I CRASHED My BRAND NEW Restored '99 Honda Z50R (3 Times!) | 108cc Big Bore vs. Lifan 125cc

28-Sen, 2020
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We just finished building my 1999 Honda Z50R resto-mod project, and I crashed it THREE TIMES on the first day of riding it. The 108cc big bore kit with the V2 race head is no joke for this 50cc Honda engine. We didn't replace the tires during this Honda mini bike restoration, which I believe is why I laid the bike down so many times- the tire was slick in the middle, and still had tread on the sides, which made high speed turns very squirrelly. Definitely should've changed the tires before sending it.
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  • I knew it...... Ike runs on gas¡! 11:50 😂🤣

    XPNDBLheroXPNDBLhero6 kun oldin
  • Had a 86 z50 when I was a kid. Fun . Cool builds. Much respect from Washington NC

    Sean MayoSean Mayo11 kun oldin
  • Yall are awesome been watching for a while. Thanks for the entertainment! I want to go to the next rally (hoping that still happens) you guys are inspiring.

    Ashley WalkerAshley Walker13 kun oldin
  • The shift star mod is needed 🤔🤫

    Joseph SaucedoJoseph Saucedo14 kun oldin
  • That 108 needs an extra gear man, it'd be so much faster

    Mitch MckenzieMitch Mckenzie14 kun oldin
  • Would it be against the 'rules' or whatever for your sponsorship if you did a build using another company's parts? If not id love to see you guys do an rcf micro mini bike build

    Corey DeshotelCorey Deshotel17 kun oldin
  • Hey my Minibike is doing the same thing where it just loses power and makes that weird noise. Almost sounds like it’s bogging but what they did had something to do with the engine. Can someone explain how to fix it in a little more depth

    Ryan FerrinRyan Ferrin20 kun oldin
  • A buddy of mine picked up a jc70y chinese 70cc bike. trying to find parts is kinda a pain.i think it's a honda clone basically.what's the best way to find the proper seat needed to mount. do we just measure the mount holes and go from there? Also trying to find the correct body panels.

    Matt KuhlmanMatt Kuhlman23 kun oldin
  • What hp is that little z putting out? Its lightning

    josh clarkejosh clarke23 kun oldin
  • you moved a time faster then yours down lol the dingo ran faster

    Silver HasteSilver Haste23 kun oldin
  • Wear the helmet for 3 days. haha

    Michael WhaleyMichael Whaley24 kun oldin
  • If you look at the board, they messed up at the end putting the time on 1:12 1:13 1:12

    Kirkus BodurkusKirkus Bodurkus24 kun oldin
  • Glad she didn't burn to the ground when you crashes the Gatorade bottle.

    Ryan MartinRyan Martin24 kun oldin
  • dang. i wish i had a dirt bike. all i have is an offroad go kart that never works half the time and i cant afford a dirt bike.

    levi strnadlevi strnad24 kun oldin
  • Better drill some ventilation holes in a helmet for John if he's gonna be wearing a helmet several days in a row lol.

    john beachjohn beach24 kun oldin
  • Save money on a new tire, just throw some shoe goop on it lol.

    john beachjohn beach24 kun oldin
  • Whoop!

    john beachjohn beach24 kun oldin
  • This looks like normal Honda Monkey in Finland.

    Aleksi LinnaAleksi Linna25 kun oldin
  • Did you see Ike wink when he said not together in the same shower of course. You two just need to come out .

    Steven MaysSteven Mays25 kun oldin
  • Love the channel, love what you guys do. You 2 inspired me to buy my first go kart and start tinkering. While I understand sponsorship, I think that political/polarizing ad is something you guys should avoid.

    Omar BooneOmar Boone25 kun oldin
  • Sweet video guys!

    James McGeeJames McGee26 kun oldin
  • y'all are goats!

    SHAW SHINKSHAW SHINK26 kun oldin
  • 11:59. Is Isaac cleaning out a new gas tank.

    Manbearpig 88Manbearpig 8826 kun oldin
  • where can i find detail of this bike

    Ravi ChandelRavi Chandel26 kun oldin

    1smokeydog11smokeydog126 kun oldin

    1smokeydog11smokeydog126 kun oldin
  • I have questions

    Music MadnessMusic Madness27 kun oldin

    1smokeydog11smokeydog127 kun oldin
  • "Short wheel base and a lot of power" Sounds like a Buell

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  • funny wen you coome off your bikes

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  • No Wednesday video?

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  • Good vid ,And I would love to see you guys work on the new yerf dog you got so you can ride together!

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  • Hey you guys haven’t uploaded today yet wth man haha😅

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  • That big bore is crazy LOL

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  • uzworld.info/player/video/pZPGb6WKqcrNc2M

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  • When are you going to get some “I like Ike” Cars and Cameras swag?

    Dan wrightDan wright27 kun oldin
  • Wheelie it!

    Timmy UhlinTimmy Uhlin27 kun oldin
  • I have an idea for you. A regular car wheel, lay it on its side. Weld a shaft 18", then weld a spindle that points to the sky. After you tape off the wheel you need to paint, set it on the spindle and spin it, then spray.

    Clueless CatfishingClueless Catfishing27 kun oldin
  • 12:00 i thought he was drinking the gas gatorade lol

    Jacob DavisJacob Davis27 kun oldin
  • I got a 1980 z50

    glendalovesjeffglendalovesjeff27 kun oldin
  • Check out KBS coatings for future gas tank repairs. I've used it for automobile applications and it works great.

    Brad CraddockBrad Craddock27 kun oldin
  • The ssr motor should be a 4 speed bs the z50 being a 3 speed

    14ev0x14ev0x27 kun oldin
  • You guys should make a diesel kart

    Tyler PierreTyler Pierre28 kun oldin
    • We did

      Isaac it'll be fineIsaac it'll be fine27 kun oldin
  • Runs pretty good with that IV plugged in lol

    Brandon HBrandon H28 kun oldin
  • Next build do a full restoration make it back to factory spec

    Sim SimSim Sim28 kun oldin
  • 3:04 "this happens problems all the sudden again" makes sense to me :D

    djSpinegedjSpinege28 kun oldin
  • I really want to see another video of the 2 stroke Murray maybe a top speed run

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  • Two grown men on mini bikes drag racing 🤣

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  • Ike make sure you film John wearing that helmet for three days. LoL.

    DirtRiderX sauerDirtRiderX sauer28 kun oldin
  • Get some actual dirt tires..

    Jason WJason W28 kun oldin
  • Congrats John, for not laying it down on the hotlap and wearing the protective gear along with the brain bucket.

    Sheep WolfSheep Wolf28 kun oldin
  • The Z is a looker!!!

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  • 14TH just saying

    TheJohn636TheJohn63628 kun oldin
  • " Toqued to spec"

    VAGABOND111VAGABOND11128 kun oldin
  • Rosco P Coltrane coming in hot a cud yud

    marderbeastmarderbeast28 kun oldin
  • Mini's are not race bikes. Those small fat tires don't grip well at higher speeds. The entire bike is built for kids to putt on trails. I had one and it was fun, but a learning experience. One of the lessons was that there are different tasting dirts. Honda engines were built to very exact fitting in those days. If you are having to add a shim, you have worn parts. I've come off my Mini in some spectacular ways. That short wheel base and fat tires just have limitations.

    Brad TaylorBrad Taylor28 kun oldin
  • hey whats that tapping noise at 7:05 someone please tell me my bike makes the same noise, is it normal? i cant figure out for crap what makes it, is it just valve train noise?? idk someone please help

    Slim SqdeSlim Sqde28 kun oldin
  • "First thing, we are taking the engine apart goodie!" Hang in there guys!

    James McGeeJames McGee28 kun oldin
  • I had an 1984 Z50r as a kid. GREAT little bike. If memory serves me right, it has a 150 Lbs max rider weight, any more then that and the 3 bolts that hold the rim to the hub on the rear become loose. Brings back a lot of good memories. Great work guys! Love the content.

    Mark LarsonMark Larson28 kun oldin

    Ryley Music RacingRyley Music Racing28 kun oldin
  • Here a idea for your next build 4 stroke 4 gear BIG BIG BORE & full open canals + longer rear par and longer springs or weld more metal in back of seat so og springs are same level but 30 cm longer rear

    Broo_shBroo_sh28 kun oldin
  • i have drive 3 speed what go over 100km easy

    Broo_shBroo_sh28 kun oldin
  • Hey Ikes drinking all your fuel...

    John BrownJohn Brown28 kun oldin
  • By the looks of the rear tire @ 19:18 Jon isn't far off from rear tire failure like Isaac experienced.

    Buddy GunionBuddy Gunion28 kun oldin
  • So I just had a 1973 ATC 70 given to me...yes...given. 👍🏻 Sat in a shop for 30+ years. I got it running with a carb clean and a new spark plug. My question is: I wonder if one of those 108 big bore kits would work for this?

    Paul HarkeyPaul Harkey28 kun oldin
    • Probably

      Isaac it'll be fineIsaac it'll be fine27 kun oldin
  • Don't attempt this at home, wait until you are at you're friends house.

    Anan O'mooseAnan O'moose28 kun oldin
  • Tip. The key is not for holding the flywheel only there for guiding it in the right oosition for the ignitintiming. The flywheel is held i place by the taper on the axel/hole in the wheel. If it is not a close to perfect match you can torque it till you get blue it whont stay put nomattterwhat. The trick is to use valve grinding paste on the taper and grind to a better fit. If it is a good fit u will not even need a key.

    bravojonasbravojonas28 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know the Gopower sports coupon code? i cant seem to find

    Noah HildebrandNoah Hildebrand28 kun oldin
    • No more coupons

      Isaac it'll be fineIsaac it'll be fine27 kun oldin
  • I do not owe anyone anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Creative OneCreative One28 kun oldin
  • John has the best dismount, but Isaac's ride with the RC cart is probably the scarriest of all

    Gary TurnerGary Turner28 kun oldin
    • Nah, it’s definitely John when the throttle got pinned on the 670cc Black Widow Death Kart

      Phillip PaikPhillip Paik27 kun oldin
  • Those tires are so dry rotted, no wonder you crashed.

    Steven DorseySteven Dorsey28 kun oldin
  • Got to keep you bikes hydrated.

    Rett BullRett Bull28 kun oldin
  • Ike brother you do so much for the Channel you and your efforts are appreciated

    silly slothsilly sloth28 kun oldin
    • Thanks

      Isaac it'll be fineIsaac it'll be fine27 kun oldin
  • John needs to learn to put his foot down

    silly slothsilly sloth28 kun oldin
  • Hey man don't feel bad about taking the engine apart, a pin got smashed in the bottom end of my yz250f so I just put it back together without it and it turns out that it was a passage for the oil, so it has to come apart for the third time😂

    Curt CoxCurt Cox28 kun oldin
  • here before 100k veiws

    Caiden WhiteCaiden White28 kun oldin
  • The 108 needs a way longer gearing

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  • That was a great video ,enjoyed it very much ,keep up the great work we appreciate it .Love the racing between you guys it’s really fun to watch God bless

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  • 12:55 i dont need to tell you John what that sounded like...LoL

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  • Man love those old bikes built many I took my 50 and add a taller gears from the 70 forget what years but u can swap alot between them and find the gear chart for them on the web I think I need to find one again and tinker had some much fun on the little bikes

    Just-in-TimeJust-in-Time29 kun oldin
  • Don't slow down. Build up the corner so you can take it faster

    oiliooilio29 kun oldin
  • Stop saying dog

    Kyle FieldsKyle Fields29 kun oldin
  • Johns face when ike mentioned the helmet 🤣🤣🤣

  • Why aren't you wearing the Helmet for the rest of the video?? You did crash not once but 3 times!!! If it was Isaac he would have wore it!! Fair is only Fair!!!

    mark smithsonmark smithson29 kun oldin
  • What probably happened is it’s probably missing a spring washer on the shifting shaft and the bolt probably needs to be tightened to a specific tension,

    madmunki creationsmadmunki creations29 kun oldin
  • Yea it was made for little children, you don't want full race gearing for children.

    Morgan WeastMorgan Weast29 kun oldin
  • Nice eject John! very nicely played sir the good old Fashion tuck an roll!. Reminds me of my motocross days 😂

    Layoutcustoms 658Layoutcustoms 65829 kun oldin
  • Sweet new outro guys. Aaaaannnd you missed a golden op for your exit shot. Should have been wearing the helmet. That bike's a ripper. It's amazing how much HP you can get from a can of white rattle paint.

    InsideOfMyOwnMindInsideOfMyOwnMind29 kun oldin
  • Did yall polish that thing in there like the flywheels on a predator ? It might take some work off that key

    J RamJ Ram29 kun oldin
  • John, are you sure you want to regear that thing to go FASTER? I think it's already too fast for ya.

    Jeff KopisJeff Kopis29 kun oldin
  • When given the choice of Tit or Tat, I always chose the Tit. In fact, I'm not even sure what a Tat IS. A tattoo? Maybe I can get a Tat OF a Tit 🤔.

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  • Z50 for the win. Kool builds, update as necessary : )

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  • Is Ikes shirt hes wearing a new one not yet on the site? Or is it an old one?

    Matt RMatt R29 kun oldin
    • Isaac it'll be fine Thanks Ike. Really like it, would def buy if it was in the store. 👍🍕🐌🦖

      Matt RMatt R28 kun oldin
    • It was a test shirt

      Isaac it'll be fineIsaac it'll be fine29 kun oldin
  • You should use Acetone to flush the tank. It absorbs the water and comes out when you dump it. Also cleans it and preps for the tank liner. Also instead of using putty on the outside just use a piece of masking tape and use Red Kote tank sealer. Then peel the tape off. Will be good as new.

    Ben_from_AK InstagramBen_from_AK Instagram29 kun oldin
  • John! Might be time to invest in some training wheels buddy. LMAO!

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  • It'll be fine/testing purposes only... ...Things happen for a reason... Believe, there's 👼 watching down on us.

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