I Challenged A Pro Golfer To A 9 Hole Match... Did I Win?!

30-Sen, 2020
264 246 Ko‘rishlar soni

What a match!! Hopefully y’all enjoyed
Thanks to TPC Danzante Bay for having us out!!
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  • Dang dude...he wouldn't let you count that putt, but he'll play that shot after already hitting the second ball? Legit.

    Samuel HSamuel H13 soat oldin
  • That putt was 100% dropping in! George should have given that!!

    shavencarrotshavencarrot3 kun oldin
  • 2 balls???🤣

    CookOut GolfCookOut Golf5 kun oldin
  • George: doesn’t score a 72 also George:“not scoring well but it’s fine”

    Nate RohdeNate Rohde5 kun oldin
  • The cuts in this video are making me motion sick

    Christian AlonsoChristian Alonso5 kun oldin
  • Hey Garrett do you think you and tig scramble could eagle a 540 yard par 5 at my home course and then play in our school fundraiser tournament next year around august? Please let me know I think it would be really fun to also see if you can do that and maybe we can get 2 of the best golfers around to take on you and tig in a scramble for a video on your channel

    Logan BartensLogan Bartens5 kun oldin
  • This course may be more hilly than angeles golf course

    Darren McintoshDarren Mcintosh6 kun oldin
  • I played this course similar to this layout and scenery in Los Angeles. Angeles golf course. Over $100 well kept. Rough like this rocks cactus mts.

    Darren McintoshDarren Mcintosh6 kun oldin
  • Tough course. Rough is rocks mts cactus plus traps throughout fairway

    Darren McintoshDarren Mcintosh6 kun oldin
  • No shade. You light skins need sunscreen water and gatorade

    Darren McintoshDarren Mcintosh6 kun oldin
  • Normal golfers: I have 5 sleeves of 3 different brands of balls Psychopaths: I only have 2 golf balls

    Charles ThronesberyCharles Thronesbery6 kun oldin
  • That put would have been 3000 feet up the Mountain if the flag wasn’t in the way 🤣

    barry4347barry43477 kun oldin
  • I think it was out for sure. That was a bit of mustard you put on that hotdog

    Christopher ZechmanChristopher Zechman7 kun oldin
  • “Lot of pressure, pressure is probably getting to him” 10 seconds before he swings. 🐍 in the grass. Haha!

    Tee 1upTee 1up7 kun oldin
  • Is that George Bryan from South Click? Cut hair and added glasses? 🤓

    Tee 1upTee 1up7 kun oldin
  • Garrett has more excuses than anyone I've ever heard..lol

    Boston StrongBoston Strong10 kun oldin
  • I bet you could not eagle the par 5 at the coarse my highschool team plays at do you accept the challenge and what to find out bc that would be really dope maybe even a you and tig scramble to try and get eagle?

    Logan BartensLogan Bartens10 kun oldin
  • My golf game is a revolving door and something is always out in the cold. Mostly the putting.

    caseykiefcaseykief10 kun oldin
  • It is probably subclavius muscle, clavicle is a bone so has to be either the muscle or ligs attached to the bone.

    TheHuffer24TheHuffer2411 kun oldin
  • is the golf all inclusive also ? or you have to pay every time you do a round ?

    Mark MagnerMark Magner11 kun oldin
  • That putt was coming in way too hot dude.

    paul adamspaul adams11 kun oldin
  • I feel like I could be a Pro Golfer if this guy is. "Comment down below what you think!"

    Trey McColleyTrey McColley11 kun oldin
  • Also George should have called a provisional

    FIRESTORM OscarFIRESTORM Oscar12 kun oldin
  • You probably pulled a muscle man

    FIRESTORM OscarFIRESTORM Oscar12 kun oldin
  • I suggest stop being such a 👶

    Dan RosaDan Rosa12 kun oldin
  • That is literally the worst I’ve seen Jerge play. Enjoy the win, even if you were under clubbing all day like usual. lol

    Nelson JamesNelson James14 kun oldin
  • That putt was too fast, hate to say it.

    Brad TaviBrad Tavi14 kun oldin
  • 20:37 “oh it bounced backwards”

    Jake FlemmingJake Flemming14 kun oldin
  • Is this an impossible win, Yes, but it's possible lol. Love it

    Brian WellsBrian Wells14 kun oldin
  • 15:22 its a "correcaminos"

    Mario LozanoMario Lozano14 kun oldin
  • "NO IDEAL". for reals... ideal but pronounced Ee-Deh-Ahl

    Adolfo CamarenaAdolfo Camarena14 kun oldin
  • i broke my collarbone in 3 places abs didn’t even complain besides make moaning sounds lol toughen up jk love the vids

    Magic KittyMagic Kitty14 kun oldin
  • "Is this gonna be an impossible win? Yes, but it's possible." The most Michael Scott thing I've ever heard lol

    Ty SchultzTy Schultz15 kun oldin
  • "I love coffee. It's so much." merch needs to happen asap. I need that hoodie lol

    Ty SchultzTy Schultz15 kun oldin
  • 23:22 - I can relate to that Garrett. I was once cooking a pizza when a storm hit, so the oven was on, and then the electricity was off - so I had a salad.

    Lee FisherLee Fisher15 kun oldin
  • 15:49 - That's Matt's job.

    Lee FisherLee Fisher15 kun oldin
  • 15:19 - I guess George felt more at home on the range, where the deer and the antelopes play. Or is that the horses and giraffes?

    Lee FisherLee Fisher15 kun oldin
  • 8:29 - That's one of the goals, George, but the other one is to avoid the cacti.

    Lee FisherLee Fisher15 kun oldin
  • 7:16 - Um, Actually Bradley... they're all square.

    Lee FisherLee Fisher15 kun oldin
  • love ur content G. I'm a physio - where you're pointing is your sterno-clavicular joint....(joint where your clavicle...collarbone...meets the sternum). Yes you can strain it - there isn't a ton to be done for it beyond making sure your back and neck are loosened up. Get a massage from the chicks in the resort if you're still there - if not.....all it is is a strain of a joint in your shoulder girdle because you reef on the ball super hard. Shoulder/clavicle pain is super common in golfers. Not usually as young as you though so get it sorted!

    The CanauzieThe Canauzie15 kun oldin
  • That muscle would be called the pec minor or upper pec major, not the clavicle.

    Chapman ΑΩChapman ΑΩ15 kun oldin
  • I'm from the future. Put more sunscreen on.

    Fish For FunFish For Fun15 kun oldin
  • I am not a doctor but from what you've told me, i can diagnose that it maybe sore :/

    Magiic LottoMagiic Lotto15 kun oldin
  • Beautiful course!!

    Jay WalkerJay Walker15 kun oldin
  • Not even gonna lie, no way was that in. It was hammered into the pin.... I’m always rooting for you to win but can’t give you that one

    Connor JohnsonConnor Johnson16 kun oldin
  • Great match

    Kyle HetrickKyle Hetrick16 kun oldin
  • Two of the classiest guys in golf right here!

    CBoneseyCBonesey16 kun oldin
  • It’s most likely a strained ac joint

    Tyler PriceTyler Price16 kun oldin
  • Could you have potentially injured your rotator cuff?

    huSkYd00DyhuSkYd00Dy16 kun oldin
  • The fact that you can show up to a golf course with only 2 balls. I'd never make it past the 3rd hole.

    Scott ChapmanScott Chapman16 kun oldin
  • The kid makes a excuse before every round he plays

    Robert RikessRobert Rikess16 kun oldin
  • Wheel of Not Ideal in Spanish is, Rueda de lo no ideal

    reformcongressreformcongress16 kun oldin
  • 7 breakfast burrito?

    Shane CShane C16 kun oldin
  • George might be the nicest dude on the planet. I’m writing him in for president.

    Jeffery LinnJeffery Linn16 kun oldin
  • no way that was in to hard

    MrJakew33MrJakew3316 kun oldin
  • Not Ideal is no es ideal

    Darrel KeilDarrel Keil16 kun oldin
  • Watch all the videos go make.In England because of Covid 19 we can’t touch the flag,so if the ball touches the flag it’s counted as in ⛳️🏌️‍♂️🏌️👏

    Colin StenningColin Stenning16 kun oldin
  • No es ideal = Not ideal

    Angel DominguezAngel Dominguez16 kun oldin
  • No way I’d let him play that ball that bounced off the rocks if he hit the 2nd one his fault for not looking for it

    Joshua GrioliJoshua Grioli17 kun oldin
  • Carona flag… putt on par 5, good!

    KscheufensKscheufens17 kun oldin
  • The Clavicle (Collar Bone) is the most broken bone in the body, maybe you have a slight fracture? I’ve broken mine pretty bad and it didn’t hurt too bad but it hurt when I moved my arm up

  • I have the same problem... Strippin driver and hooking irons or fading driver and throwing darts with my irons. Cant seen to put a game together using all my clubs

    Mere MortalsMere Mortals17 kun oldin
  • Got pain in my leg, pretty sure I tore my femur

    StormanStorman17 kun oldin
  • Keep pulling on your hair like that it’s gonna fall out

    Josh KnightJosh Knight17 kun oldin
  • Putt was def too hard. Would not have gone in.

    Grant WegnerGrant Wegner17 kun oldin
  • its probably shoulder impingement, just ice It up, dont play anymore golf for a few days. its just over use of the same muscles. happens to me all the time when I play too much golf

    Corey D'AngeloCorey D'Angelo17 kun oldin
  • now you just gotta play wes!

    •Parmesan••Parmesan•17 kun oldin
  • Why don’t you ever play based on HC?

    Graham StopherGraham Stopher17 kun oldin
  • Must be cancer

    RyLiveTVRyLiveTV17 kun oldin
  • Beautiful course. You guys should get over to Aiken and play on George's turf.

    Ted MillerTed Miller17 kun oldin
  • I think it would be awesome to see a 4 man scramble, Tig , Matt, Garrett and George. How low can you shoot 18 holes?

    Fluffy ManiaFluffy Mania17 kun oldin
  • Garrett tee shot at 8:15 believe I hear an “Aww you f****r” lol

    Alex BrewerAlex Brewer18 kun oldin
  • Lol, lose one shot when you find another. Welcome to the story of my life. :)

    alexander williamsalexander williams18 kun oldin
  • Putt was in fs on hole 5.

    Lance SchmidtLance Schmidt18 kun oldin
  • Where do you get your shirts?

    Blaise MasciantonioBlaise Masciantonio18 kun oldin
  • I would like to see you invest in some wearable microphones. I think it will improve your overall video quality. IMO

    Ryan WhitesideRyan Whiteside18 kun oldin
  • That’s definitely my game Garrett. That’s what separates us from the pros is consistency. Your a great golfer don’t worry about it

    Christopher DanjouChristopher Danjou18 kun oldin
  • Love the intro GM

    Pistol2020 Pete2020Pistol2020 Pete202018 kun oldin
  • He can beat Wesley but not Micah 😂

    Ammon WallaceAmmon Wallace18 kun oldin
  • Pinched nerve

    Logan TaylorLogan Taylor18 kun oldin
  • putt was too fast

    andrew stewartandrew stewart18 kun oldin
  • I’ve been to that exact resort

    DeLuX BlurrDeLuX Blurr18 kun oldin
  • I say the putt on 5 counts

    Gabreol AikenGabreol Aiken18 kun oldin
  • Time to start skipping a belt loop

    Dougie BarnardDougie Barnard18 kun oldin
  • Covid rules its in

    Harrison BoydHarrison Boyd18 kun oldin
  • The swing is lookin good gmoney rat

    Nick DaSilvaNick DaSilva18 kun oldin
  • 5 times advertising in the first 17 min. not annoying at all...

    Gerit NowoGerit Nowo18 kun oldin
  • How do you not wear sunglasses?

    Harry NormanHarry Norman18 kun oldin
  • Dude I have a time share for villa Palmar! You filmed literally where my room was last time 😄 I really want to play that course.

    Chef_Boi_Ar_TeeJChef_Boi_Ar_TeeJ18 kun oldin
  • I think you should penalize yourself everytime you drop your club!

    patrick greenpatrick green18 kun oldin
  • You guys should do a 90 degree wedge challenge

    Connor AngleConnor Angle18 kun oldin
  • “Is this going to be an impossible win? Yes. But, it’s possible” That hurt my brain

    David AllenDavid Allen18 kun oldin
  • Garrett: “I only have 2 balls” Me: “I only have 12 balls”

    LukeLuke18 kun oldin
  • You should buy mics for these kind of videos

    brocky 34brocky 3418 kun oldin
  • low key hammered in this video lol

    Ryder MayfieldRyder Mayfield18 kun oldin
  • As a doctor, nobody should be diagnosing you over the internet. Go get an exam done in person.

    Matthew HughesMatthew Hughes18 kun oldin
  • George is not a pro right

    Mike YMike Y18 kun oldin
  • How many times can a person say "dial it in" in one round.....?

    A Joyful NoiseA Joyful Noise18 kun oldin
  • Kinda ironic there's no gimmes on a channel called "GoodGood"

    Jesse BuckJesse Buck18 kun oldin
  • That Fast putt was no where near holed...why is it a question

    Joffer HandlesJoffer Handles18 kun oldin