I Trapped & Rescued a Pregnant Cat Off the Street

23-Sen, 2020
990 095 Ko‘rishlar soni

I trapped and rescued a pregnant cat off the street! Meet my new foster cat! 😻
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  • Meet my new foster cat! 🐱What should we name her?!

    Joey GraceffaJoey GraceffaOy oldin
    • Savanna Sami Malibu

      Rebecca EdwardsRebecca Edwards9 kun oldin
    • Cupcake or brownie

      LPS PeachyLPS Peachy22 kun oldin
    • Sakura the 2nd UnU

      Roisin Mc DonaldRoisin Mc DonaldOy oldin
    • You could name her Ember or Ash

      Trade MarkTrade MarkOy oldin
    • Fedora?? After one of the streets she used to live on?? It would be really cute and a reminder of where she came from and how far she's come since her rescue

      Alana WhittakerAlana WhittakerOy oldin
  • I think you should have named her lillie

    Eilidh RedmondEilidh RedmondKun oldin
  • We can call her avri

    Lizeth VasquezLizeth VasquezKun oldin
  • Next time you rescue cats put a blanket over the carry case it will keep the cats calm and prevent them from spazzing out just a tip for you

    carla koalacarla koala2 kun oldin
  • Joey the area you found the cat was were they killed my uncle

    Mr Hedgehog PotatoMr Hedgehog Potato2 kun oldin
  • Ummmmmm any update

    Racoon LandRacoon Land2 kun oldin
  • Joey you Should name her Luna

    Michael AliMichael Ali2 kun oldin
  • Name her Heather

    Ryan CrowleyRyan Crowley3 kun oldin
  • so umm let’s talk about the white stuff n how’s SHES pregnant

    zaykisgoingtoquitzaykisgoingtoquit3 kun oldin
  • So cute

    werdlederdlewerdlederdle3 kun oldin
  • I Rescued a kitten .

    Himani LiyanageHimani Liyanage4 kun oldin
  • lane name i like that name so

    emma mccuskeremma mccusker4 kun oldin
  • Kalel! ❤️❤️

    BeccaBecca4 kun oldin
  • Name her Luna

    Frost WalkerFrost Walker4 kun oldin
  • Joey in a month:Hi guys I rescued a pregnant elaphant wht should I name it were keeping it! His fans:👁👄👁 2020 has gone worse

    Shahan VoraShahan Vora4 kun oldin
  • This breaks my heart that she was homeless and sick! :( So glad you found her!

    D PD P4 kun oldin
  • Her name should be Autumn.

    Lauryn ClarkLauryn Clark5 kun oldin
  • That snot bubble doe 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Coreh KittenCoreh Kitten5 kun oldin
  • Name her galaxy or tara

    billie and milie fan woopbillie and milie fan woop5 kun oldin
  • MELI

    Gacha StarGacha Star5 kun oldin
  • a possible name could be: Mocha (my old cat was called that), Nala (since you mentioned lions aha), Brindle because of her colours

    holly wilkinsonholly wilkinson5 kun oldin
  • the first thing i read was i trapped a pregnant cat and was like oh hell naw

    PIXLZPIXLZ6 kun oldin
  • When you give her a bath Constantly blink at her It gives her the feeling that you love her And not hate her

    sorcerar wizardsorcerar wizard6 kun oldin
  • im honestly over all this animal content 😫 but i love u so i’ll keep watching 😅

    EmmaaElizabethhhEmmaaElizabethhh6 kun oldin
  • She acts and kinda looks like one of my cats!

    -Phoenix _Fox --Phoenix _Fox -6 kun oldin
  • yay joey distancing

    Brooke SjoblomBrooke Sjoblom6 kun oldin
  • Omg such cute coat pattern! I think u should name her salo

    Riley LRiley L6 kun oldin
  • I don't know why I'm over here crying damn I'm so emotional I hate it 🤧😔

    lale Acevedolale Acevedo6 kun oldin
  • you guys took her and not the other one???

    lily8250 lily8250lily8250 lily82506 kun oldin
  • That was flea eggs😏

    Jazmin TellezJazmin Tellez6 kun oldin
  • She’s trying to attack u Joey

    Syncir WilliamsSyncir Williams6 kun oldin
  • You should nmae her peanut

    Maliha PatelMaliha Patel7 kun oldin
  • I’ve been subscribed to joy for 12 years

    Irubka WoldeIrubka Wolde7 kun oldin
  • I have kittens at my house but do not take thx

    Beauty GuruBeauty Guru7 kun oldin
  • Her name should be Dixie

    Trina TorresTrina Torres7 kun oldin
  • I love that cat you should keep her

    Trina TorresTrina Torres7 kun oldin

    Becky StewartBecky Stewart7 kun oldin
  • I found Leo’s real mom 😂

    Heaven RobertsonHeaven Robertson7 kun oldin
  • Name suggestions: Autumn or Willow

    Imma BlondeImma Blonde7 kun oldin
  • Rose or Rosie Or lily

    olivia dubieolivia dubie8 kun oldin
  • Joey you should name her echo

    Carley BaasCarley Baas8 kun oldin
  • hey joey, i think you should keep her as a permanint cat

    tilly marietilly marie8 kun oldin
  • get rid of fleas w dawn dish soap

    Alicatt :3Alicatt :38 kun oldin
  • I love your voice

    Ileosis StudiosIleosis Studios8 kun oldin
  • what about the other cat ☹️

    itz angela gachaitz angela gacha9 kun oldin
  • Joey in 20 years okay so I found a stray shark I’m saving it by myself as always and I’m putting it in my zoo oh and I’m opening it soon come visit!!!

    Roblox SmartfaceRoblox Smartface9 kun oldin
  • Cat : *jumps over and over again very scaredly * Joey : OMG

    Roblox SmartfaceRoblox Smartface9 kun oldin
  • PrOtTy LiTtiE gIrL cOmE hErE :)))))

    Roblox SmartfaceRoblox Smartface9 kun oldin
  • Flower

    Rusti FarriesterRusti Farriester9 kun oldin
    • Or name her caly

      Rusti FarriesterRusti Farriester9 kun oldin
  • She should be called monarch

    Oliver HarrisOliver Harris9 kun oldin
  • The kitties brain:WAT WAT WHERE AM I WAAH???

    🚀💫𝐍𝐚𝐬𝐚.𝐀𝐫𝐢💫🚀🚀💫𝐍𝐚𝐬𝐚.𝐀𝐫𝐢💫🚀9 kun oldin
  • That was so nice of you to do.

    Michelle KirklandMichelle Kirkland9 kun oldin
  • Name Dencity

    Lillie-Belle SpearmanLillie-Belle Spearman9 kun oldin
  • I litraly havent watched you in along time cuase i have modules to do I LOVE YOUR CONTENT JOE☺❤keep going and stay strong😁

    CHU CHEWCHU CHEW9 kun oldin
  • omg kalel...we love that

    Kamryn KKamryn K10 kun oldin
  • Can you please start a channel with you saving animals?

    Gabrielle ConwayGabrielle Conway10 kun oldin
  • You should name her liona because you said she reminds you of a lion

    Cool Cat99Cool Cat9910 kun oldin
  • Maybe she's sweet because she's pregnant?

    Sophie NittaSophie Nitta10 kun oldin
  • You should name her Roxie

    Dianay ErasmusDianay Erasmus10 kun oldin
  • Maybe call her blossom , y’know blossom and Sukura

    AnonymousAsherAnonymousAsher10 kun oldin
  • My cat looks like that and she's pregnant for the 12 time

    Dianay ErasmusDianay Erasmus10 kun oldin
  • Well done joey ur a Inspiration

    Sophie HowardSophie Howard10 kun oldin
  • The one that you thought was a boy who probably got her pregnant looked like a calico cat which calico males are pretty rare and if they are males they're not able to reproduce, so probably not

    Hey Howdy HeyHey Howdy Hey10 kun oldin
  • It's an ultrasound, not an x-ray lol

    Hey Howdy HeyHey Howdy Hey10 kun oldin
  • Name her Stella

    Jasmine DaggersJasmine Daggers10 kun oldin
  • Mika and the baby star

    Khansa Mar'ieKhansa Mar'ie10 kun oldin
  • No one: Not a single soul: Joey: *ohh you are blowing little bubbles out of your nose..*

    二元裕子二元裕子10 kun oldin
  • Maybe the name should be wella enape jim

    Milka GraciahalimMilka Graciahalim10 kun oldin
    • Oof thank you me for liking ._.

      Milka GraciahalimMilka Graciahalim10 kun oldin
    • .

      Milka GraciahalimMilka Graciahalim10 kun oldin
    • .

      Milka GraciahalimMilka Graciahalim10 kun oldin
    • .

      Milka GraciahalimMilka Graciahalim10 kun oldin
    • .

      Milka GraciahalimMilka Graciahalim10 kun oldin
  • Yes the cat needs to live!

    Cindy ReiterCindy Reiter11 kun oldin
  • You should name her caramel

    Liana FrantzLiana Frantz11 kun oldin
  • Omg so kind!! You really are a kind person once again!!!

    Niwa MorungaNiwa Morunga11 kun oldin
  • Stormy sun ☀️

    Mia MaplewoodMia Maplewood11 kun oldin
  • how can you trap a cat and then say you rescued it

    Joshua SurajdeenJoshua Surajdeen11 kun oldin
  • Blue

    cloudy darlingcloudy darling11 kun oldin
  • Name her peanut are girly

    cloudy darlingcloudy darling11 kun oldin
    • I mean girl

      cloudy darlingcloudy darling11 kun oldin
  • She’s not a wild cat. If she was, she wouldn’t let you touch, pat, or rub her up. Check out Kitten Lady UZworld channel. You will see what a wild cat really looks like.

    Cheryl F.Cheryl F.11 kun oldin
  • the girl : 5 cats ...... all girls the guys at the same time: GIRLS

    Bears& BeesBears& Bees11 kun oldin
  • They're flea eggs

    Kaitlyn PatrickKaitlyn Patrick11 kun oldin
  • awwwwwwwwwwww

    Video GamerVideo Gamer11 kun oldin
  • U can name her nala!

    Elisha AndrusElisha Andrus11 kun oldin
  • Luna name her luna

    Queen rolblox girl HeheQueen rolblox girl Hehe11 kun oldin
  • Can you name her Ginera😁

    Ëmpęrør ÃthênãËmpęrør Ãthênã11 kun oldin
  • Her name should be chip

    Lydia MannLydia Mann11 kun oldin
  • 🥺 thank you for taking her to the vet 💕

    Gaming With Layeyi10Gaming With Layeyi1011 kun oldin
  • When u havent watched Joey in like 3 months and look at his hair 😯🤣

    Sunflower GamingSunflower Gaming11 kun oldin
  • I had a pregnant dog she had 9 puppies

    Mika van LillMika van Lill11 kun oldin
    • Are they cute I bet they are! 🥺

      ArxxcyArxxcy9 kun oldin
  • I just looked at your Sunglasses and followed

    Sigrid BreiliSigrid Breili11 kun oldin
  • Name her sunset! please?

    XxSally GamerxXXxSally GamerxX11 kun oldin
  • Nala from the lion king

    Capital KCapital K11 kun oldin
  • Ginger

    Capital KCapital K11 kun oldin
  • When I got my dog she was scared to but when she ate our used the bathroom I gave her a treat

    The wonderful LexiThe wonderful Lexi11 kun oldin
  • Joey should start a pregnant cat rescue he would be really good at it 😊

    Ruby Two shoesRuby Two shoes12 kun oldin
  • Jaguar or suka to Be close to your other cats name I don't know how to spell it so I just called it ur other cat sorry

    Lesley CrableLesley Crable12 kun oldin
  • Welp it's been 5 years I've been with my friend the stray cat but now it's quarantine ;-;

    ÄÐêlå åμrêlïåÄÐêlå åμrêlïå12 kun oldin
  • She’s in heat

    vibes_ killvibes_ kill12 kun oldin
  • I really want another cat now (Love my cat tho- ❤️)

    random flute playerrandom flute player12 kun oldin
  • I like how they just ignored the other cat 😂

    random flute playerrandom flute player12 kun oldin
  • Joey in 40 years:ok so I found a pregnet mamith

    madison hoskinsmadison hoskins12 kun oldin
    • Mammoth*

      Tc_Elisethegamer GamingTc_Elisethegamer Gaming11 kun oldin
  • And I would never let my cat get worms or fleas we let them go outside but only in our yard there trian

    Steph TrimboliSteph Trimboli12 kun oldin
  • Pepper or ginger

    Steph TrimboliSteph Trimboli12 kun oldin