Installing My $100k Mclaren 675LT Engine Was Easy (Until It WASN'T)

30-Sen, 2020
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Today, Jared and I installed my Mclaren 675LT's newly repaired engine. The car, however, had other plans.
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  • So excited to show the world Car Trek 2. Even more depreciated supercars!

    VINwikiVINwiki26 kun oldin
    • @Ragnar Lothbrok was just a guess :)

      Blackjack EXOBlackjack EXO20 kun oldin
    • Same here.. I noticed showed up the other day, I will be sitting in front of the TV (home theater) to watch it...

      TheCoolDaveTheCoolDave22 kun oldin
    • @Blackjack EXO cl 65

      Ragnar LothbrokRagnar Lothbrok24 kun oldin
    • 1:50 Write an essay quickly

      Feras Expert ProfitFeras Expert Profit24 kun oldin
    • Same here!

      Mr PandasianMr Pandasian25 kun oldin
  • Where is the McLaren? Is it finished yet? Come on Tavarish, walk the talk.

    Bill ShawBill Shaw8 soat oldin
  • Look how they massacred my boy.

    SSDeathstarSSDeathstarKun oldin
  • 16:07 lol

    Wisam AlhamadWisam AlhamadKun oldin
  • Next instalment.. gimmie gimmie ... PLEASE

    TerribleFireTerribleFire3 kun oldin
  • What music is being played at 16:20?

    renamon1983renamon19833 kun oldin
  • It's more than a month later. I'm looking for the next episode.

    Surfer DudeSurfer Dude3 kun oldin
  • Freddie can we get back to the builds please

    Chris CruzChris Cruz3 kun oldin
  • I want to see it drive sooo bad

    Bento BekkerBento Bekker4 kun oldin
  • ... your closeup time-lapse photography and style is just amazing and adds so much to your great channel.

    sirviceman onesirviceman one5 kun oldin
  • This is about a man in Sweden, building the same mclaren as you.

    Thomas AhlströmThomas Ahlström7 kun oldin

    Thomas AhlströmThomas Ahlström7 kun oldin
  • If you need wheels talks to it’s just a six I know he has a McLaren 570 that he is looking at getting new wheels put on maybe you can make a deal with him and get some wheels for your McLaren

    Zackary EidsnessZackary Eidsness7 kun oldin
  • I found another one for you to rebuild!

    Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor7 kun oldin
  • 16:09 I wonder how many people think that's an anti roll/sway bar... :)

    Ron WilliamsRon Williams8 kun oldin
  • Than motor oil he drinks has to be 0w-30 because it moves too freely

    knightrider1545knightrider15458 kun oldin
  • Please more of this car

    jay rockjay rock8 kun oldin
  • Next Series.... Tavarish buys a wrecked Tesla Rocket! lol

    ReiSEN -ReiSEN -8 kun oldin
  • Did you put poly bushes on that roll bar? Ewwwww

    slammerf16slammerf168 kun oldin
  • You should contact a dentless removal company to see if they could suck/pull out the dented gas tank from the outside.

    supertouring1supertouring19 kun oldin
  • So amazing to see this bunch of aluminum is becoming a car again !! 👍😊 If i would live near you, i'd be every day in your garage to help you !! 😊

    boogie153boogie1539 kun oldin
  • Look at all that aluminum. It’s like mclaren makes race cars or something.

    Chris SChris S9 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait to see the progress love your guys humor

    Carlos DabodaCarlos Daboda9 kun oldin
  • I really want to see you do a 1st gen fairlady z. That would be cool.

    Aaron KitchenAaron Kitchen10 kun oldin
  • Maybe super glue one (or a few) stud(s) on the tank and gently pull the dent out. Then polish it afterward.

    Wim BraberWim Braber10 kun oldin
  • Any more updates?

    Regondi GiulioRegondi Giulio10 kun oldin
  • Love your work with Jared, i think you 2 need to team up with Genius garage for a build

    Keith TerrazasKeith Terrazas11 kun oldin
  • When this car is done please make one mega video of the whole thing.

    TerribleFireTerribleFire11 kun oldin
  • its designed to break away, you shouldnt put more bolts in there

    Ryan DiederichRyan Diederich12 kun oldin

    Richard ConnerRichard Conner12 kun oldin
  • Wouldn't the engine go in the frame before the frame gets bolted to the... WAIT A MINUTE WTF? 6 bolts around M10's? For a FRAME midpoint?

    fshalorfshalor13 kun oldin
    • As I watch more of this one, my respect for both @tavarish and the @oil-pooper sidekick has risen.

      fshalorfshalor13 kun oldin
  • Including all your own labour in $ amd parts would 'nt a new mclaren be cheaper

    Skippy 4077Skippy 407713 kun oldin

    TheFastfreddie54TheFastfreddie5414 kun oldin
  • This car is not elegantly designed. Looks like design and engineering by a ton of different committees. Looks like an absolutel mess to work on. No wonder Gordon Murray wanted to design the T50 himself.

    jhalligjhallig15 kun oldin
  • 3D print one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

    Roger HammondRoger Hammond15 kun oldin
  • Car Trek is a pretty good alternative to Amazon’s “Grand Tour”.

    Mark SayampanathanMark Sayampanathan15 kun oldin
    • You mean because the entire premise is just a carbon copy of top gear? Its cool for youtube but it doesn't hold a light to even top gear with the new cast.

      Luke KellyLuke Kelly13 kun oldin
  • Good luck Freddy. 👍

    steve ashsteve ash16 kun oldin
  • Shoulda just dropped in like a 20k ls in it lol

    Joe SmoJoe Smo16 kun oldin
  • I think your floor is out by .13

    B HerdB Herd17 kun oldin
  • the sway bar part shoul've had sound. lol

    waddih1990waddih199017 kun oldin
  • 12:51 That red Mercedes looks familiar .. Peace to everyone from the Middle East

    كن كما انت فقطكن كما انت فقط18 kun oldin
  • This channel is such a joke now. You go from a DIY in your garage show to a extremely large multi lift garage show with multiple sponsor. Anytime you need a special tool or part just ask the sponsor for more cash. That's why I enjoy Alex rebuilds he does it with what he has..and his cars are road worthy when done.

    kenneth rayfordkenneth rayford18 kun oldin
  • 15:00 song??

    Spencer ChristiansenSpencer Christiansen18 kun oldin
  • Hi, 675 seats for sale at Romans International, good deal too. I thought you'd like to know

    scottmcguire2010scottmcguire201018 kun oldin
  • Why you so fat?

    KannXKannX19 kun oldin
  • 10-1 says that whole fuel pump/gauge system is from something like a VW.

    OLD SCHOOLOLD SCHOOL19 kun oldin
  • Seems like pressure washing that frame may have been a fun idea before reassembling. I mean, what’s another 15-20 minutes to have a clean slate.

    Fed RoosterFed Rooster19 kun oldin
  • That suspension montage section was legendary!! Can’t wait for the next episode!

    Andrew ReynoldsAndrew Reynolds20 kun oldin
  • Can you upload the compilation beat/music? Lol

    Battle GuacBattle Guac20 kun oldin
  • McLaren will probably send him a notice that his warranty is now invalid. Keep up the great work

    medic6111medic611120 kun oldin
  • Freddy and his friend are genius tear down a mclaren and put it back together that’s awesome

    Amad FutaAmad Futa20 kun oldin
  • Shouldnt those bushes on the lower arms ect be tightened with weight on them so when the car is lowerd down there's no twist on the bushes as you've tightened them in a relaxed state ?

    kieran crowekieran crowe20 kun oldin
  • Crazy to see how tavarish can build a McLaren but not the three rotor super car he sold 😂😂😂

    crzy_tapcrzy_tap20 kun oldin
  • Excellent video.

    Rhett CorcoranRhett Corcoran20 kun oldin
  • Good job fellas things gonna rip mate

    Charles MaslinCharles Maslin20 kun oldin
  • I had to pause the film to comment on the intro. We have all seen some damn good looking intros on youtube but this is next level. This is every bit as good as any I have seen on major network television. It's actually 70's retro which makes me like it more.

    InsideOfMyOwnMindInsideOfMyOwnMind21 kun oldin
  • Awesome!🤙🏾💯

    Brother RayBrother Ray21 kun oldin
  • Awesome rebuild.. You could donate the car to me if you'd like or a different car you don't want anymore, I don't have a car right now, haha just playing.. Nice job fixing those parts. The dealership is always trying to get you for some outrageous price

    StealthReaper34StealthReaper3421 kun oldin
  • Remember it just a car just twice the complexity

    Iain Angus FreemanIain Angus Freeman21 kun oldin
  • Tavarish and Jared are definitely the perfect duo together, I wouldn't change a thing. I will have to show you my car one day, it's my dream car and the amount of work put into it you would definitely appreciate👍

    SteveO RulesSteveO Rules21 kun oldin
  • when you are finished, i would like to adopt Jared. I build a nice shed for him and my dog.

    ChebsenChebsen21 kun oldin
  • We need more videos brother 😬

    Loui AbrahamLoui Abraham21 kun oldin
  • "You turn into a pumpkin in 20 min"

    W MW M22 kun oldin
  • Damn bois bringing back yeet, lovin it

    Loris FoucartLoris Foucart22 kun oldin
  • VinWiki also dropped the bomb that Car Trek 3 is setup for around Christmas time. 14million views from Car Trek 1, probably didn't make it hard for AutoTempest to Give These Dudes the Full Send It this Christmas...I like that they give the respect to Top Gear Boys...BBC might not be a fan but they can Suck it that's pretty much what Amazon said with Grand Tour

    Josh SchwartzJosh Schwartz22 kun oldin
  • Brilliant guys

    Philip WalshPhilip Walsh22 kun oldin
  • When is he going to move to FL...

    Master VMaster V22 kun oldin
  • Roll cage a great idea.

    Andrew NorrisAndrew Norris22 kun oldin
  • Gerard is the Stig of auto repair.

    Andrew NorrisAndrew Norris22 kun oldin
  • Always hit the like, love what you do.

    Andrew NorrisAndrew Norris22 kun oldin
  • CarTrek series 3 really needs to feature a big road trip in THIS car.

    Andrew NorrisAndrew Norris22 kun oldin
  • Make more video with your Old mithsubitshu

    Mark StaunstrupMark Staunstrup22 kun oldin
  • Awesome work Brothers! Looks like those rear shocks and anti sway bar we're all kinds of fun! Keep it up, you guys kick ass!

    Anthony LehnerAnthony Lehner22 kun oldin
  • Oh man, can't wait for tomorrow. The first series was so awesome. You 3 make a great combo.

    George VargasGeorge Vargas22 kun oldin
  • the new top gear

    Jax LightJax Light22 kun oldin
  • Talk talk talk I saw you guys do man and very little work

    Benny OgdenBenny Ogden22 kun oldin
  • Never imagined you would have turned into a douchetuber 😞

    Tsunauticus IIITsunauticus III22 kun oldin
  • Bottom gear

    Keyan Bitch boyKeyan Bitch boy22 kun oldin
  • We are dying for the next episode!!

    Battle GuacBattle Guac22 kun oldin
  • Yea know I’ve never actually seen you buy a vehicle that doesn’t need repairing or fixing and I think you should reward yourself and all your hard work witha 765lt just make sense

    noah bradynoah brady22 kun oldin
  • Here I am once again. Another day of watching some dudes rebuild a super car while my 98 dodge grand caravan is sitting in my driveway with bent rods.

    Nestor isahi nava jimenezNestor isahi nava jimenez22 kun oldin
  • I work 5 miles away from Mclaren in Woking, England. used to be Menzies farm where they are now. See these cars all the time being driven round here. love this build.

    Ian AlexanderIan Alexander22 kun oldin
  • would be really nice if you could find a complete fuel tank with all of the parts in it .... good luck man, it is looking good !

    John NelsonJohn Nelson22 kun oldin
  • So by “adding lightness” does this become a lotus inspired McLaren 675LT?

    Garage BeersGarage Beers22 kun oldin
  • 👍

    Travis HartleyTravis Hartley22 kun oldin
  • Is your name sevarish or tevarish?

    Thomas GriffinThomas Griffin22 kun oldin
  • Looks pretty easy to put those parts together, question is, where do you even get those parts?

    scott martinscott martin23 kun oldin
  • Why your stupid videos keep showing up on my feed after ??

    Jordan JorgeJordan Jorge23 kun oldin
  • What about a good suction device to pull out the dent in the tank

    Stefan VanbraamStefan Vanbraam23 kun oldin
  • So I guess it isn't pink in there after Jared is done.

    Narayan De JesúsNarayan De Jesús23 kun oldin
  • Did you need any specialized tools for assembly? Yeah...a pallet jack

    HoovestolHoovestol23 kun oldin
  • Put threadlocker on it now, torque it later? No.

    David KuehneDavid Kuehne23 kun oldin
  • Hey brother. I have a 2015 Hellcat. I installed a ikon motor sport widebody kit. I was hoping you’d be able to guid me. The fender flares although look as close to OEM seem to pull away from the body with the 3M double sided tape. Can you recommend a glue that bonds quickly to painted metal and plastic ? Also, how can we get a hold of you? Thanks

    Edward SferrazzaEdward Sferrazza23 kun oldin
  • Yo dog, that car is gay as hell!! Can't wait to see it run!

    Philip TreadwellPhilip Treadwell23 kun oldin
  • Great vid yall , give me a shout out, I do real time vids in the real world of commission time automotive tech-vet master tech certified, yall do great vids , love yalls editing!!

    automotive tech-vetautomotive tech-vet23 kun oldin
  • Harbor freight impact at 15:30?

    Konstantin ParkhomenkoKonstantin Parkhomenko23 kun oldin
  • Just unwatchable with the amount of adds,

    Dan WalkleyDan Walkley23 kun oldin
  • I Swansea Wales UK.

    luckyadam331luckyadam33123 kun oldin
  • Where's rest of mc 675lt build Been I'd bed bindge watching. Getting brain in gear to boost my car. Please help keep up good work.

    luckyadam331luckyadam33123 kun oldin
  • How to boost my car. 2.2direct engine code. Z22yh petrol 16v 150bhp.its to slow. How power vauxhall canbus turbo setup. Please help.

    luckyadam331luckyadam33123 kun oldin