I Bought My First Tractor! (John Deere 8110)

13-Yan, 2021
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I'm a little too excited to show the first Tractor! I spent the past couple of months searching for a nice used 7000 series or an 8000 series John Deere. I knew from the start I was gonna go with Deere (Sorry Case people, I just grew up around it, so I had to. Maybe a Case Combine coming tho!). The seller's were some of the nicest people I've met, and it was a well taken care of Tractor that seller's were proud of. The 8110 has 183hp, and has 4900 hours, is greenstar ready and has John Deere ATU 200 autosteer (I still need monitor and globe though if I every want to get autosteer working. I don't really need it atm though), has 450 rear weights, and 6 front weights. Everything is in perfect condition, maybe an upgrade in the future would be new rear rubber but we'll see about that.
Also 2nd part of the video is about getting the shop/living quarters/cold storage put up on one of the farms. Right now I'm thinking 60x120 for the entire building. Let me know if anyone has an experience or recommendations on building sizes/features.
Thank again for watching guys!
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  • 1!!!! Row

    Wind Hill FarmsWind Hill Farms3 soat oldin
  • Is this the sqaud

    Petra heminkPetra hemink12 soat oldin
  • I think I might have a small 8110 I will get back to you in 2 weeks when I go to my dads next I’d give it to you for $2

    AZRATAT95AZRATAT9522 soat oldin
  • hey grant the wheatstar instead of cole the cornstar

    Gabriel Caudill26Gabriel Caudill2623 soat oldin
  • Me patiently waiting for the next upload...

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  • tratters

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  • When’s the next video

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  • Wanna play tratters

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  • Grant -Good job of film production; and following your calling in ag production.

    Rudy HiebertRudy HiebertKun oldin
  • Dang! Hear that beast purr!

    Hayden PhelpsHayden PhelpsKun oldin
  • What year is this tractor?

    Nikolai TownsendNikolai TownsendKun oldin
  • Congrats man! Happy to see a 1st generation getting started!

    Caleb MooreCaleb Moore2 kun oldin
  • a Kinze planter

    Indiana RailRoad RailfanIndiana RailRoad Railfan2 kun oldin
  • a little late to this video lol. But if you ever decide to start shopping again, would you consider a 4630 or 4450?

    Hank DennyHank Denny2 kun oldin
  • yeah the 8000 series is pretty much bullet proof just keep taking good care of it and lol do not buy anything that you don't need

    4020jc4020jc2 kun oldin
  • How long till married

    mason holmesmason holmes2 kun oldin
  • Hey squad how ping until u get married

    mason holmesmason holmes2 kun oldin
  • What are you thinking about a combine

    Ben TBen T2 kun oldin
  • i love the vid

    Cameron ColemanCameron Coleman3 kun oldin
  • Are you from the squad?

    Nui dog 47Nui dog 473 kun oldin
  • Is so nice what you are doing I am from romania and here we don t have this kind of content and for the beginners is hard but you r doing a grate job

    Stefan GrigoreStefan Grigore3 kun oldin
  • I want to be my family first generation farmer too

    Stefan GrigoreStefan Grigore3 kun oldin
  • You should start a farm on Fs that is based off your farm irl

    Madden RejectsMadden Rejects3 kun oldin
  • nice bro

    YT JernoYT Jerno3 kun oldin
  • Do an 8 row planter

    J GamerJ Gamer3 kun oldin
  • Love tractors keep doing what your doing

    XST dukewintersXST dukewinters3 kun oldin
  • This is cool a first gen farmer, keep the vids coming young fella, lots of farmers who will give tips and hints to better your farm.

    Alberta OutlawAlberta Outlaw3 kun oldin
  • Congratulation on the new trac grant I'm selling my old one is a john deer its only two or three years old just sits around the farm

    James WhitmerJames Whitmer3 kun oldin
  • Well grant were both taking the same Leap of faith. This year I started my farming operation as well I’m 23 and I’ll be buying my first tractor in two weeks which is going to be a case magnum!! Cant wait to see how well you do this year!!!

    Ben WinbornBen Winborn3 kun oldin
    • I will have to document it as a matter of fact tomorrow if it’s sunny I will document the two fields I have right which one is 60 acres other 50 so in total doing about 110 this year but we have more land but it hasn’t been farmed since the 90s so the woods grew up so that’s on the to do list for winter this October !!

      Ben WinbornBen Winborn3 kun oldin
    • Awesome! Congrats on the first tractor Ben! Goodluck this year! Consider documenting it on UZworld I think it would be neat to see 50 years from now and look back at the journey and for others to follow along the journey.

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert3 kun oldin
  • When's the next video I really enjoyed your other ones.

    Jason GiersdorfJason Giersdorf3 kun oldin
    • I've been real busy this past 2 weeks with computer work only. Once Spring rolls around I'm dropping the mice Friday-Monday and going all real-life filming!

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert3 kun oldin
    • Not sure, I may have one with a lot of talking coming up like- "Life of a Wannabe Farmer", but it may not be too interesting for those that like excitement of the farm

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert3 kun oldin
  • We have an 8100 & it is my fav tractor! I think the 8110 was a great choice! Good luck in your farming journey!

    Kelly RatajczakKelly Ratajczak4 kun oldin
  • Cole the corn star would be Proud

    Michelle HaywardMichelle Hayward4 kun oldin
  • Love it grant have fun with it

    Brock GeslerBrock Gesler4 kun oldin
    • Yeah that sounds good

      Brock GeslerBrock Gesler4 kun oldin
  • Its toy "Tratters"

    Harland GoodnoughHarland Goodnough4 kun oldin
  • I know were there is a planter like u looking for u wanting to run precision or John deere moniters

    Wyatt DeAthWyatt DeAth4 kun oldin
  • We just sold our 8310. It was a fantastic tractor.

    MikeMike4 kun oldin
    • It had around 3000 when we bought it. In 11 years we put about 4300 hours on it. Was about 7340ish when we sold it. Biggest issue was a blown hyd line that the cab had to he lifted off to replace at our dealer. Other than that virtually trouble free.

      MikeMike3 kun oldin
    • Awesome! How many hrs did you guys put on it? Any repairs?

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert3 kun oldin
  • Actually looking at building a barn dominium like your shop and cold storage area. One thing I was told is that you want a like a solid cinder block wall between the shop and living area because you don’t want fumes and stuff coming in. Sure you’ve heard about it but just thought I’d throw it out there, love the videos and good luck!

    Payton GPayton G4 kun oldin
    • Smart! I will have to talk to my builder and make sure they have sometype of protection.

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert3 kun oldin
  • Congratulations sir

    Chad WilliamsChad Williams4 kun oldin
  • beutiful tractor

    Jernej VeršičJernej Veršič4 kun oldin
  • Man this is a realistic farm sim mod! What’s the link?

    Rangerdawg70Rangerdawg704 kun oldin
    • uzworld.info/tost/Txpe7olPj-GKMW9dsmSvCg :)

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert3 kun oldin
  • Are there any buildings on the farm?

    Oskar S.Oskar S.4 kun oldin
  • What was the top speed?

    Oskar S.Oskar S.4 kun oldin
    • Ok thanks

      Oskar S.Oskar S.3 kun oldin
    • 23.5 mph

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert3 kun oldin
  • That’s crazy Grant! We’ve come all the way from the fs farming to real farming! Congrats!

    Mr AMr A4 kun oldin
    • Thanks MR A!

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert3 kun oldin
  • What do you think your next tratter will be or combine cause I know Cole the cornstarch is selling his

    Tyson ShulferTyson Shulfer4 kun oldin
  • You Should Buy Cole The Cornstars Tractor

    The Wanna Be CowboyThe Wanna Be Cowboy4 kun oldin
  • Love the tractor and vids keep up the good work on the vids

    Dylan HuhnDylan Huhn4 kun oldin
  • This video kept popping up in my recommended list, and I didn't realize it was the Squad!

    Corbin KusterCorbin Kuster4 kun oldin
  • Love the tractor

    Rylan GardnerRylan Gardner5 kun oldin
  • Nice tractor !! What are you gonna use it for ?

    Jimmy CornesJimmy Cornes5 kun oldin
    • Mainly Planting, maybe vt haven't decided on that, maybe spraying, gravity wagon & NH3 application.

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert3 kun oldin
  • Yea there’s a tractor smell in tractors, I agree

    THE_DUCK39 !!!!THE_DUCK39 !!!!5 kun oldin
  • Tratters

    Specnight2008 SnyderSpecnight2008 Snyder5 kun oldin
  • When is your next video

    Karla FuquaKarla Fuqua5 kun oldin
  • “So i started sniffing the manual” 🤣🤣😭😭

    Logan PayneLogan Payne5 kun oldin
    • Yeah that was kinda weird 😂😂

      Mr AMr A4 kun oldin
  • I would love to farm with you. I have run them all my life. Really love the 7 and 8000 series. The first tractor I evere ran was a 2510 deisel

    Michael HaysMichael Hays5 kun oldin
  • You starting to farm

    Michael HaysMichael Hays5 kun oldin
  • Hey grant I found a 2013 John Deere 1770NT 16 row 30 planter on a suction if you are interested

    Farmer JackFarmer Jack5 kun oldin
  • There’s always a smell in any cab🤩

    Jacob GJacob G5 kun oldin
  • Very nice tractor to start with, let it serve you well 😀.

    KonGTubeRKonGTubeR5 kun oldin
  • A Channel name is Grant Farms. I love the tractor. My dad and I bought our first tractor also. It’s a 5055e John deere

    The Hutsler BrothersThe Hutsler Brothers5 kun oldin
    • Grant can you tell me what editor you use

      The Hutsler BrothersThe Hutsler Brothers3 kun oldin
  • Hi grant

    Dunne KieranDunne Kieran5 kun oldin
  • het is trekker

    GiligoGiligo5 kun oldin
  • Yo squad, NICE tractor... i suggest you get an 8 row planter with a cultivator. Then get an 8820 JD combine then get one or two gravity wagons to haul grain. Just my suggestion. Oh and you've probobly seen me in an 8300 with a grain cart following a combine, I waved btw...

    Toxic DinosToxic Dinos5 kun oldin
  • you just sparked my intrest in farming, I might become a 3rd gen farmer now

    xd challangerxd challanger5 kun oldin
  • Grant if I was you I would buy an 8 row john deer planter, because with an 8 row you can still manage to get in and out of small patches without folding it up. And they are not very expensive. They also are not huge but they will get the job done.

    BIG E OutdoorsBIG E Outdoors5 kun oldin
  • Call her “ BIG BOOTY JUDY “ 👍👍😂

    Burt BrooksBurt Brooks5 kun oldin
  • I love your vids

    Madden RejectsMadden Rejects5 kun oldin
  • We are super happy for you!!!

    Jeff RaapJeff Raap5 kun oldin
    • Grant what are you thinking on combine???

      Jeff RaapJeff Raap5 kun oldin
  • Your living the dream grant love your vids btw

    EasternKentucky CountryBoyEasternKentucky CountryBoy6 kun oldin
  • Quick question will u buy a combine any time soon

    Robert KruseRobert Kruse6 kun oldin
    • Summer time!

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert3 kun oldin
  • nice job man it is like farming sim

    Courtney StephensCourtney Stephens6 kun oldin
  • Man the graphics are so realistic is this farming simulator 21!?

    Jacob LeonardJacob Leonard6 kun oldin
  • When you computer breaks

    GRZStatic GamesGRZStatic Games6 kun oldin
  • I just released that you are the squad, great video!

    Norfolk FarmerNorfolk Farmer6 kun oldin
  • Don't forget to incorporate Drainage into the floor of your shop. After the derecho,(I live in eastern Iowa.) We had allot of water blown into our barn and I had to squeegee it all out the door. Just trying to prevent a future headache :)

    Roy DeWittRoy DeWitt6 kun oldin
  • I know im late... But very nice video! Im exited for you bro!!

    Luke WyattLuke Wyatt6 kun oldin
  • i think u sniffed a bit of china

    jonnybonnyjonnybonny6 kun oldin
  • good job granny : Chow

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  • Gotta do a visit at cole the cornstars farm!!

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  • How Old are you

    Claus NielsenClaus Nielsen6 kun oldin
  • That’s a cool tractor ya got there

    Camera king 124Camera king 1246 kun oldin
    • 22

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert6 kun oldin
  • deeres the best brand

    alexalex6 kun oldin
  • You need to get a suicide knob they help tremendously with steering

    YA BOI JacobyYA BOI Jacoby6 kun oldin
    • would be nice! Maybe in the future once I switch out steering wheels

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert6 kun oldin
  • Man out here living my dream

    Farmsim_usaFarmsim_usa6 kun oldin
  • all you need now is some rubber a snow bucket for the 3pt and youll have the ultimate setup

    Rylee JohnsonRylee Johnson6 kun oldin


  • Hey man I'm from northern Indiana!

    Lucas GoodrichLucas Goodrich6 kun oldin
  • I love this series, it’s so wholesome and make me smile every time I watch these videos of you pursuing your dreams, god bless and good luck 👍

    Johnathan CzyszJohnathan Czysz6 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait to watch every little thing fall into place grant!

    Huffy_officialHuffy_official6 kun oldin
  • So.... you bought a 40-50k on the low end tractor for 200 acres?...... goodluck!!!!............. i.sure cant afford to buy 200 acres and a tractor of that size for my 200 acres...... sincerely, a first gen farmer that farms 200 acres.....

    Tyson FrankTyson Frank6 kun oldin
    • Tyson, Nice to see more first gen trying to go after the dream out there! Good luck in the Journey! As for acreage, I explained in the video I bought 210 acres- I will continue to buy more and more ground. I'm a big fan of "Hard Assets/Hard Money" in times like these, and the macro play lines up perfectly with farmland. I think Farmland nominally performs really well over the next 10 years, and it's a way to diversify out of some other positions. Tractor cost doesn't bother me too much, I just want something that will hold it's value, do everything I need it to do, and not be in the shop all the time, and also enjoy running it! Hopefully that explains things a little better, sorry for not being clear in the video. Thanks, Grant

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert6 kun oldin
  • What map is this?

    Carl WeeperCarl Weeper7 kun oldin
  • How are u affording all this 😂

    ciaran conroyciaran conroy7 kun oldin
    • Keep it up

      ciaran conroyciaran conroy7 kun oldin
  • They're called Tratters c:

    Lesley ChowLesley Chow7 kun oldin
  • Are u doing livestock?

    Bro HennBro Henn7 kun oldin
  • Nice tractor

    Marco ArroyoMarco Arroyo7 kun oldin
  • Ive buyed my first tractor last autumn. when i was 15 years old. ive buyed a john deere 3350 with a sg2 cab. but i want to buy later my favorite tractor a 8100 deere.

    JohnDeereFarmerJohnDeereFarmer7 kun oldin
  • I gotta buy some more tratters

    andrew brietkopfandrew brietkopf7 kun oldin
  • Since i started playing farming simulator i only get tractor related stuff on yt,which is ok,im getting into all the tractors and agriculture more and more insterested

    Alladeen MdfkrAlladeen Mdfkr7 kun oldin
  • How have you afforded the land and equipment did you take out loans or have you saved up a lot I am a first generation farmer to in the process of starting a farm doing custom haying love the videos thanks for any tips for getting started

    Joe SchlossJoe Schloss7 kun oldin
    • Joe, I will do a video explaining this eventually. But to shorten it up I started another UZworld Channel (The Squad) 6 years ago- that channel's really lacerative. I then begin investing, and starting & failing at few businesses. Through all of that I've gained some wealth along the way at a young age. I mentioned it in the first video, but my other UZworld channel is what basically is what helped me start reaching this dream! If I have any advice- Start making UZworld videos in your free-time covering the life of a first gen farmer/ starting from scratch. I always enjoy watching any type of farming videos and I'm sure others will find value in it too, and you never know what it could potentially lead to someday! Good Luck in the Journey!

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert6 kun oldin
  • Make sure ya get a SF3/6000 and a 2630 monitor for it, as far as planters go I wouldn’t be able to help. You can tune the 8.1 to 220+ comfortable. Definitely consider a kinze or horsh planter bith extremely reliable. Facebook groups help lots. Ask lots of questions.

    Lane MaclachlanLane Maclachlan7 kun oldin
    • Was thinking SF/Greenstar or potentially Ag Leader! And maybe a tune down the road on the 8110. Nice to know you can add some safe HP

      Grant HilbertGrant Hilbert6 kun oldin