I Saved My Favorite Tree Frog & Lizards Hunt In The Area Filled With 6,000 Crickets (Reptile Room)

23-Sen, 2020
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Last night a free roam Pacman Frog got hold of my favorite free roam Cuban Tree Frog. After separating the two, our Cuban Tree Frog has been recovering fast. I wanted my Anoles to know where the new hunting location is, so I caught then released them into the area with 6,000 crickets to Hunt

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    Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged28 kun oldin
    • You can take it out and put it into a ten gallon, they are amazing animals and don’t know any better they just eat anything.

      XL OrnareXL Ornare22 kun oldin
    • Reptiles Uncaged toad needs his own apartment

      mr thompson mmr thompson m23 kun oldin
    • Omg beautiful. Just beautiful

      Janine HarrisJanine Harris24 kun oldin
    • Also anoles are a great specimen for handler , should try some geckos too

      Michael MillsMichael Mills24 kun oldin
    • Pacman frogs are a highly predatory frog that will even eat eachother strongly agree to relocate them tho they beautiful

      Michael MillsMichael Mills24 kun oldin
  • Damn bro looks like that orange/yellowish pack man frogs goning to a hand full.his coloration is dope.is he going after any of the other reptiles or frogs?love your free roam #☝

    Chicago ManChicago Man8 soat oldin
  • Much Respect Brother

  • Do you get alot of eggs from the Anoles?

    Malcolm LynnMalcolm Lynn9 kun oldin
  • We’re can I get that amount of crickets from like you did ?

    Matitys 2006Matitys 200615 kun oldin
  • I cracked up at you "planting" pac man frogs 😁 that's great!

    DrChinoDrChino16 kun oldin
  • Wtfux he turn brown lol

    zambot264zambot26417 kun oldin
  • This was really cool and I wish it was longer, felt like a tiny animal documentary. I love your dedication, and your appreciation for all those tiny lives, I've never seen anything like this before. Subbing for more 💚

    Gh0st ChiliGh0st Chili17 kun oldin
  • On my screen it doesn’t show ur subs

    REXY 123REXY 12318 kun oldin
  • I’m new ur whole setup is hard asf I want sumtin lik that

    T_From W4thStT_From W4thSt18 kun oldin
  • Play

    Bonnie gamingBonnie gaming18 kun oldin
  • Sir give it to my brother he really want a pacman frog we are from the Philippines

  • Don’t throw away the frog I would just move him non the less he is a baby

    BlayzeOfFire68 // BlayzeBlayzeOfFire68 // Blayze19 kun oldin
    • Keeping him for sure

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged18 kun oldin
  • Ladybugs has some orange liquid that they use as a self defense to make whatever's eating them spit them out or not eat them at all.

    PharaamPharaam19 kun oldin
  • Ladybugs release a smell when they are attacked or even applied pressure to it smells like pencil shavings or something but all ladybugs smell like that i grow weed and I use ladybugs and praying mantis and at first the praying mantis will attack them but they don't usually continue to eat them cuz of the smell

    Kamala Pon My Face HarrisKamala Pon My Face Harris19 kun oldin
  • I honestly don't think you should remove the pac-man frog. He's doing what he does and at least he doesn't move a whole lot lol

    ArielAriel19 kun oldin
  • Get that pacman out . It will eat everything has it gets big . Give its own cage. They don't need to much space

    sky highsky high19 kun oldin
  • I worked at a pet store for 3 years and we would have to isolate the pac man frogs from any other frogs because they would try to eat anything that it thinks it could fit in its mouth

    cruzx96cruzx9619 kun oldin
  • BTW, ladybirds are poisonous to reptiles. Do not let the anoles eat them!

    The Chicken WizardThe Chicken Wizard19 kun oldin
    • You gotta check out more videos

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged19 kun oldin
  • Co habbing these frogs is a terrible idea, especially with anoles. They WILL eat the anoles, and frogs are cannibalistic so they will eat each other. You are the the bad part of the reptile community. Do you research and stop making obviously false claims like “this is the best reptile channel on UZworld” no. It’s not. Maybe the most uneducated

    Trenton KeenTrenton Keen19 kun oldin
    • Earth Boy Sun And Rain. Fair. Here’s my issue tho, if you keep these animals you know you should be doing lots and lots of research before even acquiring these animals. One google search “can you co Hab pacman frogs” would have given him all the info he needed... it’s likely he already knows the information and is doing it anyway. I’ll take back my uneducated comment, he does sound fairly educated 🤷🏻‍♂️

      Trenton KeenTrenton Keen18 kun oldin
    • If you truly care about him making the changes you suggest, try presenting the info in a non condescending manner. You don't have to make a person feel small to pass along info that maybe they didn't even know. Get over yourself.

      Earth Boy Sun And Rain.Earth Boy Sun And Rain.18 kun oldin
  • Pacmans are to hostile and eat anything that moves i would take em out.. Btw you need to get some diamond back terrapins those guys are just awesome

    GimmeFreeStuff YabishGimmeFreeStuff Yabish20 kun oldin
  • Glad to see a real one at work salute .

    Roc RayRoc Ray20 kun oldin
  • I think lady bugs taste pretty bad to anything that tries to eat them. And those bright colors are a warning too

    Kirby KoolyKirby Kooly20 kun oldin
  • Amazing channel I'm happy I found this! Love to see how free they are and how lovely you treat them

    Gwen QGwen Q20 kun oldin
  • 😍 love the set up !

    AgAg20 kun oldin
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    WayhooWayhoo20 kun oldin
  • cannibal

    Frostbite The Badass Ice CarnotaurusFrostbite The Badass Ice Carnotaurus21 kun oldin
  • Pac-Man will eat everything he can fit in his mouth Get him gone!

    C.P.E. ExoticsC.P.E. Exotics21 kun oldin
  • I love how u also have the beetles just chilling with them too. When food becomes a cage mate.

    Angelina MAngelina M21 kun oldin
  • Take Pacman frog and feed Lizards with it as a punishment

    Budi ObjektivanBudi Objektivan21 kun oldin
  • I would say rehome the pac man frog because I’d much much rather a Cuban tree frog than the pac man frog

    Asher EdwardsAsher Edwards21 kun oldin
  • I toadally prefer tree frogs over pacman frogs, glad he made it, you need some of those gorgeous anoles that are in Hawaii!! So fun 🤩

    TorQueSS JTorQueSS J21 kun oldin
  • Why are the ladybugs needed again?

    podriguez123podriguez12321 kun oldin
  • You should name the packman frog Geode

    sadwolfgamessadwolfgames21 kun oldin
  • First time watching one of your videos and Iove that you're talking about no negative interactions and teaching people the right way to handle these gorgeous creatures :) Peace Love and Prosperity to all ✨

    Paula HughesPaula Hughes21 kun oldin
  • its better to have them naturally dig themselves into the soil.

    goku songoku son21 kun oldin
    • I’ve done both ways. I choose to burry them so I know exactly where majority of them are. That way I can put fruit and veggies on the soil just above them.

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • Neat habitat, got your own eco system 👍👍

    Nick ShuttaNick Shutta21 kun oldin
    • Definitely envy this setup, looks like allot of fun, I understand all the hard work props!

      Nick ShuttaNick Shutta21 kun oldin
    • Thanks bro

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • Bro just put the pacman frog in an actual tank. Don't have to get rid of it.

    ArioftheDarknessArioftheDarkness21 kun oldin
    • @Reptiles Uncaged then what will you do with it if you get rid of it?

      ArioftheDarknessArioftheDarkness21 kun oldin
    • That’s not something I’m interested in.

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • Tou should name the frog Peter

    Dark Phoenix23Dark Phoenix2321 kun oldin
  • What a lit set up bruh.. it’s the 1st vid of yours I’ve seen ive been glued 2 it so interesting, u have earned yourself another sub my guy, Respect 👊🏻

    Stu LongyStu Longy21 kun oldin
    • Reptiles Uncaged no problem at all bro I’m on watching all your other 1’s now, awesome 👍🏻

      Stu LongyStu Longy21 kun oldin
    • I appreciate the sub bro. & u taking the time to reach out 💯

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • I'm new to this channel, how's your room set up and how exactly did you come up with this idea lol? I love your vids btw very entertaining you obviously put alot of care into this

    Trey BurlTrey Burl21 kun oldin
    • I wasn’t having fun watching my beardie sit in his cage in 4th grade. Made me desire something like this

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • i just started watching this channel, and i love it! involving who i assume is your son into this amazing project is just too cool :) definitely will keep watching

    HotSauceHotSauce22 kun oldin
    • I appreciate you taking the time to comment bro, welcome to the channel

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • he sounds like the nigalodeon dude

    kostas titoskostas titos22 kun oldin
    • Ima have to google that

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • Manny

    Dont KnowyouDont Knowyou22 kun oldin
  • lol those pacman frogs are so feisty

    michael Stevenmichael Steven22 kun oldin
  • Do you have an African bullfrog in your collection?

    Skyzer RyuujiSkyzer Ryuuji22 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't have the pacman in there, they're just gonna try to eat any other animal that goes by them

    Sophie SartainSophie Sartain22 kun oldin
  • Cuban tree frogs and Cuban Brown Anoles (the brown speckled ones you see in your video) are both invasive species. Cuban treefrogs ufwildlife.ifas.ufl.edu/frogs/cubantreefrog.shtml are like the Pacman frogs of the trees, and will try to eat other treefrogs that are smaller than them. Cuban anoles blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/escambiaco/2017/10/31/a-new-kid-on-the-block-the-cuban-brown-anole/ are known to fight green anoles as well as eat their young and eggs, and are directly responsible for the decline of the green anole in Florida, I'd be wary of their presence in proximity with the green anole. Brown Cuban anoles cannot turn green, so having lots of green vegetation can offset the balance between the two species.

    snbv5realsnbv5real22 kun oldin
  • Name him herbert idk lol

    jamaican96 96jamaican96 9622 kun oldin
  • I've got some little Cuban/brown anoles at my parents house that will let me pet them when they're on the wall because they've been around for their entire lives and haven't had any negative experiences with me! It's the coolest thing ever, I get messages on my snapchat about it all the time asking how the heck I earned their trust🤣

    Dino DemiDino Demi22 kun oldin
    • That’s always a good feeling. Having them trust you and no one else. Dope 💯

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • Name the frog Fluffy!

    Sandy From Earth We ThinkSandy From Earth We Think22 kun oldin
  • Do u allow people to visit

    Young ZyYoung Zy22 kun oldin
    • I will when the place is complete.

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • you should name the pacman frog Meelo

    ItzBrayItzBray22 kun oldin
  • He sound like berleezy

    Uknow MejonesUknow Mejones22 kun oldin
    • Gotta look that one up too. I sound like a lot of people

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • Lady Bugs bleed out toxic blood from their leg joints when threatened...hence, why birds won't eat them.

    Kay BeeKay Bee22 kun oldin
  • Pacman frogs are not a good mix for the reptile room. Not only will they eat the treefrogs and anoles, but they will try to eat each other. They should be kept in a tank by themselves. If you end up getting a full-grown female you will eventually end up losing half the critters in the reptile room.

    Lime the FrogLime the Frog22 kun oldin
  • 7:03 the only thing I can imagine that little guy thinking is “stay perfectly still and they won’t suspect a thing. Think like your prey. BE your prey.”

    Let's talk FandomsLet's talk Fandoms23 kun oldin
  • Hey just a heads up after super worms mature into beetles the beetles will tend to try and eat the lizards

    Prince JcPrince Jc23 kun oldin
    • TYhe setup is too big for them to be able to eat a lizard. What you say is true in a cage tho

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged23 kun oldin
  • Maybe by next year- look for a new home for the yellow Pac man frog. Any bigger and it could have eaten your tree 🐸. Maybe. 😭

    Alma RazoAlma Razo23 kun oldin
    • I agree. There will come a time its just too big

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged23 kun oldin
  • Pacmans are one of my favorite, so personally I would keep it. But it will continue to try and eat anything it can overpower, and I’ve seen them kill them selves as well as the larger prey item.

    juggernautreptilesjuggernautreptiles23 kun oldin
  • Was wondering why you dont have bigger lizards like seeing that enclosure makes me in envy I would love to have that for my tegus

    lilmanoplilmanop23 kun oldin
    • Only way tegus would be fun is if it was a huge facility with free roam prey like rabbits. This is way too small to have fun with large species to me.

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • Be really really careful feeding crickets. A lot of spider people have been losing spiders lately because of parasites from eating crickets. Just a heads up is all. I really like your content tho man. A giant enclosure without an enclosure. Awesome.

    Kapitan916Kapitan91623 kun oldin
  • 🤭 uzworld.info/player/video/qYG2cKeNkaSPoIQ

    Xzavier RedfernXzavier Redfern23 kun oldin
  • Name him GI Joe

    mrwillissr14mrwillissr1423 kun oldin
  • I am watching Christmas. I am thrilled to have found ya'll! I look forward to seeing more in the future.

    Patty CrystalsPatty Crystals23 kun oldin
    • I appreciate you patty!

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged21 kun oldin
  • Pacman frogs are actually cannibalistic and are better kept alone, they will eat anything that can fit in their mouths and are solitary animals, in the wild they eat lizards, frogs and even their own species

    Julissa GonzalezJulissa Gonzalez23 kun oldin
  • If you wanna keep the pac man frogs you should put them into glass tanks where nothing can get near them. They gonna grow double in size and will strike again.

    StumackStumack23 kun oldin
  • Man sollte dich anzeigen.

    General TulliusGeneral Tullius23 kun oldin
  • You should be concerned when pac man frog starts becoming the size of your cell phone or rubber band ball, It will start hunting larger prey animals such as your lizards and other frogs. Also if you have many males and females, they tend to protect their young and are territorial to a small degree however they do tolerate their own kind unless its smaller then themselves because to them its like dog eat dog world. Basically if their big enough they will act big, they will eat whats smaller. However, you already have a predator that can eat them which is the (i think I saw it the Chinese water dragon) that can grow to 3ft if it male but the thing is pac man frog can grow pretty big so yea even if your ecosystem set up id check up on them.

    Rave ShadowsRave Shadows23 kun oldin
  • I say get rid of that Pac-Man frog. He’s a liability at this point. Even if he can’t fully swallow the frogs or some other Lizards he could still potentially kill them. I wouldn’t risk the others just to have that Pac-Man frog

    Derek OkadaDerek Okada23 kun oldin
    • @Jaidan Christian these arent wild though, these are pets

      H TH T15 kun oldin
    • @H T nah its bassicly the wild animals will eat each other, just dont get in the way of the fat frog

      Jaidan ChristianJaidan Christian15 kun oldin
    • yeah hes a danger to all the other animals, either separate them of get rid of the frog

      H TH T20 kun oldin
    • I say let it get bigger and eat everything

      Lord Beerus the God *and WhisLord Beerus the God *and Whis20 kun oldin
  • These vids are so chill, it's really cool to see all the different animals running around together.

    acedaggie15acedaggie1523 kun oldin

    Daniela PianettaDaniela Pianetta23 kun oldin
  • To many crickets is dangerous they can eat the pets you have

    Killa K 11Killa K 1123 kun oldin
  • I think this setup could work if done properly. Not going to go on a rant like several others have gone on in the past with your vids, just hope that it evolves into something that won't result in everything eventually dying.

    SafronSafron23 kun oldin
  • Are the black beetles only hunted by larger reptiles? The Anoles don't seem interested in them at all

    Craig CobainCraig Cobain23 kun oldin
  • You should name the pac man frog: Tobias

    Crouton HeadassCrouton Headass23 kun oldin
  • This is so cool?? Brand new here. Awesome video!

    CC23 kun oldin
  • Are packman frogs good starter frogs?

    Emery ScottEmery Scott23 kun oldin
  • Maybe you put a wire cage in there to hold your pacman that the insects can travel through but the pacman can't get out. Big enough to have enough room though. I'd also regularly feed the pacman just to insure he's getting enough since he couldn't go very far. You should also have quarantine/sick/injured cage if you don't already. Someplace to put creatures like your injured frog to recover in with some extra help if needed.

    NirrrinaNirrrina23 kun oldin
  • This is pretty cool but I'd be so worried the whole time about so many things. It's almost like having your own, semi-controlled backyard. Also tbh as long as the pacman is by itself in a less popular area and gets regular insects, it should be okay. I'd only be concerned if it keeps happening or if other animals start disappearing. Especially the bigger the pacman gets.

    AlyssaAlyssa23 kun oldin
  • Zoos should consider some set ups like this with some windows and some cameras set up for watching the lizards. Both online and in person.

    NirrrinaNirrrina23 kun oldin
    • Most zoos wouldn't house different species together, both for risk of them eating each other and spreading diseases.

      Jynxxy13ravedollJynxxy13ravedoll23 kun oldin
  • Such a cool setup, I’m jealous!

    NathanRWNathanRW23 kun oldin
  • The superworm beetles are almost as big as the anoles 😭

    AlyssaAlyssa23 kun oldin
  • I mean you said Pac-Man frog doesn’t leave area!! You moved him and half buried him maybe that opened up his travel life lol.. keep him

    Anthony AquinoAnthony Aquino24 kun oldin
  • when i went to florida i saw all the lizards you have

    Jayden RecktenwaltJayden Recktenwalt24 kun oldin
  • NICE! I love the environment you've created! 😍

    MFSMFS24 kun oldin
  • Awesome channel! I found it looking up what kind of tree frog was sitting on my front door. Barking tree frog! I’ve lived in Florida all my life and had never seen one.

    Debra MurphyDebra Murphy24 kun oldin
  • Excellent set up. Love the videos. Keep them coming 👍

    BobBob24 kun oldin
  • Get rid of that frog

    Darla pie izzy millerDarla pie izzy miller24 kun oldin
  • 7:55 that lizard is starving! Dude intervene, waaaaaay too thin!!! He won’t have enough energy soon, bro that’s not cool.

    Simon SaysSimon Says24 kun oldin
  • YEET 🍬

    shane millershane miller24 kun oldin
  • I like how people are worried about the pacman eating other frogs yet cuban tree frogs are notorious for eating other smaller tree frogs like hyla cinera or versicolor. I would personally evict the Cubans over the pacs

    Feature CreatureFeature Creature24 kun oldin
  • I suggest pacman frog legs for dinner 😂

    jorge villarrealjorge villarreal24 kun oldin
  • Idk how I found out about your channel but I’m glad I did. I’m aways into watching reptile content. I use to have a bearded dragon myself. I had him for about 8 or 9 years. Just wondering do you have any geckos in your setup. And that Pac Man frog might need his own enclosure or you might have to let him go.

    NoneOther Jay_RNoneOther Jay_R24 kun oldin
    • Thanks for watching bro. I did a video on why im keeping the pacman frog its on the channel

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged24 kun oldin
  • New subscriber. Have to watch how u put all this together

    Antonio DuesAntonio Dues24 kun oldin
  • Lady bug infestation lol

    Marshall JonesMarshall Jones24 kun oldin
  • name the frog snoop dog

    RaccoonManRaccoonMan24 kun oldin
  • Very cool man. Underrated channel.

    Rampage JacksonRampage Jackson24 kun oldin
    • 💯💯🙏🏽

      Reptiles UncagedReptiles Uncaged24 kun oldin
  • Great content !!

    Nin QuillNin Quill24 kun oldin
  • Should call the frog "Manny" Paquaio

    Alan GomezAlan Gomez24 kun oldin