I Finally Got My Own Show | Dixie D'Amelio

4-Apr, 2021
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I'M BACK!!!! The Early Late Night Show returns bigger and better than ever!! I'm so excited to air this second season of my talk show. It's all because of you that the Dixie D'Amelio Show evolved into this. We have some awesome episodes and amazing guests this season I cannot wait for you to see! Every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!
Executive Producer: Dixie D'Amelio
Executive Producer: Tommy Burns
Executive Producer: Christian Guiton
Director: Christian Guiton
DP: Seth Fuller
Editor/VFX: Luke Knezevic
Editor: Diego Cole
Production Company: Black Street Entertainment
Studio: Hubble Studio
Website: www.dixiedamelio.com
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  • i can't wait for you all to see this season!

    Dixie D'AmelioDixie D'Amelio15 kun oldin
    • You should do more pizza one bite videos !!!

      Ching ChongChing Chong32 daqiqa oldin
    • 😁

      bONjouR. pUtAbONjouR. pUtA16 soat oldin
    • I’m super excited! Have fun with your people! (I forgot how to say it)

      AxillaAxillaKun oldin
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    • Yeah

      iiLuhKylieiiiiLuhKylieiiKun oldin
  • I love u

    Martine NgoyaMartine Ngoya2 soat oldin
  • I love this.

    Kelsea DanicaKelsea Danica4 soat oldin

    Roman HenryRoman Henry4 soat oldin
  • Thanks I now 🙄💅🏻

    Alana BerriosAlana Berrios5 soat oldin
  • This is me daydreaming when no one's watching!

    AAO TubeAAO Tube8 soat oldin

    Lucy KapLucy Kap8 soat oldin
  • How is there two Dixie‘s

    Torin EdwardsTorin Edwards8 soat oldin
  • Your so funny!🤣🤣🤣

    Tyler SmithTyler Smith9 soat oldin
  • 11:40

    Dynasty Diva Derriana TVDynasty Diva Derriana TV9 soat oldin
  • SOO TURE 3:40

    Dynasty Diva Derriana TVDynasty Diva Derriana TV9 soat oldin
  • just 4:48 , 11:34 🤣🧡

    G jG j10 soat oldin
  • If people actually watch this...plz tell me no one is watching it😐

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  • 4:42 iconic JAJAJAJAJA

    Alje PinsAlje Pins15 soat oldin
  • Kill the laugh track please

    Em DawgEm Dawg17 soat oldin
  • she is such a Leo lmfaoooo

    IndigobabyIndigobaby17 soat oldin
  • After Dixie said “ Charli well a brat like always “ charli point the middle finger

    seeni gztyseeni gzty18 soat oldin
  • September 25 is my birthday

    Cd x2chillCd x2chill21 soat oldin
  • I feel like this video is clever its just like q&a i actually like it and want her to complete this show!! And by the wasy i like the background alot it so colorfull!

    Sara WaleedSara Waleed22 soat oldin
  • LMFAOOO why is this actually entertaining 😭

    Melanie CardenasMelanie Cardenas23 soat oldin
  • When Charli popped up I was like 🤭 11:32

    AxillaAxillaKun oldin

    XxxMxxX BGXxxMxxX BGKun oldin
  • Hi Dixie mi follow pls🥺

    moran_toca_life1moran_toca_life1Kun oldin
  • i saw charli

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  • اعشقكك 💔):

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  • The paparazzi people question

    mal-la-boo Worldmal-la-boo WorldKun oldin
  • How did you get 2 of your self

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  • cringy

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  • charli pops up faster than dixie can say be happy lol

    Farida elfakharanyFarida elfakharanyKun oldin
    • Omg 😳

      The Jaydee FamThe Jaydee FamSoat oldin
  • omg she changed her self to Charli D Amelio

    Ikran MahamedIkran MahamedKun oldin
  • If she is I’m REALLY REALLY shy around family and other people too 🤣😁

    Ryan AndersonRyan AndersonKun oldin
  • I think your sister is shy

    Ryan AndersonRyan AndersonKun oldin
  • I love you so so much you are my idol 💓💓

    Nikolas MouchlidisNikolas MouchlidisKun oldin
  • Well Done Dix 💜

    Snowy BeksSnowy BeksKun oldin
  • This is so cool!!

    Snowy BeksSnowy BeksKun oldin
  • Is it just me or is dixie talking about noah the cutest thing ever?😂😅

    ceerw butyceerw butyKun oldin

      The Jaydee FamThe Jaydee FamSoat oldin
  • 8:40 dixie: um.. and? ok

    Tony BakkarTony BakkarKun oldin
  • I just love how she interviews herself 👑 queen

    Tony BakkarTony BakkarKun oldin
    • SHE IS A QUEEN👑💁‍♀️

      The Jaydee FamThe Jaydee FamSoat oldin
  • Chin

    S BS BKun oldin
  • Charli at 4:47 made me happy and laugh she's like "Thank you I know" 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤣🥰🤣🥰😅😂😂

    Braunson KellyBraunson KellyKun oldin
    • Aww omg that made my heart happy!💓🥰

      The Jaydee FamThe Jaydee FamSoat oldin
  • The Charlie finger did it for me

    Esther KaimanEsther KaimanKun oldin
  • How-

    TheGreenFrogs xTheGreenFrogs xKun oldin
  • Hi dixie I love the new show

    Truthjohn smytheTruthjohn smytheKun oldin
  • Wait are you sisters with Charlie

    Yolo LolYolo Lol2 kun oldin
  • What the heck But How

    Lana AljabriLana Aljabri2 kun oldin
  • Not charli omg

    Adriana GasparAdriana Gaspar2 kun oldin
  • So charli is playing the other dixie

    Saifel HamedSaifel Hamed2 kun oldin
  • just me who saw char after dix sang orr

    lxvelylilylxvelylily2 kun oldin
  • Are my eyes deceiving me or do I see two-?

    Miya ChinenMiya Chinen2 kun oldin
  • I bet that Noah paid her to say that about her.

    Genesis KornegayGenesis Kornegay2 kun oldin
  • kinda cringe tho ngl lol.

    シ pengali シシ pengali シ2 kun oldin

    Adison CoffeyAdison Coffey2 kun oldin
  • Dixie, I'm DEAD 😂 You're hilarious

    Sophia FernandezSophia Fernandez2 kun oldin
  • Nice video keep it up make more related videos

    K JayanthK Jayanth2 kun oldin
  • its actually so good

    Carolina MoutellaCarolina Moutella2 kun oldin
  • WAIT... is the other Dixie Charli??

    Sahara ByrneSahara Byrne3 kun oldin
    • yeah

      Haley HayesHaley Hayes2 kun oldin
  • She really thinks she's all that

    Calvin LapsysCalvin Lapsys3 kun oldin
  • charli was acting like dixie thats cool

  • wait what two dixies

  • Me

    DavidDavid3 kun oldin
  • What qualifications does she have to be a host ? Being pretty and that’s it ?

    Emma QEmma Q3 kun oldin
  • Here we go again about Griffin like come on Dixie ily but move on from his name and relationship... Noah is so much better caring than him.

    Chloé LeBelChloé LeBel3 kun oldin
  • OMG congrats! SO happy for you def. will be listening

    lilly stronglilly strong3 kun oldin
  • Wait is she acc trying to have a talk show now?

    Nageena EidiNageena Eidi3 kun oldin
  • The set is so cool and pretty 💗🔥

    IvonaIvona3 kun oldin
  • Dixie interviewing herself🤣

    Kelvin TanKelvin Tan3 kun oldin
  • This is the most Covid friendly video I've seen this year

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 kun oldin
    • This is the most stolen comment i've seen this year

      iiLuhKylieiiiiLuhKylieiiKun oldin
    • Same lmao

      Rosee PretterRosee Pretter3 kun oldin
  • wait dixies interviewing her slef about noah how COOT

    Olivia StottOlivia Stott3 kun oldin
    • RIGHT !🤩🤩🤩

      The Jaydee FamThe Jaydee FamSoat oldin
  • i love dixies personality❤

    Ooopsie_ meOoopsie_ me3 kun oldin
  • Hate you

    Krystal MarieKrystal Marie3 kun oldin
  • I’m so prouuuudddd of herrr!!!

    Hjjjkjbxxv JhabvalaHjjjkjbxxv Jhabvala3 kun oldin
  • Yo this is so hilarious! Dixie keep it up girl !!!! I love the D’Amelio’s!!!

    Shea 101Shea 1013 kun oldin
  • Dixie: "Carry the show in emotion humor..." Me: not the snail 😂

    Monserrat CamarilloMonserrat Camarillo3 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      The Jaydee FamThe Jaydee FamSoat oldin
  • at 4:48 in the video you can see charli doing dixies double

    K JK J3 kun oldin
  • Linda maravilhosa 🥰😍❤

  • It took her to get a studio and a fancy intro for her to look decent on camera

    Sophia RiveraSophia Rivera4 kun oldin
  • I love you Dixie your my idol ❤️

    Evandra GoncalvesEvandra Goncalves4 kun oldin
  • I am proud of her

    Shiba Nizar.Shiba Nizar.4 kun oldin
  • Charlie is rip? 😭😥😢

    Denisa MaškováDenisa Mašková4 kun oldin
  • bruh i thought it was like an joke just to asked things but u litteraly changed it into a whole dam real show ;-; bruh

    Milky ButtMilky Butt4 kun oldin
  • No comment........ 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    اكره الكورونا واهل الكورونا عندك مانع؟ -_-اكره الكورونا واهل الكورونا عندك مانع؟ -_-4 kun oldin
  • I love video and song

    Baby Cute PlayzBaby Cute Playz4 kun oldin
  • 11:33 CHARLI AGAIN?! 😎😂😮💕👍👋✌👏

    MV - 07PY 756895 Calderstone MSMV - 07PY 756895 Calderstone MS4 kun oldin
  • The REAL STAR is the FILPIN DOG!!!

    MV - 07PY 756895 Calderstone MSMV - 07PY 756895 Calderstone MS4 kun oldin
  • 4:48 CHARLI? !!!!??💕💕💕😂😎😮

    MV - 07PY 756895 Calderstone MSMV - 07PY 756895 Calderstone MS4 kun oldin
  • this video is literally me at 1 am pretending to be a famous person and interviewing myself 💀

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty4 kun oldin
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      Shan KhanShan KhanKun oldin
  • Her hand gestures and facial expressions doing the most is annoying.

    Trys MTrys M4 kun oldin
  • wow hilarious 🤣

    fatemeh nikjoofatemeh nikjoo4 kun oldin

    Ninignit DeitaNinignit Deita4 kun oldin
  • I love how she was complementing herself and roasting herself at the same time , it makes it so much more laughable is the word

    dana al babtaindana al babtain4 kun oldin
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      Qirno ChannelQirno ChannelKun oldin
  • Dixie you are the best D'Amelio i love you so much good luck in everything

    Vicki GranovskyVicki Granovsky4 kun oldin
  • She’s grown so much 🥺 I’m living for season 2 of this show !

    Nessaa MarieNessaa Marie4 kun oldin
  • I honestly think she will make a good host

    Brianna AlarconBrianna Alarcon4 kun oldin
  • I saw Charlie in the white suit at 4 mins and 49 seconds

    Brina ABrina A4 kun oldin
  • Oh god...

    Ginger CatGinger Cat4 kun oldin
  • By the end I actuallythought that there were two differentpeople

    Arisha SajjadArisha Sajjad5 kun oldin
  • Charli:🖕🏻 (no hate it’s for fun [this comment is for fun])

    Ioannas ChannelIoannas Channel5 kun oldin
  • L' eucemia sla sla

    Dj FruciDj Fruci5 kun oldin
  • 4:40 this my fav part

    princess ozprincess oz5 kun oldin
  • No one chari: Thankz I know 😘

    Lyn LawrenceLyn Lawrence5 kun oldin