20-Okt, 2020
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Unboxing and Setup of the new iPhone 12 Pro in Pacific Blue
#iPhone12Pro #Apple
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  • A lot of the features found in the 12 are also available in the 12 Pro (Retina Display XDR, A14 Bionic). If you don't need the extra camera features then perhaps the standard 12 should be enough! I will say the 12 Pro feels so much more lux with the stainless steel banding! Let me know which device you are picking up and enjoy my 2nd vid of the day! PS. Where's my designed by California in Apple fam at! 😂

    Karl ConradKarl ConradOy oldin
    • How I wish that I have Iphone 12 pro max . It is so impossible! Sorry self! Haha 😔

      Mac kuysMac kuys17 kun oldin
    • @moksh middha no

      Sébastien PertinentSébastien Pertinent29 kun oldin
    • Graphite Ig: x__.daring._.davis.__x

      Davis RowanDavis Rowan29 kun oldin
    • @Sanjay Sanju it’s way easier to advertise your product when saying it has faster internet and is faster. Talking about refresh rate and stuff on ads is not easy. So marketing was the goal. Btw iPhone users haven’t seen any higher refresh rate displays yet, so they r ok with 60 for now. Maybe for next iPhone we can expect higher rr.

      Sahand RahmdelSahand RahmdelOy oldin
    • hi bro. apple should have opted 90hz instead of 5g

      Sanjay SanjuSanjay SanjuOy oldin
  • graphite or blue guyss?????

    Alia WronsAlia WronsKun oldin
  • The best color! Picking up my 12 Pro Max 512gb Pacific Blue

    Vic TVic T3 kun oldin
  • Man mine is on backorder until next month

    Bicky SinghBicky Singh5 kun oldin
  • plzz brother give me this this phone because i using Samsung j2 2016 cheap quality phone

    Sanjiv BisnoiSanjiv Bisnoi6 kun oldin
  • Man UZworld is upside down i search up unboxing iPhone 12 i get 12 pro unboxings if i search up unboxing iPhone 12 pro i get iPhone 12 unboxings

    The FUNTIME foxy plush AdventuresThe FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures7 kun oldin
  • great vid

    Riya SabharwalRiya Sabharwal9 kun oldin
  • love

    Riya SabharwalRiya Sabharwal9 kun oldin
  • been watching this video tooooo many times, I hope you hook it up Karl😰

    Helaman PeñaHelaman Peña11 kun oldin
  • C’est bien

    Michael rocks15Michael rocks1515 kun oldin
  • duude can u give me a phone? it's ok if it's not the best modell. i need one :(

    Anna M.Anna M.15 kun oldin
  • I hope all have that I cant afford I am a student

    Jemelah Al MuqhawiJemelah Al Muqhawi15 kun oldin
  • I really enjoy listening to Karl's voice it's so crisp!

    Vingim GazVingim Gaz16 kun oldin
  • Just received my pacific blue it’s lit 🔥 apple done a fantastic job this year well done 👏

    Red ManRed Man16 kun oldin
  • It's a good price...people can't afford for iPhone.

    Meldren AcuñaMeldren Acuña16 kun oldin
  • Apple Account recovery couldn't have gone better if it wasn't for the efficient service of IncognitoSurfer on IG all thanks to his wonderful service to the netizens

    Lescott MaloneLescott Malone17 kun oldin
  • Good video but since I watched the video to get a feeling of the pacific blue color, I gotta say that it was very hard to get the feeling of how the blue looks since you kept swinging it around and the edits between shots made it even harder.. just as a tip for next time.

    Dom von TordaDom von Torda17 kun oldin
  • this man said CERVICAL GRADE stainless steel! 😱😱😱😂😂😂

    Chad HesterChad Hester17 kun oldin
  • Designed by California in Apple 😂😂😂😂

    Juan AndresJuan Andres17 kun oldin
  • I’m goin 4 Tha gold one

    Michelle ReneMichelle Rene17 kun oldin
  • I’m buying this phone in two weeks,love this phone

    Michelle ReneMichelle Rene17 kun oldin
  • 5:46

    Barismatech ZBarismatech Z20 kun oldin
  • Came here to try and see pacific blue angles...and found someone with ADHD in charge of camera shots, phone handling, and editing.

    Collin RocheCollin Roche20 kun oldin
  • some of iphone's features are old, and u keep smiling... u creepy af, dislike

    Petre-Jan LazaroiuPetre-Jan Lazaroiu21 kun oldin
  • Giveaway pls

    Rap AninoRap Anino22 kun oldin
  • Great content bro..the way you pin point all the little details that give most devices an edge over older models is quite impeccable. Keep up the good work.

    Elias KarigoElias Karigo24 kun oldin
  • Where’s the graphite color the blur is nice but if I got it it’s gonna have so many distant cousins

    Benjamin DBenjamin D24 kun oldin
  • Pacific Blue is GORGEOUS

    Ko LeeKo Lee25 kun oldin
  • Every gadgets of apple costs money , What are they going to do with these.

    HikingHiking25 kun oldin
    • Wt are you saying?

      Aryan BaviskarAryan Baviskar24 kun oldin
  • To be honest blue is my favorite color, especially this type of blue , BUT for a phone I don’t think I can see blue on my device everyday...I think graphite might be it , cleaner , can go with any case color, lasts longer

    RAMONRAMON26 kun oldin
  • Samsung way overcoming Apple, I used to be an apple fan, very happy with the my S20 Ultra!

    Rick HoffmanRick Hoffman26 kun oldin
  • That colour is 🔥 🔥 🔥

    gioyu comigioyu comi26 kun oldin
  • 我在中国郑州富士康做了半年的iPhone我却用不起哎

    xi chainxi chain27 kun oldin
    • Size comparison next to a iPhone 11 Pro not the max just the normal pros please lol

      gioyu comigioyu comi26 kun oldin
  • Get me an iPhone 12 pro please 😭

    Najib HussienNajib Hussien27 kun oldin
  • It's funny, I always watch an Iphone review videos but never had any Iphone in my life...i believe maybe one day someone will come through, i need just an iphone 6 man,!!

    bilinas minibilinas mini27 kun oldin
  • Mast video 👌😍

    vivan 1vivan 128 kun oldin
  • maybe iphone 11pro max for me 🤭

    randi firandrandi firand28 kun oldin
  • Very disappointed about the product red 🤦‍♂️

    Vin VacaVin Vaca28 kun oldin
  • Why would they take the adapter?

    Official AlonzoOfficial Alonzo28 kun oldin
  • Cool yo I really whant one

    Asir NasoordeenAsir Nasoordeen28 kun oldin
  • Do you think the edges will get scratched easily if you have it with no case ?

    Allison FloresAllison Flores29 kun oldin
  • I just wanna know why u say designed by Ca in apple🙂😂

    Saja JbareenSaja Jbareen29 kun oldin
  • Gotten my iphone 12 pro pacific blue yesterday! Loving it so much!!! Thanks so much for the unboxing video!!

    Lance WongLance Wong29 kun oldin

    200 FPS200 FPS29 kun oldin
  • I want the red color 😭

    Dapur Bujang_Masak Suka HatiDapur Bujang_Masak Suka Hati29 kun oldin
  • I did an unboxing of the Gold one if any of you guys wanna check it out! Would mean a lot!!

    Sofia DanielleSofia Danielle29 kun oldin
  • Finally a tech reviewer wearing a mechanical watch instead of Apple watch. that is a nice Planet Ocean

    doire aintudoire aintu29 kun oldin
  • 😍❤️

    Tony starkTony stark29 kun oldin
    • I need someone to give me one this iphone :'(

      doire aintudoire aintu29 kun oldin
  • Size comparison next to a iPhone 11 Pro not the max just the normal pros please lol

    SantinoSantino29 kun oldin
  • How you buy 1000+ phone with no charger, bye Apple I’m going to the note 20 ultra, more bang for my bucks

    Big PunBig PunOy oldin
  • Did he just crumple up all the plastic? Bro you’re supposed to rewrap it and put the box on a shelf.

    Peanut MulePeanut MuleOy oldin
  • I ordered the pacific blue with 512gb can’t wait to get in when it comes in, haven’t had a blue phone since I had my lg env 3 back in 2009 😂

    Officer239Officer239Oy oldin
  • Just a tip: if you want to include closeups of the phone, then stop shaking it like you are making a drink for 007.

    Norbert FallerNorbert FallerOy oldin
  • Why there is no charger and hand free ?

    Naveed GCCNaveed GCCOy oldin
  • I want to unbox that too but for now in my imagination🥺

    Yawnyan. M4AYawnyan. M4AOy oldin
  • 90hz screen on iphone 13 and 120hz screen on iphone 14 allscreen display underscreen cam/face scanner

    Yawnyan. M4AYawnyan. M4AOy oldin
  • Feels like you’re paying another 200$ just for the matt material and camera

    DeathEgg94DeathEgg94Oy oldin
  • This is my dream phone 😍 the Pacific Blue. But compare to iPhone 12 which one better?

    Senta SetiaSenta SetiaOy oldin
  • Red, white, blue phones, and orange case.. Hmmm, I recognize a pattern Karl! 😉🇳🇱

    C C_CC C_COy oldin
  • This video is made for people who don’t know anything about the iPhone. Useless for someone who is informed

    aola wiliaola wiliOy oldin
  • Yasssss that BLUE IS IT! 😭👌🏼

    jManny BarraganjManny BarraganOy oldin
    • Do you know this channel? Their clip is same as your. uzworld.info/player/video/i3u7b7l7daSYhoQ&ab_channel=nifble

      aola wiliaola wiliOy oldin
  • This new colour looks fantastic.

    A. R. SalmanA. R. SalmanOy oldin
  • Graphite is litt...

    Ahill HassanAhill HassanOy oldin
  • I need someone to give me one this iphone :'(

    Ardha PratamaArdha PratamaOy oldin
  • Apple did a good job on the iPhone 12!

    Black MaskBlack MaskOy oldin
  • Will you give iPhone for giveway@

    Rathod Shiva KumarRathod Shiva KumarOy oldin
  • Good focus, in your videos, Karl

    AlbertoLopez TECH TIPSAlbertoLopez TECH TIPSOy oldin
  • Gold really looks good got the pacific blue i might exchange it

    Mark Louie AdameMark Louie AdameOy oldin
  • Apple just change the definition of essential.

    HarD TarGeTHarD TarGeTOy oldin
  • I hate that they do not include the charger and if they do not the should make it 800-900 dollars so people can get the charger

    The Islamic TimesThe Islamic TimesOy oldin
  • Damn, that's a punchable face, if I've ever seen one!

    AlexandreGAlexandreGOy oldin
  • Finally someone unboxing a red one.

    vasu devvasu devOy oldin
  • This is UNBOXING so show the iphone in close up!!!

    rafael jimenorafael jimenoOy oldin
  • I wanted the blue to be darker

    Lieanna RodriguezLieanna RodriguezOy oldin
  • Looks stp...

    Nova MlNova MlOy oldin
    • The 12 Pros display isn’t technically 1:1 the same. Nominal brightness is ~200 nits brighter compared to the regular 12.

      dolita windodolita windoOy oldin
  • Love your videos.

    Sytha DanySytha DanyOy oldin
    • Do we need screen protector on the 12 pro??

      dolita windodolita windoOy oldin
  • Do you know this channel? Their clip is same as your. uzworld.info/player/video/i3u7b7l7daSYhoQ&ab_channel=nifble

    Mobil SunMobil SunOy oldin
  • Please don't shake your phone

    osho raosho raOy oldin
  • Designed by California in Apple

    GrowyourveggiesGrowyourveggiesOy oldin
  • How do you speak so fast without taking a breath??

    Stylish RidingStylish RidingOy oldin
  • To get blue or gold is my dilemma now☹️

    Jimena MirandaJimena MirandaOy oldin
  • Subscribed for the positive vibe ;)

    Fahad KhanFahad KhanOy oldin
  • Am I the only one who hates Matt finish?

    Dr. AmmaraDr. AmmaraOy oldin
  • Was getting a bit concerned as Karl seemed to be going off the reservation on color choice; then realized all okay when he whipped out the orange case; and wham, there's the Karl we all know!

    stereoheadmtlstereoheadmtlOy oldin
  • Do Iphone 12 Pro drop test! 😁

    Silver ArrowSilver ArrowOy oldin
  • Apple not giving charger and airpords to save environment Inside: the real lot of money from this

    UMANGUMANGOy oldin
  • I'm so tired of seeing the blue. It reminds me of the blue on the samsung galaxy S7/S7 edge...not a fan.

    MikeMikeOy oldin
  • Gold or blue???

    Shaun TanShaun TanOy oldin
  • Apple: I think we should say we are helping the environment but scam people for extra money Me: this is dog shit how could they not have a proper charger in the box and claim it’s for the environment

    FriedYonkoFriedYonkoOy oldin
  • It would be nice if you could stop waving/shaking the phone while talking. I just want to have a good look at the phone...

    Monkey MMonkey MOy oldin
  • Do we need screen protector on the 12 pro??

    Asish BanikAsish BanikOy oldin
  • The 12 Pros display isn’t technically 1:1 the same. Nominal brightness is ~200 nits brighter compared to the regular 12.

    Angel GAngel GOy oldin
  • I can’t tell if the pacific blue is more light blue or a teal, each video I watch it shows differently

    Casey MartinCasey MartinOy oldin
  • Need to focus on the phone more

    August HumphreyAugust HumphreyOy oldin
  • Love the Canadian accent! The 2 phones in your videos are the 2 I'm deciding between; the red 12 & the Pacific Blue Pro. Imagine a red Pro! 🥰 I'll order the Pacific blue & then they'll release a red later on. 🤦🏻‍♂️Edit, it's never mentioned & I keep forgetting, I AM getting the Pro, because it has 6GB RAM vs 4 in the 12.

    Bry WeasleyBry WeasleyOy oldin
  • I have the 11pro max I don’t think it’s worth the upgrade every year lol I’ll wait for the 13 :) but I did upgrade my series 3 watch to the series 6 watch!

    Jonathan MendlerJonathan MendlerOy oldin
  • Why is everyone so obsessed with 90/120 hertz displays? The technology is buggy and not even ready. Ive used it on android and it wasnt a pleasant experience.

    Statistic189Statistic189Oy oldin
  • No always on since it's been 4 year's of oled screen technology from the iPhone x to 12......zero innovation......ppl oh it looks awesome n'll n then once in a case oh is this IPhone 11 or a year before that.....

    Feroz ShaikhFeroz ShaikhOy oldin
  • Good video, Karl. Just whenever you do a closeup shot of the iphone, try not to shake the heck out of it so much lol. Some of us are just trying to admire the new color

    Lizner09Lizner09Oy oldin
  • I want know your watch is? LOL

    Xingfeng LiuXingfeng LiuOy oldin