I Rescued a Pregnant Dog & Six Puppies From a Junkyard

13-Yan, 2021
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I rescued a pregnant dog and six puppies from a JunkYard... 😳
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  • Oops, I did it again 😳 What should we name these puppies?!

    Joey GraceffaJoey Graceffa4 kun oldin
    • heres some suggestions 🥰 your past Minecraft pet names 101 dalmation names andd witch names, books and wands

      wispy shrubwispy shrub3 kun oldin
    • name them after candy bars- snickers▪ clark▪reeses▪ heath. or like action or motion words-rickets▪spaz▪cool▪slacker. or after flowers ▪lily ▪ rose ▪ivy ▪ zinnia

      Carolyn DabeCarolyn Dabe4 kun oldin
    • You should name them after Crystals!

      Eva Van WinkleEva Van Winkle4 kun oldin
    • You should do flowers

      Rainbow CorgiRainbow Corgi4 kun oldin
    • Name them after food or colors ❤️❤️❤️

      The Space SistersThe Space Sisters4 kun oldin
  • Joey you are a saint 🤗

    Agustina EpelbaumAgustina Epelbaum30 daqiqa oldin
  • So happy

    Agustina EpelbaumAgustina Epelbaum30 daqiqa oldin
  • I love that you call the dog a woman! 😂

    Sarah SmithSarah SmithSoat oldin
  • Aww their so cute 🥰

    Emily AvilaEmily AvilaSoat oldin

    B VanlangenB Vanlangen2 soat oldin
  • Why do u like pregnant dogs so damn much I have a feeling u will have 1000

    Strawberry cow DrnaStrawberry cow Drna2 soat oldin
  • Bruh Joey u literally have a fricking zoo in ir house!!!(or yard)

    Madeline BrownMadeline Brown2 soat oldin
  • Ah! Muheart!

    Isabelle BallardIsabelle Ballard3 soat oldin
  • Agh!!! I foster Australian Shepard’s and have a 2 year old special needs Aussie. I love this so much! Thank you!

    Bobby CoxBobby Cox4 soat oldin
  • The music makes it feel like a tv show haha

    KellyKelly4 soat oldin
  • Poor puppies

    KellyKelly4 soat oldin
  • saw the video and literally went ‘welp here we go again’ but i actually really love these series of videos :]

    hihi4 soat oldin
  • Give one to Colleen!!!!

    Lindsay DavisLindsay Davis5 soat oldin
  • I want 2 puppies they are soooo cute💘💞💖💕💓💗❤🐩🐕🐶

    Kayden MartinezKayden Martinez6 soat oldin
    • You are so lucky to find a mom dog and six puppies you are a good person

      Kayden MartinezKayden Martinez6 soat oldin
  • I can't believe you were in bake and I didn't know 😩😭

    Hannah HigginsHannah Higgins6 soat oldin
  • Looks like she has Great Pyrenees in her, so so cute

    Short CorttShort Cortt6 soat oldin
  • can you name them after gemstones

    Skylar HarrellSkylar Harrell6 soat oldin
  • Where r all ur other animals joeeyyyyy 😂

    L0zErZ_ PlayL0zErZ_ Play6 soat oldin
  • What happened to the the bigger ones???

    L0zErZ_ PlayL0zErZ_ Play6 soat oldin
  • If a youtuber goes out and saves a dog family I’m automatically subscribing

    Ava NadeauAva Nadeau6 soat oldin
  • How can I adopt one of theses adorable puppies!!!!!! ❤️🤩🥰🐶

    Keira WardenKeira Warden6 soat oldin
  • What are the breeds?

    arixelaarixela6 soat oldin
  • i like how u rescue pregnant animals keep up the good work

    among usamong us7 soat oldin
  • What happen to the other puppies they said were hers

    Zora KhanZora Khan7 soat oldin
  • Joey:starts with larks pups Then: rescues a pregnant cat Has kittens Rescues a pregnant dog More puppies Me:oh my lord Joey you are crazy

    dolimi jotoodolimi jotoo7 soat oldin
  • You should name your favorite one Jersey or Sirius or Bear or Tucker :)

    0kayySquad zz0kayySquad zz7 soat oldin

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotoo7 soat oldin
  • You could name all the puppies after gem stones since you named the kittens after zodiac's. Just a suggestion 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Jaedyn MortimerJaedyn Mortimer8 soat oldin

    Sweet DeceptionSweet Deception8 soat oldin

    Ali CamaraAli Camara8 soat oldin
  • Ugh, again?

    Ali CamaraAli Camara8 soat oldin
  • Name Ideas: Loui Nixie Bumble/Bee/Honey Firefly Day Dream Water Lily/Lily Rose Tulip Turnip Pumpkin Turner

    Piglet UwUPiglet UwU8 soat oldin
  • I love you, you are so kind🐶

    Theresa PappasTheresa Pappas9 soat oldin
  • -owl for a white baby -squirrel for the baby w/ the line down their face -rabbit for ether -panda for the white baby w/ the spots

    Neko ChanNeko Chan9 soat oldin
  • aww oh nd u should call the mom crystal and the brown puppy brownie!

    Cousin CrewCousin Crew9 soat oldin
  • awwwww oh and u should call the brown one brownie and the mom crystal.

    Cousin CrewCousin Crew9 soat oldin
  • He will probably adopt them

    amelia Morganamelia Morgan9 soat oldin
  • Or Disney people

    amelia Morganamelia Morgan9 soat oldin
  • What happened to the older puppies that were in the cage!??!?!?

    HalomoonHalomoon9 soat oldin
  • Or food

    amelia Morganamelia Morgan9 soat oldin
  • After star sighs

    amelia Morganamelia Morgan9 soat oldin

    Leah FloysvikLeah Floysvik10 soat oldin
  • the puppers are gentle now but wait until they start teething

    ria chaudhryria chaudhry10 soat oldin
  • Joey I literally think you should seriously run a rescue center.

    Katherine GonzalezKatherine Gonzalez10 soat oldin
  • You're such a special human giving these dogs a new life x

    OliviaOlivia10 soat oldin

    Rory MacomberRory Macomber10 soat oldin
  • What you think

    Rayhona NasimovaRayhona Nasimova11 soat oldin
  • puppies omg ❤️

    um Helloum Hello11 soat oldin
  • What breed are they 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Stacy OStacy O11 soat oldin
  • me: Mum can I have a dog? please! Mum: No not until you move out Joey: Buys 6 puppies and their Mum

    Noelle SenneNoelle Senne11 soat oldin
  • When escape the night 5

    rush splashrush splash12 soat oldin
  • Omg the are adorable! X

    Katie SmithKatie Smith12 soat oldin
  • Joey, I think you have a big enough house to keep the, bless your soul Joey. I am a person that wants to fix this problem and I am so glad that there are influencers that are actually aware about this problem and they are actually trying to do something about it. ⭐️🔥❤️

    Gilizvet EspinosaGilizvet Espinosa12 soat oldin
  • Naww, those good dogs don't deserve to live in such a dangerous junkjard.

    Pocket Puppy SchoolPocket Puppy School13 soat oldin
  • I see this notification and im like Yayayayayayya omg yesss more puppies

    jewels the coolsjewels the cools13 soat oldin
  • I can already tell these puppy’s are gonna be big

    Quill BQuill B13 soat oldin
  • I love how chubby the puppy’s are they are all so sweet pure sweet baby’s / cuddle bugs i love all baby’s animals or human they are just so pure

    EllieTheKiller 1011EllieTheKiller 101113 soat oldin
  • can i have one of that?😳

    Bernadeth OhaoBernadeth Ohao14 soat oldin
  • At this point , become a veterinarian

    Lisa OLisa O14 soat oldin
  • Some of the Cutest puppies i’ve ever seen!! So glad you can help these doggos & help them find families 💕

    Nicole BookishNicole Bookish14 soat oldin
  • so what happened to the moms older. puppies?

    J HJ H15 soat oldin
  • zero people were shocked lol

    SPadventurOUSSPadventurOUS15 soat oldin
  • Dogs ♡♡♡

    Avery McLaughlinAvery McLaughlin15 soat oldin
  • Does anyone know why when he went to “Wagmore Pets” he had one or two older dogs and they were gone the next day

    Almost SistersAlmost Sisters15 soat oldin
  • you are living in my dream with dogs

    Maria BallantineMaria Ballantine16 soat oldin
  • "We need to establish a pee corner!" Lol

    senni bgonsenni bgon16 soat oldin
  • Joey thank you for being such a great person . I run a rescue here In ohio we need more people like you

    Carrie BoyerCarrie Boyer16 soat oldin
  • She’s the most well adjusted semi-street dog I’ve ever seen, so soon after pick up! I’m sure it’ll be a challenge/roller coaster of wins and losses, but she’s lucky to be safe and loved! 🥰 Best of luck.

    VG SVG S16 soat oldin
    • Oops, I did it again 😳 What should we name these puppies?!

      senni bgonsenni bgon16 soat oldin
  • Poppy daisy and dimend

    Alba CraftAlba Craft16 soat oldin
  • Always adopt don't shop and go vegan for the animals ❤️

    Alisia DemiAlisia Demi17 soat oldin
  • In Sept I rescued a puppy from an abused situatation. She had chemical burns on her back. I took 2 vet got her shots and she doing good now. She now 5 months old. Vet said she doing really good.

    MacKenzie CarverMacKenzie Carver17 soat oldin
  • My mom has a Tesla just like that

    Ava TrimmAva Trimm17 soat oldin
  • Here we go again

    Eri-theweebartistEri-theweebartist17 soat oldin
  • It's always peculiar how kept animals(from being abandoned or feral) are unusually docile, even to strangers

    DZ@JDZ@J17 soat oldin

    sakura sweetiesakura sweetie18 soat oldin
  • really joey like i wanted england escape the knight like dude what the f***

    Antowayne BlackAntowayne Black18 soat oldin
  • Maybe u could call the brown one brownie

    Samiya Farren-KerrSamiya Farren-Kerr18 soat oldin
  • Neuter and spay them all 👏👏👏

    Olivia SherwinOlivia Sherwin18 soat oldin
  • Are u going to keep the mommy dog?

    Lily NisbettLily Nisbett18 soat oldin
  • What happened to the two bigger puppies that are shown at 4:15?

    Madison RoseMadison Rose18 soat oldin
  • Ok, I’m just considering you an animal rescue channel at this point, which means... SUBSCRIBED I’m really proud of you! what a caring and generous individual you have managed to stay despite massive levels of privilege, that seems damn near impossible, keep it up 👍🏼

    Ciara RCiara R18 soat oldin
  • Name them after avatar the last airbender characters like for example Toph Zuko Azula Suki Bumi Yue Jet Mai Ursa

    Julie P. NorthwoodJulie P. Northwood18 soat oldin
  • Thank you so much Joey for all you do with your animals. You are awesome.

    Catherine KennedyCatherine Kennedy19 soat oldin
  • Joey you can name her husky or marey or loric millie chaser chase Jeodie leo thats all i have in mind

    Morsal AhmadiMorsal Ahmadi19 soat oldin
  • Well done, your inspiring people to rescue themselves

    Angel Marie JonesAngel Marie Jones19 soat oldin
  • Can’t wait to come back here in a decades time to see all the dogs you decided to keep as puppies 😂

    Kirsty WalkerKirsty Walker19 soat oldin
  • Here are some boy names moose ,bear, panda and for girls raven , deer and fox.

    Liz SosLiz Sos19 soat oldin
  • It's like lark and her 7 baby's again XD

    Ray JacksonRay Jackson19 soat oldin
  • Awww there so cute

    Matthew LynchMatthew Lynch19 soat oldin
  • Not an Australian Shepherd.

    TheDriftdogTheDriftdog19 soat oldin
  • Her eyes are incredible they look like amber😍

    Katelynn Robson TonksKatelynn Robson Tonks20 soat oldin
  • Can you name one of the puppy's luna

    Janice WarnerJanice Warner20 soat oldin
  • Maybe you could call the albino one lamb?

    Verity CowardVerity Coward21 soat oldin
  • Oh he did not😆😆im dead ✨better than underneath the trailer✨ kweeen🤣

    LeyMoon JuiceLeyMoon Juice21 soat oldin
  • I want to see The new pup mom to meet Lark😄😁

    DmnDmn21 soat oldin
  • I feel like some people would be surprised by this, but I saw the title and then saw joey and went ‘yeah makes sense’

    Amy LangdownAmy Langdown21 soat oldin
  • Can I have one pup please I love you so much you are the best you the funniest btw I'm lesbian I've been one for 1 year

    honey:bee:honey:bee:22 soat oldin
    • I don’t think he’s giving them away actually, And I don’t think he cares that your lesbian-

      Natasha WrightNatasha Wright22 soat oldin
  • So proud of you Joey. I feel hope for humanity when I see this!

    Linnea RundlöfLinnea Rundlöf23 soat oldin
  • zodiacs,fruits

    Anusha AlyAnusha Aly23 soat oldin
  • Omg they are so cute

    Kandice WalkerKandice Walker23 soat oldin