*iOS 14* iphone customization + organization tips/tricks! MUST DO!

19-Sen, 2020
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welcome to my how to customize your iphone with iOS 14 video! SO EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW UPDATE! i show you the best widgets, how to change the app icons with shortcuts, how to utilize the app library, + more!
#iphonecustomization #ios14
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1.) how to update to ios14 : 1:00
2.) how to pick an aesthetic : 1:24
3.) declutter + organize apps: 2:24
4.) how to use widgets! 4:09
5.) how to make app covers: 8:10
6.) back tap feature: 10:02
7.) other fun widget apps: 10:41
*iOS 14* iphone customization + organization tips/tricks! MUST DO!
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  • iPHONE 12 UNBOXING: uzworld.info/player/video/j6Smot2Nk9S0e5Y iOS 14 how to design your own app icons: uzworld.info/player/video/bYioaMuPgsyWg4Q *FOLLOW MY INSTA* instagram.com/juliakcrist *edit* when i say “pick an aesthetic”, those don’t automatically come with ios14, you have to make it all yourself on your own!!

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    • All thanks to #coder__nate on instagram for getting me access to my boyfriend account

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  • Hey guys! Finding your favorite playlist is hard, but not when it’s just one tap away on your homescreen. I just made a widget to solve this! Download Instant Play at the link below! instantplay.fit/

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