Israel Adesanya's Chest & His PERFECT Leg Kicks! Doctor Reacts to UFC 253

27-Sen, 2020
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Israel Adesanya defeated Paulo Costa at UFC 253 to retain the middleweight championship belt and he did it in part thanks to nearly perfect lower leg kicks. But also, what's the deal with his chest looking so strange during the fight? In this video we'll review why Adesanya's leg kicks were so effective in beating Costa, plus, what could possibly be going on with the MMA star's chest?
UPDATE: I was off on the point about unilateral vs bilateral as many have pointed out in the comments. I appreciate the feedback and everyone pointing this out and will always admit if I missed something. In this case i was quick to defend an athlete I saw being accused unfairly of steroid use and didnt do enough research on a topic outside of my expertise. lesson learned, will keep working to be better.
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  • So...this blew up. Some follow up: Point learned about unilateral gyno. Really thought in general population unilateral was quite rare. Now I know better! I saw so many accusations about steroid use and felt compelled to defend innocent until proven guilty, but didn't research the gyno stuff as extensively as I should have and missed the uni vs bilateral part. Lesson learned. This still doesn't change my overall message though that we should be careful accusing someone of steroid use when many things are on the differential. Edit: Also, I cut out the part of the video about unilateral vs bilateral so future viewers don't get wrong info, but I stand by the rest of what's in the video as proper information whether or not you agree with my opinion of choosing to caution speculation. Link to More Plates More Dates video about me/this that was helpful. Appreciate you all! Brian

    Brian Sutterer MDBrian Sutterer MD22 kun oldin
    • @Philippe Baillargeon you were saying ... ?

      Lorenzo CabasonLorenzo Cabason5 kun oldin
    • @BarkusMuhl it comes from innocent until proven guilty ideology .

      Wali SWali S7 kun oldin
    • The attitude that we should always bias ourselves to believe that people are innocent of PED use is why there has been, and continues to be, mass ignorance when it comes to the prevalence of PEDs in sports and beyond.

      BarkusMuhlBarkusMuhl7 kun oldin
    • Also fuck these comments^ you live and you learn, also a dr in general doesn't know every specific thing about the body . Like im not gonna go to a butt dr to get checked out for a brain tumor . Please keep up the videos ! Love to hear your take on these injuries

      mad maxmad max9 kun oldin
    • You on every mma podcast! Happy to see a dr talk about mma injuries ! I've always felt that there was a good online market for that and no one has ever really done anything with it! Hope your vids keep getting more popular

      mad maxmad max9 kun oldin
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    First NameFirst Name9 soat oldin
  • Brien you suck... Awful video

    89AriGold89AriGold13 soat oldin
  • It's not his job to tell if Adesanya was using some forbidden substances, chill the f out bodybuilding "I know it all" freaks.

    JoshJoshKun oldin
  • Doctor who knows shit. So tired of these fake contents in youtube. Brian go back to school

    AxelAxel3 kun oldin
  • 👎

  • Hi Dr Sutterer, could you please cover what Cutmen do in MMA? The role of adrenaline/epinephrine as a vasoconstrictor, ArNO3 and/or other styptics - ferric subsulphate/Monsel's solution for example. When and why is a cut deemed too severe for the fight to continue? Also the perception of blood - we don't see blood very often, although we are all full of it, and head wounds bleed copiously, so what role does bleeding play in determining the severity of a cut, and what role does the site of a wound play, etc?

    Iain FraserIain Fraser4 kun oldin
  • well this video was just pointless

    AJ lawlessAJ lawless4 kun oldin
  • Doctor soubnds like fake newss ... Just say it he is a steroid user

    Douglas SmithDouglas Smith4 kun oldin
  • idk those kicks should be illegal

    Wonju LEeWonju LEe4 kun oldin
  • So you are basically saying nothing.

    Digital NomadDigital Nomad4 kun oldin
  • Actually the calve kick is more effective. Stick to doctoring.

    Digital NomadDigital Nomad4 kun oldin
  • Disappointing analysis

    Vincent RouxVincent Roux4 kun oldin
  • Take a stand

    --4 kun oldin
  • Everyone is on steroid lmao

    Don PossumDon Possum5 kun oldin
  • Just pick up ur leg to block not take a full power kick to the side of the knee

    Damerksh 123Damerksh 1236 kun oldin
  • Its from a alien abduction. They abducted him and preformed test.

    Daniel StarDaniel Star6 kun oldin
  • Its steroids right just say it

    Paul RivasPaul Rivas6 kun oldin
  • Best doctor lol 🤣🤣

    AKA CompilationAKA Compilation6 kun oldin
  • I thought he was getting fat.

    L. KennedyL. Kennedy6 kun oldin
  • I don’t have a peck, I have a man boob

    emersonleon85emersonleon857 kun oldin
  • Once you mentioned chest pics I was like "gyno? On the juice my dude?"

    An AbominationAn Abomination8 kun oldin
  • this show is sponsored b ufc also so you hide the real thrut abou adesanya he's using steroids .... 7 min of bla bla and then when you speak about the chest you say i don't think ... wtf we are not her of your f*** opinion we look for evidence and proof that he is not using drugs ... also if we go to the internet all skinny peaple who used steroids their chest look the same like adesanya and still say it's not

    jawhar msiehjawhar msieh8 kun oldin
  • Well at least now we know doctors are sometimes full of shit lol

    villenvillen8 kun oldin
  • If he’s a doctor then I’m a UFC champion .

    ponti117ponti1178 kun oldin
  • Just graduated med school and think you’re a practicing doctor.

    Daniel PurdyDaniel Purdy10 kun oldin
  • Sooo u saying hes on steroids

    RonAliRXRonAliRX10 kun oldin
  • "Let Discuss his lower leg kicks." *Deletes a bunch of muscles on the leg using software. "Now lets talk about this picture of his chest."

    nicholasmetrosnicholasmetros10 kun oldin

    Brandon KBrandon K11 kun oldin
  • I don’t care if he’s on PEDs, can we get the guy a personality that doesn’t = spoiled 13 year old kid?

    Joshua PatrickJoshua Patrick11 kun oldin
  • Dude your voice is bomb

    Black LuminaryBlack Luminary11 kun oldin
  • Operated on quite a few males with unilateral gynecomastia, none of them played competitive sports so I don't believe it's PEDs.

    D JD J11 kun oldin
  • I don't know why you, a doctor, wouldn't have done the 10 minutes of research required to learn of unilateral gyno before presenting your BS to the internet. Now there are a million more internet idiots running around convinced Adesanya is a natural athlete and not cheating. I used to trust your videos, but you lost your credibility in your hunt for views.

    Pocket the ChipmunkPocket the Chipmunk11 kun oldin
  • His pek looks fine not Un normal

    Ben _JaminBen _Jamin11 kun oldin

    DoctorshockstudiosDoctorshockstudios12 kun oldin
  • “Innocent until proven guilty”- adesanya Gyno

  • Oh he's an American doctor, that explains a lot about my wasted time.

    Anarchist FutureAnarchist Future12 kun oldin
  • You killed the haters ability to propagate lies about this guy he is issuing ass whipping like it’s his day job.

    MyBudinesdMyBudinesd12 kun oldin
  • You call yourself a doctor. Calls Costa Acosta. Smh.

    LosAngelesWeedSmokerLosAngelesWeedSmoker12 kun oldin
  • Now this is what I call doctor content 👍🔥

    AsanAsan12 kun oldin
  • People get hit all the time in their chest and don't have this (not to mention he's one of the best and people can barely hit him as it is.) So he's definitely on something

    Stephanie SStephanie S12 kun oldin
  • Been watching dis nigga since 5k 🚫🧢

    Dredrik NastyDredrik Nasty13 kun oldin
  • His voice is so calm, after 3sec I was lost in the calmness of his voice that at the end of the video, I had NO Idea what he was in about.

    doliio volaydoliio volay13 kun oldin
  • Why dont u delete this video? U your self said you were wrong. Misinformation quack!

    Demon BestDemon Best13 kun oldin
    • @Brian Sutterer MD rest is not accurate unless he has cancer

      Demon BestDemon Best13 kun oldin
    • I took out the 15 seconds that was incorrect, chill, the rest of it is accurate.

      Brian Sutterer MDBrian Sutterer MD13 kun oldin
    • I think he is better at selling Fubotv than being a MD.

      doliio volaydoliio volay13 kun oldin
  • Oh my lord Doc, I clicked on this curiously for adensanya and you end up literally describing what happened to my pec minor, it was a weight training accident, torn right on the soldier how you said, not sure how to treat it but thank you, subscribed for future content thanks 🙏🏻

    Mccudi BruhhhMccudi Bruhhh13 kun oldin
  • My question is who's "O'Costa"?

    Marlon JohnsonMarlon Johnson14 kun oldin
  • Interesting detailed video, well done

    Reckless& RelentlessReckless& Relentless14 kun oldin
  • People who don't known anything about the relationship between PEDs and sports should just shut the hell up. You don't know what you're talking about "doctor".

    Hong Zu WeiHong Zu Wei14 kun oldin
  • Your wrong Brian, gyno very often happens more so on one side then the other. Its most likely gyno from roids.

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov14 kun oldin
  • Be real dude, it's clearly gyno from taking steroids.

    Qabron AQabron A14 kun oldin
    • cause gyno as well. You're a Dr we get that but for those that use peds we can tell you that you are off with this video.

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov14 kun oldin
  • You’re an idiot, you should take this misinformation down, but you won’t because this is about cash and you are a shill, a bad doctor and greedy.

    Woe is MeWoe is Me15 kun oldin
    • He'll get what he deserves in the end.

      Guess WhociferGuess Whocifer14 kun oldin
  • He's a test user who failed to take his estrogen blockers. Duh.

    bilishu alissbilishu aliss15 kun oldin
  • God, I hate MMA/UFC fans

    Mason 11Mason 1115 kun oldin
    • Do a video on Vovchanchyn's ko of Lima

      bilishu alissbilishu aliss15 kun oldin
  • Remember guys these young doctors aren't the same as before. I swear most of them just google everything while their patients describe symptoms.

    mrwoofer 13mrwoofer 1315 kun oldin
  • Costa is on the sauce too, so it is what it is.

    mikin liroumikin lirou15 kun oldin
  • His name is Paulo costa not Paul O’Costa🤣

    Avi LowenthalAvi Lowenthal15 kun oldin
    • 31 year old lean men who don't take steroid don't get gyno out of the blue. Dude is on the sauce.

      mikin liroumikin lirou15 kun oldin
  • At least Doctor Mike admits when he doesn't conclusively know enough about a certain subject. Doctors like you give the good doctors a bad name, peddling misinformation to ignorant people. Just admit the whole basis of your last argument is flawed, correct it and move on.

    Ice MattIce Matt15 kun oldin
  • Great video! Can you do a video explaining the body jab Charlo landed on Rosario? Didn’t look like it much contact, but Rosario was out.

    Zach ZamoraZach Zamora15 kun oldin
  • Imagine being a doctor and not making sure you have researched the topics you are talking about WOW, I wonder what you tell your patients when they ask you about something you don't know. LIKE DO YOU JUST LIE????

    Ice MattIce Matt15 kun oldin
  • I think he is better at selling Fubotv than being a MD.

    miksailijamiksailija15 kun oldin
  • Sorry man, my volume was on mute. Can you repeat what you said?

    Rage The VictoriousRage The Victorious15 kun oldin
  • its paulo costa not paul ocosta

    jerad fongjerad fong15 kun oldin
  • SHITy fake doctor

    Cabdullaahi XaashiCabdullaahi Xaashi15 kun oldin
  • I'm only commenting here saying that you should take this video down. You're spreading misinformation.

    Morgan SmithMorgan Smith15 kun oldin
    • Nope, I removed the incorrect unilateral vs bilateral piece from the video (all 15 seconds of a 10 minute video)

      Brian Sutterer MDBrian Sutterer MD15 kun oldin
  • The exact problem with "trust me I'm a doctor". What a bonehead! Why don't you take the video down?

    Erik AndelmanErik Andelman15 kun oldin
  • I got gyno with my test levels at over 3000. I've had it higher before. Gyno can be a side effect of high estro and high test. If he used a androgenic steroid the prolactin would cause gyno as well. You're a Dr we get that but for those that use peds we can tell you that you are off with this video.

    pinedac2001pinedac200115 kun oldin
  • So you told us nothing , no info about the peck area .

    paul1furbypaul1furby15 kun oldin
  • *I’m Learning* 🧠 ⬆️

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson15 kun oldin
  • Do a video on Vovchanchyn's ko of Lima

    DatBoiLucyd FBRDatBoiLucyd FBR16 kun oldin
  • i want to know much did Doc got paid by Dana white?

    Striped KingStriped King16 kun oldin
  • 31 year old lean men who don't take steroid don't get gyno out of the blue. Dude is on the sauce.

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide16 kun oldin
  • Clearly this "doctor" has been paid by their team to say hes natty

    Your FBI AgentYour FBI Agent16 kun oldin
    • Wonderful video, my friend! Shine on!?

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide16 kun oldin
  • I think you should look into a different profession because you don't know shit about what you are trying to cover.

    Silly GooseSilly Goose16 kun oldin
  • Great! It was very useful! Thank you so much!

    No Backup Plan by Aman BozoevNo Backup Plan by Aman Bozoev16 kun oldin
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    No Backup Plan by Aman BozoevNo Backup Plan by Aman Bozoev16 kun oldin
  • Since you shared misinformation why don’t you correct it or delete the video?

    BigDoinkBigDoink16 kun oldin
    • I did..removed the only incorrect stuff from the video

      Brian Sutterer MDBrian Sutterer MD16 kun oldin
  • Does 0 research at all. Makes video that somehow becomes viral containing all sorts of misinformation. Why are you a doctor again?

    High on DrocodoneHigh on Drocodone16 kun oldin
  • Just so everyone knows MD- Misinformation Distributor

    WillWill16 kun oldin
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    Angel VazquezAngel Vazquez16 kun oldin
  • Running a continuous run of any Ester of testosterone on a level of 1000-1500mg per week without a estrogen blocker will cause gyno. Don't believe me? Get you some cyp or enan or the sus blend and run 1000+MG per week for several months and see for yourself.

    j mj m16 kun oldin
  • Brian MDMA

    Hayden RHayden R16 kun oldin
  • Hair dye can cause this growth

    Kino LockhartKino Lockhart16 kun oldin
  • This doctor will get knocked out instantly, chasin clout off an opportunity, his strikes are perfect because he trains to be like that, meet izzy in person to tell him all this, you will be humbled you chewbacka waiste of space. What a prick this man is

    Jay MMAJay MMA17 kun oldin
  • Your wrong Brian, gyno very often happens more so on one side then the other. Its most likely gyno from roids.

    Ptao TomPtao Tom17 kun oldin
  • His chest came out of the socket. Broken native with a broken chest.

    mickey jerichomickey jericho17 kun oldin
    • Looks like he gettin out that bird chest lol

      Ptao TomPtao Tom17 kun oldin
  • Take this down already.

    Jan Jiminel CacdacJan Jiminel Cacdac17 kun oldin
  • So you acknowledge that his chest looks abnormal and odd and it's not caused by a pec tear, but then you just say you don't think there's a reason to speculate what it is... Is this a joke, of course there's a very good reason to speculate what that can be. What's most likely, a professional fighter taking drugs in a sport where most of them are on drugs (really, all professional sports are inundated with drugs, they're all on drugs) or any of the other very unlikely and obscure reasons? I'll go with the obvious, the guy is on steroids, like most others in his profession.

    RelaxeRelaxe17 kun oldin
  • Who tf is O'Costa?

    mario jmario j17 kun oldin
  • Keep waiting on the report butt hurt clowns don’t hold y’all breaths you may be in the morgue🤣🤣💪🏾👑👑

    Bryant WilliamsBryant Williams17 kun oldin
  • Take notes fellas. If u die your hair pink u gonna get a saggy right titty cuz it makes u lose testosterone and produce more estrogen. Lesson learned izzy. Thank u doctor

    Bashir ElChamaaBashir ElChamaa17 kun oldin
  • 7:02 it starts

    A AliA Ali17 kun oldin
  • so Adesanya grew a tit?

    Alan FlemingAlan Fleming17 kun oldin
    • Alan Fleming from peds

      Clogged ToiletClogged Toilet15 kun oldin
  • 7:06 where he finally starts talking about Adesanyas right titty. You’re welcome.

    Joe DJoe D17 kun oldin
  • XXY maybe

    Nathan Sabao jrNathan Sabao jr17 kun oldin
  • This guy probably made more money on UZworld talking about man boobs than the actual fight and still sell his market. cheers man🍺

    Solomon UgochukwuSolomon Ugochukwu17 kun oldin
  • You don't get gyno at age 25 and in great athletic shape without doing testosterone or steroids

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  • His last name is costa not ocasta

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