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  • 😶

    • is your father like 50 and he still having kids does he know they can have problems like that the child

      Leila HeartLeila Heart2 kun oldin
    • Hello

      Life of PhyllisLife of Phyllis7 kun oldin
    • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      Zacari RichardsonZacari Richardson7 kun oldin
    • What y'all whach him dang Bianca but team Bianca for life

      Shauntai ManningShauntai Manning8 kun oldin
    • Like if on the prince family's side

      Sensations MasbandSensations Masband8 kun oldin
  • 😮😮 his old to have children 👶🏽

    Leila HeartLeila Heart2 kun oldin
  • This is old

    Yhney YoungerYhney Younger3 kun oldin
  • You know how to pick em!!!!

    Jazzy BeeJazzy Bee4 kun oldin
  • Because when you leave her years ago you were not there for her duh!!!!!

    Giselle StewartGiselle Stewart5 kun oldin
  • Been following both of you with the situation ... regardless of the twin confusion ... dishonesty ... games ... lies ... whatever ... you two will be great together as parents as long as y’all leave the last where it’s at and focus on raising your son

    Beautifully Blended LoveBeautifully Blended Love5 kun oldin
  • 50 going on 21 SMDH. Maaaannnn, you are too old for all of this. Grow up and if the kid is yours, then be a good father.

    TheStarsDon'tDanceTheStarsDon'tDance5 kun oldin
  • 17:24 😒😒😩 he sit in the next video an say for the 1s who like this TEA aka DRAMA HE WONT BE SHOWING IT BUT HE SHOWING US STEP BY STEP 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ HE WANNA BE YOUNG SO BAD HE DONT KNOW ALL HE HAS TO BE IS HIMSELF HIS AGE

    Shanell SmithShanell Smith6 kun oldin
  • C'mon now. "I Didn't want to have to put it out there on UZworld". Who the hell your trying to fool? Now look where your at? Taking a DNA. If you would of put a condom on, you wouldn't be in this predicament. Do you not know you can get AIDS, STDs? I feel sorry for the children. Entering a world with Pandemic, Racism and so much more going on. Now he has 2 parents that are not together and don't get alone. Imagine what he's going to face in life. You all should NOT be having children. Get yourself fixed.

    Olivia BibianoOlivia Bibiano7 kun oldin
  • whole vidio sat in car boring skipped most ov it take not from Damien n biaaaaancaa ❤

    cho Kidscho Kids7 kun oldin
  • How old is she? I know age ain’t nothing but a number, but Mr. Cryer could honestly be her dad.0

    NooNie PooNooNie Poo7 kun oldin
  • Wow! You’ve already been blessed with children. Enjoy them!

    NooNie PooNooNie Poo7 kun oldin
  • BOOMER 🚨

    Courtney DavisCourtney Davis7 kun oldin
  • 😶😐😑😱🙀

    Zacari RichardsonZacari Richardson7 kun oldin
  • Damion u know u wrong u came out with a video saying she was a lair about the twins u came out first

    sharon mccannsharon mccann8 kun oldin
  • Just coparent with her don’t have to live with her or be with her

    Xoxo_Mar_ KXoxo_Mar_ K8 kun oldin
  • Good for you

    Makiya DouglasMakiya Douglas8 kun oldin
  • You seem like a wonderful man I must say your definitely a real one.

    Alesha JohnsonAlesha Johnson8 kun oldin
  • Story line. This shit scripted. UZworld is becoming modern day General hospital.

    Beverly SmithBeverly Smith8 kun oldin
  • 2 videos without the prince family name 👏👏👏👏👏

    Drama DivaDrama Diva8 kun oldin
  • Waiting on those results

    just_here_or_there 2019just_here_or_there 20198 kun oldin
  • Its his fault. I dont get it do you hate when your when you tell your parents the right thing, and they get made when your right like bruh. And I think she just did this for views like watch this now, she finna be like (my step son is Damein from The Prince Family) like what is that. This dude got a 27 y/o pregenent. And he got the nerves to say (You got evicted cs u didnt listen) Bro bye! Damein choosing better than u!!! Im Prince fan 5L.

    Christinna BlandChristinna Bland8 kun oldin
  • She nasty for letting you get on top of her mr and celie type ish🤮🤮🤮

    Katia PruittKatia Pruitt8 kun oldin
  • Its been 2 days. Where's the results!!!

    Penny ChristianPenny Christian8 kun oldin
  • Awe he is a cute little red baby boy 🥰😍❤️ Congratulations 🎉🎈🍾

    LuLuBeeLuLuBee8 kun oldin
  • Boy u r 60 or 67 like how r u still making babes

    Iam KynediIam Kynedi9 kun oldin
  • Now, I ain't sayin' she a gold digger.... But she ain't messin' with no broke.... Now, I ain't sayin' she a gold digger But she ain't messin' with no broke.... -Kanye west

    Tara MurphyTara Murphy9 kun oldin
  • I’m 28 no kids yet not gonna run around having kids with people ima just argue with lol

    Tara MurphyTara Murphy9 kun oldin
  • What does she want from you? You had every right to ask for one she already have a kid from someone else ... your just making sure

    Tara MurphyTara Murphy9 kun oldin
  • Chicken nugges

    queen of TEA it's a hole lot of salt in that waterqueen of TEA it's a hole lot of salt in that water9 kun oldin
  • I been was saying she was not having twins and you if she was having twins you don't carry full term I just had a baby and 40 weeks had one baby stop feeling sorry for her she looking for attention take care of your son and leave her alone people telling you she was sick so you should of listen message with a woman your age you can't put the blame on nobody but yourself

    Octavia McBrideOctavia McBride9 kun oldin
  • Yes, baby is innocent. Just do your part and try to communicate with the mom best you can, and be there for baby like you said.

    Veronica NelsonVeronica Nelson9 kun oldin
  • Yes, I saw Christmas videos, and you giving her gifts.

    Veronica NelsonVeronica Nelson9 kun oldin
  • You are doing right thing, but I know you didn't want to do it. Y'all people needs stop calling Mr Cryer old, cause 50 is not old. People still bump and grind still same way

    Veronica NelsonVeronica Nelson9 kun oldin
  • If if he is yours why dont you just go through the court to get it set up

    Emily MillerEmily Miller9 kun oldin
  • You seem to like names with D... lol🤣 love the name tho

    Emily MillerEmily Miller9 kun oldin
  • 👏👏 good for you!! 👏👏👏👏

    Miranda FletcherMiranda Fletcher9 kun oldin
  • Ava can’t hear check in your family man f👑

    WorzzlWorzzl9 kun oldin
  • OMG this is random but baby Ayla from the prince family lost her hearings

    Itz FaithItz Faith9 kun oldin
  • Hey can u do a reaction to the prince fam latest vid

    Odog Is only 10Odog Is only 109 kun oldin
  • When someone tells a lie so big - having twins when they're not - you have the right to question whether anything she told you is the truth. If she wasn't worried about it, why is she so mad?

    Michelle TaylorMichelle Taylor9 kun oldin
  • Forget you you don’t care about your own son

    Courtney HillCourtney Hill9 kun oldin
  • Glade u The Father

    Ashley EdwardsAshley Edwards9 kun oldin
  • People have sympathy for child ! I think she seems helping with the baby right now you both are not together so now she is !

    Alisha WebbAlisha Webb9 kun oldin
  • I think it’s just her emotions going I think she is suffering a lot she just had baby ! Emotionally woman hormones just crazy or at least mine did ! We only know what is said !

    Alisha WebbAlisha Webb9 kun oldin
  • Prince family better

    Bluesory-god 9Bluesory-god 99 kun oldin
  • He talking about all this and he couldn’t even take care damion right?! Am I wrong? He needed to be a man when both his son’s was fighting. Not being childish.

    LawerrasalinasLawerrasalinas9 kun oldin
  • You ARE the father

    D MoodyD Moody9 kun oldin
  • 👏👏

    KennedysGraceKennedysGrace9 kun oldin
  • It's been 2 days... Update?!?!?

    Danielle FrancisDanielle Francis9 kun oldin
  • And on top she would have considered high risk carrying twins or vanishing baby syndrome. So she would have been going to the Doctor every week and getting sonograms every week to see what those babies was up too. Been there done that

    OhGee LeeLeeOhGee LeeLee9 kun oldin
  • *All men should get DNA requested even if the baby girl or baby boy looks like your twin still get DNA to confirm*

    Online Legit StrategiesOnline Legit Strategies9 kun oldin
  • You're not a bad dad for wanting a DNA test period!!

    Ann BednarczykAnn Bednarczyk9 kun oldin
  • She needs to understand where you're coming from. Me personally I would take it because I have nothing to hide especially if the dad is more high profile I would understand that he needs to make for sure cause he has stuff to lose. Women need to understand that.

    Ann BednarczykAnn Bednarczyk9 kun oldin
  • Stop explain yourself because we all seen you and her together you are a great dad I’m praying for you

    Linda CampbellLinda Campbell9 kun oldin
  • God bless

    Kizzy HollmanKizzy Hollman9 kun oldin
  • I really feel like she was lying from the beginning... I wish things could've been different for you guy's but it is what it is really... I wish all of you guy's business would've stayed off UZworld... Just be apart of your sons life cause he definitely gonna need you...

    The Real Bone CollectorThe Real Bone Collector9 kun oldin
  • Hello Cryer are you alright, just checking you haven't loaded a video lately 🤔

    shelia Hughesshelia Hughes9 kun oldin
  • Was she pregnant with twins

    Charmain DowdyCharmain Dowdy9 kun oldin
    • No she is lying

      sos topsos top9 kun oldin
  • She looks young

    Jackkie AcostaJackkie Acosta9 kun oldin
    • She is . She's 28

      The Loyalty FamilyThe Loyalty Family9 kun oldin
  • Your full of crap 😂

    Jasmine MojicaJasmine Mojica9 kun oldin
  • Damion u should grow your hair back🤘🏾🔥

    Lyndontay SellersLyndontay Sellers9 kun oldin
  • U gon have 400, 000 subs when the dna comes out

    The Life Of YolandaThe Life Of Yolanda9 kun oldin
  • Me clicking the video and going straight to the comments to see who the DNA test is with me in the comments seeing all she she she she she she she me WHO IS SHE

  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Tami KeithTami Keith9 kun oldin
  • Well she's the one who lied about the twins. You didn't do anything wrong besides shine the light on her deceptive and conniving ways

    cynthia rabbitscynthia rabbits9 kun oldin
  • You are a grown man. Come on boys act like this. What a shame. You kid will see this one day. Then why put this on here shame on u. Smh

    Christine HallChristine Hall9 kun oldin
  • You did the right thing sir😁

    yourgirlkeke1yourgirlkeke19 kun oldin
  • Yes that was all you were doing was exercising your right as a father and as well as you should. You are a great father to your kids

    Dyres WalkerDyres Walker9 kun oldin
  • Need to sit down somewhere old ahh 😂 sht don’t even get up and you out here making babies 😂😂 he should get a reward for being the biggest UZworld clown

    Cj TheGeminiCj TheGemini9 kun oldin
  • What's her channel

    Alexis BlackwellAlexis Blackwell9 kun oldin
  • You have to respect what he is saying clout or not this is a decent man

    KiraachanelKiraachanel9 kun oldin
  • Im hoping thats your child...but for some reason i look at that child and it looks like her ex husband....as i watch some of her videos and the most recent video she definitely has alot of growing up to do. She is all over with her words in the last video i pray for you my brother and hope thats your baby but if not stay far away from her cuz its not over she is going to do her best to be in your life be carefull

    Sha BoogeySha Boogey9 kun oldin
  • I never once denied the baby, but I need a DNA test.??? Anyone thats not denying something dont need clarity. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Stop with the fucker

    Carmen DavisCarmen Davis9 kun oldin
    • Stfu and stop being obsessed with youtuber’s lives

      ezequiel cainezequiel cain9 kun oldin
    • @The Loyalty Family factssss💯💯💯

      De KillaDe Killa9 kun oldin
    • No he didn't deny it he's got a right to do a DNA test . If your partner lied about having twins they can lie about the father as well . They live 2 hours away from each other so it's possible.

      The Loyalty FamilyThe Loyalty Family9 kun oldin
  • The both of you need to stop. You know damn whole he your baby as well as you knew she was pregnant with twins. And yes you can lose a baby doing your pregnancy. And if you would listen to what she was saying she did not say you was never there. She said you are not there now that the baby is here. I like the both of you and don't want to have to unscribe myself from your channels but this child is stuff needs to stop. I am also subscribe to your sons Channel as well.

    Valerie SolomonValerie Solomon9 kun oldin
  • she seems to be extremely immature. As long as you're there for your son why tf does the court need to be a part of ya'll lives? too many women do shit like this to the dads that are actually trying to be a father. smmfh. Just continue being the man and father you are and leave the rest in god's hands because all will be ok.

  • 😶

    Damarcus GibsonDamarcus Gibson9 kun oldin
  • He takes care of all his kids ... except Damien

    Michael AllenMichael Allen9 kun oldin

  • You shouldn’t have to allow her sons family & father to come & see him for his birthday ! It’s his birthday & you are not his father therfor u shouldn’t need to allow anything .

    Sheonna MoniqueSheonna Monique9 kun oldin
  • Prayers 🙏

    Becky HeathBecky Heath9 kun oldin
  • man you are mature. i hope you are the father honestly . you have so much love and time to give to the baby . and please no drama infront the baby . please be in the baby life often not only weekends or holiday. much love all the best may God be with you.

    Frandeline Jean BaptisteFrandeline Jean Baptiste9 kun oldin
  • She is a liered she use u bout she a have twins mi nah feel sorry for her cause mi know how she stay

    Shadeen RosewayShadeen Roseway9 kun oldin
  • The fact that you have to explain why your doing this is crazy. This should have been a personal matter but it’s not. I’m so sorry that you and the babies mother have to open up your whole life to people you shouldn’t have to.

    Yonna HYonna H9 kun oldin
  • Hey Prince because y'all please post another video I've been down to see your videos I'm one of y'all biggest fans

    John WardJohn Ward9 kun oldin
  • Patiently waiting on the results

    J's EatJ's Eat9 kun oldin
  • What’s results...

    Shauna HShauna H9 kun oldin
  • Lies for views you get a lot of views for drama and the drama keep coming back you knew you didn't have no twins from the first line

    John WardJohn Ward9 kun oldin
    • Thank for like my video 📸

      John WardJohn Ward9 kun oldin
  • Do you not get tired of drama?🙄

    Tenelya McDonaldTenelya McDonald9 kun oldin
  • If this is a lie (just to get money via UZworld) she is sick 🤬🤬 people lose baby’s every second how could ppl lie about losing a baby . Only god knows the truth you will be punished

    Chantelle BogleChantelle Bogle9 kun oldin
  • I am happy for you 🥲 you needed clarity for yourself to know if he is your son

    Dyres WalkerDyres Walker9 kun oldin
  • These days dna test should be mandatory at birth anyways

    mari teemari tee10 kun oldin
  • To: Mr. CRYER please tune in to the cussing pastor. Thaddeus Matthews topic: the power of the coochie

    Cynthia WeeksCynthia Weeks10 kun oldin
  • Stop falling for these young head hunters that give it up easy. You got your self caught up. You're to old for that. SMH (5 sec. Quickie get u fu###d up for life.)🤔🤔

    Cynthia WeeksCynthia Weeks10 kun oldin
  • I don't have to go back I remember all the videos

    Christie HarrisChristie Harris10 kun oldin
  • Good luck Mr Cryer. Fingers crossed for you. Hope you and her find peace and happiness rather thats together or apart specially for that beautiful baby. My feelings have completely changed about the entire situation. I dont know what to believe anymore. Much love and respect from VA to you and your family.❤❤❤

    Heather Bop29Heather Bop2910 kun oldin
  • If he's your baby go to court and get your visitation and financial rights. Everybody that has a child together doesn't mean you have to be together.

    sweetp lovesweetp love10 kun oldin
  • Wow

    Galaxy_gacha_ girlGalaxy_gacha_ girl10 kun oldin
  • you 50 and having kids

    Kinley HollingerKinley Hollinger10 kun oldin
  • Cryer family TRASH PRINCE 👑 FAMILY FOR LIFE!!!!!

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki10 kun oldin