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  • Bruh why he always sigh so fuckin loud

    Aaron ThayerAaron Thayer2 soat oldin
  • 7 imposters or more every day

    TokyoAkaTokyoAka14 soat oldin
  • Anyone else catch him picking his nose and then putting the finger in his mouth

    Harvey FloresHarvey Flores16 soat oldin

    MoshaMosha17 soat oldin
  • why is tfues right arm so much bigger than his left????

    Tommy VespiTommy Vespi18 soat oldin
  • Every kid should be good at this bc we lie alot

    Dnavyn YoheDnavyn Yohe20 soat oldin
  • Tfue lost subs

    Commandment SweatCommandment Sweat23 soat oldin
  • Hello tfue why do you not play fortinite anymore

    Ricardo DubeuxRicardo DubeuxKun oldin
  • Play fortnite pls plspls. Pls pls pls pls pls

    Wengelawit WodajoWengelawit WodajoKun oldin
  • Hi

    Morne StroebelMorne StroebelKun oldin
  • Imagine this game was on xbox ps4 and tye switch

    Dominique Vlog’sDominique Vlog’sKun oldin
  • We just gonna ignore he vented right in front of pink?

    Jayden J-RJayden J-RKun oldin
  • so now i know tfue react when he lies😂

    4k tq4k tqKun oldin
  • W

    JAVAHN GarciaJAVAHN Garcia2 kun oldin
  • please stop picking ur noise i think i spelled that wrong

    T_ gaafarT_ gaafar2 kun oldin
  • Why is tfue also imposter

    Nathon BlyNathon Bly2 kun oldin
  • Bro how did quick not see you vent at 5:11 😂😂

    iCustomsiCustoms2 kun oldin
  • 0.51 tfue boring in the nose hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahhahhahaahhahhhaahahahahahaahhahahahhahahah

    Zaet NatorZaet Nator2 kun oldin
  • boi...u ppl discussed for so long that i had to skip abt 7 mins

    fenom beatzfenom beatz2 kun oldin
  • if u think tfue is best among us imposter, drop a like on this comment

    SamPlayZSamPlayZ2 kun oldin
  • in every video I've watched, he's always picking his nose, like stawwwpppp

    n kn k2 kun oldin
  • yes i love you daddy

    Caden AlmondCaden Almond2 kun oldin
  • Pĺöpp

    Ahmad Jakaria23Ahmad Jakaria232 kun oldin
  • These guys play so good actually using all the time to explain the situation and not being dumb this the kind of people I’d play with

    Liam SchlackLiam Schlack2 kun oldin
  • Green sus he has blood on him/her

    Derek OdenDerek Oden3 kun oldin
  • Tfue es bueno en todo , calf of duty , Fortnite, amoung us , que falta que salga un juego de contar penes y que sea el mejor jugado ahh en eso ya es bueno quiero mi like

    Niri Pau Mendez PazNiri Pau Mendez Paz3 kun oldin
  • Yo tfue can you please play Fortnite

    Mini TfueMini Tfue3 kun oldin
  • The shit this man gets away with he might would be able to rob a bank in broad day and get away with it

    ThatBlasianThatBlasian3 kun oldin
  • Damn he is good at every game 😎✨

    zCisu Music ZzCisu Music Z4 kun oldin
  • I hate tfu

    death killdeath kill4 kun oldin
  • Tfue is kinda good and a good liar and sus

    Hazril AizadHazril Aizad4 kun oldin
  • 5:10 ghullo?

    Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem osasUvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem osas4 kun oldin
  • he is picking his nose.

    Bread loafBread loaf4 kun oldin
  • Happy 666 videos on UZworld

    CueiyoCueiyo4 kun oldin
  • One dude see tfue kill somebody and he didn’t set up the meeting they fake and he kill somebody and all they face and they didn’t see nothing🤡

    Jame JonesJame Jones4 kun oldin
  • Whats what song hes listening to at 7:30

    Jesus VelazquezJesus Velazquez4 kun oldin
  • This vid is 🔥 dude 💯

    ROIVANonTopROIVANonTop4 kun oldin
  • Among us is best game 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Lilbanana09 Among us kidLilbanana09 Among us kid4 kun oldin

    Bad ass botzoBad ass botzo4 kun oldin
  • Pretty pog

    SolarX PsychoSolarX Psycho5 kun oldin
  • MMM nice edit

  • Ninja and Tfue should play together like so he can see.

    Zachary ReimerZachary Reimer5 kun oldin
    • Too much fortnite reference

      NiCk Of TiME LyricsNiCk Of TiME Lyrics2 kun oldin
    • No

      ElectrifiedPhenomElectrifiedPhenom4 kun oldin
  • gg

    Agatha KlossAgatha Kloss5 kun oldin
  • Volta pro fortnite tfue você é bom nele vc chego aqui hoje pelo fortnite e seu esforço

    DublanaideDublanaide5 kun oldin
  • that lights kill was fucking dope.!?

    KageGuruKageGuru5 kun oldin
  • Bruh this guy just picks his nose on stream

    Tilted ThugTilted Thug5 kun oldin
  • I just realized that he needs make one more video then it will say he made 666 videos

    Tyce PanTyce Pan5 kun oldin
  • @12:15 bustin

    Kotton MouthKotton Mouth5 kun oldin
  • Tfue king of about 30 minutes

    kaden downeykaden downey5 kun oldin
  • what kind of music was he listening to at 6:26?

    SwaysarSwaysar5 kun oldin
  • People on among us are so annoying they say ur sus for no reason and get u voted out smh

    zurxko !!zurxko !!5 kun oldin
  • 9:59 me when I get blamed first round

    ThulinThulin5 kun oldin
  • Manda slv pro Brasil ae

    ꧁*LUCKY*꧂ '-'꧁*LUCKY*꧂ '-'5 kun oldin
  • I M sorry bro plz

    Famous JOJOFamous JOJO5 kun oldin
  • But I love your videos but I am sorry I just had to

    Famous JOJOFamous JOJO5 kun oldin
  • Haha got exposed

    Famous JOJOFamous JOJO5 kun oldin
  • Tufe never told any one

    Famous JOJOFamous JOJO5 kun oldin
  • He said he wants to be his valentine and they went on a date and took a pitcher in a boat

    Famous JOJOFamous JOJO5 kun oldin
  • Rife isgay guys he was dating james charls

    Famous JOJOFamous JOJO5 kun oldin
  • Guys tufe his gay he dating james Charles

    Famous JOJOFamous JOJO5 kun oldin
  • lol

    B JohnsonB Johnson6 kun oldin

    Derik GabrielDerik Gabriel6 kun oldin
  • Tfue picks his nose so much

    felix MTBfelix MTB6 kun oldin
  • I love ur vids

    Atlanticlvzzy yAtlanticlvzzy y6 kun oldin
  • After growing his channel with fortnite he neglects the game

    AthrixxAthrixx6 kun oldin
  • Tfue you need to stop drinking and smoking its bad for your health

    Frozsty VidzFrozsty Vidz6 kun oldin
  • Hello tifo, I love you, can you give me uc poubg mobile please ID5639663391 I got nothing from you

    محمد لاتميميمحمد لاتميمي6 kun oldin
  • we want fortnite you the best in fortnite

    عمر معاذعمر معاذ6 kun oldin
  • Kok

    khalid barlekhalid barle6 kun oldin
  • Guys, how still playing fortnite trash. because it’s dead the best game is amoung us

    Mahmoud AlsawadiMahmoud Alsawadi6 kun oldin
  • Post more

    George MitchellGeorge Mitchell6 kun oldin
  • Play more fortnight

    Alex GoodwinAlex Goodwin6 kun oldin
  • I only watched tfue cause of fortnite now everything is ruined.

    HaisamHaisam6 kun oldin
  • my guy was looking for gold in his nose lol

    DROX /-_-\DROX /-_-\6 kun oldin
  • Gay

    Randy FloresRandy Flores6 kun oldin
    • Before someone thinks I say among us is gay I meant tfue when he went on a date with James charles Bc among us is good

      Randy FloresRandy Flores4 kun oldin
  • Whatch my new montage

    Fatality llFatality ll6 kun oldin
  • 🤩🤩🤩

    ThiagoThiago6 kun oldin
  • does tfue still use his 3500 dollar keyboard?

    Chase MadiChase Madi6 kun oldin
  • make fortnite great again play the game bro

    Baller GBaller G6 kun oldin
    • No fortnite is trash

      Roah AlsalamRoah Alsalam6 kun oldin
  • Algún español

    ALEXIS04YTALEXIS04YT6 kun oldin
  • Y fornite ?

    Marcela PerezMarcela Perez6 kun oldin
  • 😥 no more fortnight huh

    fe4rlesxrpie Jimenezfe4rlesxrpie Jimenez6 kun oldin
  • It was as you are the player who started from season 1 you know if the peak of the scythe comes out every year when it is Hallowen or it is ultra mega difficult to leave

    Agustin SettiAgustin Setti6 kun oldin
  • Kopf was making tfue go simp over her.

    Watkins DokuWatkins Doku6 kun oldin
  • Love u bro I’m just subscribed

    El BoriEl Bori6 kun oldin
  • Are none of you gonna acknowledge he digs in his nose on cam then bites his nails

    jaysongaddjaysongadd6 kun oldin
  • Apex legends

    Miguel Ángel Martínez RuízMiguel Ángel Martínez Ruíz7 kun oldin
    • Que es un apex legends?

      david gt13david gt136 kun oldin
  • Pro can you go back to fortnit just train when we don't know then let the others pros know you are the king

    Yakob YousefYakob Yousef7 kun oldin
  • How do you get the impostor every time

    Winston BarnesWinston Barnes7 kun oldin
  • Play Fortnite season 4 I want to see your reaction

    Po94 7Po94 77 kun oldin
  • Me: Its Pink I saw him kill Them: its yellow his blaming it on people Me: I saw it on cams Also me: gets voted out

    Tthe SavageTthe Savage7 kun oldin
  • Dang I just remembered that you challenged ceeday but it never happened we all know who would win ceeday of course plus the fact that your a real life default

    Taz boy 2009Taz boy 20097 kun oldin
    • At a pickaxe battle

      Taz boy 2009Taz boy 20096 kun oldin
    • Challenge him at what

      NutellaCheeseNutellaCheese6 kun oldin
  • Why 😭 you are not playing Fortnite 🤣 I think you are noob

    Status WhatsAppStatus WhatsApp7 kun oldin
  • tfue picking his nose in every video lol

    Austin ChisholmAustin Chisholm7 kun oldin
    • Lol

      RadioactiveRadioactive7 kun oldin
  • Play fortnite

    1400 Lauren1400 Lauren7 kun oldin
  • هذا متا يموت؟

    عمر omarعمر omar7 kun oldin
  • Play fornite broo

    PandaPanda7 kun oldin
  • Support me plz bro

    yassine slameyassine slame7 kun oldin
  • I love how fortnite made him get a lot of subscribers and money and faze clan to but he hate fortnite and faze clan 😂😂

    Play Smith 2Play Smith 27 kun oldin
  • العرب

    Yeseer HasinYeseer Hasin7 kun oldin