I made him vote for himself

8-Yan, 2021
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  • Sykkuno: *Pretends to be afk* Poki and Rae: "POOPOONO BWAHAHAHAHA"

    Elena KrasinaElena Krasina18 soat oldin
  • *people in chat* CLIP IT 0:32

    E bayE bayKun oldin
  • my gawd!... Sykkuno's sarcasm is savage

    obaid urehman01obaid urehman01Kun oldin
  • Omg, i just noticed that i had the same shirt as Sykunno! 😯😊

    Mato KuroiMato KuroiKun oldin
  • I hate that toast stole the "singing to ward off imposters due to dmca" excuse from CouRageJD

    nefariou5nefariou52 kun oldin
  • 19:41 Sykkuno: "What the hel- o-o" lmao

    LoloLolo2 kun oldin
  • Toast is such a good imposter he voted himself and lost

    angelo derrickangelo derrick2 kun oldin
  • Wonder why he covers his smile when he laughs like 95 percent of the time....is it like a modesty/cultural thing???? Also leslie is so bad at among us 😂😂 but at least she does good impressions lol

    Trent ChamberlainTrent Chamberlain2 kun oldin
    • @Trent Chamberlain Fr. It might be a comfort thing too

      X Aurora XX Aurora X2 kun oldin
    • @X Aurora X not sure why his laugh is perfectly normal lol

      Trent ChamberlainTrent Chamberlain2 kun oldin
    • Yeah I think its usually a culture thing but people did say he got bullied for his laugh so that could be it too.

      X Aurora XX Aurora X2 kun oldin
  • Leslie's reaction to Toast getting pissed off lol 5:43

    Adele DazeemAdele Dazeem3 kun oldin
  • raekuno

    Gaming DragonGaming Dragon5 kun oldin
  • “Sykkuno are you allergic to voting toast?”

    espressoespresso5 kun oldin
  • What the f is Mrs. President

    Pavan MaddiniPavan Maddini5 kun oldin
  • Man, I'm partly glad to see that sykkuno's yt channel is doing great, but on the other hand it's kinda painful to see that it's only generic and uninteresting yt content for easy clout

    revengeFronkrevengeFronk6 kun oldin
  • Aweee they Toast, Rae and Sykkuno boting for themselves 😂 the three amigos are so wholesome!

    Jana Angela OlaJana Angela Ola6 kun oldin
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    Vincent PangVincent Pang6 kun oldin
  • They really said poo in 7 different languages 😂

    MigzMigz7 kun oldin
  • Best youtuber

    Adam KrizkaAdam Krizka7 kun oldin
  • Best channel

    Adam KrizkaAdam Krizka7 kun oldin
  • Best video

    Adam KrizkaAdam Krizka7 kun oldin
  • 25:29 anyone else see how Sykkno's body was lined with red on Rae's screen?

    The Mystirious and StrangeThe Mystirious and Strange7 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Simply DaisySimply Daisy7 kun oldin
  • I would've laughed so hard if it said "Defeat" at the end, and showed Peter.

    Ethan McDonaldEthan McDonald7 kun oldin
  • Does no one ask how they talk to the player they are next to without the others listing ???

    Broken_dreams _fvrBroken_dreams _fvr7 kun oldin

    emo_demonic_lizza 0-oemo_demonic_lizza 0-o8 kun oldin
  • Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and always making me happy!!! Your an amazing person!!!

    Kristen KucharekKristen Kucharek8 kun oldin
  • Toast stream sniping? lol

    Dulce GonzalezDulce Gonzalez8 kun oldin
  • Pupuno

    Anna JayAnna Jay8 kun oldin
  • BWah

    Aubrey TaraganAubrey Taragan8 kun oldin
  • 8:47=Finger on chin moment

    EC - 05FJ 805270 Castlebridge PSEC - 05FJ 805270 Castlebridge PS8 kun oldin
  • Sykunno is just my favourite, so funny and wholesome he is actually adorable 😭🥰

    Ashleigh HarrisonAshleigh Harrison8 kun oldin
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    Amanda TanAmanda Tan8 kun oldin
  • WAIT! Why has the title changed?! It used to be something how I outsmarted disguised toast or something

    HARSHER 337HARSHER 3379 kun oldin
  • You all went to Med-bay and scanned and Toast said that is what he did but he was not there. I am screaming at the screen that it is Toast yet you decided on Broaden.

    Jim FlaggJim Flagg9 kun oldin
  • Courts + sydeon Best imposter do not

    Kavi AbdllahKavi Abdllah9 kun oldin
  • Poopuno XD

    Kavi AbdllahKavi Abdllah9 kun oldin
  • 20:40 sykkuno making leslie huehueheueheheueheue sound is adorable.

    dino nuggetsdino nuggets9 kun oldin
  • Leslies face when toast started swearing and getting louder and louder at 5:44 HAHAHAHAHA 😅💀

    Ilana BIlana B9 kun oldin
  • 12:43 what did toast say lol i can’t understand

    kaileekailee9 kun oldin
  • they haven't played with lily

    adamari rodriguezadamari rodriguez9 kun oldin
  • poki is so pretty

    ily a.ily a.9 kun oldin
  • Hi guys, I just started to do animatic clips about among us. I‘m really not that good and I just do it for fun. If you like to check it out and give me advice, or ideas about what I should draw next, would be amazing.

    Yasi TouYasi Tou10 kun oldin
  • I've been trying to watch this video from 3 hours.. I keep getting distracted.. all I want to do is finish the video

    Binly TeBinly Te10 kun oldin
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    Gwen WagnerGwen Wagner10 kun oldin
  • poki is racist spread the word

    sanr10katzsanr10katz10 kun oldin
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    fgsdg dfgsgfsdfgsdg dfgsgfsd10 kun oldin
  • the glow in the thumbnail implies he has one eye and that scares me

    slushiieslushiie10 kun oldin
  • Nobody: Leslie: HELLOooo HELLLlllOooooo

    [Special337][Special337]10 kun oldin
  • Dang it I liked the I outsmarted disguise toast

    Lemon 🍋Lemon 🍋10 kun oldin
  • Sykkuno:girls aren’t into me me:whatttttttt😳 Me:omg I got a like Also me:sees the blue thumbs up oh it’s just me

    rinad Ibrahimrinad Ibrahim10 kun oldin
  • Who got the link for the music at the end please?

    Joe ZombeeJoe Zombee10 kun oldin
  • Lol all the comments are about the previous title and Sykkuno changes it.

    The Great MammonThe Great Mammon10 kun oldin
  • When the editor switches to someone else’s facecam, you can tell if their imposter or not. In the last round I knew it was Leslie and Rae because when it switches to their facecam you can see how large their vision bubble is. Hacks.

    Rizzi ZeeRizzi Zee11 kun oldin

    Kevin CastroKevin Castro11 kun oldin
  • Showing Rae's and Leslie's perspectives, zoomed in on their camera, not obvious at all that they're the impostors, XD.

    Brandon LuikBrandon Luik11 kun oldin
  • toast and sykkuno were just playing mind games

    Oscar MyersOscar Myers11 kun oldin
  • yoe

    Austin SargentAustin Sargent11 kun oldin
  • what happened to pokimane's face

    POta TOEPOta TOE11 kun oldin
  • I just watched a video of valkyrae being drunk and playing among us😭🤚😂😂😂😂

    megucux_xmegucux_x11 kun oldin
  • 11:43 21:28

    LunaLuna11 kun oldin
  • this round proves that sykkuno has the biggest brain of all :) i love u sykkuno!!

    Gargi GamoteGargi Gamote11 kun oldin
  • I wish I had Leslie's manners...she just let Toast speak while I probably would've talked over him

    Alpacca StewartAlpacca Stewart11 kun oldin
  • Peter? The vital task? Uhhhh I’m having a brain fart

    DiamondPlayzYTDiamondPlayzYT11 kun oldin
  • Ifk why but Brodin kinda looks like George not found

    DiamondPlayzYTDiamondPlayzYT11 kun oldin
  • I saw this from toast's perspective, so I already know toast was just being nice and voting for himself DESPITE Peter ruining your master plan ;-) (though if I'm completely honest, and disclose what I said on toast's video, I don't think your attempt at style points was that stylish. Everyone already knew who it was so there's no difference... at least, in my opinion)

    Twisted CodeTwisted Code11 kun oldin
    • Freedom of expression is like the air we breathe, we don’t feel it, until people take it away from us. This copy paste is in response to Google's removal of a certain social media app from the Google Play Store. That is all I have to say unless someone wants more information.

      Twisted CodeTwisted Code11 kun oldin
  • Sykkuno: Oh we're gonna die first *Leslie making a weird laugh like a crazy person* lol😂 19:38

    Shaine DenagaShaine Denaga11 kun oldin

    A S A H IA S A H I11 kun oldin
  • *poopuno* 😺

    jkpxojkpxo11 kun oldin
  • literally so obvious that it was toast 😂 cmon now

    sebflosebflo11 kun oldin
  • Who does Tina sound like??? Her voice reminds me of someone but can’t for the life of me think of who???

    Hollie BourneHollie Bourne11 kun oldin
  • Getting famous off commenting on videos day 1!

    BaconBitsBaconBits11 kun oldin
  • poki looks diferent

    Ben's sports and stuffBen's sports and stuff11 kun oldin
  • No homo, I love sykkuno

    ChrisSoCalmChrisSoCalm11 kun oldin
  • Like do u stream on twich

    smiledmicrobe09smiledmicrobe0912 kun oldin
  • I'm just wondering what do u stream on

    smiledmicrobe09smiledmicrobe0912 kun oldin
  • Awwesome video!

    14kBillyAshes14kBillyAshes12 kun oldin
  • Did Sykkuno change the title of this video??!!!

    Zaid MahmoodZaid Mahmood12 kun oldin
  • 19:55 Haremkuno

    MikeTMP_OnMikeTMP_On12 kun oldin
  • I Always love the Outro... (Dreamy Night by Lilypichu)

    Zachary WrightZachary Wright12 kun oldin
  • Anyone else notice the splooge Dono😂😂😏😬😂

    GKing O_OGKing O_O12 kun oldin
  • Sykkuno is my favorite shrimp around

    BluePrint305BluePrint30512 kun oldin
  • I feel like 80% of the comments are about the OG title but I think he changed it because he didn't really outsmart Toast, he almost could have if Peter hadn't called him out but I think Toast only did it to be a good friend/give Sykunno a video

    christmastigerchristmastiger12 kun oldin
  • poki dat face tho lol jk btw i think she just woke up wowo

    Mohamed TalksMohamed Talks12 kun oldin
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    Joe NixonJoe Nixon12 kun oldin
  • I miss corpse 🥺

    just some girl animatingjust some girl animating12 kun oldin
  • why no toast cam D:

    KIM TAHKIM TAH12 kun oldin
  • “why didnt you scan with other ✨PEEPOE✨” -TOAST 2021 😂

    BabyyyperlaaaBabyyyperlaaa12 kun oldin
  • 2:20 too late sykkuno we have evidence of you smiling without covering it. Now we must lock it in a titanium suit case, throw the key in a volcano, throw the suit case into a bunker, on Mars.

    FUBALOO says hiFUBALOO says hi12 kun oldin
  • Did poki look baked the whole time or is it just me

    Max SwartsMax Swarts12 kun oldin
  • I’m on my second monster energy drink of the night and I’m beginning to feel an overwhelming feeling of love and camaraderie for these people.

    Αοβίνια ΚαστελάνιΑοβίνια Καστελάνι12 kun oldin
  • good ol toast

    Ben DyBen Dy12 kun oldin
  • Video funny 😄

    Shadowindz2Shadowindz212 kun oldin
  • Who else remembers the old title?

    RashaexeRashaexe12 kun oldin
  • Why did you change the title

    Mr VarietyMr Variety12 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/tost/nA6Go4T77X-Vl6p09q9xvQ

    Arzoo FaizyArzoo Faizy12 kun oldin
  • Pokimane is the female sykunno except with terrets* andess Asian

    Loki RoLoki Ro12 kun oldin
  • Bro you sound and look like an anime’s character

    Sara JamalzaiSara Jamalzai12 kun oldin
  • sykunno was so clever he put himself as toast and runn back to the meeting room instead of fixing the light and bammm toast killed poki

    BossQuee TVBossQuee TV12 kun oldin
  • sydeon is so beautiful wtf

    kitty r.kitty r.12 kun oldin
  • Sykkuno's new catchphrase 'the jig is up' is *chefs kiss*

    JazzyJazzy12 kun oldin
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    Chul YeomChul Yeom12 kun oldin