iOS 14 - 17 Settings You NEED to Change Immediately!

20-Sen, 2020
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iOS 14 - 17 Settings You NEED to Change Immediately! | iOS 14 Tips & Tricks
iOS 14 was just recently released and there are a lot of new features & settings in the software, so many that you might not have seen them all.
So in this video, we run through 17 new settings you might want to consider changing. These tips will help you have a better experience overall with iOS 14.
iOS 14 Battery Saving Tips:
16 iPhone Settings You NEED to Change Immediately:
iOS 14 Released - What's New? (100+ New Features):
AirPods Pro Spatial Audio Feature Explained:
iOS 14.2 Beta 1 Released - What's New?:
iPhone SE (2020) - 5 Months Later:
iOS 14 - 30+ Best Hidden Features:
0:00 Intro
0:53 Setting #1
2:17 Setting #2
3:21 Setting #3 (
4:43 Setting #4
6:00 Setting #5
6:37 Setting #6
7:31 Setting #7
8:11 Setting #8
9:55 Setting #9
11:26 Setting #10
12:25 Setting #11
12:53 Setting #12
13:23 Setting #13
14:17 Setting #14
15:22 Setting #15
15:59 Setting #16
16:42 Setting #17
17:29 Conclusion
18:03 Outro
Are there any settings/tips that I didn't share that you think are useful! Let me know in a comment below!
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  • I got my *Xs* *max* iCloud unlock through the help of *CPN_CRACK* on Instagram soo HAPPY

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  • great job breaking this down. the privacy settings are amazing and you can believe i am applying those going forward. the sleep mode is totally new to me-that i need to explore. WOW! the private wi-fi address is 🔥 for whatever reason my 7 does not have the selfie mirror option & does not have the backtap-any reason why? i heard you have the 8 plus-how did you engage Siri while tapping your phone and can i do that with my 7?

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  • I'm so happy to see that iOS at least tries to improve their privacy settings. It seems that they spent more time and worked more detailed as many security things were added to the settings I've spent about an hour to set everything right and hope now I'll be safer than ever :)

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  • for anyone that needs specific settings 0:53 Setting #1 change default browser 2:17 Setting #2 hide hidden photos 3:21 Setting #3 only for airpods pro 4:43 Setting #4 precise location 6:00 Setting #5 turn off home-kit 6:37 Setting #6 filter unknown people 7:31 Setting #7 notify you if your name is mentioned in message 8:11 Setting #8 new sleep mode 9:55 Setting #9 less clustered home screen app 11:26 Setting #10 hide entire pages 12:25 Setting #11 private WiFi address 12:53 Setting #12 mirrors your selfie 13:23 Setting #13 change camera and frame rate 14:17 Setting #14 voice feedback changes 15:22 Setting #15 double tap back of phone to do something 15:59 Setting #16 sound recognition turn off/on 16:42 Setting #17 apple music auto play

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    • *finally these woman deztoolz on Instagram really help me out with my iPhone fixed successful in some minute and she is the best of the best*

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    • *finally these woman deztoolz on Instagram really help me out with my iPhone fixed successful in some minute and she is the best of the best*

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  • Very nice video, thanks for sharing it! I am experiencing an odd issue: I already cleared history and website data several times on my iPad, and updated to iOS 14.1. But still safari “documents and data” show the same amount of data( 20gb storage ) and there is no way to clear that off. Somebody has suggestions?

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  • No one does it better than *KENDRICKHACKERBROWN* ON ig he actually unlock and update my iOS completely

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  • Just got my ios updated thanks to #kendrickhackerbrown on IG am so happy

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  • Highly recommend *kendrickhackerbrown* on Instagram for a successful update of my phone

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