I Gambled Against Dream Again...

12-Yan, 2021
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I Gambled Against Dream Again... This was crazy fun!
Dream and GeorgeNotFound gamble their items on the Dream SMP Minecraft server again! They create an item roulette machine to wager their best items against each other. Who will win?!
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The Dream SMP is a Minecraft survival multiplayer server where a bunch of UZworldrs and streamers play together! It is a lot of fun and laughs :)

  • chomba is cool like dream

    mwansa chombamwansa chomba2 soat oldin
  • Why does George always look like he is 15

    Giraffe 77Giraffe 774 soat oldin
  • He deserved to lose the moment he got the shovel and name tag together and didn't stop

    joshjosh6 soat oldin
  • Meanwhile technoblade with 83 name tags: Hmmmmm

    Panicking kiwiPanicking kiwi14 soat oldin
  • Them: don’t gamble George: *sweats quietly* *his mind* err.. okay | V

    Mcyt SmpMcyt Smp16 soat oldin
  • George being British Tommy’s voice making it seem like he’s not -->

    Mcyt SmpMcyt Smp16 soat oldin
  • Hey george may I please join the minecraft dream SMP server please and thank you love you -love braidennunez / Chiefplays 😊👍

    Braiden NunezBraiden Nunez21 soat oldin
  • George go visit your boyfriend he’s in jail

    Not PatrycjaWasTakenNot PatrycjaWasTaken23 soat oldin
    • Yesss

      Giraffe 77Giraffe 774 soat oldin
  • tommys looking different here

    equali-tEaequali-tEa23 soat oldin
  • "gogy plays the most annoying game ever again"

    niart -_ -niart -_ -Kun oldin
  • Georgeinnit

    Brock MeyersBrock MeyersKun oldin
  • I always thought this was a fan account until about a week ago lol

    SlicedBreadSlicedBreadKun oldin
  • You and dream is my favriout UZworldr

    Judas Priest mcclayJudas Priest mcclayKun oldin
  • It's Gogy stealing Tommy's brand for me

    rosy janerosy janeKun oldin
  • Not Gogy stealing Tommy's brand

    rosy janerosy janeKun oldin
  • gorge not found that I now that it hard to have a thing that people don't have and I now have it felt decayse a am death and I got hearing aids and people been mean to Me but I remember you and I look up to you and tell dream he is the best at Minecraft an I want to be gust like you and I'm Xander and I'm 10 and I wish I can be friend with you and I live in England and my birthday is on February the 3

    Xander LackXander LackKun oldin
  • The fun fact of this video: Dream is currently in jail and won't be able to use any of that stuff for like some minecraft years

    Lmfao SkylarLmfao Skylar2 kun oldin
  • George you remind me of my gym teacher

    remy maremy ma2 kun oldin
  • So I had a crazy video idea for my channel and its where trick the Internet that I'm dream but I need your help and consent so reply for my discord.if your intrested

    Life BremesLife Bremes2 kun oldin
  • Gogy you HAVE to see your "friend" dream he's in jail

    Mariana CruzMariana Cruz2 kun oldin

    OkiohOkioh2 kun oldin

    Akari SenseiAkari Sensei2 kun oldin
  • i cried as George said my whole ended chest T w T George mate you have a gambling problem

    Břøķęň_ûwū _:PBřøķęň_ûwū _:P2 kun oldin
  • dont be mean tommy i m british too

    LightFireLightFire2 kun oldin
  • dream is quite literally that lucky

    NongoNongo3 kun oldin
  • Why does he wear gloves

    ToaderPaul123ToaderPaul1233 kun oldin
  • i cannot believe i just watched 14 minutes of button pressing

    EthanAlexGamingEthanAlexGaming3 kun oldin
  • kakegurui looking different here

    yerimluvyerimluv3 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: he is not color blind

    John Larence PinedaJohn Larence Pineda3 kun oldin
    • The one he tested on his other channel

      John Larence PinedaJohn Larence Pineda3 kun oldin
    • Cause if he is he should be wearing those colorblind glasses

      John Larence PinedaJohn Larence Pineda3 kun oldin
  • just make shulkers and put in ender chest innit

    AlexAlex3 kun oldin
    • Yo George how can I get into the dream smp?

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke3 kun oldin
  • Why are you wearing Tommy’s top

    Bruh LolBruh Lol3 kun oldin
    • No one: Dream:Jubebox wait no enderpearl Jubebox comes out George:Dirt I’m going to pull a dream ready not dirt obsidian Obsidian comes out

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke3 kun oldin
  • I was gonna comment something but I have nothing good or funny to say

    J RJ R3 kun oldin
  • Thats tommys shirt

    shareef shafeeshareef shafee3 kun oldin

    TWC ThrasherTWC Thrasher3 kun oldin
  • George will get dream out of the prison

    Owen MoonOwen Moon3 kun oldin
  • the only reason we aren’t subscribed is cause dream is better 🤣😎😱

    Lincoln SeigristLincoln Seigrist3 kun oldin
  • I still think that Dream can beat all of the people on the server

    Sam EllisSam Ellis3 kun oldin
    • But all his stuff is with tommy

      Shaad TolaShaad Tola3 kun oldin
  • 10 Gold Blocks For A Name-Tag.

  • quackity hating on connecticut got me fucked up

    undmgdundmgd4 kun oldin
  • i scared i not super stuous but people as lucky as dream always get hit with the worst shit so dont be envous guys

    anythinguse useanythinguse use4 kun oldin
  • george gambling his life out when he could just get another more book and make a new shovel ;/

    anythinguse useanythinguse use4 kun oldin
  • pov: gogy was talking about the thumb nail during dreams stream

    mikea hiooimikea hiooi4 kun oldin
  • -Pog-

    Howl Code123Howl Code1234 kun oldin
  • Ngl, this channel should be called GeorgeNotLost

    HighLux PotatoHighLux Potato4 kun oldin
  • dream name tag is worth mlre then shovel nametag cost like 20 emeralds

    GamerPepperPig99GamerPepperPig994 kun oldin
    • Fire 🔥

      mikea hiooimikea hiooi4 kun oldin
  • No one: Dream:Jubebox wait no enderpearl Jubebox comes out George:Dirt I’m going to pull a dream ready not dirt obsidian Obsidian comes out

    RoseMary FriasRoseMary Frias4 kun oldin
    • I liked your comment because it is an underrated

      Arvind SinghArvind Singh4 kun oldin
  • Yo George how can I get into the dream smp?

    AMNtuberAMNtuber5 kun oldin
  • i watched it three times

    miko foinmiko foin5 kun oldin
  • this is just like the kids that trade fidget toys on tiktok

    kali raekali rae5 kun oldin
  • George on the dream smp: the most inactive person on the server

    Ibrahim KharIbrahim Khar5 kun oldin
  • George is like Photoshop 🤣🤣

    Samuel plays4117Samuel plays41175 kun oldin
  • Dude minecraft is dead in 2021

    Sprite BottleSprite Bottle5 kun oldin
    • youtube actually unsubscribed me :( the button is grey now

      miko foinmiko foin5 kun oldin
  • George face: Pog Tommy face: every girl while he tries to flex Dream face: a world without racism

    Sport MixesSport Mixes5 kun oldin
  • I think there is a certain pattern the dispenser has.

    Bread NinjaBread Ninja5 kun oldin
  • I want to see another block shuffle with dream

    Caz JordenCaz Jorden5 kun oldin
  • Hey tommy why are you looking so different

    Harits IskandarHarits Iskandar5 kun oldin
  • Where are the glassses

    Philips Vlog and gamingPhilips Vlog and gaming5 kun oldin
  • "Gambling is bad!" *Punz's Twitch chat has arrived*

    Madison WrightMadison Wright5 kun oldin
  • 14:33 ended me lmaooo

    lil tealil tea5 kun oldin
  • hi

    LazyTheBoyLazyTheBoy6 kun oldin
  • Pog

    SWATI ShahSWATI Shah6 kun oldin
  • I love how Georges picture is him pogging

    Martin ShortMartin Short6 kun oldin
  • God has favourites

    Danielle GeDanielle Ge6 kun oldin
  • You can literally get a name tag from a villager.

    Sebby KalusSebby Kalus6 kun oldin
  • Therapist: why did you start gambling George: shovel

    Devak DronavalliDevak Dronavalli6 kun oldin
  • youtube actually unsubscribed me :( the button is grey now

    Jacob IrwinJacob Irwin6 kun oldin
  • Hey you know how you said that you don't love dream but you kissed him when he was getting married to fundy

    KawaiiKat NotfoundKawaiiKat Notfound6 kun oldin
  • I’m stressing out over then gambling

    TehFatOrangeKat 7TehFatOrangeKat 76 kun oldin
  • why dream is not uploading videos?

    DHAARMIC BaddipudiDHAARMIC Baddipudi6 kun oldin
  • mmm

    Aadeesh GamingAadeesh Gaming6 kun oldin
  • Clearly this is proof that Dream's luck in speedruns is legit. Because he has insane luck EVERYWHERE, in all aspects of life. It's like watching Bregor from ItmeJP's dnd sessions, but without the dice.

    Randal JeffreyRandal Jeffrey6 kun oldin
  • All this gambling and he could've just asked techno for a name tag

    IrvinIrvin6 kun oldin
  • The responsible lion postsynaptically wreck because closet untypically relax out a stingy ice. perfect, ajar golf

    Aurora DiazAurora Diaz6 kun oldin
  • Wait don’t you say thst you are color blind then why do you know what iron and all those thing like bruh

    Blah Yea get in it itBlah Yea get in it it6 kun oldin
    • What? he’s colourblind he can’t see colour??? He found out someway 😗

      B a i l e yシB a i l e yシ6 kun oldin
  • 1:30

    Venus ChauhanVenus Chauhan6 kun oldin
  • Disccss

    Aloha2validAloha2valid6 kun oldin
    • Hi I like u a lot

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke6 kun oldin
  • George im sorry but Dream is cheating on you whit corpise. Sorry😢

    imposter bloodimposter blood6 kun oldin
    • Ahhahah Dream a sipe and he gay lol he jast dont say it

      imposter bloodimposter blood6 kun oldin
  • Dream sounds like a maniac it's amazing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Random04 _Random04 _6 kun oldin
  • can we talk about quakity in 9:18

    brooklynn combsbrooklynn combs6 kun oldin
  • I think like each week he wears a different outfit from someone on the smp 😂

    Chloë BeadenChloë Beaden7 kun oldin
  • should use colors dye !

    MaNuU1991MaNuU19917 kun oldin
  • George stood no chance against dreams luck

    NipunNipun7 kun oldin
  • waste of time and life

    James MarshallJames Marshall7 kun oldin
  • does George know that you can buy nametags from villagers?

    Sir TwigSir Twig7 kun oldin
  • Sup g

    Ride the GamerRide the Gamer7 kun oldin
  • great

    Alex RobartAlex Robart7 kun oldin
  • can I join dream SMP

    Suliman KianiSuliman Kiani7 kun oldin
  • Happy every day

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke7 kun oldin
  • Can you do MINDCRAFT BUT MY DOG PLAYS PLEASE. It would be cool and funny.

    William SicilianoWilliam Siciliano7 kun oldin
  • Dream in animatics: ruthlessly manipulating and killing people Dream on streams: has a gambling addiction

    watchworthywatchworthy7 kun oldin
  • Hi I like u a lot

    Aisha ChaudharyAisha Chaudhary7 kun oldin
  • Dream and I

    Thomas Von teichmanThomas Von teichman7 kun oldin
    • Dream: nametags are hard to get Orphan: hold my emeralds

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke7 kun oldin
  • Hey george do you love dream😏😏😏

  • George or Tommyinit please can you pass on to dream George to be the speedrunner

    Harry Lee-HamiltonHarry Lee-Hamilton7 kun oldin
  • WWE

    Megan Twum-BarimaMegan Twum-Barima7 kun oldin

    Aidan Kazri KadirAidan Kazri Kadir7 kun oldin
  • -SMELLY-

    Aidan Kazri KadirAidan Kazri Kadir7 kun oldin
  • I feel like a dumb subscriber by not knowing the rules of this gamble

    Brian Jhake LinatocBrian Jhake Linatoc7 kun oldin
  • Idk if George was joking but his ender chest was sh*t and dream should not have put all the stuff for it.

    RebelAlliance18RebelAlliance187 kun oldin
  • The dispenser is a paid actor

    Jared BanderasJared Banderas7 kun oldin