I Bought the Cheapest ELECTRIC ATV on the Internet

8-Yan, 2021
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Well I bought an Electric ATV, and like always with high hopes, but this ended up differently than...
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    Bikes and BeardsBikes and Beards16 kun oldin
    • Throw a troy built 17.5 hp motor on that puppy and let her rip

      B GB G3 kun oldin
    • U should do a giveaway

      Tzunami NemoTzunami Nemo6 kun oldin
    • i think you should have ur mechanic put the motor from the electric mountain bike into the quad and see how that works

      Landon LabranchLandon Labranch7 kun oldin
    • After you enjoy would love too try a different build with it ,if you would like to donate it thank you for your time ,location upstate new York

      royal racing tech royal racing techroyal racing tech royal racing tech8 kun oldin
    • if possible send an email

      Jheymes DoerlitzJheymes Doerlitz10 kun oldin
  • Put turbo and a regular motor

    Damyen RodriguezDamyen Rodriguez56 daqiqa oldin
  • You bought a 2ooo powerwheels

    goalie2998goalie2998Soat oldin
  • Blow it up with tannerite. Merica.

    hjkhhjkhSoat oldin
  • Add more power

    Ryan KnipsteinRyan Knipstein2 soat oldin
  • Overpower the poor thing like never before and drive the crap out of it

    Bjorn KBjorn K3 soat oldin
  • Get in touch with jehu Garcia and try to do a collaboration on it

    Andrew CAndrew C9 soat oldin
  • Try to whellie it

    PyrostarPyrostar9 soat oldin
  • make a bench drill out of it :))) for wood only :))))

    Adrian CAdrian C11 soat oldin
  • Him “ I think it’s twisted “ Me “ hate to break it to you but there’s a piece of wood on one side and not the other “

    Tom PetrucciTom Petrucci12 soat oldin
  • Its actually Space Karen. Put some respek on his name. THats it I want to speak with the channel manager.

    someone28someone2812 soat oldin
  • You got what u paid...Not everyone have budget to afford a decent quality of any products... Everything thing have their own market... So...

    Jess Wu DIY ProjectsJess Wu DIY Projects15 soat oldin
  • Boat anchor it.

    Bill MurphyBill Murphy16 soat oldin
  • Get bigger tires

    Black Jeep ConvertibleBlack Jeep Convertible16 soat oldin
  • Make it faster

    Black Jeep ConvertibleBlack Jeep Convertible16 soat oldin
  • Put an old 600cc Sportbike engine on it

    CodyCody17 soat oldin
  • Mod mod mod

    Jay jay dynomiteJay jay dynomite18 soat oldin
  • It's literally one of those plastic little Barbie Jeep things everyone had as a kid

    moot _moot _19 soat oldin
  • Donate it to a kids summer camp.

    Kreg YungKreg Yung21 soat oldin
  • try to get your money back that's what I would do with it

    maximusX45_1911maximusX45_191123 soat oldin
  • Get a 700r raptor

    wasim akeelwasim akeelKun oldin
  • Double stack the batteries or triple stacked batteries pushed a little electric motor to the Limit LOL

    Kenny BallKenny BallKun oldin
  • should put a gas motor in it. also WHAT IS THAT STRANGE VEHICLE IN THE BACK!!! I must know.

    DJDJKun oldin
  • Give the electric ATV to a seven-year-old, he'll love it hey maybe for Christmas LOL!!!

    Michael AlexanderMichael AlexanderKun oldin
  • Burn it

    nicolas frenzelnicolas frenzelKun oldin
  • Place about 10 lbs of tannerite in that bent ass frame and shoot it.

    David MuffolettoDavid MuffolettoKun oldin
  • E-lane 🤣

    David MuffolettoDavid MuffolettoKun oldin
  • My 9 year old son is driving me nuts for a quad and unfortunately I’m disabled and live on a fixed income. Donate it to him and it will get put to good use here in the hills of North East PA even if it does kinda suck.

    The Green ManThe Green ManKun oldin
  • I wish I had a quad

    Outroad GamingOutroad GamingKun oldin
  • Attach rocket engines to it.

    Sam SmithSam SmithKun oldin
  • Modify it, change the motor and brakes and battery

    James Kathrein JrJames Kathrein JrKun oldin
  • U suffer for others thank you

    God Is goodGod Is goodKun oldin
  • Put a CR 125 motor on it ..2 stroke power

    John HolmesJohn HolmesKun oldin
  • Chinese adults size

    alesh walesh wKun oldin
  • Burn it

    R 1313R 1313Kun oldin
  • Give it to a subscriber

    Brian ShortBrian ShortKun oldin
  • Modify it

    Corey JonesCorey JonesKun oldin
  • trash compactor

    max lutzmax lutzKun oldin
  • the frame isn't bent but the tire is deflated, still a rotten quad though

    Just this guy BeeblbroxJust this guy Beeblbrox2 kun oldin
  • Nice 2k adult power wheels your son can grow Into lol.

    alaskanhybridalaskanhybrid2 kun oldin
  • Return to sender

    Nuckin Futs LooneyNuckin Futs Looney2 kun oldin
  • it's an chinese adult sized

    frosty A Bfrosty A B2 kun oldin
  • Modify It!

    Toxic RumbleToxic Rumble2 kun oldin
  • send it to me

    no why1no why12 kun oldin
  • So cool

    Travel food live in Thailand Tm88Travel food live in Thailand Tm882 kun oldin
  • Y’all should get a benelli 300 for a cheap bike test. Benelli need more attention in the US.

    Blair MonroeBlair Monroe2 kun oldin
  • Send it to demoranch and have them destroy it

    Joshua ReedJoshua Reed2 kun oldin
  • just junk it in my back yard hehehe

    Paul HoffmanPaul Hoffman2 kun oldin
  • Get a 60v battery and slap it in there! or give it to me and Ill do it lol

    Tom OldharpTom Oldharp2 kun oldin
  • 0:24 the chainsaw makes the tune of Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, it's better in 1.25 speed

    Gannon ShilsonGannon Shilson2 kun oldin
  • You should definitely modify it and make it (Almost) worth the money you spent for it

    Steven LaBarreSteven LaBarre3 kun oldin
  • Omg what a peace

    MAD ScientistMAD Scientist3 kun oldin
  • If you are 5ft 11 and want a quad, this is a perfect fit. 6ft is too tall I’m afraid

    Squish125Squish1253 kun oldin
  • Yeet it off a cliff and watch it burn!

    The Prodigal StrangerThe Prodigal Stranger3 kun oldin
  • Mod it

    Ron NickleRon Nickle3 kun oldin
  • Elong is gunna be mad you made fun of his name

    VexVex3 kun oldin
  • Put a real motor in it

    EnVisionEnVision3 kun oldin
  • Check engine, gear ratio... Maybe its not so bad. Also - replace battery and/or controller.

    Fox AllesterFox Allester3 kun oldin
  • You could give it to my friend that wants a atv very bad

    CynxPandaCynxPanda3 kun oldin
  • As a ATV enthusiast that wheeler makes me sick from how poorly built it is...

    Squarebody Case /Wade McKenneySquarebody Case /Wade McKenney3 kun oldin
  • turn it into a rc quad flame thrower. or paint baller get fpv controlls and shoot em at your team while they ride a course. like a twisted metal with quads.

    Robert WalkerRobert Walker3 kun oldin
    • uzworld.info/player/video/a2nOj8djfpmYpqI

      Robert WalkerRobert Walker3 kun oldin
    • 80cc engine 1/5th scale or brushless lipoly for the rc setup.

      Robert WalkerRobert Walker3 kun oldin
  • can we have a vid of wheelies with it

    Samara MatthewsSamara Matthews3 kun oldin
  • Thanks for this video. You answered my question if this would work to pull a sled for ice fishing. Saved me the headache. Can you do a review on the Daymak Beast 4x4 electric ATV?

    T.P. YiT.P. Yi3 kun oldin
  • Put a two Stoke in it

    wdremerwdremer3 kun oldin
  • buy a yamaha blaster for 2,000 and compare them and tell us which one is worth the money

    Blaster maniacBlaster maniac4 kun oldin
  • do your thing and make it swing

    charlesmdoccharlesmdoc4 kun oldin
  • fix it

    Othman amoukalOthman amoukal4 kun oldin
  • You have to upgrade it! Get a 60 or 72 volt controller (not sure if that’s brushless or not) throw more cheap lead batteries in there to get the voltage and SEND IT! If it holds up put lithium batteries in it.

    phillip renickerphillip renicker4 kun oldin
  • MOD IT

    TicTocTicToc4 kun oldin
  • magkanoyankoya

    vincent govincent go4 kun oldin
  • He bought a life like powerwheel🤣🤣

    Fishing with DjFishing with Dj4 kun oldin
  • Burn it

    Penguin4798 !Penguin4798 !4 kun oldin
  • what's the motorcycle equivalent an LS motor? Evo engine? Vino 2 stroke? 'Busa? 'Busa. lol.

    Eamonn McKeownEamonn McKeown4 kun oldin
  • Drive it down a mine shaft would be fast then

    Driaan de VilliersDriaan de Villiers4 kun oldin
  • I think that the size is China adult size and I am only saying that because I got a jacket from China off of wish and the jacket is a XXXL but feels like a large on me

    Danielle allsDanielle alls4 kun oldin
  • put a gas engine in it

    Nate KourisNate Kouris4 kun oldin
  • Put an engine in it like a street bike engine or something

    Myles DuncanMyles Duncan4 kun oldin
  • I think that the color scheme is really cool but its probably a lost cause if you don't change the motor out for something better plus needs alot of exterior adjustments

    Robert CollinsRobert Collins5 kun oldin
  • Put a jet pack on it. Duh.

    Fix NewsFix News5 kun oldin
  • Engine swap it

    Maddox McPhersonMaddox McPherson5 kun oldin
  • You should try double the power to see how fast you can get it to go till it blows

    munkykiller88munkykiller885 kun oldin
  • Engine swap it 450cc

    loulou5 kun oldin
  • They should definitely modify it & make it better .

    VanityVanity5 kun oldin
  • Sean. I challenge you to any 250 you have........I have a little adjusted pregen ninja 250r that hauls ass. I love it. We should race....winner gets to keep theirs or chooses to keep the opponents. I will ride it from Florida. Im serious. Vince.

    Vincent ThomasVincent Thomas5 kun oldin
  • light it on fire

    Anthony FasanoAnthony Fasano5 kun oldin
  • Burn it

    Anthony FasanoAnthony Fasano5 kun oldin
  • Hi, if I may make this suggestion. I'm a quadriplegic and I've been dreaming of building a ATV type power wheelchair. Since the frame is crooked why not tear the bike down and see what type of rig you could put together as a super off-road unit for people in wheelchairs? I'd love to see this build or any other you think of. Thanks

    Mike ParkerMike Parker5 kun oldin
  • Pass it on this way, my boy will love it.

    Danny PhantomDanny Phantom5 kun oldin
  • Give it to me pls

    Mohammed El wolleyMohammed El wolley5 kun oldin
  • So you basically bought a really expensive power wheels

    J A scooteringJ A scootering5 kun oldin
  • Make a better 1 out of a cheap gas powered quad and a cheap electric motorcycle

    Robert McFaddenRobert McFadden5 kun oldin
  • Burn it... 🔥

    Ed PadillaEd Padilla5 kun oldin
  • Jaxon

    Jaxon DuckettJaxon Duckett5 kun oldin
  • When I was 3 or 4 it was my dream to drive a motorcycle but now I'm 12 still my dream

    Sweaty defaultSweaty default5 kun oldin
  • So you bought a power wheel.

    sebastien charettesebastien charette5 kun oldin
  • Scrap the caddy Clyde!

    Chris P.Chris P.5 kun oldin
  • Return it and get a full refund

    Neal PetersNeal Peters5 kun oldin
  • Fix it and make it faster

    MasaliiiniMasaliiini5 kun oldin
  • Mod it make it better just to see how much it cost's to do it

    Bowy ColtBowy Colt5 kun oldin
  • That's normal size for a Chinese person

    Dan GDan G6 kun oldin