I survived 2000 days in Hardcore Minecraft - The Movie

15-Okt, 2020
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What a ride it has been...
I've survived 2000 days in Hardcore on 63 nights of sleep, while building my little heart out. There are definitely no plans of slowing down, all the best.... is yet to come!
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  • imagine dying after finnishing all this

    GoldenGolden2 soat oldin
  • this guy deserves more subs

    Derick MolinaDerick Molina5 soat oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/bJ2XaJemmtPchmc

    eu natroxeu natrox5 soat oldin

    Rareș JulinschiRareș Julinschi8 soat oldin
  • This is just so much more fun to look at than LukeTheNotable because you make so much more good projects than him. Love to see it

    Julius MyrénJulius Myrén9 soat oldin
  • Awesome!!

    Acacio MondlaneAcacio Mondlane15 soat oldin
  • You are a LEGEND

  • Feels Like a movie My Family enjoyed it so much thanks a lot!! :)

  • Why no download ?

    Nathan HauptNathan Haupt19 soat oldin
  • You can give link to download your hardcore saries map

    Dewi MaryaDewi Marya19 soat oldin
  • You are the best minecraft player

    Rekhaksingh122 KorangaRekhaksingh122 Koranga20 soat oldin
  • Loony im from Portugal i love your vids thanks for inspiring

    Kotako 430Kotako 430Kun oldin
  • This is the best Minecraft video out there

    IdleytIdleytKun oldin
  • Do you sleep?

    Leon county jamesLeon county jamesKun oldin
  • This guy is the very best

    jayden scottjayden scottKun oldin
  • Can u do 40.0000 days cuz my brother said that he wanted to see 40.0000 days hardcore

    ItzChrisItzChrisKun oldin
  • Im crying on this video lol. Im go show this my dad .He think Minecraft is bad.

    BoczusieekBoczusieekKun oldin
  • yo you deserve 1 mil subs for spending that long and it goes into a 32 min video

    yo bruvyo bruvKun oldin
  • Sir I think your insane 💪

    ItzChrisItzChrisKun oldin
  • How much patience level this guy have huge respect brother i could not make a world like this on creative mode

    Magician YTMagician YTKun oldin
  • Your imagination is sooo beautiful I can't make this world in 10 years also cause I am not like you which create a heaven you struggle a lot thanks for making this cause I am inspired from it

    Phoenix_crafter GamerzPhoenix_crafter Gamerz2 kun oldin
  • 15:52 bruh he smacked the dragon with the fish

    JayXD EyanaJayXD Eyana2 kun oldin
    • SLAP!

      LoonyLoonyKun oldin
  • this is hella Inspiring

    JayXD EyanaJayXD Eyana2 kun oldin
  • Você sim merece meu like •-•

    Iago RSouzaIago RSouza2 kun oldin
  • Incredible

    HoleXHoleX2 kun oldin
  • Please!! Upload seed

    pablo molinapablo molina2 kun oldin
    • Don't know it and won't check until I die in the world

      LoonyLoonyKun oldin
  • Nice game bro

    takoisthebesttakoisthebest2 kun oldin
  • I never get so into a vid your very very good youtuber love ur content so much u are great! Keep going man.

    Jannik ZielkeJannik Zielke2 kun oldin
  • Man you are awesome😉😉😁 Keep it up

    ACEACE2 kun oldin

    tommaso colacetommaso colace2 kun oldin
  • why does this only have 3 mil views ;(. Dream gets like 30 mil for everyone of his vids just bc of speed runs. This man here took his time on this stuff and only gets 3mil views :(. I love this series man. and also dream is overrated.

    • ImN0tLxp0 •• ImN0tLxp0 •3 kun oldin
  • yes, the nether update existed 3 years ago ...

    • It is minecraft days not rl days

      yallowwyalloww3 kun oldin
  • 24:46 goosebumps Btw music name?

    A81R M4H8U8A81R M4H8U83 kun oldin
  • You are insane man

    A81R M4H8U8A81R M4H8U83 kun oldin
  • Dad: are you winning son? Loony: :')

    Cleamon Cream2Cleamon Cream23 kun oldin
  • Name of the music at the 9:17 please

    WCM_ CLoaKyXWCM_ CLoaKyX3 kun oldin
  • the dislikes are from the mobs in his world

    GxthGxth3 kun oldin
  • Sometimes it seems it's not Minecraft the way it looks

    Harsh ChendvankarHarsh Chendvankar3 kun oldin
  • Bro u are a great creator

  • Omg

    Adam LapointeAdam Lapointe3 kun oldin
  • I’m sooo confused why he killed the dragon so many times

    Tomclarke 282Tomclarke 2824 kun oldin
  • Vinicios13 gringo

    antonio hugoantonio hugo4 kun oldin
  • It’s took him 15 minutes for me to subscribe

    Gabriel VernonGabriel Vernon4 kun oldin
  • I SWEAR TO GOD WHO DISLIKED THIS?!?? This man took so long to make something so cool for our entertainment and for his fun! There is nothing wrong with this video!! Please stop disliking. Also I subbed (:

    Jamison MannJamison Mann4 kun oldin
  • Your world is insane! Keep up the good work, now I’m going to try to do a hardcore world Lol let’s see how long I last.

    Hyper LuxHyper Lux4 kun oldin
  • He kinda sounds like fundy

    Mikael slezakMikael slezak4 kun oldin
  • That's A lot of effort that's hard dude

    viral videosviral videos4 kun oldin
  • i almost said oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ryan AcademiaRyan Academia4 kun oldin
  • and also if i said this all people will laugh

    Ryan AcademiaRyan Academia4 kun oldin
  • hey Loony i see your vlog is cool your surviving in 2,000 days and you can join bedwars but the mode is hardcore cause you survive in 2,000 days in hardcore mode

    Ryan AcademiaRyan Academia4 kun oldin
  • respect

    teun boksteun boks4 kun oldin
  • WOW

    Garid ChinbatGarid Chinbat4 kun oldin
  • Hats off to you men respect

  • Goat

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  • damnnn goosebumps

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  • This inspired me, thank you !

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  • What the music at start?

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  • please join Hermitcraft

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  • U know u could just make a lan world witj cheats on and go to creat. Get yo stuff and go back to survival leave and re join? Yeah he kinda dum tho

    Pro AirsoftPro Airsoft5 kun oldin
    • @Pro Airsoft but he Livestreamed it all

      yallowwyalloww3 kun oldin
    • @yalloww press start lan world put cheats on get your stuff get da resources leave and rejoin

      Pro AirsoftPro Airsoft3 kun oldin
    • @yalloww yeah but u cab chabge that un a lan world

      Pro AirsoftPro Airsoft3 kun oldin
    • He Livestreamt most of it and its hardcore so cheats are off

      yallowwyalloww3 kun oldin
  • Емаааааа

    Жаныл КалиеваЖаныл Калиева5 kun oldin
  • I am a pro at Minecraft but not hardcore I can barely survive 5 minutes ha ha ha

    Rhyan BeersRhyan Beers5 kun oldin
  • when he talks about sleeping he is talking about real life not the game

    the pyro gamingthe pyro gaming5 kun oldin
  • You are awseommmmmmm

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  • Bro , what a nice world , hats off to you brother

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  • you worth it bro op in the chat from india and i will be watching all your videos from now

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  • This is breathtaking

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  • This is just so beautiful

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  • Men you are insanr

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  • I agree that Loony's a pro elytra fighter, just like me (elytra fighter means that the player shoots arrows when flying with elytra)

    RyteMspRyteMsp6 kun oldin
  • I love how the first two minutes he is already fighting the endear dragon

    Mason MillerMason Miller6 kun oldin
  • Imagine he accidentally delete his world lmao

    Russel DeguzmanRussel Deguzman6 kun oldin
  • I wish i have your maps and your world is so cool you made alone full of adventure fight and other im so proud of you 🤩

    Pro GamingPro Gaming6 kun oldin
  • Its beutiful its amazing.

    Carl Justine PornobiCarl Justine Pornobi6 kun oldin
  • tho the vid gave me a warm feeling and i loved it

    Mrs WietrzykMrs Wietrzyk6 kun oldin
  • the speech to kill the wither was a bit strange.

    Mrs WietrzykMrs Wietrzyk6 kun oldin
  • To be honest- I feel like I am watching a movie and My face is like- 😲😲😱🤯😧 I think I can get pinned.. Loony Loony Loony It should get more views!!! And more subs Look at his beautiful home Like omg I can't even make it in 2000 years Lol, not even in Creative good job man!

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  • love you bro really

    Dipu ChowdhuryDipu Chowdhury6 kun oldin
  • It took him 47 days to get 2000 Minecraft days!!!

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  • I love this

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  • Much respect 💪

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  • Can we download the world somewhere? @Loony

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  • So is the world still exists?

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  • Wow i have no words this is realy creazy.RESPECT

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  • wow

  • I gotta ask... Why is he using the axe and not the sword? Surely the sword is better?

    Chlz0NiCChlz0NiC7 kun oldin
  • You have it beautiful and you can build nicely:3

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  • chapeau

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  • Was there even 1 village on that map. I'm asking cuz I didn't see one

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  • Bro you are insane

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  • This is MUCH better made than the classic 100/1000+ hard-core days videos .

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  • He make in 2000 Days

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  • Download world phone

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  • 23:35 proof that earth is flat🤣🤣🤣

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