If George Actually Listened to Dream (Dream Team Animatic)

20-Avg, 2020
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Another Dream Team animatic!

I know, I know, the quality of this one sucks, but I made it in under a day, so I'm not too upset about it ;D

Original Audio: uzworld.info/player/video/kpKYprGseM_Ec4A

  • Hey guys! OH. MY. GOSH. 60k views!?!?!! That's crazy! Thank you so much for your feedback and support, it means the world to me! Also some people were asking, but I do have an art Instagram @little_miss_masquerade Again, thank you guys so much! 115k?!?!?!?

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    • How bout 1million?

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    • @Opxl_ Shxrd and now 1,180,106 views

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    • 1.1 million

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    • 1.1 mil

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  • Sounds simple

    Lays AndersonLays Anderson6 soat oldin
  • Your art is so good!


    Aret AadvayAret AadvayKun oldin
  • This is so good! :0

    Ariel NolinAriel Nolin2 kun oldin
  • This was really funny

    Chloe FisherChloe Fisher3 kun oldin
  • minecraft manhunt in a nutshell

    Batata DoceBatata Doce3 kun oldin


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  • xddddd

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  • Calebcity over dream

    Spiky.Spiky.4 kun oldin
  • lol

    Angela BranchaudAngela Branchaud5 kun oldin
  • I like the way you used Caleb in this

    Trigger StudiosTrigger Studios6 kun oldin
  • XD George that was stuped

    Awatsada SirawanAwatsada Sirawan7 kun oldin
  • Lol great job drawing humans i wish i could draw humans =w=

    SilverclawSilverclaw7 kun oldin
  • I would love to see dream and george do this I would die 🤣

    Gioxl StilesGioxl Stiles8 kun oldin
  • Very accurate I’d say

    Error UwUError UwU11 kun oldin
  • so now... dream is no longer the dog, George is..

    JJasonWJJasonW12 kun oldin
  • "C'MERE GEORGE!" "k"

    jackthehacker05jackthehacker0512 kun oldin
  • YOU USED THIS VIDEO uzworld.info/player/video/kpKYprGseM_Ec4A

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  • I kinda scared of dream

    Dream FanDream Fan12 kun oldin
  • Dream : leave me be!!! Hunters : OK *stop running*

    Elross27Elross2712 kun oldin
  • Calebcity

    PhaserPhaser13 kun oldin
  • why do I wish that your version of george was my son? he's such a good boi

    Modernkiwi 64Modernkiwi 6413 kun oldin

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  • if minecraft manhunt was like this how does the hunters win?

    Lord TRexLord TRex13 kun oldin
  • CalebCity

    Jazzy WafflesJazzy Waffles13 kun oldin
  • Whenever George eats something it’s so cute omg

    Jerald GanoJerald Gano14 kun oldin
  • This is amazing

    Angela SkillmanAngela Skillman15 kun oldin
  • It works so well because the thing you ALWAYS hear from Dream is COM'ERE GEORGE XD

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  • My 2 fav things in one vid Calebcity and dream animations

    OG_KinglyPoppy GamesOG_KinglyPoppy Games15 kun oldin
  • Caleb City!!

    Sammy KucinskiSammy Kucinski16 kun oldin
  • One question! (Actually two but nvm) 1. What program do you use? 2. What brush do you use? (I just wanted to know because I'm trying to find out which program and brushes I'm comfortable with, for beginning my sketches!)😌👌🏾

    Miss•FitMiss•Fit16 kun oldin
  • It just wow its just wow wow wow Just wow

    andara delunaandara deluna16 kun oldin
  • expectation: reality: Dream: *on one heart* "GET BACK HERE" George: *turns around, starts fighting back* Dream: "oh shiiii..." *dies*

    King KrisKing Kris17 kun oldin
  • the bread eating is wholesome

    BurgerBurger18 kun oldin
  • Why’d they’re voice gat deeper?

    Madeleine GuangcoMadeleine Guangco19 kun oldin
  • 🍞

    Tree LordTree Lord19 kun oldin
  • haha caleb city

    Nitro_zzNitro_zz19 kun oldin
  • "So let's uh talk things out." **Proceeds to sit quietly next to each other**

    AquariuSAquariuS19 kun oldin
  • at 0:32 george looks like the kid from up

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  • This is a copy of someone else vid

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  • Claim your here before a million likes ticket here

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  • The way the eat the bread it's adorable aaa

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  • OMG CUUUTE STYLE AA?? This is so adorablee!

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  • i mean dream would just kill george ngl

    AtteGam3rAtteGam3r21 kun oldin
  • Dream: *finds bread Dream to GeorgeNotFound: Hey. Dream: *eats bread Dream to GeorgeNotFound: Hey! Dream: *eats bread with menacing intent Dream to GeorgeNotFound: *HEY!* Come back here! GeorgeNotFound: *comes back Dream: No, this isn't how you supposed to play the game.

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  • Is dream black? Not racist btw just curious

    Mark JimenezMark Jimenez21 kun oldin
  • I love the way you draw George it's so cute!! Also, the whole chase thing was super cool!

    Anne BurdAnne Burd22 kun oldin
  • One word: *bReD*

    William RandWilliam Rand22 kun oldin
  • bread is important

    crystal dragoncrystal dragon23 kun oldin
  • Dog dream animation... pls???

  • i mean yeah that sounds civil wish my parents were like that

    samer firassamer firas25 kun oldin
  • 1 074 832 views...

    Mikołaj KarkowskiMikołaj Karkowski25 kun oldin
  • you used the sound form Caleb city and made an animation that cheeting but like the animation

    Samarth MistrySamarth Mistry26 kun oldin
  • Yea

    goku blackgoku black26 kun oldin
  • Haha! This so funny..

    Louisa HansenLouisa Hansen26 kun oldin
  • On April fools day dreams gonna post somethin like this

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  • Wholesome 100

    Ultimate GaysUltimate Gays27 kun oldin
  • This is a Celabcity video

    Markus RamirezMarkus Ramirez27 kun oldin
  • if that’s happened in dreams vid lol

    Andres RivasAndres Rivas27 kun oldin
  • i-....this is an accurate representation when the teachers say to face your problems rather then run from them

    Rafaello Jude EspinoRafaello Jude Espino27 kun oldin
  • Lol

    A DoorA Door28 kun oldin
  • Bro which software you used

    艾Assassin艾艾Assassin艾28 kun oldin
  • Caleb city is to good

    Zabethys empty plateZabethys empty plate28 kun oldin
  • HEY **eats** HEY **eats**

    CassandraCassandra29 kun oldin
  • what?? i mean.. the sound is good but the animation its suck

    Upsmile99 DalianoUpsmile99 Daliano29 kun oldin
  • Poggggggggggg CHAMPPPPPPPPPPPP

    Hayes JohnsonHayes JohnsonOy oldin
  • You can believe this story or not but it did really happen I know someone who also likes dream so I decided to show her and she’s like you’ve showed me this before but I haven’t cause today was the first time I watched it and I was trying to tell her that but she was arguing that she saw me watch the same clip back in July and I said this was the original upload and she goes people reupload things all the time that’s true but when all the videos on the channel are in the same art style it’s kinda hard to believe it’s a reupload and I tried telling her maybe she saw me watch something similar and she started saying I was lying about saying I never watched it Like bitch why the hell would I lie about something like that saying if I ever watched a video before it’s just stupid and I hardly believe it happened

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    • *add on She’s super stubborn and doesn’t like being wrong even though it’s like you thought I watched something before but I watched something similar and you just got the things mixed up so what it’s a simple mistake I know I’ve done that before but what’s makes it worse is she’s trying to argue I don’t want to admit I’m wrong but bitch I haven’t seen this video before cause I think I’d be able to tell if I’ve watched it before versus you I don’t share every video you do cause I like curling up with a blanket and watching things on my phone versus at 60 (tv vol) on a 75 inch flat screen

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  • i love this and caleb city

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  • i honestly thought this was gonna have a violent ending 😂😂

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  • who is the best minecraft player in 2020 40.7% dream. 7.4% jimmy. 11.9% karl. 17.0% chris. 15.6% chandler. 7.4% other in the comments boys.

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  • wheres the finished version?

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  • Come here George!

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  • Wow that voice change

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  • Hahahahha

    bastian adibastian adiOy oldin
  • So funny and cool, I wish I could upload too! if I sound stupid its okay!

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  • Fuk How your style can be so cute I too much love it

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  • I have 9 subscriber's 😢😢😭😭😭

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  • I see I have found another Caleb City fan

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  • Lol I love how at the end they're like: What do we do now?

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  • CalebCity is the best

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  • Almost at 1 mil views !!!

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  • *Y* e s

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  • Lol this is to funny and awesome😂😂

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  • I like draws on the papet

    rain dcrain dcOy oldin
    • Papar*

      rain dcrain dcOy oldin
  • By CalebCity

    ShadyShadyOy oldin
  • George has them Chinese eyes

    FuckinKid OnYouTubeFuckinKid OnYouTubeOy oldin
  • Let’s be real here. *we all saw the blush on George’s face when he took off his glasses there*

    Sakura MikuSakura MikuOy oldin
  • When I heard this it took me 10 seconds to realize where this came from. Btw good job animating this Procrasti Nation! It looks really well drawn, even if it isn't colored, outlined, and fully drawn at the edges, it is pretty good as a joke!

    DestinyDestinyOy oldin
  • Calebcity lol

    Liam DogzrulzLiam DogzrulzOy oldin
  • Caleb AND dream? You deserve this like so much

    Okuyasu NijimuraOkuyasu NijimuraOy oldin
  • lol calebcity

    JK TurtlesJK TurtlesOy oldin
  • I like the art style

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  • I saw this video in recommended but I subscribed because of the channel name

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  • why is george eating bread so adorable?

    Kaden AdamsKaden AdamsOy oldin
  • GEORGE GET BACK HERE! *noms on a bread* GEORGEEEE

    RhedaDrawsRhedaDrawsOy oldin
  • Nice

    YellerBirdYellerBirdOy oldin
  • 0.12 seconds in and i already KNew that audio ;)

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