IG Live Got HEATED | Put A Price Tag On You

10-Yan, 2021
182 399 Ko‘rishlar soni

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"You'll never outperform your belief systems"

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  • *This girl is what you call hot garbage, the bag looks nice on the outside but as soon you open it up it stinks*

    ELEAFITELEAFIT2 soat oldin
  • Her Deflecticon Tendencies Reared It's Ugly Head.

    BigWill 9421BigWill 94218 soat oldin
  • She really lost and will continue to lose. A man in grad school proposed to you while you weren’t on his level as you were still an undergrad & cut it off because you felt like you could do better ..... he’s in his career & now you talking to Kevin in hopes of finding a husband, you lost your HVM smh.

    Briana MBriana M18 soat oldin
  • 😃😄😀Kevin Samuel, even you are not a High value man!!!married twice!!!? bro go get yourself a 40 year old.Yea I understand u got some points, but u arent perfect either, but u are good at "seasoning things"!!! I understand this tactics😀, brother, go get yourself single mothers, 40s year old , upward ladies, thats your grade!!!!and you better hurry up,not only some women die with their dogs, men do as well😀😃😄!!! you can date outside too, wish u luck!!!

    Okalanwa EricaOkalanwa Erica20 soat oldin
    • Guess you or women still don't get it.. WOMEN CONTROL THE SEX, MEN CONTROL MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP.. Kevin can go get a woman 18,20 years of age anytime to marry, no problem whatsoever.. If women he married are the problem, so you want him to keep being married while he can get ANYONE from different age range?

      James PierreJames Pierre9 soat oldin
  • Good. Maybe someday the sassyness will have been bred out of the DNA and we can move on to higher levels of consciousness

    Global Patriot BearGlobal Patriot BearKun oldin
  • Fellas, when you see those long ass nails... You shld know what type of personality you're dealing with REGARDLESS OF RACE!!!

    RevolutionaryFatherRevolutionaryFatherKun oldin
  • They got like 5 kids by 6 dudes. They expect everything

    Kevin MarrayKevin MarrayKun oldin
  • I never understand it for the life of me... Keep on doing what you do Kevin...

    Edwin FordEdwin FordKun oldin
  • I see what she did there, reversing the question on you.

    Malicious ToesMalicious ToesKun oldin
  • The average woman in general thinks they better then men.

    J MJ M2 kun oldin
  • She’s actually listening

    hassan Ahmedhassan Ahmed2 kun oldin
  • They still think they making all the right moves...

    Thomas BurnettThomas Burnett2 kun oldin
  • Everyone here focusing on her instead of the survey about 90% of Black women being unfit for marriage. This shows peoples distorted view point of black women but in actuality isn’t true

    bproducerbproducer2 kun oldin
  • Guy she dumped was probably was to nice.

    Bear2670 Van DBear2670 Van D2 kun oldin
  • When did it get heated lol?

    Lindsey SpannLindsey Spann2 kun oldin
  • 2112 angel number alignment synchronicity sign

    IG: mindopeningquotesandimages & omnigoat420IG: mindopeningquotesandimages & omnigoat4202 kun oldin
  • "Of women in general, or black women" Can you imagine if someone white said this? Why would the number be different for black women?

    Motivation CatsMotivation Cats2 kun oldin

    Time Machine "The Barber" aka "NVMBeatssTime Machine "The Barber" aka "NVMBeatss3 kun oldin
  • Drinking red bull out of the can with a straw is so classy.......I might have to debo that for my sparkling water 🤷🏽‍♂️

    DonnieDonnie3 kun oldin
  • She's So beautiful.....but so delusional smh 😦🤦🤦🤦

    Hebrew26commandments power!Hebrew26commandments power!3 kun oldin
  • These younger women would rather dismiss advice from men that will actually help them and instead listen to these damaged older women who secretly want to see them fail.

    Thanos the Farmer Has ReturnedThanos the Farmer Has Returned3 kun oldin
  • Lol that drawn-out sigh shows she knows she made a mistake.

    Nick JaimeNick Jaime3 kun oldin
  • Shes a mess

    Yardley MoiseYardley Moise3 kun oldin
  • Funny how all the german shepards had the high value man that they desperately want so bad in college yet choose to break his heart and ride the cc and believe they deserve another chance.

    Ricky SpanishRicky Spanish4 kun oldin
  • It’s good that she was listening. Her standards are ridiculous, but at least she wasn’t being dismissive like the other ladies......until she skedaddled. 🥴

    CalebCaleb4 kun oldin
  • She is beautiful hopefully she gets it together

    Money GreenMoney Green4 kun oldin
  • So many facts here

    Speed Wrench Mobile MechanicsSpeed Wrench Mobile Mechanics4 kun oldin
  • We cannot compare to or compete with men. Like Kevin said, he could be married in six months if he wanted to. Women wait on a proposal and one is not always forthcoming just because a woman wants to be married.

    Happy2B NappyHappy2B Nappy4 kun oldin
  • Thsi was a "gotcha" moment....look at her expressions thru out the whole vid....she was setting him up this whole time...what he was saying went in one ear and out the other untill that last min...even the freezing of the vid was planned....good one

    Raymond SmithRaymond Smith4 kun oldin
  • A lot of what you say applies to all races in america

    Fma fg GddvhFma fg Gddvh4 kun oldin
  • A man of means has no incentive to get married in the U.S. because the contract is adhesive and gyno-centric , so are the courts. Its like volenteering for a Klan lynching.

    TheFirefox8192TheFirefox81924 kun oldin
  • I find it disrespectful for black women to approach decent black men when they become single mothers because these same women wouldn't approach non-black men in the same manner.

    skyfallskyfall4 kun oldin
  • Her comment shut him the heck up 😂

    Jaguar LycanthropyJaguar Lycanthropy4 kun oldin
  • How would a man in 2021 know what is fit for marriage? Most men want more then one women and a commitment. Doesn't make sense. Either You single with multiple women or married

    QDee Eats TVQDee Eats TV4 kun oldin
  • I laughed at her, she blew it 🤣🤣

    NinerByNature88NinerByNature884 kun oldin
  • She fine as hell

    KK4 kun oldin
  • I don't get the obsession with marriage all it does this day and age is cost you money and happiness

    Dom WalkerDom Walker5 kun oldin
  • Be careful who you allow to speak into your life ladies

    Rosleen_PRosleen_P5 kun oldin
  • Did she run🤷🏿‍♂️🤔

    Gary TisdaleGary Tisdale5 kun oldin
  • Her breaking off the engagement was for the best, she wanted a patron and he wanted a wife.

    ForbiddenJamForbiddenJam5 kun oldin
    • She wanted a sponsor🤣

      CanUDrawCanUDraw4 kun oldin
  • Smh

    citeebay enterpriseciteebay enterprise5 kun oldin
  • I agree with him 100%

    Just Ask ArlettaJust Ask Arletta5 kun oldin
  • S/O to that brother for staying on his purpose.

    memoiroflifememoiroflife5 kun oldin
  • Black men have a lot to do with why they perceive BW unfit if were being honest with ourselves.

    yojimbe1980yojimbe19805 kun oldin
  • women never wanna take blame.. they wanna switch it back to us.. "you aren't married".. we don't WANNA BE MARRIED, y'all do.. we don't really care if she's "high value" or not.. we just passing through like a rest stop..

    You DigYou Dig5 kun oldin
  • men know how women approach marriage with their lists of demands and their crowing about "taking him to the cleaners" and it's a huge turn off

    Josiah MickJosiah Mick5 kun oldin
  • 4:19 - She made that point because she was conditioned to believe that men and women are exactly the same.

    黑佛黑佛5 kun oldin
  • Did I miss the part where it gets heated

    Black PantherBlack Panther5 kun oldin
  • Problem is that most have attitude problems and a man doesn't want attitude when he comes home

    king kongking kong5 kun oldin
  • its not only black women, its all women raised in the west. To be honest not really their fault, feminism, female empowerment, media/social media brainwashing. If 1 in a 100 is wife material, you would be lucky. Not really worth the time to bother looking.

    Ascension 3030Ascension 30306 kun oldin
  • Above Hispanic men? I don’t believe that

    Juan ZJuan Z6 kun oldin
  • She doesn’t get that she can get sexed but a successful marriage is a illusion with that attitude a lot of big booty fine women in the church alone too old for the old too old for the young TicToc keep that energy you will be losing the whole time only gaining DnA 🧬 from multiple men that stays in you up to 9 years which is Spiritual. Just be humble and have humility the illusion is being destroyed that you all have breed into🙏🏿❤️🥰🥰🙏🏿🙏🏿

    Kill the Belief Get Facts!Kill the Belief Get Facts!6 kun oldin
  • "I googled how much a Kinesiotherapist makes, and thought: I can do better as a currently unemployed woman in college." Would have been a better explanation for why they called it off.

    JakeJake6 kun oldin
  • What they bring to the table

    Armstead LeachArmstead Leach6 kun oldin
  • He is 100% right about black women thinking they're superior to black men.

    chootybeekschootybeeks6 kun oldin
  • Exactly why I stopped dating almost 2 years ago, women don't appreciate shit, nothing is ever enough. It's not just BW either, it's damn near all of them.

    DaywalkerDaywalker6 kun oldin
  • She asked him that question about his marriage status because she was upset and wanted to attack him personally. Bill burr said it in one of his skits. "When women are wrong, they go rogue" and start bringing up irrelevant stuff just to piss you off.

    c90c906 kun oldin
  • A lot of how women act nowadays are because of their influences. My biggest role model and influence was my grandma and the dynamic of her and my granddad’s relationship and marriage, she was graceful respected submissive to her husband and a women of prayer. Her relationship with god and my grandpa was magical. I aspire to be like her.

    Dri SkiiDri Skii6 kun oldin
  • 3 out of 3 of my black bros got: 2 of them got white girls and the other one got himself a super hot Mexican honey. My girl... she white

    Christian CarreraChristian Carrera6 kun oldin
  • I can't see why these women aren't happy when the main criteria is how much he makes, when I was with my ex we had more money than I've ever had, didn't mean shit, I hated life & being with her

    WMD-C35WMD-C356 kun oldin
  • You’ve been married twice but giving advice

    MsLisalisa24MsLisalisa246 kun oldin
  • Oops when she said you meet high value women all the time of your age right? But you’re not marrying them? She got you

    MsLisalisa24MsLisalisa246 kun oldin
  • She proved Kevin's point twice within five minutes. When women can't have it THEIR way, they end it! She was dating a "High-Value Man in the making" but he wasn't good enough for her so she ended their relationship/engagement. And when Kevin brought up the question, why did you bring that up, she hung up because she had no reasonable explanation as to why. She did it to be argumentative.

    Damon DenisDamon Denis6 kun oldin
  • I bet her ex has no clue what she's up to🤣 and she's out here keeping tabs.

    Jordan Ramsay-JenkinsJordan Ramsay-Jenkins6 kun oldin
  • Ring in the snoz = feminist

    Gregory ChalmersGregory Chalmers6 kun oldin

    Prince EkesonPrince Ekeson7 kun oldin
  • My guess is, she & her ex were on the same level. They had the ability & everything they needed to go far. She must've thought she could "date up" & she ran away from him & face-first into the wall. She didn't want to wait for success & be w/ that man, perhaps she was a party girl, impatient, or maybe just selfish. She didn't stand by her man & now she's in the sheng nu crew.

    CPL.van7CPL.van77 kun oldin
  • Israelite men and women have been under curses for a long time because we have refused to do YAHAWAH’S commandments and one of those curses is that our men and women would be enemies to one another----------------------Deuteronomy 28:56 “The tender and delicate woman among you, which would not adventure to set the sole of her foot upon the ground for delicateness and tenderness, her eye shall be evil toward the husband of her bosom, and toward her son, and toward her daughter,” King James Version (KJV)

    DaysOfNoahDaysOfNoah7 kun oldin
  • As a Hispanic man....... I love my black and Latina sistas, but alot of them do think that they are better than us for no reason. And If they making alot of money on their own, Its even worse.

    Frankie GunnzFrankie Gunnz7 kun oldin
  • What did she do after turning him down?

    whiteranger79whiteranger797 kun oldin
  • She made that point bc she thinks a woman can do whatever a man can do. Let’s see how that works out.

    Raffine DebaucheRaffine Debauche7 kun oldin
  • “The average blk women think they better than the man” he couldn’t say it no better

    Pc BandzPc Bandz7 kun oldin
  • Kevin always come with such logical and general truth bombs

    Mluleki CebekhuluMluleki Cebekhulu7 kun oldin
  • Why is that woman surprised when black men AND women say 80-90% of black women aren’t marriage material when 72% of blacks babies are born out of wedlock?

    Carlos SantosCarlos Santos7 kun oldin
  • Semen retention for me I focus on me now and what I want in life the sigma way when u control your dik you have control of your life. Sex drives a man to stupidity. I’m stable with good credit military benefits and no kids. I put all my energy in me so I can attract what is best for me in life

    Shut Up SimpShut Up Simp7 kun oldin
  • Kevin do not get the point, all these women are trying to tie the knot with Kevin 🤣🤣 I still remember the lady looking for her engagement ring on the dresser, showing her boobs hahaha. Kevin thanks for your contribution to the male and female community. Was this lady and adjustable 6 at her best?

    Rafael OrtegaRafael Ortega7 kun oldin
  • So if he’s been married twice is it a sign he doesn’t know how to choose quality women? I’ve got questions

    Teshorn JacksonTeshorn Jackson7 kun oldin
  • She got his ass at the end and he was SPEECHLESS!!! LMAO!!! That was a first...

    The Reggie Hobbs ShowThe Reggie Hobbs Show7 kun oldin
  • I saw this live. She actually EXITED the call after Kevin called her out on that dumb question. She was never sincere.

    JacksonJackson7 kun oldin
  • He dodged a bullet

    Sko BeySko Bey8 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the No Bra

    Jay DaysJay Days8 kun oldin
  • Thugs love nose rings, might as well shoot a flare that says DTF

    Jay DaysJay Days8 kun oldin
  • What’s her @

    5th Shaman5th Shaman8 kun oldin
  • Prime example of a woman who got on the elevator of THE HUSBAND STORE and said ....TAKE ME STRAIGHT TO THE TOP FLOOR!!!!

    ORIGINAL5150ORIGINAL51508 kun oldin
  • I love the backdrop scenery in her video, it really draws the viewer into her aura

    Scorpioking1987Scorpioking19879 kun oldin
    • What aura do you see champ?? Just looking at her face shape she is hot headed and aggressive she cute but I can tell she like to break tvs and fight that fake calm demeanor is not fooling me.

      SM DawsonSM Dawson3 kun oldin
  • She meant physiotherapist

    mateusz123573mateusz1235739 kun oldin
  • 2:03 THAT is absolutely 100% TRUE❗

    Jumbo IncredibleJumbo Incredible9 kun oldin
  • But I have to admit destroying womens self-esteem yes with even ur truthful assessments is a good skill to get people to do what u want them to do.

    Juanita SantosJuanita Santos9 kun oldin
  • Truth we will all depreciate with time...however I must say u have a better chance of dying a dirty old man in diapers with alot of young women around u that u can dispense money to run your toilet paper,food errands and such

    Juanita SantosJuanita Santos9 kun oldin

    Juanita SantosJuanita Santos9 kun oldin
  • Do u have to compete with other pimps

    Juanita SantosJuanita Santos9 kun oldin
  • Right now it seems that u have an appeal to PIMP women who may sell themselves to keep u going

    Juanita SantosJuanita Santos9 kun oldin
  • Any person with any brains would question how long will ur market last and what are the circumstances needed to protect it

    Juanita SantosJuanita Santos9 kun oldin
  • Would u have to move to another country to keep your wealth so that it won't be taken from u and equally distrubuted.Or would u have the money to hire a militia to protect u .

    Juanita SantosJuanita Santos9 kun oldin
  • Are the people able to give you money always be able to make that money for how long

    Juanita SantosJuanita Santos9 kun oldin
  • So I figure that u would need the money to buy the props to attract this attention.Where does that money come from?

    Juanita SantosJuanita Santos9 kun oldin
  • Mr. Samuel's i am worth money because I can CONTRIBUTE order and structure to any so called high value life.i I can build a house around ur goods and services and promote the house you and your goods as to open up a pool for possible clients that can bid a numeric number for what that they think your goods and services are TRULY worth

    Juanita SantosJuanita Santos9 kun oldin
  • It annoys me that anyone is expecting more from their partner than they bring to the relationship...such a pathetic starting point

    Blair FraserBlair Fraser9 kun oldin
  • I understand as a man we can date cold women till our 60’s and never get married and die alone and it wouldn’t be a problem.

    Tee WellingtonTee Wellington9 kun oldin
  • The White man “gave” the black woman independence for one reason.. to break the structure of unity in the black community..... and she bit the bait 🥊🥊

    Bully Proof BoxingBully Proof Boxing9 kun oldin