I See a Dreamer (Dream Team Original Song)

14-Yan, 2021
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Vocals & Music Production by CG5
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Lyrics written with Dallin Haymore ▶ uzworld.info/tost/mTTjgpUiOJZjjUQTTcF7Dg
Guitars by RichaadEB ▶ uzworld.info
Composed with Max Cooper ▶ uzworld.info
Video Production by Andrew Duemig ▶ twitter.com/andrewduemig
Illustrations by Luximus ▶ uzworld.info
Backup vocals by my dad and brother
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As the wind whips ‘round,
I take a breath for victory.
Wanna play tag, or wave your white flag?
Cuz you’ll never touch me!
King of hearts, all in,
It’s not a sin to wanna win.
Can’t see me flying like a bee, black and yellow energy,
Only me on my team, naturally.
I see a dreamer over there by the water,
But I got no, But I got no,
I see a dreamer,
And he’s ripe for the slaughter
But I got no, But I got no,
Phobia, phobia, phobia.
I hear battalions sing of my demise, but I don’t know the words,
I take a road of my own making,
On a journey, no returning.
Wah oh, wah oh,
That’s how it goes.
They’ve drawn the battle line,
And I see fire in their eyes.
Na na na na na na,
I’m better off not listening.
Na na na na na na,
I’ve got my own song to sing.
Flying like a bee, black and yellow energy
Only me on my team, naturally.
I see a dreamer over there by the water,
But I got no, But I got no,
I see a dreamer,
And he’s ripe for the slaughter
But I got no, But I got no,
Phobia, phobia, phobia.
My boat is full, why don’t you swim?
Enjoy my fortress, I’ll be right in.
I stare a hole through danger’s soul.
We all know,
“I can do this, eyes closed.”
I refuse to fail,
So heed this cautionary tale.
You’ve got dragons, my little friend,
You’ll conquer them in the end.
If you can.
I see a dreamer over there by the water,
But I got no, But I got no,
I see a dreamer,
And he’s ripe for the slaughter
But I got no, But I got no,
Phobia, phobia, phobia.

  • This is amazing :o

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    • ikr antfrost its a pretty pog song

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    • Bruh that means it is good

      PanchalPanchalOy oldin
    • agreed

      samir craftsamir craftOy oldin
  • I just would like to say tubbo did play this at the beginning of one of his streams

    Jen DegnanJen Degnan5 daqiqa oldin
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  • This is the best song i listen in 2020 and 2021

    Payton WallacePayton Wallace10 daqiqa oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/sqWsrrinktTQfmc&ab_channel=%E2%80%A2Gerand%E2%80%A2

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  • i remember that as the wind whips round is when dream fly's in a boat

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  • "i see a dreamer by the water" proceeds to show lava

    Not JakobNot Jakob43 daqiqa oldin
  • Most people here just like me complained that the song said I see a dreamer over there by the water but its LAVA

    ErrorDarkErrorDark44 daqiqa oldin
  • The song: I see a dreamer over there by the water Me: but he's on a boat which is on LAVA

    ErrorDarkErrorDark46 daqiqa oldin
  • I love that very first part and idk why lol

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  • this un-ironically slaps lmao

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  • I See a dreamer

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  • Kakorrhaphiophobia - the fear of losing

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    • Thx me later

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  • BEST SONG EVER🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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  • Look at bad with the Sasha six from Little nightmares 2 vibe! And sapnap with the emo ninja look! THIS IS AMAZING

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  • You should watch the songs of this but in like 8d or higher they make it better but cg5 did a great job!

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  • This video is in 4k 60fps since my phone's at that quality rn

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  • Is that dreams skin?? His real skin is happy face in his belly

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  • This is the best song ever!!

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  • new subscriber ^u^

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  • I bet a lot of hard work went into this because it's amazing.

    Michael BurkeMichael Burke5 soat oldin
    • ikr

      ꨄ lazy cookie ꨄꨄ lazy cookie ꨄ4 soat oldin
  • What the hell is Kakorrhaphiophobia Fear Of lava? (Btw this video is great)

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  • See you guys in like, 5 years.

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  • I subscribed to ant frost bbh sapnap george and dream CGF .I love this song

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  • Fact of the day - Kakorrhaphiophobia is an abnormal, persistent, irrational fear of failure. In clinical cases, it's debilitating: the fear of even the most subtle failure or defeat is so intense that it restricts a person from doing anything at all.

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  • This is just a massive jerkoff to dream even though the manhunts are most likely fake

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  • I can hear this song only in my dreams

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  • Dude the animation is so cool. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS 💓

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  • Now I know it mean fear scared or worried

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