I Won an Elcamino, Now I have to Get it Home 2000 miles

28-Noy, 2020
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Winning the 2.4 hours of LeMullets, Means we won 2
El Caminos with not enough trailer space I decide I was gonna drive this Hot Rod home, 2000 miles of highway. With this old hot rod we are in for an adventure.
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  • I can’t wait to bring you guys to FuelTech! On one of those adventures of a lifetime. It’s such a beautiful life. Appreciate you guys! Let’s Go!!

    PFI SpeedPFI Speed2 oy oldin
    • You are a true inspiration. Love the positivity my dude. Let's Go!!

      Neal WatkinsNeal WatkinsOy oldin
    • Next Time You Go To Florida You Gotta Take The Beast Shonuff So They Can Know Wussap With PFI RaceCar That S2000 Ain’t Gonna Fuck Around

      Steelo ValdezSteelo ValdezOy oldin
    • Brent I need help if you go and look at my original message

      Clay CarpenterClay CarpenterOy oldin
    • Me too keep up the content love it you guys rule

      Clay CarpenterClay CarpenterOy oldin
    • Brent ....what an epic video! Wish you would have spent more time at the museum! LOL But just awesome non the less! KEEP ON KEEPIN ON

      Pat LeePat LeeOy oldin
  • That museum is pretty sick!! Thanks for sharing!

    pFbSpecVpFbSpecVOy oldin
  • The curator of that museum has the most impressive mancave I have EVER seen. NICE JOB!!!

    Keith LKeith LOy oldin
  • The curator of that museum has the most impressive mancave I have EVER seen. NICE JOB!!!

    Keith LKeith LOy oldin
  • epic --- fathers and daughters have a special bond and you can see it in Brent's face !!

    Rick O'BrienRick O'BrienOy oldin
  • Fuck yeah Brent!

    Graffiti GraffitiGraffiti GraffitiOy oldin
  • You're such a great guy, and from what we get to see on your videos, and even greater father! Keep it up bro -

    Brian CaldwellBrian CaldwellOy oldin
  • Wow, that museum is super nice, a real paradise for people who like engines hahaha That's nice to hear that you are going to meet up with Anderson, hes from Brazil, I am as well, and this is so cool to see, the love for motorsports uniting nations! You are such a cool person Brent, I wish I could meet you some day, hopefully I'll be able to get out of this shithole I live called Brazil...

  • Way to be guys keep pushing that good content😁😁

    Sauron969Sauron969Oy oldin
  • Brent...your spiritual true self is always shining and Ur emotion is so genuine..u r one of a kind......man u r so kool and genuine... blessup.....hey that blue alcamino is my flippin ultimate car.....you make me chuckle n smile every time u appear on t channels I watch...hey also your lady is such a kool dread woman...peace n love....

    Mr.P HasFunMr.P HasFunOy oldin
  • I grew up in a neighborhood in Elgin, SC that used to be the old Blaney Drag Strip. They named the two main roads in the neighborhood Ivo Circle ( Tony Ivo) and Garlits Dr. (Don Garlits) Some of the original asphalt is still there. Wish i could have seen what it was like in the heyday there. Been told cool stories.

    John LydayJohn LydayOy oldin
  • Damn watching too late to be of any use, but block off some of the rad to help keep her toasty.

    B HewB HewOy oldin
  • 0:49 I understand. I understand. A friend of mine delivered a fully working car that my car drove and that he loved. I never ask for anything yet my friend did... that for me, but you won it. I would have believed in miracles after that experience that you went through. Holy hannah these mechanics were ahead of their time! Trailblazers, all of them!

    PhyPhyOy oldin
  • Put a piece of cardboard in front of the radiator you will get heat then

    Tom HammerTom HammerOy oldin
  • Don Garlits is the nicest person you will ever meet, I met him and his wife at Mopars at Englishtown

    XOZ IndustriesXOZ IndustriesOy oldin
  • Don Garlits is an awesome place. I have one of his spark plugs as a souvenir. One of my former coworkers owns one of their old dodge trucks they used to haul cars with. Still has a remnants of the swamp rat logo on the side. Haven’t been there in years. The first two engines in the plexiglass cases at 9:18 have crank mounted blowers on them. Awesome old school tech. There’s also a really big and cool car museum near Tallahassee. Pretty sure it’s off of Interstate 10 somewhere.

    Wes LoGiudiceWes LoGiudiceOy oldin
  • That top fuel Statue is Nice!

    Ŕx ŘÅĮĐĘŔŔx ŘÅĮĐĘŔOy oldin
  • 🇺🇸🥩😎

    beretta989beretta989Oy oldin
  • You know your moving to FLorida, You shoulda just left it there till ya got back. LoL

    4040pmora4040pmoraOy oldin
  • The side-by-side twin engine stuff is often coupled by the ring gear on the flywheel. That's why those Buick Nailheads are so close together and tilted the way they are.

    Nicholas RodriguesNicholas RodriguesOy oldin
  • He towed a car with a Sportage? Brave. Very brave.

    Nicholas RodriguesNicholas RodriguesOy oldin
  • If I could have written the story about the best guy on UZworld winning a race in Florida. It would have looked boring compared to what actually happened.

    lousbitslousbitsOy oldin
  • What a positive dude! Love to see your excitement and passion for cars!

    Gtbkr25Gtbkr25Oy oldin
  • Awesome man

    Lucas LabanLucas LabanOy oldin
  • Drove right past my house lol missed ya

    Nicholas GadsbyNicholas GadsbyOy oldin
  • They race rc cars at that drag strip in front the garage. I was just there 2 weeks ago and saw them racing the rc cars in front I barely missed y’all

    William NuccioWilliam NuccioOy oldin
  • come check out the speedway motors museum in Lincoln, took my dad & I 3 hours

    Jordan FielderJordan FielderOy oldin
  • Watch out Brent, the way Shane reacted to the twin-turbo-supercharged build may mean an interesting build in the future!

    John DoeJohn DoeOy oldin
  • Hi Brent Nice win!! Thanks for the shout out on the Bronze Sculpture built by Rocky Mountain Bronze Shop Carey Moose Hosterman for Sculptor Lerry Braun!! It was so much fun being next to PFI back in the day!!

    Carey HostermanCarey HostermanOy oldin
  • I saw the Jungle Jim car but no tribute to Jungle Pam?

    KDad514KDad514Oy oldin
  • So glad to see Dogrod was towing the Civic. He was beating on it hard with Kyle going to the parts store. I was like "darn, he's gotta drive back to CO"

    Joe CangialoseJoe CangialoseOy oldin
  • That spot where the rubber is layed down is for R/c drag racing.

    Cody JohnsonCody JohnsonOy oldin
  • So the sticky part outside yall were walking on is an RC Drag track used by the RCDRL Florida. I run with the RCDRL Texas Division.

    David MaresDavid MaresOy oldin
  • 0:07 you smoking Brent? lol yeah you were

    Greg ScottGreg ScottOy oldin
  • Dude your best most loving youtuber out there that’s why your going so far your the man I can’t wait to meet you some day

    bob dogbob dogOy oldin
  • Brent you guys need to get tripleA lol. Just for peace of mind while your making all these long trips.

    Kevin LauterbachKevin LauterbachOy oldin
  • Cool to see mixed in with all those big bad ass motors is a VW engine and trans.

    LodiGlassLodiGlassOy oldin
  • Brett you are one of the most genuine UZworldr’s!!! You have so much knowledge it is unbelievable!! Much love brother!! Let’s Go!!!!!!!

    shawn frielshawn frielOy oldin
  • If yall ever have issue in or near Chattanooga TN holla and ill lend helping hand if possible

    Zak B. krackemZak B. krackemOy oldin
  • Love the variety how people built things how they wanted them ! Now days it’s all copy paste slam, wide body , wheels... take me back !!

    Oliver CopelandOliver CopelandOy oldin
  • Thanks for adding the song title. Been obsessing over it. Don't know if it has special meaning to you but thanks for all the great content! You are an amazing team.

    johanren316johanren316Oy oldin
  • Hands-down father and Son moment you are the lighthouse my son that was fire🔥🥺😜🗣let’s go🤙🏼🎥🏁

    jose aliceajose aliceaOy oldin
  • im assuming based on the ugly design thats a slow ass 80's version

    Heero yuyHeero yuyOy oldin
  • Man, that’s crazy. I’m in the UK and have some sick 70s and 80s Top Trumps with a couple Don Garlit cars. I used to draw dragsters as a kid with Don’s name down the side. Soooooo cool!

    Dan BakerDan BakerOy oldin
  • yeeeee

    HoLY.RusteD AndyHoLY.RusteD AndyOy oldin
  • Only Brent could turn a 2000 mile drive into an epic adventure. I've driven by that Garlits museum so many times and never stopped. Next time I'm down, I'm gonna stop myself because it looked great.

    DRC drdoctDRC drdoctOy oldin
  • Man I wish you were my dad! You did it "We did it" True father right there!! Love it ❤

    Karena PukeroaKarena PukeroaOy oldin
  • Bro. You are the most genuine person..

    Eddie FoxEddie FoxOy oldin
  • Man...Don Garlits museum, some seriously awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing that with us! Love seeing someone as excited about the history as I am haha

    Tony crispinTony crispinOy oldin
  • The Pollutionizer was my favorite!

    Chris GronerChris GronerOy oldin
  • That place is unreal

    Vancity CoasterVancity CoasterOy oldin
  • Thanks for taking me along to museum like ur vlogs keep it up good content...

    Trife OneTrife OneOy oldin
  • That museum was really something.

    MervMervOy oldin
  • A lot of content in Florida!

    Kevo CabbKevo CabbOy oldin
  • Next time your in Nebraska for the Ice Cream Cruise you need to check out The Museum of American Speed on on the Speedway Motors campus in Lincoln, NE.

    Eric SchmelzerEric SchmelzerOy oldin
  • when you need 80 lbs of boost you make it with a twin charger setup

    bubbajoexxxbubbajoexxxOy oldin
  • I'm glad you gave a tour of the Don Garlits museum. I don't know about until you showed it. That's awesome that I can do a tour from your video. Thanks!

    ericgorder1ericgorder1Oy oldin
  • do you reallise that a top fuel engine burns 24 gallons per mile

    bubbajoexxxbubbajoexxxOy oldin
  • Brent, you are such a humble guy. Whenever you guys all head back home it is like everyone gets a bit sad. You guys all rock!

    ramairgt2ramairgt2Oy oldin
  • That spot at the museum is for no prep RC drag racing some awesome events out there love your content happy bashing bud.

    12R112R1Oy oldin
  • Brent is such a great guy. I love watching this channel and having Brent’s great attitude brighten my day.

    stoichiometry147stoichiometry147Oy oldin
  • I grew up watching all those type of race cars. Funny cars dragsters. Racing has came along way

    Sweet TeeSweet TeeOy oldin
  • Yep it's cool, been there 3 times.

    TboneTboneOy oldin
  • Nobody will ever be able to accuse brent of letting life pass him by

    That1guy81That1guy81Oy oldin
  • Don garlic 5 minutes from my house call me next time we can meet up 👍🏻👍🏻

    DYNA WillDYNA WillOy oldin
  • Brent you're doing your own drag week back to Colorado have fun be safe

    James sammannJames sammannOy oldin
  • love the style of video, love the pace and the way you explain things. mostly importantly i love you guys!

    TheParaduckyTheParaduckyOy oldin
  • Goofy needs to take a trip to Michigan home of the lights house's

    djwilson328djwilson328Oy oldin
  • So happy that you posted videos of Big Daddy Garlits Drag museum that place is awesome and needs more exposure.

    David RodriguezDavid RodriguezOy oldin
  • I still have a t-shirt from that museum! It is 26yrs old now!

    Randall MasonRandall MasonOy oldin
  • K24 Turbo El Camino? That’d be fun.

    Mike from WisconsinMike from WisconsinOy oldin
  • From the Canada lol take cardboard and block the rad or most of it anyway heat ya up in no time especially heading back to snow at home

    Chris StoneChris StoneOy oldin
  • Bro atleat stop at AUTOZONE GET youself a lil car heater plug into cig lighter freeze ur chicken Nuggets off 🥶

    dropping Hertzdropping HertzOy oldin
  • At least your rider don’t talk to much or wanna stop all the time hahaha 😂

    john doddjohn doddOy oldin
  • Brent, you certainly deserve all the goodness life can give. Your always positive attitude and smile have always been a blessing. As Always, May God Bless you and yours!

    CLC IIICLC IIIOy oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/op6rjcyKaM3JqKI Thanks man

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  • Long drives in shitboxes are always scary especially if you know the only help you have if you break down is yourself and cost less

    Gage BensonGage BensonOy oldin
  • Awesome museum! Thanks for sharing

    Dallas DavisDallas DavisOy oldin
  • Back in 1985, my mother and I were driving to Florida. We stopped at the Garlits Museum. The cars were great, but even better, Don Garlits was there and talking to visitors! It turns out that he and my mother had a lot more in common than he and I did, they and members of their families had owned many of the same street cars and, I remember they especially liked Oakland Roadsters, my grandfather had owned one when she was young, I don't remember Don's connection to that car. I wish I knew what happened to the pictures we took that day.

    Jim BuchananJim BuchananOy oldin
  • Brent it's clay carpenter if you could Facebook message me and help me I need a adapter plate to put a t-56 in my 2001 bmw 325i please thanks.

    Clay CarpenterClay CarpenterOy oldin
  • You know you can tie a piece of tarpaulin across the grill to stop the cold getting in? can even cut a hole in the middle too, so some cooling comes in :)

    welsh krakenwelsh krakenOy oldin
  • That museum was amazing

    Mike SimmonsMike SimmonsOy oldin
  • Would be sick if you steal the engine and turbo setup out of the rowdyssey and put it into the Elco, or put a V6 honda engine with a big turbo like the one the Rowdyssey has. or A V6 honda with a supercharger on it.

    「ZED」「ZED」Oy oldin
  • That place is so cool. He offers a tour of the shop in the back.... See some work in progress, engines run ect. They have a work bench made if 2 brand new 392 crate motors

    wosterdawosterdaOy oldin
  • Brent , when did you start growing a mullet? What engine is in the back ?

    FuseFuseOy oldin
    • @PFI Speed You rock Brent!

      FuseFuseOy oldin
    • I shaved it for the LeMullets race 😂. It’s the blown engine from burnout rivals out of the batrod

      PFI SpeedPFI SpeedOy oldin
  • I wanted to stop here last time i was on my way through Florida so cool thanks for stopping and sharing with us Brent!!!!

    Peter DragoPeter DragoOy oldin
  • Nice job guys! Much respect Jim from wyoming

    Make Luck MotorsportsMake Luck MotorsportsOy oldin
  • Being from the UK, going for a 2,000mile drive baffles me 😮

    Super RonSuper RonOy oldin
  • Look all im sayin is j swap the elcamino..

    Waltco MotorsportsWaltco MotorsportsOy oldin
  • Ive been there 7 years Ago it was awesome,💪💪😎👍

    Jimi Richter [GearHead Stuff]Jimi Richter [GearHead Stuff]Oy oldin
  • Or you could move to florida 😁

    Sookle's WorldSookle's WorldOy oldin
  • Just car guys being car guys 🙏

    BriguygotnicethighsBriguygotnicethighsOy oldin
  • Hey brent do you have a crank for a jdm h22a I am in need of one

    chase auchchase auchOy oldin
  • Brent. My dude. Your truly an inspiration brother thanks

    Logan WolfeLogan WolfeOy oldin
  • Had an 87 IROC-Z up here in MN which I would drive year round. Would do the same thing the Elcamino is doing. During the winter it was very hard to keep the inside warm. Around town in was ok (Stop and go driving), but when you had to drive on the open road for a ways, it was a cold trip! Amazingly, with stock eagle GT gator-backs on it, I never got stuck in the snow! Was an interesting drive sometimes with limited ground clearance an wide tires though!

    rjkdevrjkdevOy oldin
  • if its that cold, you need to seal up the grill so the radiator can get warm, use card board

    Tony ParkinsonTony ParkinsonOy oldin
  • What a cool museum him Connie and Shirley were big in Michigan when I was a kid they all hung out on 10 mile Ryan area right on 10 mile I always looked for the house in hope of a car in the back yard. Pretty easy to find at the time it was the only house with a double garage damn I almost forgot about all that. Thanks for sharing.

    Shawn Swinea Security consultantShawn Swinea Security consultantOy oldin
  • Love seeing you with the family enjoying all the cool car stuff.

    Nemo SpeedNemo SpeedOy oldin
  • My mom loves light houses too

    Jeffrey LaurieJeffrey LaurieOy oldin
  • That museum was sooo amazing!!! thank you for uploading this!!!! So much of that "lost" engineering needs recognition!!! I call it lost because from my understanding it was viable to pull off crazy projects like that back a few decades... but I never grew up with that! and that knowledge CANNOT BE LOST!!!! Tommy Ivo's multi engines are a thing of legend!!!! You know he worked with Mickey Thompson on those!!!!

    manny smanny sOy oldin