I Had To Leave England...

9-Yan, 2021
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  • Maybe you can walk the dogs every day to keep them a healthy weight?

    Gia BarroneGia Barrone7 soat oldin
  • I thought they shut the UK borders but oh well hahaha

    Tamsin playsTamsin plays9 soat oldin
  • SkinnTTY legend....Mariah could never 😌

    Aaron AliAaron Ali16 soat oldin
  • Sweet Wolfie. I remember him when he was a lil puppy. The cutest!

    MojoMama7MojoMama7Kun oldin
  • 6:42 the “you have shape” killed me

    Emalee JuneEmalee JuneKun oldin
  • i know Daniel took Storm but where is Lark? is Lark still Joey’s, i’m confused

    Madzlois 3Madzlois 3Kun oldin
  • Loved listening to your blog, sorry am blind so I look for informative. I have a black labrador guide dog THOMAS hes my other half who needs a man lol

    Lesley AllinsonLesley AllinsonKun oldin
  • If he considers wolf skinny like that, he needs to learn what a healthy weight for a dog is. Poor Wolf needs a diet.

    JumpyJumpyKun oldin
  • Please tell me it isnt true that u and Daniel broke up

    izzyizzyKun oldin
  • esca- t-

    Elliot NicknamedElliot NicknamedKun oldin
  • Im glad u enjoyed england!

    R a w RR a w RKun oldin
  • Wow! How much do you think is the rent for this amazing home? I can't even imagine.

    maikolosavmaikolosavKun oldin
  • They are so adorable!

    Neecy CNeecy CKun oldin
  • Transformation: normal dog

    abnormallyfunnyabnormallyfunny2 kun oldin
  • i love sakura so much please protect the queen from the doggies,

    bengalaabengalaa2 kun oldin
  • This London flat is equally supper sweet/cool!!! I love the cozy feel in the middle of the city/so bad ass/the grand room and that terrace is amazing/absolutely love it!!! I don't blame you though, I would eventually want to be back home with the babies!!! Love ya/Happy New Year!!!

    Des Austin The ArtistDes Austin The Artist2 kun oldin
  • Huskies kill cats. I'd be careful if I were you.

    T LeeT Lee2 kun oldin
  • Why do Sakura's captions always make me laugh XD

    MelissaMelissa2 kun oldin
  • Where’s storm?.

    westerly- navywesterly- navy2 kun oldin
  • The queen b in the house😻

    Tonia BTonia B2 kun oldin
  • Oh wolfy oh wolfy ain't you the one 😍

    Tonia BTonia B2 kun oldin
  • Wolfe is a bit jealous, but knows his boundaries. Poor baby is just telling the cat to get away from his person. LOL! Moon is a sweet baby boy.

    Denise SmithDenise Smith2 kun oldin
  • Adorable! 🐺🐺🐱😍

    Hayley D 🍀🇮🇪Hayley D 🍀🇮🇪2 kun oldin
  • Thank You Mr.Joey!!!

    Melina SweeneyMelina Sweeney2 kun oldin

    seiom jvonyseiom jvony2 kun oldin
  • Where is lark

    HelloHello2 kun oldin
    • She lives with Daniel, same with storm

      Christopher ThomasChristopher Thomas2 kun oldin
  • Where is lark

    Hxrdeep EditzHxrdeep Editz3 kun oldin
    • She lives with Daniel, same with storm

      Christopher ThomasChristopher Thomas2 kun oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Cem ünalCem ünal3 kun oldin
  • I ship Wolfie & Sakura 😍😍😍😍

    Maria_ R_4everMaria_ R_4ever3 kun oldin
    • This is actually brilliant

      seiom jvonyseiom jvony2 kun oldin
  • wolfy is jealous

    wendy w smithwendy w smith3 kun oldin
  • 10:03 this reminds me of that one scene in Jessie “This is MY playhouse, and YOU’RE just living in it. 😌✌️” -Zuri

    Willow CutewoodWillow Cutewood3 kun oldin
  • Bro the new apartment is like a dream for couples when your bf/gf wakes up and see them in the bath 🤣 I'm not gonna say what your gonna do just in case there's young kids but if you know you know

    Josph JadusinghJosph Jadusingh3 kun oldin
  • Umm Wolf was licking moons peepee

    Megan RichardsMegan Richards3 kun oldin
  • she said no

    its_koneits_kone3 kun oldin
  • I didn’t realize how i missed seeing Wolf and moon they made my heart so happy

    Athena GibbsAthena Gibbs3 kun oldin
  • Wow your house is gorgeous. England looks so cool.

    Frederque JacksonFrederque Jackson3 kun oldin
  • 11:50 wolf lets not talk about it

    Jace BancroftJace Bancroft3 kun oldin
  • Man needs to shave his legs

    EndlessNite 7464EndlessNite 74643 kun oldin
    • Ikrrrr

      talia elgameltalia elgamel3 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe sakura gave birth to the kittens 9 months ago I remember watching all the kitten videos like it was yesterday

    Oliver DearloveOliver Dearlove4 kun oldin
  • Did anyone notice how Joey just blended into the pillows when he was taling about his sponsor?

    miko foinmiko foin4 kun oldin
  • I miss it when you do wolfie’s voice lol it’s so funny

    Nicky 7 ⟭⟬ btsNicky 7 ⟭⟬ bts4 kun oldin
  • Moon reminds me so much of my dog

    Mary DownsMary Downs4 kun oldin
  • omg when wolfy kept barking my dogs kept barking and it scared the crap out of me😅

    Jake FelsJake Fels4 kun oldin
  • Mannnn Joey I just luv ya so much

    sbn snkkksbn snkkk4 kun oldin
    • @miko foin what?

      sbn snkkksbn snkkk3 kun oldin
    • I like 1. The longer one is better

      miko foinmiko foin4 kun oldin
  • I don't have iPhone

    This is SamThis is Sam4 kun oldin
  • Lol Sakura and Wolf remind me of Chance and Sassy from Homeward Bound 😂

    Jamie ThompsonJamie Thompson4 kun oldin
  • Wolf looks AMAZING!!!!!

    Devin MontielDevin Montiel4 kun oldin
  • sakura is just like my girl cat, she has the same meow and tolerates my dog a lot but sometimes puts him in his place when he gets to close 😭

    Gay FrogsGay Frogs4 kun oldin
  • Me: Sees Wolfe lick Moon’s down-low Joey: oh brother kisses! Me:😬

    Kaitlyn LettsKaitlyn Letts4 kun oldin
    • I was just about to say that.

      Ruler of rat terriers : DRuler of rat terriers : D3 kun oldin
    • LOL. I saw that too and it cracked me up. It surprised me because I wasn’t expecting that. xD

      Mar KelleyMar Kelley4 kun oldin
  • It just takes time, my cat hated my dogs but then now she just doesn’t care about them or anything tbh.. my other little cat she is still shy and scared Of like everything, But that’s her personality. I believe she actually was mistreated in her last home, the people I got her from.

    Annbell EdmondAnnbell Edmond4 kun oldin
  • Oh man your dogs are gorgeous!!

    TheStar1781TheStar17814 kun oldin
  • Omg moonie is soo sooo cute

    trisha strisha s4 kun oldin
  • What part of England were you in?

    Teah ThorpTeah Thorp4 kun oldin
  • Oh I love subtitles with the pets! Meant to ask are lark and storm with daniel? X

    Katie SmithKatie Smith4 kun oldin
  • I liked them all

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov4 kun oldin
  • beautiful joey

    Chloe SibrelChloe Sibrel4 kun oldin
  • Love the apartment! Lots of light. Wolf has David Bowie eyes.

    Jodi SiebertJodi Siebert4 kun oldin
  • I never see your videos anymore in my newsfeed I hate what UZworld has done!

    Mary MerandaMary Meranda5 kun oldin
  • Where’s your other cat

    Halle BHalle B5 kun oldin
    • He gave her away, he wasn't intending to keep her

      Christopher ThomasChristopher Thomas2 kun oldin
    • Comments are back!!

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov4 kun oldin
  • Wolfy looks so amazing! Moon is so chill and freaking gorgeous and Sakura looks amazing as well! Love these three

    Phantom__ElementPhantom__Element5 kun oldin
  • Your beautiful hairy legs are so hot 😌😘😘😘

    Sergio QiSergio Qi5 kun oldin
  • Me in England wondering why my house isn’t this nice. 👁👄👁

    Sam_Lol LolSam_Lol Lol5 kun oldin
  • Not Glamazonian Airways. 😂

    Zuelsy DrawsZuelsy Draws5 kun oldin
  • Wolfy looks amazing also happy that he gets along well with Sakura

    Julia HernandezJulia Hernandez5 kun oldin
  • What happened to the all white husky?

    Georgia RobertsGeorgia Roberts5 kun oldin
    • Lives with his ex boyfriend

      Christopher ThomasChristopher Thomas2 kun oldin
  • Moon will always be Teal to me.

    Druwin nDruwin n5 kun oldin
  • Welcome home, Joey you are so brave. Your boys missed you.

    Kelly KulasKelly Kulas5 kun oldin
  • Joey the spem witch, i hope u hsve good trip! remember put ur m4sks on! st4y s4fe!- love Queenie

    karen Zhangkaren Zhang5 kun oldin
  • These animals are too cute 😭

    Flywidmi *Flywidmi *5 kun oldin
  • A bath in the bedroom #goals

    Flywidmi *Flywidmi *5 kun oldin
  • Just wait; Joey is going to get home and then need to redo his whole house. So much inspiration to come from all they beautiful places he's gotten to stay recently

    Jessica McNishJessica McNish5 kun oldin
  • my dogs face everytime wolfe barked😂😂omg

    lil shortieslil shorties5 kun oldin
  • Glamazonian Airways 😂😂😂

    Liam HealyLiam Healy5 kun oldin
  • Joey graceffa is my FAVORITE you tuber

    Puffin Number 1 Joey Graceffa FanPuffin Number 1 Joey Graceffa Fan5 kun oldin
  • I appreciate this so much! Lol ❤️

    dolita windodolita windo5 kun oldin
  • What happen to storm and lark?

    DeadSmil3DeadSmil35 kun oldin
    • I think Storm is with Daniel and Lark is with Maria.

      KleineganzKleineganz5 kun oldin
  • The fireworks are nice when you aren’t in the US and know they aren’t gun shots. Lol

    Melissa covielloMelissa coviello6 kun oldin
    • I hope he was able to get his Christmas presents at the first apartment! O.O

      dolita windodolita windo5 kun oldin
  • Joey, wolf is showing not really good behaviour with the cat. Please be careful and work on that with him.

    Jessica MayhewJessica Mayhew6 kun oldin
  • Wolf growling at Sakura on the couch was so funny.

    Matthew JeansMatthew Jeans6 kun oldin
  • Happy new year

    aries Wararies War6 kun oldin
  • The "how do they say no in England?" got me.

    Elizabeth SealsElizabeth Seals6 kun oldin
  • Skinny legend Wolfy, adorable Moon and the queen bee Sakura! I love them all.

    Butters The BeanButters The Bean6 kun oldin
    • Me too

      Aubree HollandAubree Holland2 kun oldin
  • Where storm

    Avery 123dogAvery 123dog6 kun oldin
    • Lives with daniel

      Christopher ThomasChristopher Thomas2 kun oldin
  • Wolfey is such a handsome, loving guy.

    David MorrisDavid Morris6 kun oldin
  • Yea and I didn't know that he was in england

    gemma unipugcorngemma unipugcorn6 kun oldin
  • that appartment bigger than my whole house damn

    EliTheGayFromNextDoorEliTheGayFromNextDoor6 kun oldin
  • He's soooooooo jealous

    Gennivive Celeste EklundGennivive Celeste Eklund6 kun oldin
  • Awwww wolfy is jealous

    Gennivive Celeste EklundGennivive Celeste Eklund6 kun oldin
  • Y is moon so big

  • Joey I'm so Jelly!! You got more Fireworks then I did in Germany!

    Jo RoCoJo RoCo6 kun oldin
  • Escape the Night in England 😳😉 season 5!?

    Gaming With SamGaming With Sam6 kun oldin
  • I hope he was able to get his Christmas presents at the first apartment! O.O

    Dayanara BullockDayanara Bullock6 kun oldin
  • Where is lark?

    Danielle TaylorDanielle Taylor6 kun oldin
    • with daniel

      Christopher ThomasChristopher Thomas2 kun oldin
  • me with literally every boy in my life. My friend to a boy: I think she likes you , Me: HIssSsSsSsS

    Madeline KatzMadeline Katz6 kun oldin
  • joey: *shows wolf* wolf: *still overweight* 😅

    Kimberly C.Kimberly C.6 kun oldin
  • “How do you say no in England” killed me

    aidan dworkinaidan dworkin6 kun oldin
  • Go to south wales

    Roxywoodward045 woodwardRoxywoodward045 woodward6 kun oldin
  • omg! joey matches with his pillows loll!! (during the sponsor :D)

    Cupcake SprinkleCupcake Sprinkle6 kun oldin
  • some day i wanna move to england it seems so nice and peaceful haha

    itsalyssaaa aitsalyssaaa a6 kun oldin
  • Joey and the dogs are just guests in sakura’s humble abode

    Sarah GallenSarah Gallen6 kun oldin