11-Yan, 2021
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    JOEL TvJOEL Tv15 kun oldin
    • Man you need to get your family back ,that brand is not more important than your family,they are definitely more important than a you tube channel although it has been a income for you, you don't want another man over your kids and Lauren is a good looking woman. I wish I could talk to you on a personal level because I support you 100 percent.

      matthew mitchellmatthew mitchell2 kun oldin
    • Damn Gold Digger Got Yo Ass

      Ty.Ty.6 kun oldin
    • Can't believe ur single well at least ur free .....Now u get smash dem gold diggers like Nate lol 😂

      Tyrese SamuelTyrese Samuel8 kun oldin
    • Joel hun you could of been atleast real with your self in the making of this video you know you hurt her too many times why even try to sugar coat it 😒

      New lifeNew life8 kun oldin
    • Finally they broke up yay So joel can start taking home the gold diggers

      TJ LettzTJ Lettz9 kun oldin
  • She don't need u to take care of her

    Kadessa ParkeKadessa Parke4 soat oldin
  • You need Jesus ! And he’s coming for you ...

    The New York GirlThe New York Girl11 soat oldin
  • Again like I always say and have said!!! These bloggers need to stop tryna settle down young and then have kids for the blog and more subscribers...and can’t no one tell they don’t see it with all these couple bloggers doing the same thing and then boom 🤯 they break up smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ my heart hurt for these young folks!

    Meiling OrtizMeiling Ortiz12 soat oldin
  • Hope things work out for both you and her and of course the kids

    B4&After DaMiXB4&After DaMiX13 soat oldin
  • Wish both of yall the best of luck bro. Love the content you post. Keep ya head up & God first. P.S yall mfers in these comments fckd up🤦🏽‍♂️weirdos🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

    jiggacitystunnajiggacitystunna13 soat oldin
  • after all the cars he got her

    EkeneEkene14 soat oldin
  • You need CHRIST! If you don't submit to Christ then how can you love and lead your family? I am on the outside looking in and I have no idea what the situation is because it's none of my business but I do know that if Christ isn't the foundation, when problems come then the house will fall. Put Christ first please! We are living in the last days. I love you both and I'm praying for your family. Also you all should consider going to marriage counseling. I think it's important for your family. Christian marriage counseling will be the best option for you all. It is well with you and your family

    Blessed OneBlessed One14 soat oldin
  • Young man I watched u guys since u were in Detroit, u are confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ this girl gave up her whole life for u , and u have the audacity to act as though it is no big deal , unfaithful several times,and not a lot of support when it came to household duties, your foundation is on toothpicks , get yourself together, stop the 🧢 please, u must do better 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Jeanene SandersJeanene Sanders15 soat oldin
  • An sorry

    saidy sulaymansaidy sulayman16 soat oldin
  • Listen bro we all know that you fuck up but it’s not the end of the world , first thing always is to take responsibility for what happened and go from there , we all liked the gold pranks but it’s always the same shit and I’m sure you can find something that you can still make good money to support you and maybe get your family back if you do things right this time around . Stay strong and focus cause your kids gonna look up to you , send you good vibes from London

    Rui MonteiroRui Monteiro17 soat oldin
  • Wish y'all the best g

    Efrayim MnditaEfrayim Mndita17 soat oldin
  • You cheated. Now she’s stuck with three kids. There’s nothing to clarify.

    Jackie LouJackie Lou22 soat oldin
  • It’s so funny how you lying and she even made a video explaining how you did her dirty. She deleted days later after uploading it...

    Jakelin Bravo GarciaJakelin Bravo GarciaKun oldin
  • Joel, grow up. You've got a woman and children who love you, regardless of your fame and money. You and Lauren started out together. The other day you bought her a house. Get your act together, man. Leave your family out of your T.V pranks and commit to Lauren and your babies *LIKE A REAL MAN AND GROW THE F UP. STOP PLAYING WITH THAT GIRL!!!!!*

    John BullJohn BullKun oldin
  • Fake videosssss

    Sany MridhaSany MridhaKun oldin
  • "He gone cry in the car"😂. Sorry bro I had to do it

    Stephen EdwardsStephen EdwardsKun oldin
  • Keep your head up Your subs being booge

    Anwar Lius naniAnwar Lius naniKun oldin
  • I love y'all man you and Lauren is my brother and sister Joel TV you are my black brother in Lauren lovely sister love

    Andre MitchellAndre MitchellKun oldin
  • I hate man like this get women pregnant to make sure no other male sees them,mean while you over here living life,can't wait for those kids to grow so Lauren can have more freedom and find a real man....

    Debora RosarioDebora RosarioKun oldin
  • Him:its not a close door Me:it should be because yall keep on going back and fourth but who knows maybe when they get back together again they will stay but personal i think he should go on with his life and take care of his kids and Lauren should do the same and stop going back to him but its her life and she can definitely do what she want to do

    higirl_ santasiahigirl_ santasia2 kun oldin
  • Y!KES This is weird marketing but I guess.. GD video 4 DAYS ago bringing the "1st girl to his house" on the couch but this vid a WEEK old and the couch and everything gone?? 🤔 Bad timing lol

    Tony Y!kesTony Y!kes2 kun oldin
  • U need to be,y'all seem to not see eye to eye

    Ms. ChaseMs. Chase2 kun oldin
  • He still cares about her tho, he doesn't hate her or anything he still support her He got my respect for that

    Zyere RhodesZyere Rhodes2 kun oldin
  • Keep BOTH of your heads up. D.

    Dennis FreemanDennis Freeman2 kun oldin
  • You don’t deserve her love, you only cares about money and pretty girls. this is your consequences

    mirror mirrormirror mirror2 kun oldin
  • why lie as if lauren aint make her own video. she said you cheated.

    Octavia MarshayOctavia Marshay2 kun oldin
  • Man is dawgggggg‼️‼️‼️ periodtttttt

    Miss MalinieMiss Malinie3 kun oldin
  • bruh just go live wit Chris... u just like him

    kidwellkidwell3 kun oldin
  • She didn’t just up and leave him and clean the house out and he showing it pay tension keep subscribing y’all

    Jeremi CarrJeremi Carr3 kun oldin
  • You are a liar, manipulator and a cheater and with that comes karma...Be prepared for what comes ur way ..

    Izzy MalyIzzy Maly3 kun oldin
  • Id be depressed to if i fucked up n got caught lmao guys guilt tripping lowkey use to be a fan lost me

    Calysta TuckerCalysta Tucker3 kun oldin
  • Bro just gotta let her heal herself bro it happens but just do what you gotta do has a father you know ....but put god in your life bro and stay tru.. bless up

    azriel chambersazriel chambers3 kun oldin
  • Good. You gone get everything coming to you

    Kevin HolmesKevin Holmes3 kun oldin
  • Blaa

    Tenielle McGuireTenielle McGuire3 kun oldin
  • Bruh you a wussy for making her a single mother with 3 kids💯 You ain't a real man

    The Dry ClownThe Dry Clown3 kun oldin
  • Yeah everyone need to unsubscribe to this man don’t entertain his shit

    Niaa WNiaa W3 kun oldin
  • ...Do you want Lauren back? - Txt* 608-665-9011

    Jo SpencerJo Spencer4 kun oldin
  • Your a goofy🤣‼️

    BlasianPekayBlasianPekay4 kun oldin
  • Man that’s cap my boy

    JJ BarrazaJJ Barraza4 kun oldin
  • Bro we all know you cheated

    JJ BarrazaJJ Barraza4 kun oldin
  • How you cheat on your girl and except us to be with you my guy

    JJ BarrazaJJ Barraza4 kun oldin
  • stop the cap, you cheated

    Jonae OutlawJonae Outlaw4 kun oldin
  • Crazy how it's a bunch of bitter females on here judging this man not knowing what really goes on in these people's lives behind closed doors everything for a reason who knows what God has in store for them stop judging and get your own shit straight. Keep your head up king

    kingmar2009kingmar20094 kun oldin
  • Joel you’re lying Lauren said that you were cheating on her!!

    Layy BabyyLayy Babyy4 kun oldin
  • It's too bad you let money get to your head , you'll regret it later, watch !

    Melody TaylorMelody Taylor4 kun oldin
  • Joel you most remember that everything happened for a reason you will get through this im 43 and I remember when I lifted my baby mommy for about 3 months then we got back together and we got married so 17yrs later 5 kids and a dog we are alright now this is just for the moment if she really loves you she will come back and the love will be stronger believe me Joel God bless you and your family

    LDavino aka Hustle manLDavino aka Hustle man4 kun oldin
  • “Used to be Camilla favorite toy” *drops it* I’m boosting lol but yeah I peep everything(energy).

    Ess MaraeEss Marae4 kun oldin
  • Jah jah

    Murda MusiqMurda Musiq4 kun oldin
  • I feel you

  • Not him acting heart broken when he cheated 😂😂😂 “I don’t want my fan base to bash her” boii your own fan base finna bash u 😂😂 u out here lien “we ain’t break up cos I cheated” 🥱

    Jasmine VargasJasmine Vargas4 kun oldin
  • Cheater cheater pumpkin eater.

    Danielle MGDanielle MG4 kun oldin
  • Joel listen to me.. u take all the challenges to the chin and move the fuck on. Y'all are my fav couple and I'm praying for y'all. I strongly believe that y'all are gon get back together. I love y'all and my warm regards to the kids

    Ayodeji JegedeAyodeji Jegede5 kun oldin
  • Joeltv: I did not cheat Comment section: cap ass nigga 😂😂 Boy took a L!

    Shawn ElobetShawn Elobet5 kun oldin
  • Its cap

    King EllieKing Ellie5 kun oldin
  • Umm you did cheat..

    JustBriiTvJustBriiTv5 kun oldin
  • @joeltv brother you have a beautiful family. Your happiness is just as Important as hers. But you cannot force anything if know she not the one you want to marry. As men we tend to pick women apart about little things. If it’s something small you have to let it slide. God has a plan for you and your new channel. We the people will be here for you. Stay blessed and humble. If you ever in DC you have a friend!

    Brandon ABrandon A5 kun oldin
  • That house just speaks it self out that mean shi the one that brought everything in that mf house 😂😂 like if u think this is true

    BabygirlnardynBabygirlnardyn5 kun oldin
  • U messed up but we’ll get over it. Hop that u take this to God and help with mental mind

    Ezra DunhamEzra Dunham5 kun oldin
  • he can finally take them gold diggers home lol

    TheKidTs HDTheKidTs HD5 kun oldin
  • NGL im mad at u, but there 2 sides to everystory, like bro U LOST D GIRLLL like u nd pretty boy fredo same thing man 🙁☹️

    Destiny OparaDestiny Opara5 kun oldin
  • -YA’LL KNOW SHE CAN BE LYING TOO RII?? I’m still not unsubscribing from joel tv

    Lolgushi.himselfLolgushi.himself5 kun oldin
  • It’s amazing how many of you actually believe this is true. Check both of their emotions (bad acting or just don’t give a damn) 🤣. This has happened before. He even states they might get back together. I’m not knocking the hustle but don’t be so gullible. If you’re a subscriber, just enjoy the creativity and roll with it.

    chris mchris m6 kun oldin
  • How can anyone say he cheated? Was you there? Stop assuming.

    Sharnita JonesSharnita Jones6 kun oldin
  • Why do people feel the need to express themselves and tell their side. As long as you know your truth; neither of you don't need validation. People is going to judge you no matter what. It's about honesty and happiness. Wishing you both the best. Raise your family and be positive.

    Sharnita JonesSharnita Jones6 kun oldin
  • Appreciate the transparency. Hope things go towards the best for yall....whether it's together or co-parent

    Rashaad TurpinRashaad Turpin6 kun oldin
  • keep ya head up king 🙏🏽

    Devin HennesseyDevin Hennessey6 kun oldin
  • it's because you talk to too many women because of the pranks I honestly always wondered how she was okay with that.

    Tiera GuytonTiera Guyton6 kun oldin
  • U cheated say that😴😂

    Kasmira ClarkKasmira Clark6 kun oldin
  • Hope she fine a new booboo

    Nicki CamachoNicki Camacho6 kun oldin
  • Allllll I hear blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    Nicki CamachoNicki Camacho6 kun oldin
  • Nigga you gd trust. You got life friends n money....I left a few shorty like that. I had my own

    H Money VibezH Money Vibez6 kun oldin
  • Man how you let your family go over bitches....Shit crazy . You gone learn one day .

    Ashley WilsonAshley Wilson6 kun oldin
  • If y’all broken up why are the corvette and the Lambo in Lauren’s driveway. Y’all play too much. So much cap

    Thumbiko KadangoThumbiko Kadango6 kun oldin
  • Respect G 💯. The beginning hurts, then you slowly heal day by day. Keep ya head up bro and ignore the negative b.s

    noans11noans116 kun oldin
  • Maybe now you will post something other than gold digger videos 😐

  • Joel is disgusting. 3 kids and you have a daughter. I guess these men showing they daughter how to cheat and make mom sad. Not watching him ever again.

    NyasLiveNyasLive7 kun oldin
  • Well thanks but no thanks guys, don't believe any of y'all claims bruh just need y'all to get back together after this prank sh**t is over with, love y'all be blessed

    Slim DeenSlim Deen7 kun oldin
  • You gotta find someone fr...cuz it's not funny to stay like that and see her with another dude🖐

    Jo ElJo El7 kun oldin
  • This is what happens when a so-called man gets a lil money and start feeling himself and can't control them TEMPTATIONS 🙄, thinking he can do better 🥴 I would feel less of a man knowing I left my 3 children. Big headed but WEAK minded men these days 😭🤡

    Tee NTTee NT7 kun oldin
  • So technically you anit got nothing where that girl you was cheating with at ??

    Chris And CoshaChris And Cosha7 kun oldin
  • Naw she left yhu because Yhu cheated

    Z THE GODTYZ THE GODTY7 kun oldin
  • money allowed the real him to appear smh left the mother of his kids to ho around, he probably think girls like him bc of his looks and personality lol wrong

    Shay PShay P7 kun oldin
  • Boy 🖕🏽

    Shae KShae K7 kun oldin
  • He don’t even got money for a couch wit his lame ass 🤣

    Annabelle HamptonAnnabelle Hampton7 kun oldin
  • brody shyt will get better in do time it takes time and if y’all meant then she will be back no doubt don’t worry about nothing and nobody focus on yo family brody stay blessed and keep yo head up she will be back

    Dennis GurleyDennis Gurley7 kun oldin
  • hey man sorry about that just give her sometime to think things thru' bruv

    ben wayneben wayne7 kun oldin
  • Welcome to single gang man

    urboi umarurboi umar7 kun oldin
  • 🧢

    Julila!Julila!7 kun oldin
  • The other thing I need to say to you sometime that’s happened when you were young like you you expose with all these women it’s hard and it’s it is very seducing but in a long way you have to make to make the right decisions pray to lotta praying and then read Psalm 23 there’s a part of it said deleted me beside the still water deleted me in a pot of righteousness for his name sake so

    Peralte RemyPeralte Remy7 kun oldin
  • Hey bro I think Lawrence will be the best for you man she’s a soulmate be careful with these are the check sometime you have to give a pleasure to have something positive something good blessing upon you whatever you do just please give it thank you I think I don’t know it personally I don’t know you but I’ve been watching your show I think she’s a gift from the Lord to you stay positive

    Peralte RemyPeralte Remy7 kun oldin
  • Boy bye u the next chris sails

    Dream DollDream Doll8 kun oldin
  • Grow up lil brother of course things want work out with you doing good digger pranks weekly. Put your energy in knowing why GOD put you on earth and getting close to JESUS. Money, fame, and things don't matter if you lose your family and your soul. Praying for you guys wish you the best.

    Long JenkinsLong Jenkins8 kun oldin
  • He talking bout they can get back together 😭😭😭

    Tahauna GarelTahauna Garel8 kun oldin
  • It's all staged y'all!

    James McKinneyJames McKinney8 kun oldin
  • He did not say they left on good terms and can get back together Lmaooooo no honey u cheated multiple times she caught u on video u recorded it yourself so I pray she doesn’t get back with u ever and finally knows her worth bcz u don’t know her worth and ur kids deserve better

    Dreama ArrazolaDreama Arrazola8 kun oldin
  • Fucking narcissist 💀😂😂

    Nandi AmaniiNandi Amanii8 kun oldin
  • Looks like she did you a favor cuz you gonna have to leave soon too 😂

    J StoeJ Stoe8 kun oldin
  • So from reading the comments everybody got cheated on 🤔

    MeloTha GodMeloTha God8 kun oldin
  • Everybody on UZworld breaking up around Tax season to pay them bills lol JK or am I lol.....

    Treys Short DiariesTreys Short Diaries8 kun oldin