I wore Rock Lee's leg Weights for TWO WEEKS, did I get faster???

12-Yan, 2021
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I've been waiting 17 years for the chance to make Rock Lee's leg weights so I can finally answer the question: would they actually make me faster?
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You never did answer my bra question @Xyla Foxlin ??
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    Allen Pan - Sufficiently AdvancedAllen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced6 kun oldin
    • Get your ass off the couch

      Eric BlancoEric BlancoDaqiqa oldin
    • Looks like you have like 30 pistol magazine on your leg

      marxman Gamingmarxman Gaming2 soat oldin
    • 50lbs each is nothing I used to tie a drawstring bag filled with rocks around my throat & jog up hills

      Impure BlessingImpure Blessing2 soat oldin
    • omg you even run like a dork. what is it with nerdy kids and their flailing body parts when running

      Da CaDa Ca8 soat oldin
    • F

      Hitler SenpaiHitler Senpai8 soat oldin
  • k ima do this now

    Breaking StudiosBreaking Studios56 soniya oldin
  • Dummy they way over a million pounds each

    iiRopes1kiiRopes1kDaqiqa oldin
  • I would be interested to get ahold of the other guys(goku clothed) weight system.

    FireEagle Fitness &Martial ArtsFireEagle Fitness &Martial Arts2 daqiqa oldin
  • Bruh, I would love to love where you live, looks so nice. Also, jeez dude always be careful.

    Oxnard DarcyOxnard Darcy3 daqiqa oldin
  • I commend you for attempting this "test," but for someone whose also not as accustomed to the workouts/training in general, probably could've stayed with smaller, less impactful leg weights and still gained some results. The legs are still lifting weights like extensions or lifts. So they're getting stronger, but with such a large jump, there is risk of injury. And the muscle ache after the 5lb weights is probably from not just the added weight, but from the wrap constricting the lower leg muscles and tendons. I use leg weights once in a while, and that first wear still effects me sometimes. Just gotta be careful.

    FireEagle Fitness &Martial ArtsFireEagle Fitness &Martial Arts5 daqiqa oldin
  • Honestly I’m not surprised that it works at least a little. I mean in baseball people purposefully put weights on their bats to get their bat speed up.

    Joseph TigheJoseph Tighe5 daqiqa oldin
  • So cool

    Brotherhood Of SteelBrotherhood Of Steel6 daqiqa oldin
  • Your lack of results is because you overtrain. No one in good shape does that. Small fun consistent workouts are much more effective

    Eric BlancoEric Blanco7 daqiqa oldin
  • Unfit i call it power

    Chase GibsonChase Gibson7 daqiqa oldin
  • Overweight man I’m 300 pounds and 1 inch under 7 ft

    Chase GibsonChase Gibson10 daqiqa oldin
  • Clearly not serious just content to watch. Good job got me

    Eric BlancoEric Blanco11 daqiqa oldin
  • But rock lee did wear the weights as he trained.

    hunterD700hunterD70014 daqiqa oldin
  • Animenium... 🤔

    DecadenceDecadence18 daqiqa oldin
  • After this video. M going to watch those anime again😍❤

    Addicted AmitAddicted Amit24 daqiqa oldin
  • Weighs self after workouts... Twice. Me: You're going the wrong way! 😂

    StillnessStillness31 daqiqa oldin
  • Great video, but shouldn’t you have taken the average of your 3 times to compare (average of no exercise, average of traditional exercise, and average of anime exercise)?

    The DoctahThe Doctah33 daqiqa oldin
  • Instead of running. You should’ve tried jumping. Walking with that much weight would’ve made you jump higher because you muscles would’ve been used to supporting the extra 50 pounds. Resulting in you (should) jumping a lot higher

    Korrupted_ChubbyKorrupted_Chubby33 daqiqa oldin
  • Thanx for this, like fr fr

    Acid Man Productions L.L.C.Acid Man Productions L.L.C.35 daqiqa oldin
  • That guy: If you didn't already know the green guy is rock lee you filthy normie Me: shut up you weeb Also me: We're even now b*tch

    Joshua ArpilledaJoshua Arpilleda35 daqiqa oldin
  • Don’t you think it’s possible that the first two weeks benefited during the rock lee test because you essentially had 4 weeks of different kinds of leg training for the third test. Not to mention the change in diet for the last 2 weeks.

    iHigh420iHigh42035 daqiqa oldin
  • To be fair about your weight - The guy who invented the BMI was a European living in a time where food wasn't readily available and his control group were probably malnourished. Not to mention BMI dosen't take into consideration muscle mass, age, sex and amputees.

    Glitchy SquidGlitchy Squid38 daqiqa oldin
  • Sorry for by bluntness but the dude runs like a turd. He will gain much more speed with better technique than with weight training.

    Covid Go AwayCovid Go Away39 daqiqa oldin
  • I wanna try this

    Juan Rafael Mercedes NuñezJuan Rafael Mercedes Nuñez40 daqiqa oldin
  • Should have used the power of youth 😂

    Bam GamingBam Gaming41 daqiqa oldin
  • 11:03 "who would've thunk it" 🤔

    Elmer BandidoElmer Bandido41 daqiqa oldin
  • So you’re telling me 100G training works?!?! Time to build that G machine!

    Alfie 38Alfie 3841 daqiqa oldin
  • Omg the way his feet slant out he can never be fast that dude is slow as a snail

    Adam ThomasAdam Thomas42 daqiqa oldin
  • I want u to do a science experiment on increasing tour vertical

    Couch PotatoesCouch Potatoes42 daqiqa oldin
  • Love you to

    James WhiteJames White43 daqiqa oldin
  • 16:42 if you only came here for the answer and not the whole video

    Mario FernandezMario Fernandez45 daqiqa oldin
  • The scientific michelle phylogentically attempt because hammer epidemiologically explain following a recondite women. innate, imported plantation

    황정운황정운48 daqiqa oldin
  • I like the exercise Nate guy. He seemed super cool.

    EbbtideChequeEbbtideCheque50 daqiqa oldin
  • Ive try it when i was young... Use lightweight on my ankle for my gk training to make me jump higher and have more boots power when jumping... It actually works... But it males our muscle work even harder and yeah create a slight injury.... But when you get used to it your leg will get strongef

    M. fachri jama'syariM. fachri jama'syari52 daqiqa oldin
  • You should probably learn how to run before trying to copy a character from the Ninja Goku anime.

    RelentlessRelentless54 daqiqa oldin
  • 13:58 You Got Nothing Rock Lee...

    Nitish KumarNitish Kumar55 daqiqa oldin
  • dayum you put on a lot of muscle weight!

    Michael WatermanMichael Waterman55 daqiqa oldin
  • I weigh about 90 lbs... this guy is carrying more than half of my weight on his legs 😭

    Emery SpencerEmery Spencer57 daqiqa oldin
  • I'm currently 260 without the weights. I'm a superhero for ever leaving the house.

    saltypork101saltypork10157 daqiqa oldin
  • I'm pretty sure you could get fast by just doing track workouts and sprints! I highly doubt Olympics athletes would do this...lol

    Kay'Brin StevensonKay'Brin Stevenson58 daqiqa oldin
  • Imagine,,, A Dog Started Running Towards Him With His Weights On.... 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Nitish KumarNitish KumarSoat oldin
  • Are you a fuckin introvert?

    Rio ParadoRio ParadoSoat oldin
  • It looks like deku’s pants haha

    Bacon MasterBacon MasterSoat oldin
  • Who woulda thunk it

    marc snellmarc snellSoat oldin
  • You need a down perm.

    Pringles SourcreamPringles SourcreamSoat oldin
  • 8 hours of work or 96 hours of leg weights and Fat Bastard level sloth. Hmmm

    Art NelsonArt NelsonSoat oldin
  • Deku??,??

    Yuvini Ezequieñ Bolaños RivaaYuvini Ezequieñ Bolaños RivaaSoat oldin
  • What is Pound? I the Metric user can't understand, lol

    Dzulfiqar RafidDzulfiqar RafidSoat oldin
  • There were so many anime references in this video that i had gotten a funimation ad

    Maximillian LylatMaximillian LylatSoat oldin
  • Idc you knew i was going to do this from the get go

    Mixbreed _Mixbreed _Soat oldin
  • My childhood made reality 🙂

    MopyMopySoat oldin
  • This is sooo lame sweetie. Do us all a huge one and go ahead and shut down your channel!! 😇

    Sarah DubosSarah DubosSoat oldin
  • 22.68 kilograms is all he was training with...

    Void LordVoid LordSoat oldin
  • Hello

    StankyWafersStankyWafersSoat oldin
  • You didn't gain fat you gained muscle in your legs dude! Also lose the camera when on the scale that's probs adding some weight to.

    Z Queen1Z Queen1Soat oldin
  • Man's be looking like a confused bakugo

    • Eevee Here •• Eevee Here •Soat oldin
  • Try to put a weight on your body to, read chronicles of heavenly demon, one of my favorit comic, and i think it has the proper explanation of weight training. What your doing is cool, but its require time and patience to accomplish that man, 🔥🔥

    Satrio WibowoSatrio WibowoSoat oldin
  • I’m still going to do it

  • ive been doing this 4 pairs of 10 lb ankle weights and gym fitness bands for last years cool😎

    Sonic Sonic jSonic Sonic jSoat oldin
  • I didn't know you could walk around town with those ankle bracelets on.

    Captain MorganCaptain MorganSoat oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/aoW0cdeMpsC6hHw

  • California is terrifying

    Finna FishFinna FishSoat oldin
  • Bruh he has the same socks as me wtf

    Jacks AceJacks AceSoat oldin
  • okay but hear me out. 4-6lbs on each leg while working a retail job

    Vorance SurvesVorance SurvesSoat oldin
  • Hah I doing that for 11 years so yep since I was 9 just started with 200 grams like 200 grams on calves another on quadriceps and another on upper arms another on lower arms and bodyarmor like vest that weights 2 KGS increasing overtime in each workout just don't train hard well hard training but paying attention to body train smart not wreck ur body do few sessions to test ur ligaments tendons before next level workout not just "let's blast it" I train like 5 times a week and am physical therapist and training expert so train smart hard but smart muscles are like meat u got 2 enemies Undercooked (Under Training) Which Waste Your Entire Session Overcooked (Over Training) Which Does More Harm And Actually Decrease Your Muscle Size And Your Overall Specs Like Speed And Flexibility Eat About 500 Grams Roasted Wheat Grains 500 Grams Boiled Potatoes 500 Ml Whole Milk Everyday Including Your Meals Protein Powder And Sport Stuff Is Same As Those And Expensive And Pretty Much Like Sand They Inferior To Natural Stuff And Put Risk On Your Health Like Addiction And Overdose So Just Eat And Train Most Important Part For Quick Muscle Doms (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) Just Make Sure To Sleep 9 Hours Also Try Ginger And Turmeric They Anti Inflammation They Work For Coronavirus Too And Me And My Buddies Tried That When We Caught That Shit Anyway Guys Need Training Help Just Check My Fb "Galactic Specter" No Money Or Any Bullshit In My Shaolin And Ninja Training Everything Is Free For Ass Kickers And For Trolls They Get The "Big Boot" In Their Face "THIS IS SPARTA"

    Shadow Mind DrumsShadow Mind DrumsSoat oldin
  • probably not good for your knees...

    Charles PhanCharles PhanSoat oldin
    • after watching a lil more... your ankles 😭

      Charles PhanCharles PhanSoat oldin
  • This dude just has nylon ammo pouches on hand, better not make fun of his anime...😳

    Shirt PantShirt PantSoat oldin
  • $300 for scrap metal !?! Well, on the upside, after this video, you can do one where you forge your own katana. 🤣

    Jack CJack CSoat oldin
  • Well, I can turn reeeeealy fast when going full sprint soo I'm very agile

    Ranga 096Ranga 096Soat oldin
  • spoiler: he gets one second faster 17:15

    b4ub4uSoat oldin
  • Back during my highschool age (long before Naruto existed on even manga), I did use ankle weights for training. Keep in mind my context: At that time I was doing martial arts training daily. I could do 2mi jogs. But I preferred short distance sprints. By combination of running towards wall, jump & run off of it, and hands & pull at just right timing, I could get on the second floor without stairs. (Parkour wasn’t a thing yet; Internet wasn’t in real use outside of high-tech universities yet. 486 was the latest craze...) I’d punch concrete walls at 30% power to help toughen my fists. Yes, I was a fitness and martial art nut case. With that starting fitness base, after wearing ankle weights for about half a day, I definitely got a boost in kicking speed that fade away after about 20~30min. It was a trick you play to your body. Your muscles get acclimated to the heavier limbs. The moment you remove the weights, the body is still wanting to fire the muscles harder for every movement. That’s why you’d get a temporary boost in fast twitch muscle’s speed - more fibers are firing at the same time. BUT: unless you further trained your fitness & muscles for it, this is in theory a net-zero-sum game. How quickly your muscle burns energy to sustain that movement hasn’t changed. If you gained burst speed, it is not sustainable over minutes & minutes of continuous exertion. The kicking speed I gained, I’m talking about sporadic kicks as you’d see in sparring context: not more than 2 or 3 every 5~7 seconds. The rest of the time you’re moving around trying to get an angle or opening. In theory, one should be able to train via technique to unleash the same from your muscles, without use of ankle weights. I’ve just not gotten that far. After getting into college, just never had that kind of time to spend on martial arts again. To use ankle weights (or any type of stress training method) without the proper fitness baseline, is asking for trouble. Carpel tunnel is when normal people stressed their finger tendons too much without the proper training - think about that.

    Jack CJack CSoat oldin
  • But, Rock Lee trained with the leg weights 🤔

    Shirt PantShirt PantSoat oldin
  • Do it for a year

    Josh 303Josh 303Soat oldin
  • Dear god, at the beginning of this video this man cannot run, and I say this as someone who is fat as hell.

    no nameno nameSoat oldin
  • Wonder what will happen when you do exercise with leg waight? 🧐 DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

    Jayesh MandalJayesh MandalSoat oldin
  • The fact that you gained weight is definitely not a bad thing. You lost fat and gained muscle. The scale is not the best way to measure fitness

    Tarvis JamesTarvis JamesSoat oldin
    • Yeah, he might be better off measuring his waist or something

      SheWhoWalksSilentlySheWhoWalksSilently13 daqiqa oldin
  • The only reason Lee lost is cuzz he was not the smartest kid at the time and cuzz Guy thought him double edged sword techniques that Lee was not rdy for which resulted in Lee Using them for now reason cuzz he was not brightest kid (oh no, a single regular punch was not enough to k. O. A full tank dude let's use lotus that Kills 100% of my overhelming speed adventage that makes me untouchable by gara) basically the only reason Lee lost is cuzz of those advenced abilities that guy thought him which was his failure as a teacher. Lee's basic stats was more then enough to turn garra into punching bag for entire day literally.

    lightartis4321lightartis4321Soat oldin
  • “The hard work beats natural talent”

    Juan Pablo BarríaJuan Pablo BarríaSoat oldin
  • You should not weat a mask when doing a exercise

    Wan Muhammad Zulhilmi Wan Ya'acobWan Muhammad Zulhilmi Wan Ya'acobSoat oldin
  • It took him 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Trillion years To run around earth

    Seno Rafid PribadiSeno Rafid PribadiSoat oldin
  • Holy jesus. Hes got a mask on outside while working out. This shit is peak Idiocracy. God damn were so fucked people.

    SeanSeanSoat oldin
  • dont get angry but u should learn running right before u do something like that it looks like a penguin on speed sry sry for that but cool video

    Marwins Nerd-O-RamaMarwins Nerd-O-RamaSoat oldin
  • This is why some people shouldn’t watch too much anime

    MidnightPhant0m1MidnightPhant0m12 soat oldin
  • If you had a book about using leg weights, would Norman Reedus?

    CRISPRCRISPR2 soat oldin
  • Why don't people start small. Like 2lbs per arm and leg and maybe 5lbs for the torso. Every 2 weeks add another 2lbs to legs an arm and then another 5 per torso. You need to build up slowly or you can really damage and tear your muscles/ bones. Slow and steady get you power, fast and hard destroys you.

    Vince RiceVince Rice2 soat oldin
  • Fun-fact: Tungsten means ”heavy stone” in swedish 😁🇸🇪

    Karl TKarl T2 soat oldin
    • Det är sant

      Tero0Tero023 daqiqa oldin
  • You'll initially gain weight. Muscle weighs more than fat. But once you gain muscle Nd start losing fat that's when you'll see it. Just keep up the good work !! Wild video. Lmao 🤣 congrats on surviving

    John EvansJohn Evans2 soat oldin
  • The mask looks awkward i must admit

    Charles woodCharles wood2 soat oldin
  • I think you have to look at it is growth my happen at different stages and is certainly not linear. If you had done interval training, designed to push your agility, then you could have focused better on did you make gains but this isnt a great test of that.

    dragade101dragade1012 soat oldin
  • how tall are you ?

    Jeremy TuiderJeremy Tuider2 soat oldin
  • 15:59

    Shpoogie BoogieShpoogie Boogie2 soat oldin
  • 18minutes of straight complaining even though it's for entertainment

    McGeezer PuffinsMcGeezer Puffins2 soat oldin
  • bro if your not around anybody u dont have to wear a fucking mask u people are ridiculous your protecting yourself from air smh

    john shelbyjohn shelby2 soat oldin
  • You all do know this is bullshit right? Cause many people tried this and said it don't make u run faster. In fact it fucks your leg up. This guy didn't have it all day he would just wear it for like 10 minutes than take them off. He ran slower on purpose so people think when he takes the weight off he ran fast. It's a bunch of bullshit.

    Flores RoseFlores Rose2 soat oldin
  • You look good with short hair.

    I don’t mind pineapple on pizzaI don’t mind pineapple on pizza2 soat oldin
  • 9:19 Song?

    Shpoogie BoogieShpoogie Boogie2 soat oldin
  • Calories in < calories out = weight loss. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Steven BaughmanSteven Baughman2 soat oldin

    Keen Daryl CAMARILLOKeen Daryl CAMARILLO2 soat oldin
  • Wirth watching

    DGProduction TvDGProduction Tv2 soat oldin
  • Cool and funny

    AngelDroid CSAngelDroid CS2 soat oldin