Is America About to Lose it All?

2-Dek, 2020
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Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit down with Larry Arnn, American Educator, writer and President of Hillsdale College, Professor of History and Politics.
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About the guest: Larry Paul Arnn is an American educator and writer. He has served as the twelfth president of Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan, United States since May 2000. He is a political conservative who has been influenced by the thought of Leo Strauss and his teacher Harry V. Jaffa.
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  • Thats how communist subversion works..Slowly and surely over time. Infiltrate, subvert and you can change a country forever. It is a sad day for sure for this world that america should fall.

    Ruthie BowesRuthie Bowes4 soat oldin
  • We were never in control. Be self sufficient and drop out if society

    Jesse DevelascoJesse Develasco6 soat oldin

    Tendr PlaceTendr Place6 soat oldin
  • Because they bring change that doesn’t benefit the few..

    Clifford GoinsClifford Goins6 soat oldin
  • Much love and respect to all of my fellow patriots 🙏may GOD be with us all 🇺🇸 stand up and stand tall #WeThePeople must stand #United and continue to wake ⏰up our brothers and sisters, We must not be violent but remain vigilant and preserve our constitution and our way of life #Freedom is ours paid for in blood sweat and tears From our brothers and sisters who are no longer here We must stand United as the USA though we must stand with our foreign comrades stretched across the globe Stay solid remain genuine people Look out For our people on your left and right We are all in this struggle together even If a lot of us are being led by the narrative But to me it is obvious a blind man can see the picture painted without Braille It's been painted behind the scenes for many years Through many wars in trials and tribulations Hundreds and thousands of people are lossed due to the corruption And greed For power in currency To control our populationTo control our population It Smothers our world With darkness -Prez Coop #TenToezDowN #Movement #WeThePeople #Freedom #fightback #CCP #corruption #vets4vets #combatvet #Joinus

    TenToezDowN MovementTenToezDowN Movement6 soat oldin
  • What is going on right now must be so extremely frightening to people who fled the type of country that that was ruled by a Tyrannical ruling class. Our country is turning into their worst nightmare.

    Mar SolieMar Solie8 soat oldin
  • the Trump presidency was a direct response to a very real awakening to pervasive government corruption, and it looks like a con job and possible purge of some of the establishment by other parts of the establishment Mossad always wins the elections. #Texit NOBODY cares about the poor. NOBODY will stop the war. NOBODY will fix the system. NOBODY is the perfect politician. VOTE FOR NOBODY Law Without Government "Such an institution of coercion - centralizing immorality, directing theft and murder, and co-ordinating oppression on a scale inconceivable by random criminality - exists. It is the Mob of mobs, Gang of gangs, Conspiracy of conspiracies. It has murdered more people in a few recent years than all the deaths in history before that time; it has stolen in a few recent years more than all the wealth produced in history to that time; it has deluded - for its survival - more minds in a few recent years than all the irrationality of history to that time. Our Enemy, The State." -Samuel Edward Konkin III "The state is a gang of thieves writ large" -Murray Rothbard [9/11 Was An Inside Job]( Like and share to wake the masses. Alliance of the Libertarian Left Black flags for black markets! Agora! Anarchy! Action! Ⓐ³ ⚑

    TheMrdentonTheMrdenton8 soat oldin
  • You guys are too kind. Truth is: democrats intend,... To kill off a population. Anywhere. Anytime. Reduce the human load. Evil. .

    Juan EsquedaJuan Esqueda9 soat oldin
  • There Is a woman....." A LINCOLN." YET, YOU DON'T SEE H.E.R. LOL.

    Juan EsquedaJuan Esqueda9 soat oldin
  • not human in spec.s. It is Not political. GOD outlined, as an ( End of a Sinful World )....Bible promise. You persist, being evil, as is the Democrat action, you bring ( The End ) upon yourself. Yourselves.

    Juan EsquedaJuan Esqueda9 soat oldin
  • Making a vaccine a requirement should be ILLEGAL. My body my choice. If we don’t have control of our own bodies we have control of NOTHING. by the way abortion is murder. That is a different person being killed. If you are worried about the virus it is your choice to take the vaccine.

    RG JR.RG JR.10 soat oldin
  • The country has been imprisoned by tyrants using the virus as the tool of confinement.

    RG JR.RG JR.10 soat oldin
  • Thank you Patrick for having Larry on. I always learn so much from hearing him and you my friend, are a great interviewer and your intelligence comes through in a humble, understated way. I think you should ask Justice Thomas to be on your show. Have Larry line that up for you.

    Raul EscobarRaul Escobar11 soat oldin
  • Thank you for these amazing conversations and inspiration. Every day I feel my strength zapped, but videos and conversations like these remind me why I must stay strong.

    Diffy 1991Diffy 199112 soat oldin
  • Kamala saying she came from an enslaved black family is fucking hilarious. She came from a family who themselves owned hundreds of slaves.

    triplea657aaatriplea657aaa12 soat oldin
  • This ruling class is about to face judgement for this fraudulent corrupt election and the whole world is about to see the extent of their corruption but our military is taking care of this evil administration and all that are involved are soon to be exposed for all their ugliness and the best part is there will be no place for them to hide and it's going to be like rats off a sinking ship! Justice and truth will prevail! Glory be to our God. Making a way for the true winner of this election to take his rightful place and continue to drain the swamp!!!!!!!

    Nancy JohnsonNancy Johnson12 soat oldin
  • but your guest wants to sweep KURD LIVES under the rug ???

    Paul CostelloPaul Costello13 soat oldin
  • turkey is the barbaric islamic stronghold that is rising back up to reclaim THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE

    Paul CostelloPaul Costello13 soat oldin
  • TURKEY IS ISIS /DAESH ERDOGAN IS A CRIMINAL ERR DOE WAN --- how to pronounce sir..... i had been saying it wrong for long time

    Paul CostelloPaul Costello13 soat oldin
  • george bush helped do 911 but " hes a fine person " I DONT THINK SO ....

    Paul CostelloPaul Costello13 soat oldin
  • Trust In GOD !!!!, 🙏🙏🙏

    Timothy SmithTimothy Smith13 soat oldin
  • Election fraud was not investigated hello 1984 everyone who is trying to hurt the Trumps is a traitor too the Constitution of America.

    Kathreen PoulosKathreen Poulos14 soat oldin
  • What an Amazingly Insightful Speaker ...People must Read the Constitution and know their Rights !!!

    Lola SaintLola Saint14 soat oldin
  • Failure in the direction we are going is being laid at the feet of mobocratic party. Politicians are the easy targets because of the positions of power they occupy. Citizens have neglected many of the responsibilities necessity for a Constitutional Republic to survive. Having been endowed by the Creator with inalienable right's far too many coast along in the idea that their job is all taken care of that no virtue and effort are a obligation directed to them. Technology brought a new lingo in its beginnings, the phrase describing operating programs is also appropriate for citizens to take heed to in their duties. "Garbage in garage out" the statement is so concise but also can be looked on as a challenge to each citizen to build their own character as a responsibility in their duty to serve others in the world that they live in. Paul the apostle wrote: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever soweth, that shall he also reap.

    Mark SkeldonMark Skeldon15 soat oldin
  • YES.

    spookerrspookerr16 soat oldin
  • Reparations is American government debt/ American corporations plain and simple

    Michael GilmoreMichael Gilmore20 soat oldin
  • By now you should know that the dangers is not marketing. Look what they are doing with the #walkaway campaign. How government and private businesses are going after innocent people is really scary!

    Mabel's FavoritesMabel's FavoritesKun oldin
  • In order for the Supreme Court, Congress and Senate to work, is to keep them balanced. If we only have one party that control it all, then it becomes unbalanced and everything collapses. Also known as a dictatorship. Not everyone gets what they want, but it should stay balanced enough to keep things in check. If the Democrats over throw our constitution, pack the Supreme Court and take over every seat in both house and senate, then they can make and pass the laws they want. In the end with this type of government, we all lose as citizens. Big government is what got us in this mess. The Democrats are literally trying to make it bigger and one sided. For instance, not only are they wanting to pack the court, commit voter fraud to win elections, but they're also trying to expel some members of congress, simply because they were a Trump ally. They're calling to censor all Republicans and are saying that people who supported the President is in a cult and should be re programmed. Let that sink in. This is mind control. Very scary, when they brainwash people to believe their ideology. We have lost control of our elections and our justice system is broken. We definitely are experiencing a double standards in our country. We need to clean house. I'm not calling for a one sided government, but a small government that is balanced and without radical agendas.

    Angela MartinAngela MartinKun oldin
  • i wish i went to hillsdale

    LuapLuapKun oldin
  • Kamala isn’t black, she’s Indian and her grandfather had slaves.

    Clair CookClair CookKun oldin
  • Bush’s aren’t fine people.

    Clair CookClair CookKun oldin
  • These guys have zero clue what’s going on. We live in man made systems all designed to harm humanity in repeating cycles. Justice system is designed to result unjust society- explains why society is unjust. Medical system is designed to CAUSE and SUSTAIN illness for profit, if health care was focused on quality health care they would stop causes making us sick no profiting off drugs. Education system teaches what to think not how to think- it’s basically teaching stupidity and calling that intelligence. Government system is not designed to protect its country, every government globally is all designed to destroy its own country China America equally the same. Only fix is complete system redesign

    nutbar ideanutbar ideaKun oldin
  • Yes, I believe from this point on we will lose it all, how quickly, how we come to the realization is the only question left. Socialist rule destroys everything and I don't know of a country that has ever been able to turn back, do you? I think the realization will come when they have no so-called free stuff to hand out!

    hannaha prenthannaha prentKun oldin
  • To those who are condemning President Biden, let’s not stoop to the “extreme insert-direction-here” of attacking a person’s character. That still remains with you and with I... Did you know Joe Biden’s own relatives didn’t want him to run for president because he is ill? Call his doctors because last I checked that’s still a first amendment that hasn’t been censored. And so, let the well known illness of President Biden sink in already for the love of God. If you’re deeply troubled and upset by the division in America, let me ask you to please consider it is because of the power vacuum that President Biden represents... I quote from The Epoch Times (article, Navarro: If Trump Impeachment Moves Forward, Biden Can ‘Forget About Unity’): “White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked Wednesday night whether Biden believes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) should drop the impeachment push in light of his statements about trying to unify America. “He’s going to leave the mechanics, the timing, and the specifics of how Congress moves forward on impeachment to them,” she said.”

    Erika J.W.Erika J.W.Kun oldin
  • We’ve lost the Best President ever to the crime syndicate once again!

    PJ JPPJ JPKun oldin
  • @Valuetainment I wish I could see the full painting behind you. I have subscribed, great channel, my 1st time here. If you would allow me, but there is a similarity now between the USA and South Africa. Forgive the long comment, don't think anyone will read it till the end, but here goes. Churchill was a great man and he was always with our General Jan Smuts from South Africa. Just like your Arminian people's slaughter is not recognized and is so very wrong, my people, the South African Boers, were placed in the very first concentration camps used against a people in a war, ever, but no one ever mentions it. Britain under estimated the Boers, we were the original guerrilla fighters and we gave the Brits a good beating, even though we were outnumbered and out gunned, so to change the flow of the war, in 1903 we surrendered to the British to stop the bloodshed because while the Boer husbands were fighting for our freedom from the British, Lord Kitchener declared the "Scorched Earth Policy" where they invaded nearly defenceless women and children, burnt down the entire farm, kill all the livestock and load them up to be massacred in the concentration camps. 22 000 of my people, mostly women and children were murdered in those camps. Google pictures of the Anglo Boer War concentration camps and you will see the horror of my people. We had heroes, real heroes like General Del La Rey that fought, the Lion of West Transvaal. So after General Smuts agreed to surrender to stop the bloodshed of the actions of Lord Kitchener, who I pray will burn in hell for all eternity, we were let out of the camps and returned to nothing. We pulled ourselves up by our own bootstraps, living in abject poverty, but loved this land, still ruled by England and we built up South Africa so much so that General Smuts gave a speech in the UN Assembly (also on Google) during WW2 to a standing ovation in 1944 I think. This from a nation who came out of a very bloody war from 1899-1903 and concentration camps. (Ref. Winston Churchill’s Great Contemporaries: Jan Christian Smuts) We fought as allies with our former concentration camp rulers. In 1964 England gave us, the Boers, our independence and we created a country with the strongest economy in Africa, our currency was equal to England and stronger than the Dollar. We even had nuclear capabilities, a total of 8 nuclear warheads. Winston Churchill and General Smuts were always seen together during WW2. He was one of his most valued advisors. In 1941, Churchill suggested to the King that Smuts should be appointed an honorary Field Marshal in the British Army. The King agreed, although the South African always preferred to be known as “General Smuts.” The King also appointed him to the Order of Merit in 1947. Even to this day England's most elite fighters, the Commando's were so named by Churchill because my people, the Boers called ourselves in the Boer war Boer Kommando's (Afrikaans for Commando's), you can research it for yourself, that is truly where the name of England's most elite fighters came from. Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery (British Army officer and a major commander of the Allied forces during the Second World War) once said “Give me 20 divisions American soldiers and I will breach Europe. Give me 15 consisting of Englishmen, and I will advance to the borders of Berlin. Give me two divisions of those marvellous fighting Boers and I will remove Germany from the face of the earth.” We got nothing for free, the globalists tried to get their hands on our diamonds and gold, but our South African government basically told them to "fuck off" out of our country. So, with the help of the mainstream media and propaganda and financial aid from communist Russia and American globalists, they trained the ANC and PAC to overtake South Africa. I hope America now understand what the effect of media led biased and propaganda can do to a country. Then, our own, corrupt leaders like F.W. de Klerk and Pik Botha, got paid millions to sell out their own country. If you speak of South Africa during the 80's and probably still, you will only think of APARTHEID and how amazing Mandela was. HE WAS A TERRORIST! He was head of uMkhonto we Sizwe (Xhosa pronunciation: [uˈmkʰonto we ˈsizwe], meaning "Spear of the Nation"; abbreviated MK) was the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC), co-founded by Nelson Mandela. Its mission was to fight against the South African government by planting bombs, killing innocent whites and blacks. In the end, Apartheid was wrong, but there are many gaps in the story. Do yourselves a favour and watch 2 documentaries, but be warned, not for kids or sensitive viewers. It is on UZworld, one is FARMLANDS by American Lauren Southern and the other is Tainted Heroes, the real story of the ANC and its cadres. God bless

    JD JacobsJD JacobsKun oldin
  • The GOP will go down in history as the party who let our country be stolen by Communists! Their lack of courage and will to fight for the people has killed our country.

    Kathy SenzellKathy SenzellKun oldin
  • The dems aren't enforcing the law on their side. Either we enforce it or we don't. The lies and deceit and hatred and stealing of elections must stop . And we don't need anymore laws . Already too many laws. We just need to start completely over again with term limits I think this is our only hope. Because I feel like the whole thing is corrupt by now so slot of pay offs and black mail is happening and these things cannot be in a free and open society.

    greg sheppardgreg sheppardKun oldin
  • Need to have Dr Claud Anderson on to talk about reparations. Descendants of slaves can speak to the issue and the wealth gap created from slave labor.

    ballroom Loveballroom LoveKun oldin
  • It’s probably to late with this administration

    Patricia BurkettPatricia BurkettKun oldin
  • USA lost everything under Obama and now under Biden what was left has been lost, the most precious loss was democracy, the final step. It’s sad, criminal and disgraceful.

    Adventure and GamingAdventure and GamingKun oldin
  • when goverment uses lies and deception to override the peoples will and dictate the laws and regulations KNOW the DEVIL and his followers have taken over your gover ment . no way anyone can save such a nation expect things to go from bad to worse . Its happening under your noses .Only way to stop insane govt is the people go to war .they will keep removing your rights and freedoms until they put you in death camps . If you dont fight for your rights you will lose them to criminal govt .thats the way devil works .

    George PlettGeorge Plett2 kun oldin
  • Freedom is always under attack therefore the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. The people has put to much faith in Government now that government is walking all over the people they represent. And that is why we have the 2d Amendment and what will cement their power is to take our weapons and demoralize the people . That's happening now

    Marvin EasileyMarvin Easiley2 kun oldin
  • Americans need to push back on Cuomo and his brother!!

    ititlogaititloga2 kun oldin
  • I absolutely love all your interviews and you have a different way of asking questions and I think you are fair with everyone on your show by letting them talk and actually answer the question. This interview is probably my favorite of all the ones you’ve done and keep up the great work and good luck in the future as you’re not just good but you’re Great and thank you !

    Ronald S. Reams Sr.Ronald S. Reams Sr.2 kun oldin
  • When shalll I slap

    TiedToTheTracksTiedToTheTracks2 kun oldin
  • YES! If these Election Scamming Criminals (Domestic & International) get away with the RIGGING of the Election, that is EXACTLY what will happen!

    TheRealJukeboxTheRealJukebox2 kun oldin
  • Notice first thing Biden does is open borders for terrorist to enter USA illegally as he wants promote more destruction of USA same way Obama did. Impeach Biden now

    steve kintzsteve kintz2 kun oldin
  • Biden just got Inaugurated. So I'm gonna say yeah America is dead.

    No Focksgiven.No Focksgiven.2 kun oldin
  • Larry Arnn, you are an arnhole. What does Larry say about reparations for slaves? Larry at 56:35 "The problem is, who's going to pay whom... people who never had a slave are gonna be paying people who were never slaves ...why is that right? ... some people who are poor will be paying other people who are rich ..." Mr. Arnhole, is that such a hard problem that we might as well fogeddaboutit? U make it sound like it's just too much trouble to even _think_ about. Thanks for protecting my brain, bud. An injustice has been done on a grand scale, a long, long time ago, but he wants you to think it's more than anyone can bother their pretty heads with, that the pain of the problem is worse than the problem itself. So much is wrong today because of this ongoing injustice. So much injustice today is justified by the lack of will to fix the problem.

    Henry ChoyHenry Choy2 kun oldin
    • ​@Jilly234 says "I can appreciate what you're saying but an honest question - what about myself and others like me, whose ancestors weren't even here when that dark chapter took place?" But now let's look at the people who fought in World War I. In 1918, there was a huge pandemic, the Spanish Flu, that affected, even killed, many soldiers after the war. - - - - - - - - - It's a black fly in your Chardonnay. - - - It's a death row pardon two minute too late. - - - And isn't it ironic? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Don't you think? - - - - - - - - - - A little too ironic - - - - - And, yeah, I really do think. - - - - - - - - - Now, Jilly234, wouldn't you say that you weren't there in 1918, and we can't do anything for the soldiers who fought for all of us? And Christ on the cross was even longer ago, and, oh, by the way, Happy Birthday, Jesus! You're 2020!. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear Jesus. Oh, where was I? Let's recall a scene. We'll take it up from the beginning of the dialogue. "I might never have liked you. Hmpt. Point in fact, I despise you. But that shouldn't suggest I don't respect you. Dying in our sleep is a luxury our kind is rarely afforded. My gift, to you." Puts needle into IV. Phone rings. "4 +u(< sake." Answers phone. "Hi, Bill" "What's her condition?" "Comatose." "Where is she?" "I'm standing over her right now." "That's my girl. Jilly234, you're going to abort the mission." "WHAAaaAT?" "We owe her better than that." "OH YOU DON'T OWE HER $#!+!" "Will you keep your voice down?" "you don't owe her $#!+" "May I say one thing?" "Speak." "You all beat the hell out of that woman, but you didn't kill her. Now I put a bullet in her head, but her heart just kept on beatin'. Now you saw that yourself, with your own beautiful blue eye, did you not? We've done a lot of things to this lady, and if she ever wakes up, we'll do a whole lot more. But one thing we won't do is sneak into her room in the night ..." Lifts sword in scabbard "... like a filthy rat, and kill her in her sleep. And the reason we won't do that thing, is ..." Slams sword back down to the hilt, making a high pitched zing in the process. "... because, that thing would lower us." (like the sword coming back down) "Don't you agree, Miss Driver?" "I guess." "Do you really have to guess?" "No, I really don't have to guess. ... I know." Sniffs. "Come on home, honey." "Affirmative." "I love you very much." (zooming out to show BK also - and isn't that ironic? BK is the reverse of KB. At any rate, who is being loved? There are two women in the frame.) "I love you too."

      Henry ChoyHenry Choy2 kun oldin
    • I can appreciate what you're saying but an honest question - what about myself and others like me, whose ancestors weren't even here when that dark chapter took place? When mine on both sides got to Ellis Island, slavery had long-since been abolished the better part of a century beforehand. Nearly all were struggling with poverty - and my some of my ancestors were also openly discriminated against in many areas of NYC. Are you saying that because of the color of my skin, not the content of my character, that I should be browbeaten into silence and owe to another because of the color of their skin? Isn't that also racist? Do the slave traders in Africa also have to pay? What about the Arabic nations who are still engaged in the horrible practice -do they owe too? I'm not at all unsympathetic to what you are saying but I feel that what he suggests is also valid. And before any 'woke' leftist wants to jump all over me - the fact that I challenge arguments and have a slightly different opinion does NOT make me in any way a racist, and I will pre-emptively reject anyone trying to falsely accuse me otherwise.

      Jilly234Jilly2342 kun oldin
  • Pray for America, a Money is the root of all kinds of evil. In America money buys power which then generates money for the powerful.

    Zaps ZapperZaps Zapper2 kun oldin
    • Slight correction - money is not any more evil than an overgrown toenail - it's an inanimate object - it is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. Big difference.

      Jilly234Jilly2342 kun oldin
  • Freedom of speech , assembly, privacy, worship,life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ( work). Personal property rights,as they closed the supply chain putting farms on the chopping block. Business, and homes on the chopping block bankruptcy/ foreclose. You cannot even use the term # 1984. How many fingers am I holding up Winston? It may be 3 , but tyrants says 4. We the people vs bureaucracy ! How many fingers am I holding up Winston! Communism is collectivism/ theft of what someone else worked for. Communist have a history not taught to our children. Stalin, Chairman Mao, Castro, Venezuela, Germany. If you ever wondered if you would go along to get along in 1938 . Now you know! They have already been removing our individual rights !

    Kendon CurtisKendon Curtis2 kun oldin
  • Awesome interview!

    Ana LunaAna Luna2 kun oldin
  • Listen i love your show , please talk more natural so you dont get banned

    Allen PierceAllen Pierce3 kun oldin
    • It won't be long before anyone who talks against the tyrants gets banned.

      Blob MonsterBlob Monster3 kun oldin
  • It'll be more of the same as we had for decades before Trump. When will people learn.

    Kate LKate L3 kun oldin
    • Fundamentally flawed people can not learn.

      Fed RaiFed Rai2 kun oldin
  • What is hos thought on peoples idea that America is "Stolen land?"

    BFTRBFTR3 kun oldin
  • The supreme Court has been awful for years.

    Jackie OJackie O3 kun oldin
  • I think this is when mexico will take back its states. Since they are lealizing everybody into the country.

    Marya RomeroMarya Romero3 kun oldin
  • The Dems when you look at their Eyes, they lost it they are insane. The Eyes are the Mirror of your Soul, have I said enough?

    renate googinsrenate googins3 kun oldin
  • its no longer possible to save the country. all we can do is save ourselves. move to texas and secede. i dont see any other options any more.

    Woad_BrahWoad_Brah3 kun oldin
    • @J K // no they won't leave. That is a naive way of looking at the world.

      Fed RaiFed RaiKun oldin
    • @Fed Rai Those people will leave if Texas decides to secede. It's a difficult process, so it most likely won't happen.

      J KJ KKun oldin
    • Do not forget "nearly half" the Texans are on the left. What are you going to do with those people when you secede?

      Fed RaiFed Rai2 kun oldin
  • The constitution is irrelevant when the election system has failed. USA is now a republic in name only now. It is now a fake royal family, a succession of power, next in line gets the job. The corruption is on both sides, hence no investigation. Throw in money from china and ALL ARE COMPRIMISED

    Richard PickersgillRichard Pickersgill3 kun oldin
  • All Democrats will regret what they have done, this is the end of America, and some people say good, but them people have never been outside of America and have not seen how lucky we are here in America

    Thomas ArmstrongThomas Armstrong3 kun oldin
    • The far-out leftists such as AOC will likely not regret it. It seems a lot of them have collected their paychecks and now don't care - or actually never did in the first place. When will people learn that the constituents only matter during an election year and yet people continue to fall for the lie over and over. The greatest irony is that the middle class who they relentlessly shit on and marginalize are the ones upon whom funding for their ridiculous, anti-American, anti-blue collar, anti-unity programs are based. Keep persecuting the middle class into dependency you assh0les. Your spite and hatred cause you cut off your nose to spite your face and you don't even see it.

      Jilly234Jilly2342 kun oldin
  • Yes we r

    Rosy McGeeRosy McGee4 kun oldin
  • So why are they letting them the other people Nancy 🙄

    Linda PattensealsLinda Pattenseals4 kun oldin
  • If they pack the court it will be totally worthless.

    Jeannie HargisJeannie Hargis4 kun oldin
  • Welcome to the Democrats, former slave owner party, New Communist Country ! Prepare to be a Slave ! All ppl that Voted for the corrupt Joe and Hunter Biden must feel Good Today!

    Hans JHans J4 kun oldin
  • And they are going to appt Obama to the Supreme Court

    Jeannie HargisJeannie Hargis4 kun oldin
  • This was great maybe our politicians should listen to people like this. Nah they'll just bumble along screwing up our country.

    Mike McCormickMike McCormick4 kun oldin
  • Take a look at Larry "The Dark Ones" Arnn's work heading the "1776 Commission". He's a clown.

    Dat MemeDat Meme4 kun oldin
  • I just want to know why is Israel getting paid

    Patries WilliamsonPatries Williamson4 kun oldin
  • NOW IN ORDER OF NEW RISING & LAW, BY POWER OF WE THE GUTSY iNTeL PEOPLE USA FOR GREAT FREEDOM, The Greater New American Revolution & Independence Day Against All of our Enemies, Starts on Jan. 6, 2021

    Awentus ZioniusaAwentus Zioniusa4 kun oldin
  • 1) DOES THE BIBLE TELL YOU JEWS ARE SAFE DURING THE TIME, THE TIME, AND THE CUT OFF TIME? 2) DOES THE BIBLE TELL YOU WHO THIS ANTI-CHRIST IS WHO HAS A TIME, ANOTHER TIME, AND THE CUT OFF TIME? 3) WHAT COMES AFTER THESE THREE TIMES? 1) REVELATION 12:12b-14 “The false one has come to fall, possessing great wrath, seeing his hold is a short time, for the dragon perceiving a casting out of the Earth shall pursue a woman who gives birth to a male with two wings, it is a great Eagle loving the woman, an order of things, to fly in a wilderness, her place where there is nourishment, time, times, the cutting off time, in the presence of the serpent.” 2) 16 SATAN REFERENCES AS LIGHTENING. FIRST LOCATION: “The sound of your thunder was in the whirlwind, BARACK lit up the whole world. The Earth shall tremble in agitation, shake.” - Psalms 77:18 "and I uttered, 'it is making me sick, that the year has become the right hand of ALLAH.'" - Psalms 77:10 WHAT IS THE CONTEXT? “The waters shall see Elohim, the waters shall see a whirling in the depth, yea, tremble in agitation.” - Psalms 77:16 “The clouds shall pour forth the waters, the skies shall give forth a voice, arrows shall flash.” - Psalms 77:17 “The sound of your thunder was in the whirlwind, BARACK lit up the whole world. The Earth shall tremble in agitation, shake.” - Psalms 77:18 “The traveling was of the sea, the path in the mighty waters, and your footprint shall be known.” - Psalms 77:19 “You led your people as a flock, your hands, Moses and Aaron.” - Psalms 77:20 SECOND LOCATION: Who is Abaddon or Apollyon of Revelation 9 who turns a key to the bottomless pit? The Arab Spring is the key. "naked death before Abaddon, and nothing shall cover them over." - Job 26:6 “by his breath the heavens are cleared, his hand shall pierce BARACK, a serpent. Behold ALLAH the end of his ways. How? A whisper, a word, hear the strength and the thunder. Who can discern?” - Job 26:13-14 THIRD LOCATION: Psalms 97:4 “BARACK lit up the whole world, the Earth, see it tremble.” Psalms 97:1-3 “YAHWEH reigns on the Earth so rejoice, many lands shall rejoice in the clouds, a mass surrounded in righteousness, the judgment shall fall on the foundations, for His throne. Fire comes before to consume the adversaries round about.” Psalms 97:4 “BARACK lit up the whole world, the Earth, see it tremble.” Psalms 97:5-6 “The mountain melted like wax before the face of YAHWEH, before the face of YAHWEH, all the Earth. For the heavens declare His righteousness, all the peoples see His glory.” FOURTH LOCATION: Isaiah 27:1 “In that day YAHWEH will punish the beast of the sea, BARACK, a serpent. The fierce and great and mighty sword ALLAH, the beast of the sea, crooked, a serpent, and He will kill it, the Dragon, ASSHUR, of the sea.” TRANSLATION WORK: Isaiah 27:1 “baiyovm (in that day)YAHWEH (the Lord) yifkod (will punish) livyatan (the beast of the sea) BARACK (the piercing spear) nachash (a serpent) hakkashah (the fierce) vehaggedovlah (and great) vehachazakah (and mighty) becharvov (sword) ALLAH (the Most High) livyatan (the beast of the sea) akallatovn (crooked) nachash (a serpent) veharag (and he will kill it) hattannin (the Dragon) ASSHUR (translated most often “he who comes forth” - and it is a term for Anti-Christ in the book of Isaiah known as THE ASSYRIAN) baiyam (of the sea).” THIS IS THE IMAGE OF THE FIRST BEAST and the second beast of Muslims will give their power unto him. FIFTH LOCATION: “Draw out and go through the back, BARACK shall remove all strength, a dreadful overcoming shall flow forth. All is darkness, the reserve he has stored it up, an unfanned fire will devour consuming the survivor in his tent. The heavens shall reveal his iniquity and the Earth will rise up. The increase of his house will desist downward the run forth, the day of his anger. This wickedness of man is the portion of gods, and the inheritance decreed by the Word of God.” - Job 20:25-29 SIXTH LOCATION: “Can you send BARACK, and make him go and say, “Behold who pierced wisdom in the inward parts to run forth,” also given understanding to the appearing.” - Job 38:35-36 SEVENTH LOCATION: "YAHWEH the voice of authority, and listen BARACK, for the strength shall be seen as rage in the nostrils and flames shall consume with fire storm in a downpour, the voice of YAHWEH. Asshur will be terrified. He shall strike with the rod. All shall be hit with the rod of punishment, Asshur. YAHWEH will rest at the sound and work in battle, for the wave offering of the battle is a burning of flesh long set in order. Moreover the firm King shall cut deep and large at the pyre in fire and shall stand breathing. YAHWEH shall whirlwind the fire and the brimstone shall ensure all is consumed.” - Isaiah 30:30-33 EIGHTH LOCATION: “Adam was like unto vapor, for his days were in shadow and culminated. The reach was the heavens for YAHWEH and yet he descended touching the mountain and it smoked. The flash of BARACK dispersed sending forth arrows (nuclear weapons) with noise." - Psalms 144:4-6 NINTH LOCATION: "ALLAH OBAMA ab (in dark outer garment) dama (I will become) elyown (the god over all things)." - Isaiah 14:14 TENTH LOCATION: "I saw SATAN as BARACK OBAMA." - Luke 10:18 ELEVENTH LOCATION: "For as BARACK cometh out of the East and shineth even so far as the West so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man, for wherever the bodies lie so too an EAGLE IN UNION." - Matthew 24:27-28 TWELFTH LOCATION: "Son of man set your face towards Jerusalem, and speak against the sanctuary and prophecy against the land of Israel, and say to the land of Israel, "Thus saith Yahweh, "Behold I am against, and the drawn sword from the sheath, and cut off shall be the righteous and the wicked. ON THIS ACCOUNT cut off the righteous and the wicked, thus the drawn sword from the sheath, against all flesh south north, ALL FLESH SHALL KNOW YAHWEH, the drawn sword from the sheath, never to turn back again.""" - Ezekiel 21:2-5 "Son of man prophecy and say, "Thus saith Yahweh, say, "the sword, the sword is sharpened and also laid bare, sharpened to slaughter, laid bare BARACK.""" - Ezekiel 21:9-10a THIRTEENTH LOCATION: “For even the seventh was poured, a bowl into the air, great voice came out of the temple from the throne saying, “DONE.” BARACK voiced thunder great, shaking of a manner as never had been from the time man had come into being on Earth, this person was of great lineage, great earthquake like unto this. The great city split into three parts, a city of nations fell, Babylon great was remembered in the sight of God, to give her the cup of wine, PASSION for wrath." - Revelation 16:17-19 FOURTEENTH LOCATION: 2 Samuel 22:14-16 says, "Yahweh thundered from heaven, and Allah uttered his voice, and he sent out arrows and BARACK was confused, the channels of the sea appeared the foundation of the world laid bare, by the rebuke of Yahweh at the breath of His nostrils." FIFTEENTH LOCATION: Psalms 18:13-15 says, "Yahweh thundered from heaven, and Allah uttered his voice, hail of ember and fire, and he sent out arrows, BARACK had an abundance, confused, the channels of the sea appeared the foundations of the world laid bare, by the rebuke of Yahweh at the breath of His nostrils." SIXTEENTH LOCATION: "Yahweh shall appear over the arrows coming from BARACK. For the Lord, Yahweh, will blow the trumpet, and they will march into the storms of the South." - Zechariah 9:14 3) Daniel 7:21-22 "I kept looking and a horn was waging war with saints and overcame them. Then the Ancient of days came to judgement (resurrection of the dead and physical rapture up) to be given to the holy of the Highest One, and the time had arrived for the saints to possess a kingdom (heaven)." Daniel 7:23 “it followed the fourth beast, the fourth kingdom (America came out of the Western world) and the Earth had changed, for all kingdoms were devoured on the whole Earth, they were tread down and crushed (the world-wide apocalypse of WWI).” Daniel 7:24 “for the ten and their horns were of this kingdom (America drew the lines in the Middle East in 1919), ten kings (to be declared in the Middle East of the remains of The Ottoman Empire), arise and another arose after (Barack Hussein Obama in America), changing all the first and ruining three kings (Egypt, Libya, and Tunesia).” Daniel 7:25 “He will speak against Allah, to wear out the saints of the Highest One, intending to change time to a decree (stop all time - decrees are final), and give his hand a time, and a time, and a cutting off time.” Daniel 7:26 “But the judgment shall be final and his dominion shall pass away, then annihilation, the perishing of the end.” Daniel 7:27-28 “He shall reign with dominion great all kingdoms underneath the whole of heavens (HELL), give the people under all of heaven to the people of Allah, for his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall be in reverence and full obedience (the main focus of Islam), for here revelation ended with, Daniel (God is my judge), the thought was greatly alarming, and my face whitened sick.”

    ReligionOfSacrificeReligionOfSacrifice4 kun oldin
    • I appreciate what you're saying, but it would be better if you summarized. It's very unlikely that people will read all of that in a comment section.

      Jilly234Jilly2342 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry but I couldn't take this guy seriously after he said Trump had some of the same characteristics as Churchill. Other than being obese I don't know what he's talking about. Then I went to see what Hillsdale College was and it all made sense. Some decent information in this interview no matter how bias it was. How about this for reparations...Free college for all descendants of slaves. I'm surprised, actually not really since he's leaning so far right, that a scholar like Larry couldn't come up with that one.

    ArazuArazu4 kun oldin
    • this reparations thing is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of in my life. Every single one of my family and friends and neighbors whether they are conservative or liberal all agree that this is the dumbest, most idiotic thing they have ever heard. I'm not going to pay crap to anyone. Heck, I'm Jewish, should I get reparations too? It's idiotic.

      J KJ KKun oldin
  • Our government is destroying our country. Time to stand up people. The communist left are taking over and they as we see will stop at nothing. Fuk em.

    ronnieCronnieC4 kun oldin
  • wanna avoid war, pay attention to your financial institutions , foreign influence and money. Get rid of communists in any power structures the same like violent religions with unethical supremacistic tendencies hidden under religious rights and their barbaric literature.

    Herbert CukursHerbert Cukurs4 kun oldin
  • lefties are brainwashed to think, that only they are "somebodies" who don't have to have conversation with "nobodies"(deplorables)They've being played as well.

    Herbert CukursHerbert Cukurs4 kun oldin
  • Fantastic Show. History is More interesting to Me Than Fiction

    Brian BrinkerhoffBrian Brinkerhoff4 kun oldin
  • shouldn't be about diversity at all . First you should be Patriots who see goverment us servants. It's so wrong and dangerous to choose someone for their ideology or ethnicity.

    Herbert CukursHerbert Cukurs4 kun oldin
  • When asked to open the books on voting to be sure it is true and fair election and the answer is NO but HELL NO you got to think something NOT RIGHT. You might think you woke up in a democrat communist party country.

    west coastwest coast4 kun oldin
  • The Republican party needs to be dismantled. The corrupt right wing in America has become a terrorist organisation. Their base has become a deranged cult. America's ISIS.

    Evan PageEvan Page4 kun oldin
  • Larry Arnn is a virtuous person. His heart is the most pure I've come across, since at least 2004.

    Moroni HolmMoroni Holm4 kun oldin
  • Patric now here is a man, a very wise man, let him be the guiding light for many of us that seeks the freedom we deserve... I mean the CEO of parler was threaten with death because his platform are pure and true and not dictating like twitter and Facebook... of the latter which is on the payroll of the sosiolistic Democrat machine.... don't you see.. the US is in trouble if we don't challenge all these changes the courts allow. And some of those judges unfortunately has sold their souls...

    Nico SNico S4 kun oldin
  • Let in the law abiding, freedom loving foreigners that are able to pay their own way. They will protect America like it's their own. Maybe more than locals.

    Bob PiuszBob Piusz4 kun oldin
  • The government is wontons to much power so we need to down size the government

    danny lockridgedanny lockridge4 kun oldin
  • How can you save an entire world from such Evil.?

    ragtagchildragtagchild4 kun oldin
  • it is the end of the world! and everyone who says otherwise is COMPLICIT in the ending the world. yesterday we had America to run to. today we have nowhere to run. this is the end of the world -- 1984 is here.

    Silly SadSilly Sad4 kun oldin
  • Most of that was Conspiracy based opinions that wont come true

    T.J. WilsonT.J. Wilson4 kun oldin
  • God bless! This is one of the best videos or broadcast I've ever seen. Seriously. I learned a lot too.

    Justin WillardJustin Willard4 kun oldin
  • 👍🇺🇸🗽

    RAY RAYRAY RAY4 kun oldin
  • People, In case you didn’t know, Governor Cuomo didn’t vote for Joe Biden. He voted for president Trump. Watch the clip of Don Lemon criticizing him for doing it. Give him credit for that.

    Marilyn MowerMarilyn Mower5 kun oldin
    • What universe do you live in? Of course he didn't vote for Trump 🙄...unless you can provide a link that says otherwise.

      Kim riciKim rici4 kun oldin
  • We are living in 1984. The telescreen represents smart devices of the modern day. They spy on us 24/7. That social credit score crap is a form of slavery & against the American way. If these elite creeps insist on pushing this BS forward then take it to China. Leave America alone!

    The Imaginary GalleryThe Imaginary Gallery5 kun oldin
  • This guy clearly doesn't know much about hurchill or the war.

    Mr Best PolicyMr Best Policy5 kun oldin
  • Never imagined in my life, (I am not American, I cannot vote) have I thought that a developed democratic country with political representative (Ashamed to call them leaders, this is the edit, I am doing later) who goaded, encouraged, funded violence, the media normalised it and leaders fuelled it can come to power. Never imagined that someone can vote without voting ID, bloody US asks ID for everything else, So you have leaders who were elected by fraud ? by violence ? and entire social media, main stream media interfere in elections so deeply? Now all of us are using media (phones, internet, everything) controlled by violent leaders ? The moment elections are over, NY Emmy award crack says economy should open ? But I know why Churchill is hated, Please do not encourage Churchill, he is war criminal, He is worse than Hitler, you know why, Hitler is known evil but Churchill wears the dress of decent man, He killed 4 million only during Bengal famine by stealing all the food from India while entire Bengal was under Famine. He did this over time and many millions died. He is as big a war criminal as Obama/Hillary/Biden who killed millions in Libya, Syria, Yemen etc

    granandgranand5 kun oldin
  • Way too many talking heads who don't do crap, want everyone to talk talk talk, nothing gets done, but the corrupt continue with their laughter at the stupidity of these hopefuls! It has gone way past these complacent fools! The corrupt have waited for all the Vets to die off so no resistance to their agenda will be stopped by armed citizens. There will be total chaos and civil unrest, get prepared!

    karrskarrkarrskarr5 kun oldin
  • I'm glad he mentioned New Zealand, my homeland. It has gone from a freind of the US in 1970 to a CCP controlled dictatorship under the incompetant prime ministership of Ardern. biden promises the same for the USSA.

    MercmadMercmad5 kun oldin
  • Please don't listen to Republicans are responsible for the buearocracy of education because of 2 men. EVERYONE has the ability of free thinking, so if they put some laws in place that effected education THAT WAS THEIR DECISION, NOT THE DECISION OF AN ENTIRE POLITICAL PARTY. Just saying.

    Beth ThomasBeth Thomas5 kun oldin
  • Send this clown back to Arkansas!

  • We need to massively fund marketable trade schools as well.

    H GrimesH Grimes5 kun oldin
  • In case anyone hasn't figured it out yet, this whole coof thing was designed to cripple out economy for political reasons while making most people so destitute that they'll beg to be on the government dole. It's nothing more than a power grab and severe infringement on our rights. Godspeed Patriots and Long Live the Republic!

    H GrimesH Grimes5 kun oldin
  • Patrick one lens (entrepreneur )get an education. Interview Noam Chomsky and broaden your outlook and morals. Are you still a Trump supporter?

    Julian HopleyJulian Hopley5 kun oldin