If Movies Were YouTube • This Could Be Awesome #15

16-Yan, 2021
499 408 Ko‘rishlar soni

Our team was challenged to reimagine their favorite movie characters as UZworldrs! Let's see who can take home the Oscar (i.e. Jamie's approval).
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  • Me plz

    Sara burucaSara burucaKun oldin
  • One time I roasted 10 famous u tubers but now I’m being nice and I’ll, be nice to u so be lucky. Ur team is super good so gg y’all r smart. Also rip John and Danny they were amazing ;(

    Samuel HuberSamuel HuberKun oldin
  • because I'm the boss

    Marc sucks at lifeMarc sucks at lifeKun oldin
  • I loveeeeeeeeeed b Beauty Blog

    Oliver And Sidney Vlogs and GamesOliver And Sidney Vlogs and Games2 kun oldin
  • Jamie:BeCaUsE iM tHe bOsS

    Singing 4songSinging 4song2 kun oldin
  • *N I C E*

    hamooda vloghamooda vlog3 kun oldin
  • Meeeee

    Bewa and the Fnaf frights -Bewa and the Fnaf frights -5 kun oldin
  • Love, love, love it!!!! Only if Indiana Jones was mostly a horror movie.Indiana would sound like this. But it made me laugh!! 🤣🤣🤣 Putting the sandbag in the box was a nice touch.Superman looks cool and so very serious.🤣😊😊👌👌👌 They were all fun to watch. But the Indiana Jones and The Purge is my favorite! Thanks guys! Job well done

    Mac Tex flex capacitorMac Tex flex capacitor6 kun oldin
  • Jamie: Cause I'm the Boss Me : yeah Mr bossy boss !

    Sanvi KulkarniSanvi Kulkarni7 kun oldin
  • That’s so funny 😂 lol

    Chris O'BrienChris O'Brien7 kun oldin
  • There so funny 😂

    Kaitlyn DeBoerKaitlyn DeBoer8 kun oldin
  • When he says because I'm the boss my parents be like same jamie

    Olivia Young Lily GoodmanOlivia Young Lily Goodman9 kun oldin
  • my fave was the purge

    AliKat_0414AliKat_04149 kun oldin
  • WARING: the comment below this is a rick roll ⬇️

    Mcboss10Mcboss1010 kun oldin
  • for once I agree with jamie indy and mindy should be a series

    Cash Up FrontCash Up Front10 kun oldin
  • That purge video was golden, my gosh

    The VisThe Vis11 kun oldin
  • ill take that stress ball

    emmanuel munozemmanuel munoz11 kun oldin
  • why does batman when he takes his mask look like old luke skywalker

    Ephraim ICEphraim IC11 kun oldin
  • Because I'm the boss

    Eliza RoyEliza Roy15 kun oldin
  • I love how that they have all the weirdest costumes but they don’t have superman

    Nikole MuellerNikole Mueller16 kun oldin
  • i would like stress ball i have bought to my stuff I would like one for free

    Lloyd mburuguLloyd mburugu17 kun oldin
  • Jamie answer to everything is because I’m the boss.

    Taylor and Tenley KajmowiczTaylor and Tenley Kajmowicz17 kun oldin
  • Jamie's like I like to force my workers to do something crazy

    Simon TomchukSimon Tomchuk17 kun oldin
  • Inda is crazy

    Caleb OlsenCaleb Olsen17 kun oldin
  • 0:27 'cOuSe iM dA BoSs

    Ayden HannAyden Hann19 kun oldin
  • Is that what I purge really is I’m scared if that happens in real life

    Dino DreamsDino Dreams19 kun oldin
  • I want the

    Mathias OskarssonMathias Oskarsson19 kun oldin
  • Jaimy this is you... I am the BoSs

    Emma FisherEmma Fisher20 kun oldin
  • Them: Bond, James Bond. Me: Bond, Hydrogen Bond.

    B.MB.M21 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: if you put fun fact in you’re comment every one reads it

    Gabriel AnimationGabriel Animation21 kun oldin
  • No One: Jamie:CuZ iM tHe BoSs

    elena cvijovicelena cvijovic21 kun oldin
  • Nice vid

    Yummy BleachYummy Bleach23 kun oldin
  • Am I the only kid that watches Charlie Chaplin?

    Jayden TrinhJayden Trinh23 kun oldin
  • BanananaanannaNnananananannananananananana bananamann!!

    D SalazarD Salazar23 kun oldin
  • bEcaUsE iM tHE BosS

    The cringe WorldThe cringe World24 kun oldin
  • The nonstop screw adversely snow because south korea eventually shelter upon a pale pear. brave, addicted chick

    Victor PosmitnyVictor Posmitny24 kun oldin
  • Because im the boss

    Leon brawl starsLeon brawl stars26 kun oldin
  • This is why i watch these guys✌

    e Shine Shin26 kun oldin
  • Does anyone get the stress ball 🤨

    kari and ervin Zambranokari and ervin Zambrano26 kun oldin
  • Hi

    H PermH Perm26 kun oldin
  • me

    Meshell EgglestonMeshell Eggleston27 kun oldin
    • ?

      Kiwi PlaysKiwi Plays17 kun oldin
  • Ok. We NEED a part 2

    Alivia LebieckiAlivia Lebiecki28 kun oldin
  • was that mark in the back rund

    Annie JohnAnnie John29 kun oldin
  • What about starwars mixed with gaming keep it in mind

  • I survived

    Elena LampkaElena Lampka29 kun oldin
  • Can I get that gait strees ball plzzzz

    Eg 18Eg 1829 kun oldin
    • It was part of the ad

      Kiwi PlaysKiwi Plays17 kun oldin
  • Can I have a stress ball

    • It was part of the ad

      Kiwi PlaysKiwi Plays17 kun oldin
  • meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Fadiah ShalabiFadiah ShalabiOy oldin
  • No One: Jamie: bECausE iM DA bOss

    Harkenzz ,Harkenzz ,Oy oldin
  • nobody: I mean nobody: jamie: bEcAuSe Im ThE bOsS

    Elna SoleElna SoleOy oldin
  • me want that ball

    TankStarTankStarOy oldin
    • It was part of the ad

      Kiwi PlaysKiwi Plays17 kun oldin
  • Jamie: _BeCaUsE iM tHe BoSs_

    Oli HeroldOli HeroldOy oldin
  • no one: ... jamie: cUZ I'M thE bOsS me: ...bruh (not trying to be a hater but its true :3)

    Fidelia ElimFidelia ElimOy oldin
  • Pls me

    Jasmine GhoriJasmine GhoriOy oldin
    • It was part of the ad

      Kiwi PlaysKiwi Plays17 kun oldin
  • Don’t you mean sounds of injustice

    Keith LathamKeith LathamOy oldin
  • Fun facts: my last name is bond so yea

    scp explainscp explainOy oldin
  • No it doesn't belong in a mueseme it belongs in my hands

    shaggy80sshaggy80sOy oldin
  • while Eric was talking about jumping through a window something happened to the hammer and there were 2 black lines that appeared for a few seconds.

    james mooneyjames mooneyOy oldin
  • 🤑😎🥸🤠🤡🤣Vat1️⃣9️⃣

    Gamerphoenix 919Gamerphoenix 919Oy oldin
  • i love Indiana jones

    Isabelle RuggierIsabelle RuggierOy oldin
  • You guys need an Australian on your team. Then you’d have a fully chaotic team 🤣

    Liz MLiz MOy oldin
  • Can I have the stress ball?

    Justin PlayzJustin PlayzOy oldin
    • It was part of the ad

      Kiwi PlaysKiwi Plays17 kun oldin
  • btw i love your products...Hard candy cotton candy maker : SUPER! Lil' Nitro : NOT FUCKING SPICY

  • Broooo!! What the F**k dude!?....Why movies were youtube? why not HAVE A TRIP TO AREA 51 OR SCP FOUNDATION SITE...OR MAYBE MEET MARTIANS!?

  • I'm literally eating popcorn at the time I'm posting this comment. 10/10 satisfaction indeed.

    TrenarenalTrenarenalOy oldin
  • I think Mindy needed braces that would make it so much better

    Eric RamirezEric RamirezOy oldin
  • Nobody: Not Even A Single Soul: Popcorn: *takes a week to cook*

    Waitasec Me is meWaitasec Me is meOy oldin
  • Wow it took Jamie 1 week to make popcorn

    Dhevija KanthDhevija KanthOy oldin
  • Fun fact: Jamie need 1 week to cook one bag of popcorn

    Kevin Alvi SunaryoKevin Alvi SunaryoOy oldin
  • I want the stress ball

    Adam WeberAdam WeberOy oldin
    • It was part of the ad

      Kiwi PlaysKiwi Plays17 kun oldin
  • Please do dis again

    Liva ThorvaldsenLiva ThorvaldsenOy oldin
  • I want the stress ball cause I get stressed easily

    Trickshot EthanTrickshot EthanOy oldin
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      Kiwi PlaysKiwi Plays17 kun oldin
  • Hello

    David KoponenDavid KoponenOy oldin

    AnaAnaOy oldin
    • It was part of the ad

      Kiwi PlaysKiwi Plays17 kun oldin
  • Copy and paste if you want Vat19 to do marvle movie stars to do UZworld Chanel’s including Wanda vision

    Amelia BestAmelia BestOy oldin
  • Where's Joey

    RedShadowWolf08 GamingRedShadowWolf08 GamingOy oldin
  • It’s the “I know kung fu” for me

    Kiki AnimatedKiki AnimatedOy oldin
  • Stress ball

    Neha GuptaNeha GuptaOy oldin
  • I survived the night

    B MinB MinOy oldin
  • Hi

    Carwyn SwalesCarwyn SwalesOy oldin
  • This is torture

    Jamil UrtyuikjfaxddinJamil UrtyuikjfaxddinOy oldin
  • I love it

    Hanna PopeHanna PopeOy oldin
  • 0:09, pause the video and then look one product down and one product right, then you will see a cat in a bonnet. I do not know what is going on here but I am here for it.

    Fairy LightsFairy LightsOy oldin
  • Banana

    joikagamer enjoikagamer enOy oldin
  • Can I have the stress ball ples

    Sean AdcockSean AdcockOy oldin
    • It was part of the ad

      Kiwi PlaysKiwi Plays17 kun oldin
  • In the James Bond one, you could have said: I'll have a vodka martini. Shaken not stirred.

    PapugamayaPapugamayaOy oldin
  • Slone is my favourite

    Dave CampbellDave CampbellOy oldin
  • I love Jon But I am sad that he has his own UZworld channel

    Georgina BeechamGeorgina BeechamOy oldin
  • I love these videos and you always don't know what they're going to do until you watch

    skyla fanceyskyla fanceyOy oldin
  • Your the Boss

    Aaliya AhsanAaliya AhsanOy oldin
  • hi

    ethan richmanethan richmanOy oldin
  • It made me laugh 😆 alot

    Olivia FreemanOlivia FreemanOy oldin
  • I want to work at Vat 19 It looks soooo FUN!!!

    Tiffany fairbairnTiffany fairbairnOy oldin
  • Eric was a god in this😂❤️

    ParzivalParzivalOy oldin
  • Great Charlie Chaplin! May we have more, please?

    Keet RandlingKeet RandlingOy oldin
  • Eric in an Indy hat? Be still my beating heart!

    Keet RandlingKeet RandlingOy oldin
  • That’s a thiccc batman

    Dustin HeadleyDustin HeadleyOy oldin
  • I want a stress ball lol like seriously tho

    Doctor Who the 1stDoctor Who the 1stOy oldin
    • It was part of the ad

      Kiwi PlaysKiwi Plays17 kun oldin
  • Gg

    Wendy PhanWendy PhanOy oldin
  • Intro Me: I saw that green screen

    Dylan HillDylan HillOy oldin