I figured out how to make Crystal Wings

17-Okt, 2020
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If you haven't seen it, watch Part 1 (the one before part3)
song used at the end: Lorn - Acid Rain (Metal Version) || @ArtificialFear
Dumb Outro: @qbeeoy
Big thank you to @jimmydiresta for all the advice on mold making. love you brother.
Also, hat was from @Berried Alive go check out them out!
I'm too tired to write anymore, (been up all night editing), I'll finish this description when I wake up. Love you guys.
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  • Yaaaaaaaay, I didn't break it this time!

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    • Proud of youuu XD

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  • 8:11 me running from my watch history like

    Kitten BoltKitten Bolt3 daqiqa oldin
  • "Nobody likes the number 2" Me as a BFB fan: *indeed you are right.*

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  • What is that song around 17:11 ish? Anyone?

    Shayne MoyShayne Moy23 daqiqa oldin
  • Spectacular work. Now the question........🙏🙏🙏where and how can I buy this

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    • I'm in South Africa

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  • Deadpool???

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  • i think this is the best thing youve ever made. everything after this will be incomparable. Name this piece Fallen Angel and make $3.6 Billion. Never look back..

    IanIan52 daqiqa oldin
  • ohhhh i want that , are you take a order for a pair of the wings ?

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  • Let me guess, A "WIX" ad came?

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  • 19:07 The T-shirt makes me laugh!!!! Mona lisa's face😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Anime Never DiesAnime Never DiesSoat oldin
  • Omg!! That is so beautiful 😍!! You did such a nice job, you are very talented as well...plus all the hard work!! You need to enter that in a competition of some sort! You would so win!!

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  • That was truly awesome. You are indeed an arteest! Skilled and eccentric!

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  • This was so cool to watch! Also you're super funny lol

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  • What do I charge for a piece like this

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  • Absolutely stunning!!

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  • I love how he makes it a funny not serious thing but he's actually an awesome artist

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  • That piece gave me a lot of Fallen Angel vibes. Like when darkness surrounds us, our wings try to elevate us. All we need to do is believe them and soar.

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  • I love your T shirt!

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    • Oh and your art is good too.

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  • Such an amazing piece!!

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  • watching this made me realize how boring everything I have ever made was

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  • this is amazing!:O wow!

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  • You should make a plexy glass sword with LED in it

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  • Lucifer would appreciate this gift.

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  • Wow, stunning!

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  • good thing I didn't have any hope so my disappointment in being able to win them was minimal. Anyways, that being said, that project turned out amazing and I hope u are glad about how awesome it turned out.

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  • I'm trying to do my own project make a gold chicken nugget

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  • Stunning piece of art and admirable tenacity. Lol.

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  • Bobby... Bob... Is he... *BOB ROSS?!* *IS DAT YOU?*

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  • 1:40 this guy seems to want to live a quiet and peaceful life, and have a sandwich with his girlfriend... people who get this, know what I'm saying. Don't give it away in the comments.

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  • ur so cool bruh we luvu from philippines literaly ur da best

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  • That sculpture is one of the most beautiful things I have seen, thank you for sharing your artwork with us

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  • Bobby made my day today .... i laughed so much it made all the baddies go away..... keep it just how you do it Bobby Duke~!!!! you inspire so many in so many many ways... ^_^ i cant get over the chase scene~!!!! wanted to do that with my friends like a long time ago.... ehhehehe

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  • good ol Lorn

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  • Came for wings, stayed for the comedy.

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  • 7:22 that housefly with a christmas hat lol

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  • Bobby: You know why it's not going to break? Because I'm Bobby Duke Arts. Me: Thinks back to everything that's broken and gone terribly wrong. Whatever you say...

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  • This man has the patience, and the talent of God to be able to make something like this.

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    • @8:05 RUN , ITS OCTOBER AND XMAS IS REARING ITS UGLY HEAD !!!! its not December go away xmas!!!

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue6 soat oldin
  • "Going the distance is what makes a difference." -Bobby, btw I changed the wording a bit.

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  • i have the artist tmnt shirt you're wearing and was really confused because when I saw yours I went "damn I like that shit I want it" without realizing i WAS wearing it

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  • Looks amazing, well done

    Bluebuthappy182Bluebuthappy1828 soat oldin
  • Not only do I enjoy watching how you create beautiful things, your silliness never fails to lift me up when I feel down. So whenever I have a bad day, I watch your videos and they always make me smile.

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  • Oh wow, he's so lovely!! Oh and the sculpture is neat too,,,,,,,,,,

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  • That's an awesome statue, and the lit crystal wings are totally cool ! The jokes, not so much ;P The bright side is you don't have to hear my (attempts at) jokes...

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  • @8:05 RUN , ITS OCTOBER AND XMAS IS REARING ITS UGLY HEAD !!!! its not December go away xmas!!!

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  • Beautiful. Thanks for this chapter.

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  • All i keep thinking is Falling Angel. Or that its 2020 and everything is a facepalm.

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  • This is amazing. You are probably tired of hearing it but........ Damn you are so freaking talented. I know it isnt natural born talent..its LONG hours making mistakes and learning from them. It is a LOT of wasted materials and sometimes money... it is family getting pissed off when you want to finish a project and you are sacrificing time with them... I get it...the talent takes a long time earned. But you know what..? The stuff you do ... is just amazingly beautiful. Thank you.

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  • Salve Brasil 💚

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  • Would you ever try to make something out of cicada shells?

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  • ive been looking forward to this piece since you've started it and, holy shit. wow. its so beautiful. i dont even think i have the vocabulary to describe how much i love this, how amazing it is. truly outstanding work.

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  • Me: isn't able to draw more than a Stick figure Bobby: Does this Me:wha..

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  • He’s so funny on his own fricking way and I love it! We need more people like him

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  • 7:22 Did he just photoshop a santa hat to a fly??? So extra.

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