oldin
  • Uhmmmm I think I'm gonna tune my ecoboost now 😲😲

    Steeleo KontosSteeleo Kontos2 kun oldin
  • Is it me or did they did not line up the trucks right

    Jonathan WigginsJonathan Wiggins2 kun oldin
  • The 5 star evo boost surprised me. Not bad for a v6 .

    R KovacsR Kovacs2 kun oldin
  • Wow 702 hp out runs 750 hp with a tune something diff wrong with that tune

    Bobby StinsonBobby Stinson2 kun oldin
  • “I got a 6.4”....”I got a 6.7 so your quicker than me.” 🤔

    D BD B3 kun oldin
  • Hey why not spend $120k for a Shelby right? That’s down right embarrassing is what that is.

    D BD B3 kun oldin
  • no shit a turbo beats supercharger in 0-60 role race... whole different story

    Jacob PsutkaJacob Psutka3 kun oldin
  • 5 Star better stick to tuning Ecoboost's because their 5.0 tuning sucks ass, LMAO!!!

    02autogt02autogt3 kun oldin
  • I’d be extremely pissed if I paid for that Shelby and got my ass handed to me by an eco boost. They have got to be lying about the horsepower.

    Cars, trucks, Motorcycles and stuffCars, trucks, Motorcycles and stuff3 kun oldin
  • Hey 5 ⭐️ the least you could do is retune and redeem shelby’s honor. Damn it shifted rough

    Sean DaManSean DaMan4 kun oldin
  • Shelby is just heavy, do a roll race from 40mph and it may be different. A longer straight track would be cool!

    Josh CJosh C4 kun oldin
  • Man I thought the trx exhaust sounded good but that shelby wow awesome great episode guys

    Patrick MPatrick M4 kun oldin
  • That shelby was flat. My slightly modded tuned 5.9 Cummins would eat that

    olsparky wisenheimerolsparky wisenheimer4 kun oldin
  • Man, for the F-150 EcoBoost to stay in 1st Place up against the TRX for about 4-5 seconds the moment they started the race is still impressive, even if it did lose at the end.

    Skellybur ColumbusSkellybur Columbus4 kun oldin
  • Why the Shelby sound like when we slowly let air out of a balloon????

    Nathaniel ZervosNathaniel Zervos4 kun oldin
  • That’s what happens when you have so much power you spin halfway down the track

    Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson4 kun oldin
  • The Shelby needs different suspension. Off road suspension kills drag times. It sinks all weight to the back before taking off. It needs much better traction in launching.

    King SoloKing Solo4 kun oldin
  • That canvas shell is creating drag on that raptor. It’s basically handicapping it.

    NG ChannelNG Channel4 kun oldin
  • In case anyone new to this channel, these guys hate Ford and are almost NEVER truthful with their races Along with Motor Trend who also lie and fake races lol. Nothing was wrong with the shelby except the person driving it😂

    Andres SchmittleAndres Schmittle4 kun oldin
  • What are all the gear ratios? Did Shelby change the gearing with the bigger tires and more power?

    AlexaAlexa4 kun oldin
  • Stopped watching when you guys clearly trolled with the Shelby super snake. Somethings obviously wrong with it.

    Trent PorterTrent Porter4 kun oldin
  • How can it lose to a Trx when u say it’s got 750 with a tune 😂 and then it loses to a stock trx lol

    Kolby JamesKolby James4 kun oldin
  • But which one would out live a Tacoma 😂

    Felipe fc1Felipe fc15 kun oldin
  • All th Ford need is a bigger super charger like the trx is massive and supers snakes dinky lol nice truck though sad to see trx win

    Grease LightningGrease Lightning5 kun oldin
  • Brake lights on shelby crossing finish line? Fake news.

    Cody BarnesCody Barnes5 kun oldin
  • So I guess dodge was paying the most money here

    Doug NavaDoug Nava5 kun oldin
  • 1/2 the motor size and the trx could still barely beat it!! FORD power baby!!

    Kevo ThomasKevo Thomas5 kun oldin
  • I call bullshit

    Michael RodriguezMichael Rodriguez5 kun oldin
  • I have seen a non tuned shelby do 4.7 to 60 pretty much consistently so I think something is wrong with his shelby

    That1guy81That1guy815 kun oldin
  • Next time do a race with with weight differences (ie) beautiful women behind the wheel? Just a thought.

    RedRiderRedRider5 kun oldin
  • When is chevy gonna produce a performance offroad/street muscle truck

    black iceblack ice5 kun oldin
  • There is no replacement for displacement!!

    Josh BennettJosh Bennett5 kun oldin
    • Lol, actually there is, it's called boost

      Kevo ThomasKevo Thomas5 kun oldin
  • someone explain to me how a shelby with a tune is slower than an f150 with a tune and both trucks are tuned by the same company. how did no one bother question the results of this race. the numbers literally don't make sense.

    lyin4rmulyin4rmu6 kun oldin
  • These dudes look like they’re going 50 mph over the line 😂 what a joke

    Joey MeisenheimerJoey Meisenheimer6 kun oldin
  • With another 1.2 liters, it would have been very embarrassing for the TRX to have lost. Get a tune on the Shelby and it will be a lot better.

    Bob StoverBob Stover6 kun oldin
  • All that work and racing maybe 1/16 of a mile

    Clayton YatesClayton Yates6 kun oldin
  • Yes ! TRX Baby !!! Great video !

    Tappadara WestTappadara West6 kun oldin
  • TFL, do you really think that Shelby is that slow? There is something wrong with that truck. Did the owner fill it with diesel?

  • *I can hear Carroll Shelby rolling in his grave. Looks like there’s a new King of the pickups now.*

    r e v e l a r e_ XVIIr e v e l a r e_ XVII6 kun oldin
  • Blue F150 gets twice the mpg and still keeps up with the TRX

    Richard OldfieldRichard Oldfield6 kun oldin
  • Not ford fan, but Shelby could need an adjustment on a/f ratio for full throttle at a mile above sea level

    Daniel 1kDaniel 1k6 kun oldin
  • I don't believe the Shelby got beat like that. I've seen other Shelby race videos and it dominated!

    Danny FulbrightDanny Fulbright6 kun oldin
  • Shit drag race

    Levani LevanigioLevani Levanigio6 kun oldin
  • Why did you need a supercharged V8 to run down a little six banger with some sneezy 🐌 ? That dodge should have smoked that ecoboost a lot more then it did

    Ace CaldwellAce Caldwell6 kun oldin
  • TRX lottsa smiles! Mopar or no car!

    Steve MSteve M6 kun oldin
  • That was bull crap!!! That Shelby would’ve done a lot faster than that. They didn’t have the tune on or something.

    Wes P’s WorldWes P’s World6 kun oldin
  • Spoiler alert the Truck won

    C BC B6 kun oldin
  • I can’t stand watching you guys y’all purposely messed up the tune on that Shelby so y’all can promote the TRX

    Bigfoot exists Oklahoma okieBigfoot exists Oklahoma okie6 kun oldin
  • I would’ve like to have seen the Raptor and crew cab F150 race without the tune on the blue truck... I still think it would’ve at least kept up, given the weight difference, especially the difference in unsprung weight. And it looked like even the Raptor was quicker than the Shelby.... the Shelby’s performance was just embarrassing, given it’s supposed output. I’d like to see all of these trucks strapped to a dyno so we could see their actual output at the wheels.

    Ken MerrimanKen Merriman7 kun oldin
  • Fake race Shelby beat Trx also

    Sherif SherifSherif Sherif7 kun oldin
  • Awesome!!!

    stgraves260stgraves2607 kun oldin
  • Something is very wrong here. Granted these are different cars, but I’ve seen videos of 03-04 Cobras making 500 wheel horsepower walk on hellcats. The cobra is lighter and makes less power. But in this race the Shelby makes more power and should weigh a little less yet it gets gapped like nothing else. Something is wrong. The TRX is definitely very fast, but there’s no way that it should pull that hard on the Shelby. Now yes maybe if they were using launch control it may beat it, but these guys don’t seem like they know how to launch these cars. Like one guy started the race in reverse. I have no idea if it’s a driver related issue or a tune related issue or if it’s both, but it shouldn’t be like that.

    David KelleyDavid Kelley7 kun oldin
  • Mopar baby!!!! But can’t lie that eco boost surprised me

    Angel BadilloAngel Badillo7 kun oldin
  • Surprising

    Ricky LowryRicky Lowry7 kun oldin
  • Dude I thought u said super trucks where’s that Honda Ridgeline 😂😭

    Trenton TroutTrenton Trout7 kun oldin
  • Simple mopar

    Grant DavidsonGrant Davidson7 kun oldin
  • Ford sound like there drow Ninginwater

    Grant DavidsonGrant Davidson7 kun oldin
  • Shelby 750? More like shelly 550

    S7V7NFîV5S7V7NFîV57 kun oldin
  • Blue Ford 10 gears

    Nick LylesNick Lyles7 kun oldin
  • Im glad they DID NOT PUT THE BUTTON SHIFTER on this truck. Unlike their low-tier trucks lmao. WHoever thought of the "bright idea" of designing a shift knob on the truck should be shot.

    Vice RichterVice Richter7 kun oldin
  • The TRX had a launch control. Ford Raptor still sent it in the Baja 1000.

    Yejun CheongYejun Cheong7 kun oldin
  • Andre looking in the rear view mirror in the T-Rex at the Shelby: RAM Factory: 😏

    SoRE BlitzSoRE Blitz7 kun oldin
  • 9:52 me in a championship $5 million dollar race

    SoRE BlitzSoRE Blitz7 kun oldin
  • When a tuned 3.5 ecoboost keeps up with a performance truck powered by a hellcat engine 😂😂😂

    TheBooty MessiahTheBooty Messiah7 kun oldin
  • Huh nothing from GM, imagine that! LOL

    ModineModine7 kun oldin
    • @black ice I absolutely love the SS sedan, so sad that it got discontinued. They also give no reason for buyers to choose the Camaro, where as Dodge makes some badass commercials and Ford runs ads on their whole line. I agree, they've been dragging their feet since 09' when they got rid of Pontiac and got the government bailout then started making cheap cars til ~2016 when they had the chance to reinvent but they blew it.

      Abhi ShergillAbhi ShergillKun oldin
    • @Abhi Shergill well you see what theyre doing with the escalade. Ads, major headlines, etc. Those are gonna sell. But they wonder why their cars aren't making sales. Smh the same way the SS sedan got shot. Im not a chevy guy but I like the 2020+ camaro ss, the ss sedan, the c8, and the new escalade. But they seem to be dragging their feet

      black iceblack ice5 kun oldin
    • @Abhi Shergill I was unaware of that but in Chevy discontinues the camro I'm not gonna miss it. (not a Chevy fan)

      ModineModine6 kun oldin
    • GM wants to discontinue the Camaro I'm honestly not even surprised they don't have a performance truck rival because of how little care they put into the Camaro. Even with the Blazer too, that could've been a great rival of the Wrangler and new Bronco, but nope.

      Abhi ShergillAbhi Shergill6 kun oldin
  • That guy can’t understand that the other truck is faster cuz it’s tuned.. it’s alien technology to him it seems

    Lone MausLone Maus7 kun oldin
  • 12:00 you’re welcome

  • IF TRX is equal to Usain bolt, then the rest of other trucks are equal to other disappointed sprinters.

    Harsha JayHarsha Jay8 kun oldin
  • I own a Shelby F150 and I’m telling you, something is wrong with the one in the video.. mine pulls so freaking hard

    Cameron McGillCameron McGill8 kun oldin
  • With the ampunt of torque that shelby makes. Even without a tune it should at least get the launch and potentially get run down later. Ive ran one against my sub 3 thousand pound 94 cobra that is being built as a drag car. Now obviously it makes heaps more power than i make but i could barely even keep up on the launch let alone the top end. But ive outrun ecoboosts without even going full wot just because of weight and gearing

    Ryen U.Ryen U.8 kun oldin
  • I cannon help but thinking, what if that blue F150 was a single cab with a couple more mods?

    Baha TBaha T8 kun oldin
  • Saw the video of the Shelby Supersnake F150 Sport (regular cab) against the TRX and it smoked the TRX from a dig and from a roll. Yes it's a smaller truck and also it had street tires instead of offroad like the version in this video. But that said.....the TRX did lose so it isn't the fastest overall.

    Michael ReitzMichael Reitz8 kun oldin
  • Who allowed the Shelby name to be used on that truck? It looks like a high school kid got a hold of it and added a mesh grill and hood scoop from 2003 to it

    Nathan McLeodNathan McLeod8 kun oldin
  • Ford has no business.... Nay, no right to line up to a Dodge ever. Whether it's a Demon or a TRX Ford needs to stay home and focus at what they are good at. Suckering poor people into buying their horrible shit boxes.

    Doc_dDoc_d8 kun oldin
  • Like I always say. MOPAR OR NOCAR

    Jùrgen AdàiJùrgen Adài8 kun oldin
  • How did this happen a tuned eco boost smoked a raptor and Shelby like how🤔

    It’s OliveIt’s Olive8 kun oldin
  • Sad Chevy doesn’t have a truck to compete 😭

    Kevin EsquivelKevin Esquivel8 kun oldin
  • They are trash at launches

    Luis RodriguezLuis Rodriguez8 kun oldin