Intence - Gun Eediat (Official Video)

18-Okt, 2020
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#Intence #GunEediat
Intence performing his track "Gun Eediat"
Produced by OneBrawla Music | OneTme Music | Shakes
Video by #ShotbyDeth
Directed by Noel

  • Yeng badness

    nicwayne patricknicwayne patrick3 soat oldin
  • bomboclaaat intrnce dah song yah bad like world war 2

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    Rohan WrightRohan WrightKun oldin
  • This cya guh nuh weh near crocodile teeth

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  • i like din song

    tyrese harrisontyrese harrisonKun oldin
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  • Song for the year

    Chipdaan musicChipdaan music2 kun oldin
  • My wife was about to leave me so I let her listen this song now we stronger than ever 🖖🏾 thanks yeng boss

    Caught CheatingCaught Cheating3 kun oldin
  • Song tough intence

    Daniella McdonaldDaniella Mcdonald4 kun oldin
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  • Up intence

    Shakir WittakerShakir Wittaker6 kun oldin
  • Gun eidiot

    The real Tillibap VevoThe real Tillibap Vevo6 kun oldin
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  • Knock Eh clap it shot pebbles jump inna body big ball a fire inna people clothes mi dash Eh #Yeng #Onetime


    Kainz YG musikKainz YG musik11 kun oldin
  • This a mi fav song

    You TubeYou Tube12 kun oldin
  • Inna di soup pot it nuh only full a corn, yam pumkin n mi nuh drink eh till it warm👿👿👿

    Kxñg PrøñtøKxñg Prøñtø12 kun oldin
  • MI love the song intence

    Kashene JoelleKashene Joelle12 kun oldin
    • You a MI boss intence

      Kashene JoelleKashene Joelle12 kun oldin
  • Nuh long talking better by far but top ranking better this still nuh beat it The chrome comb out yuh head badest line

    Kishawn UtgKishawn Utg12 kun oldin
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    Light WhiteLight White13 kun oldin
  • Mek dem wear yuh face pon shirt like merch

    Amari LodgeAmari Lodge14 kun oldin
  • Never underestimate no Mon..intense u go hard pan this one...pass the ninety like gsat..

    duane Sawyersduane Sawyers14 kun oldin
  • Sen

    Jennifer BrownJennifer Brown14 kun oldin
  • hottest dancehall track in kenya

    Don ChncyDon Chncy14 kun oldin
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  • Batty boy intence

    Shaheem WhittakerShaheem Whittaker15 kun oldin
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    Dione EwbankDione Ewbank18 kun oldin
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    Badchoppa 9ballgadmusicBadchoppa 9ballgadmusic18 kun oldin
    • Gun fool dem mi g

      Badchoppa 9ballgadmusicBadchoppa 9ballgadmusic6 soat oldin
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  • Y when everytime i forward on UZworld I have to find this music video b4 i look for anything else a must obeah this lol 😆 😂 🤣

    Phoenix Rising 777Phoenix Rising 77718 kun oldin
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  • Intense become every mon topic from him on the top

    Davian JamesDavian James19 kun oldin
  • God know that song yah have a buzz

    mixup tvmixup tv19 kun oldin
  • Where can I find that sweater he's wearing?

    Ray JarrettRay Jarrett19 kun oldin

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  • One a the wickedest song rn

    Jms ZackgadJms Zackgad20 kun oldin
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    grace Harrisongrace Harrison23 kun oldin
  • I noticed these guys also did a music video of this song and its really good! love this song btw great job!

    SkyfallSkyfall23 kun oldin
  • From him just buss a mi #1 artiste but him Mek me rate him more ............. this is how many times intence go pan trending

    Luvv eeshaLuvv eesha23 kun oldin
  • Some man only bad when them see them don now a clash time skillibeng never skill🤣🤣😭

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    Acesleon brownAcesleon brown23 kun oldin
  • Just don't try dis alkaline or kartel and just continue do the hits DEM and a you dat

    Dimitri WaughDimitri Waugh23 kun oldin
    • Him diss kartel already 😂 and he's a fan of alkaline

      NuhMussValidNuhMussValid23 kun oldin
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    Mafia RajMafia Raj25 kun oldin

  • Bad song