I Did It.....

28-Sen, 2020
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I did it ....
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  • special message, watch full videos babies. and thank y’all for always supporting me 💜💫

    Carmen PritchettCarmen Pritchett28 kun oldin
    • Ynes Chavez he wasn’t actually cheating.... He said that to see if he could trust his Carmen and coreys manager but ok

      RiyahRiyah25 kun oldin
    • so please exit 🚪 cause you pressed off some that don’t got non to do with you Nique probably don’t even know you 🤣🤣 but, you over here hating 😂 sickk udd🤦🏾‍♀️

      OSoclassy SaiOSoclassy Sai25 kun oldin
    • Ynes Chavez If I was in Nique situation I would of had a conversation with Carmen & put myself in her shoes. I would of told Her how I felt straight up & we would of took precautions from there. But, that don’t mean neither of them are in the wrong. It’s just some people don’t know no better so they react how they know how to.. they react based off their life experiences..

      OSoclassy SaiOSoclassy Sai25 kun oldin
    • Ynes Chavez Imagine wishing bad on somebody!!💀

      RiyahRiyah25 kun oldin
    • OSoClassy Sai 💯‼️ PERIODT!!

      RiyahRiyah25 kun oldin
  • Pray that's what you do!🥰💯💖😷 and don't sacrifice (if you do this I'll do that) when Jesus healed he didn't say "what you going to give me" he just healed them some with a word of warning😷💯

    Ant ClarkAnt Clark14 kun oldin
  • 👑

    Lihala CaesarLihala Caesar15 kun oldin
  • Hi carmen like im a big fan of u

    Mileigh BrewerMileigh Brewer17 kun oldin
  • the person who is reading this will be successful in life

    Nia's worldNia's world21 kun oldin
  • It takes a strong women to go through hard times by herself. God sees you and is in you. My dad always told me god wouldn’t put you in a situation if he ain’t think you would come out stronger. You’re just becoming a stronger women and going into bigger and better things. ❤️🤞🏼

    December HDecember H22 kun oldin
  • im going thru the same thing rn, thanks for the special message carmen. i really needed tht 🥰 !

    Destiny O.Destiny O.22 kun oldin
  • I deal with this to bc I try to make myself think that if I think it’s okay than it’s gonna be okay but that’s really not the case no matter what we go thru if we don’t deal with it the right way then it’s gonna come back and stab us in the back and I’m still learning to put myself first bc i put everybody else first even if that means doin something that makes me feel uncomfortable. But we gotta learn to comfort ourself and Ik that u feel like oh I’m a mom and a wife so I gotta make sure Corey and baby CJ is happy but gurl all that stress just build up in yo head than it leads to anxiety and depression and stress leads to strokes so u gotta make sure u take at least one or two days outta the month to make sure that ur alright even if that mean leaving CJ with Corey for a day and goin and gettin a hotel for a day or two and just focusing on CARMEN and not everybody else

    Kk LoveKk Love24 kun oldin
  • The fact I’m not finna watch this because the title is big cap and just want people to tap in for you to talk about something totally different

    Chantel & PatChantel & Pat24 kun oldin
  • This video taught me that I need to focus on myself and jus know that if I'm going thru something I don't have to keep crying about it I just have to pull thru and God will make it work also Carmen I love u so much keep grinding 💜

    Mily gangMily gang24 kun oldin
  • Girl I'm on your side you didn't do it i believe you and if yall other people was a real supporter yall would believe her too😊🥰

    Markel McgeeMarkel Mcgee24 kun oldin
  • don't worry Carmen

    Khadeja AleemKhadeja Aleem24 kun oldin
    • carmen not scared

      Khadeja AleemKhadeja Aleem24 kun oldin
  • She is beautiful😊

    anna piemaanna piema25 kun oldin
  • Greenleaf is a good one, I’m hooked lol

    Indian pocahontasIndian pocahontas25 kun oldin
  • I’m about to start my content! Come vibe with me besties 🤞🏾

    I AM LicoleI AM Licole25 kun oldin
  • Your amazing. Mistakes happen. God will bless you. Me and my husband been together 23 years and out of those 23 years we’ve been married 18 years. It’s because of God who strengthens me and my husband and blesses us. You and Corey control your relationship because God not man will bless you. Keep your head up!!! Love, peace, happiness..

    DanuelDanuel25 kun oldin
  • Yes set the goals you want to accomplish and pray on those particular goals you will be surprised in the end but first you have to pray to clear your mind from all the negativity and say I will overcome this situation or situations. Praying for you Carmen💖

    Keysha LoveKeysha Love25 kun oldin
  • Just keep it going and stop looking back. Leave people where they stand at, at the end. We all going through stuff right now so...Much is going on in the world and in our lives. Gotta make the best outta everything no matter what.

    Shaniqua NesbyShaniqua Nesby25 kun oldin
  • Wat goes around comes around

    Ko BeautyKo Beauty26 kun oldin
  • Y’all strong 💪 all y’all it’s a process I COMENT AND ITS NOT NEGATIVE ITS ME BEING REAL 💯💯💯💯 period

    Margaret SmallwoodMargaret Smallwood26 kun oldin
  • Ppl always look up to us but life is real and human and but life moves on in different ways but you when you going thru it you pray and try to fix things and make things right and go from there pain doesn’t last it is a process but you deal with reality of problems you face them don’t sweep it under the rug because it makes it worse cause you never fix them and SOME YALL UZworldRS ARE JUST YOUNG AND PUT YALL SELF OUT THERE TO THE WORLD 🌎 AND ITS HARD

    Margaret SmallwoodMargaret Smallwood26 kun oldin
  • ❤️

    Caitlyn JonesCaitlyn Jones26 kun oldin
  • whatever you do or say i well always support you

    Aaliyah MinisAaliyah Minis26 kun oldin
  • You can tell she’s guilty and it’s eating her up I feel like just own up to what you did and move on it was true and there’s nothing that can change it life goes on

    Daezhane TriceDaezhane Trice26 kun oldin
  • Get carmen to 1m

    LIFE WITH KAI !LIFE WITH KAI !26 kun oldin
  • i relized her and nique using the same word colors and shit but i still love you 😂❤️

    ebkcrystalebkcrystal26 kun oldin
  • Nique would of beat yo ass

    Taveon RobinsonTaveon Robinson26 kun oldin
  • It's okay to feel hurt and down but what you do is get back up and that's exactly what you're doing and I'm happy for you

    Shan ShanShan Shan26 kun oldin
  • Peace and Blessings

    PrayDailyLiveLifePrayDailyLiveLife26 kun oldin
  • Okayyyy Carmen!!!! Best mother, and I’m the same ...I’ve said it my whole life I want to be with my baby until they can full y’all before they go to auntie and friends house because of something happen I need my baby to tell me in full sentences because I don’t play about mine!!!! And babies are pure and happy and it’s contagious! And I love how ur so open and healing, and it right don’t give ur energy to negativity. I’m happy YOU, YOURSELF is back and I’m ready to see what comes next

    JCari AyrianneJCari Ayrianne26 kun oldin
  • Why don’t all the fake ones just leave I’m tired of them messing with Carmen for no reason and she don’t do nothing she just get into situations that she doesn’t have nothing to do with 💕🙂

    Dior WestDior West26 kun oldin
  • 💜

    Ginger ClarkGinger Clark26 kun oldin
  • If someone wanna be your friend n keep a relationship they will regardless it would be easy to forgive n move on if not then my friend that was a frenemy not a friend keep that clean heart going carmen know you only had good intentions

    Mzz KikilopezMzz Kikilopez26 kun oldin
  • I love youuuuu girllllll

    Veronica WeberVeronica Weber26 kun oldin
  • It wasn’t a mistake it was a choice Carmen

    Ynes ChavezYnes Chavez26 kun oldin
  • Here before a million !!!!!

  • Press on.....press on..

    Amanda WidenhoferAmanda Widenhofer27 kun oldin
  • Y'all always be putting your life out there somethings are better off kept. If you know what am talking about you'll understand.

    kemoy's worldkemoy's world27 kun oldin
  • I'm over it to Carmen can't say mad at you so down to earth and real we're all human and we all make mistakes no one is perfect All Is forgiven keep up the good work cuz you are a very likeable person like you said moving on💙

    chia johnsonchia johnson27 kun oldin
  • “What the whole video”

    Lani LanLani Lan27 kun oldin
  • We all go through problems... I have pain behind my smiles but the best thing we can do is, pray, stay strong and keep our heads up... be safe gurl and live life to the fullest... showin you ❤all the way from Columbia sc

    Black Beauty LakeshiaBlack Beauty Lakeshia27 kun oldin
  • New subscriber‼️‼️‼️‼️ because I appreciate your honesty💕 I can go on and on about what I like about your energy through the camera every time you record especially since this situation occurred but I’m go keep it cute and brief😊 I’m rocking with it and I’m rocking with you and this Chanel 😘 keep grinding 💰

    Diasha BrownDiasha Brown27 kun oldin
  • Carmen is one of the only youtuber who likes comment

    Kyra WaiteKyra Waite27 kun oldin
  • Greenleaf is my shit its so good

    Jessica MillsJessica Mills27 kun oldin
  • Carmen it’s ok!!.. Nique was jus quick to snap you was correct for what you did you played you part correct god know your heart and also do U and us I clearly understood what you said.. but you sir have to worry about that.!! If you would just be Carmen and be glad you played your part and yk the truth and just be the person you are!!!

    Life With MyiLife With Myi27 kun oldin
  • And people going on queen page and telling her you talking about her they trying to put more stress on your shoulder

    Nachelle MooreNachelle Moore27 kun oldin
  • It don't matter what people say they say stuff to hurt you and people are here to bring you down but don't let nothing get to you and everybody go through stuff to my grandma in the hospital my friend died

    Nachelle MooreNachelle Moore27 kun oldin
  • hereeee

    Lauren SpencerLauren Spencer27 kun oldin
  • I just feel like everybody needs to mind their business because we don't know the situation or everybody keep putting their opinions and finish you lying and stuff we don't know what was going on so I just feel like everybody to see you keep their pants today so because we don't know the real situation

  • At the end of the day.. Yes Carmen Should Have told her & she admitted tht but she didn’t deserve to be smacked or her so called friend say that she beat her ass and doing the most coming in there home breaking stuff with there child present! That is over doing it for me! You don’t disrespect someone’s home that way & think you are right! It’s ridiculous honestly & childish! I don’t care! I said what I said! Keep pushing! Carmen Keep your head up and remain positive! Corey was wrong in the situation he shouldn’t have exposed something bc he was mad at you! But he made a mistake too! Nique needs to check her man & her life honestly! & get the shit together! No one is perfect but don’t try to portray you are when your shit stink! PERIOD

    A NA N27 kun oldin
  • facts the truth will sat u free ty Jesus, but nique was ur bsf

    JaKira ReynoldsJaKira Reynolds27 kun oldin
  • Carmen, the next time someone put they hands on you in your own house, you grab two of your sharpest knives in the kitchen and pretend that it's Thanksgiving. Say the "Grace", and carve they a$$ like a Turkey.

    John McNeilJohn McNeil27 kun oldin
  • it's the copying how nique has been titling her videos for meeeeeeeeee

    Sabra WaitheraSabra Waithera27 kun oldin
  • you really never know what a person’s going through fr

    Nymesha CagleNymesha Cagle27 kun oldin
  • Keep you’re head up carman but know that things take time to heal honestly just take time to cleanse your spirit body and mind love you girl ❤️

    Iesha LashaeIesha Lashae27 kun oldin
  • Omg Carmen I love you and yu are a role model and better days will come ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Livin Life W VaehhLivin Life W Vaehh27 kun oldin
  • Corey already spilled that it was all a lie. I’m over this ish

    GessikaGessika27 kun oldin
  • I really look up to Carmen on a real level because she so open and she shows us young girls that everything doesn’t always have to be ok and it’s ok to feel how you feel❤️❤️🥺🥺

    MissAkiya PrincessMissAkiya Princess27 kun oldin
  • Love you carmen💕hope you fell good

    Alissia GuilloryAlissia Guillory27 kun oldin
  • 1 like from each carmen pritchett fan before i million

    Latara MurphyLatara Murphy27 kun oldin
  • Carmen you just watching green leaf

    jada vibesjada vibes27 kun oldin
  • Take some time for yourself Carmen don't sit and dwell in the past it will keep running through your head.. You was grown enough to apologize and accept your part.. Girl just keep being a Boss Bihh, Keep Grinding and move on. 💜💜

    The Brave OneThe Brave One27 kun oldin
  • Team Nique ✌🏽

    Jan'Lyon LewisJan'Lyon Lewis27 kun oldin
  • Green leaf is so good! Yes life goes on we can’t control what comes our way we can only control how we handle the situation. Hold your head high

    Janay KeelerJanay Keeler27 kun oldin
  • Keep your head up

    lit marilit mari27 kun oldin
  • Hey Carmen keep doing great things boo. I can't comment on the family channel but I want to say I love the video with CJ and his colors. Suggestion: When you're trying to teach him and record. Just set the camera up instead of holding it so he won't be distracted. He knows you're recording so he's going to.just play which is still so cute 💖💖💖. You're doing an amazing job 💖💖💖

    Queen DivaQueen Diva27 kun oldin
  • I really loved this video and the recent videos you’ve been making because you’re really opening up about your healing experience while you’re in the process of healing your trying to help others that itself is being a good role model you have such a good heart Carmen 💕🙌🏼!

    TaliahLeann TVTaliahLeann TV27 kun oldin
  • Lmao you did itttt or it?

    Ke’una KKe’una K27 kun oldin
  • carmen please don,t be sad i love when your happy just pray everyday and night and yours worried will go away are god is just trying to tell you need to change and relied on him

    Ashley BassAshley Bass27 kun oldin
  • 💕💕💕

    Queen NQueen N27 kun oldin
  • God is coming soon. Get with him now.

    Jameece DreamsJameece Dreams27 kun oldin
  • I know that everything happened for a reason you have to heal and move on Carmen it’s okay I feel your pain I understand it’s stay positive I love you Carmen I hope you better soon ❤️😞👍🏽💪🏽🙏

    Jasmyn StinsonJasmyn Stinson27 kun oldin
  • Keep going family over everything!! Trust things can be worst so stay prayed Up!!!

    N MN M27 kun oldin
  • King is not like cory period

    Merhawit TekleMerhawit Tekle27 kun oldin
  • I was on this other girl UZworld the other day and she was like, carmen, carmen, carmen, carmen, carmen, carmen, carmen....now I know who carmen is.

    John coffmanJohn coffman27 kun oldin
  • Hi carmen darling, I think you and nique need to talk to each other when you both feel more at ease, it will help you both heal properly from this whole issue it's obvious that you both care about each other and you honestly don't have to be best of friends or rush into it but you both will be in a better space when you talk just leave pride aside and talk things over please love you both😍

    Tabitha OTabitha O27 kun oldin
  • U shouldn’t pray only when u wants things u should just sit down and pray for ur enemies/haters and the world 🙌🏾🤍.

    It’s MaiIt’s Mai27 kun oldin
  • Its so many things i want for myself and it sucks that i cant just rush and get it whenever i want to so i pray to god definitely to help me to accept where i am in life right now and just guide me along way and help me to be satisfied and patience with anything im doing

    Smiley JayeSmiley Jaye27 kun oldin
  • You keep throwing shots at Nique though!

    She BoujieeShe Boujiee27 kun oldin
  • U should look at the leaf of the Family channel because the man clipboy said he cheated with u 2

    Truthset UsfreeTruthset Usfree27 kun oldin
  • How you stay with Corey though? Go back to school move, do something for you

    Karen LewisKaren Lewis27 kun oldin
  • Love you Carmen ❤❤💖💖

    Maddjina BeaubrunMaddjina Beaubrun27 kun oldin
  • Your a fraud and a scammer!!!!

    Brie Bre MinajBrie Bre Minaj27 kun oldin
  • i cant belive nique is getting more views than this nowww we gotta step up our game

    America Cabrera PerezAmerica Cabrera Perez27 kun oldin
  • The fact that Corey help you lie is crazy

    Natali ZamoraNatali Zamora27 kun oldin
  • It's crazy how u and nique video talks about the same things . And it's kinda like the same layout y'all both start out going through it and then y'all feel better after. How y'all just human. It's crazy I know y'all both going through some things but the videos are so similar in a way .

    Just us !Just us !27 kun oldin
  • You need to apologize to nique for betraying her!! All the fans that you got gonna be on your side cause they fall for your lies and the image of a good girl! If you not do this video too why even upload this video! Only someone that is guilty will always act in defense instead of admitting that they’re wrong!!

    Natali ZamoraNatali Zamora27 kun oldin
  • You’re hella fake the fact and the principal of the fact that you went behind your suppose friend just to get back at Corey for his cheating is wrong!!!

    Natali ZamoraNatali Zamora27 kun oldin
  • My best advice is keep as much of your personal business off social media and MEDITATE....people are vicious 🐍....remember YOU have the POWER and CONTROL of your happiness and life 😊

    Jasmine Lewis-francisJasmine Lewis-francis27 kun oldin
  • True only u have the saying wen to move on u guys will pull through this We love you both ♥️♥️

    Natasha PetersNatasha Peters27 kun oldin
  • I love you Carmen keep your head up and keep staying positive and I love youuu

    tarrika jonestarrika jones27 kun oldin
  • Keep pushing Carmen 💙💙🙏🏾 women are always gonna be jealous of you even when they know you are going through a lot. Those "friends" been envying you. Keep going girl and continue to make your way for your family ❣️❣️

    Pretty RedazxPretty Redazx27 kun oldin
  • I just love how you are , how real you are & how you try to make sure everyone is ok including you’re son . You handled the situation how you feel like it should be handed! Keep you’re head up . All positive energy !!!! You’re a great person soo surround yourself around nothing but positivity ❤️

    anaya smithanaya smith27 kun oldin
  • I love you🥰🥰🥰I really look up to you You don’t deserve this Carmen Keep doing what you doing 🥰and ignore the negativity

    Aisa ColemanAisa Coleman27 kun oldin
  • U deserve ALL da likes on dis video 🙌🏾🙏🏾🤞🏽❤

    N JN J27 kun oldin
  • We love you too Carmen ! But I think u care about other people too much just keep focusing on your family's happiness God bless !❤

    Singh TisheenaSingh Tisheena27 kun oldin
  • 💖💕💖💕💖🤗💗💖💗💖🤗🤗🤗💗💖💕💖

    Shuntay SwansonShuntay Swanson27 kun oldin
  • Claim your 1M views here

    Analissa BanksAnalissa Banks27 kun oldin
  • It was the what full videos for me😂

    Life As CorneaLife As Cornea27 kun oldin
  • She really miss her friend man ! It’s gone be okay Carmen if the friendship was meant to be y’all will get through it . Keep your head up❤️

    Zhane ApplingZhane Appling27 kun oldin